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 Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita

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Jinx Valentine


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PostSubject: Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita   Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:47 am

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Jinx Valentine
Alias/Nickname: Jinx / Sometimes just Valentine
Actual Age: 122
Physical Age: 25
Gender: Male
Rank: Fraccion to Kita


Height: 6'1”
Weight: 150 lbs. of pure muscle
Eye Color: white
Hair Color/Style: white / note picture for style
Complexion: pale

Remains of Mask: collar around neck as well as piece / note picture
Hollow Hole: Left arm
Espada Tattoo:


Personality: Jinx has a bit of a split-personality disorder. You'll see him one minute and he cn be the nicest person you ever meet. Then three seconds later he's trying to rip your head off. No one knows what cues these turns. Though sometimes or a lot of the time Jinx is quite lust full. He'll just be nice about it or he'll just go and force it upon you.
Quirks: - split personality - likes fire flies
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single
History: Jinx was born in one of the poorer familys in his town. He had always had an intense dislike of his father, as well as his mother. When he was 18, and he left leaving a fire behide him. He seemed to just dissapear. To channel his anger into something, he found and joined a biker gang, getting the money he needed for the bike from stealing it from wealthy people, raping certain people seemed to be on his list as well.

He quickly became a man not to cross, and rode with the gang until he fought against the leader over something stupid. One hell of a fight ensued and proved Jinx to be the victor, meaning that he took over the gang entirely. He was now the leader, and he lead them through one town after the other, killing, and stealing what ever they wanted. When he turned 22, it all went to shit. The cops set up a blockade, and he and his gang took them on. Jinx was caught and thats when the personality disorder seemed to start up. No one found out what the trigger for the change was. Jinx was placed in a well guarded mental institute, though he was able to kill one doctor as well a three nurses before he was finally placed in a room that didn't allow him to see anyone or anything. Jinx would have his good days, and of course his bad days. Sometimes he would even have them in the same day. Which proved to be dificult for the guards. On one of Jinx' good days, and with a new guard, Jinx was seeming to have a good day. Until his mood snapped. Jinx lunged at the guard killing him easily, taking the gun with him he moved around the insitute he killed many people befpre he was shot 4 times in the chest, and died there on the scene. For a while he wandered the world, as far as his chain would let him, looking for something but he didn't know what, until one day his chain of fate ran out, and he went hollow.

He didn't know when he changed back into his human form, all he knew was that he was confused but still seemed to have all the same thoughts about him. He travelled around the human world for the most part, people looking at him oddly. This was when he found out that there was something else going on. His mood snapped while he was walking down the street killing some people around him, though his strength seemed to feel 10x what he had before. This was when something else appeared. A woman, someone who picked at his interest as well as his blood lust, maybe just his lust. Her name was Kita.


Name: Shukketsu Chuushin [ Bleeding Heart ]
Seal Description: In sealed form Shukketsu Chuushin looks like a white ribbon thats tied around his left forarm.
Aspect of Death:
Release Phrase: Yabureme asoko Shukketsu Chuushin auto.
Element/Class type: light
Resurreccion Appearance:

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero (( is fired from his hand ))
Description: Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation, "Empty Disaster" if the kanji is literally translated) is a form of attack used by Menos, Arrancar and Visored. As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Visored are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies. This often requires the user to under take a specific pose, with Coyote Starrk being the only exception.
The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar and Visored who have come up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero also varies greatly, from relatively charging fast to firing it to instantaneously fire one without much charging.
Duration: 3
Cool Down: 3

Name: Hierro
Description: is an Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded.
Duration: Constant
Cool Down: n/a

Name: Sonído
Description: is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō (or Flash Steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use.
Duration: Skilled
Cool Down: 1

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Ketsueki Inju [ Blood Ribbon ]
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: A move that is only used when Jinx is in dire need, that or someone else is. What this move does is split his blade into 4 - 6 ribbons that can reach amazing speeds and can obtain amazing lengths. This ribbon will only go after the person with the most spiritual pressure that does not include those who he fights along side with. These ribbons will move and claw into the persons skin and steal amounts of their spiritual pressure. Though with Jinx can only steal enough power to keep him going for 3 posts. That is why Jinx only uses this when he is in dire need. If the ribbons where to be cut there would a small explosion from the mixture of spiritual pressure.
Duration: 2 posts [Only because 1 post is used to catch the oponant in the ribbons and the 2nd to drain them of they're power.]
Cool Down: 10 posts

Name: Kyoshoku sono kuragari motte sono assarishita. [ Show the darkness with the light. ]
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: A move that blinds everyone within a 500 meter radius completely for three posts, 500-1000 meter radius two posts, 1000 - 1500 meter radius one post, 1500-2000 meter radius small after image. This technique weakens Jinx to a point that almost anyone can get the upper hand on him.
Duration: look to description
Cool Down: 6 posts

~Rp Sample~ [[ Kita Akiyama did this RP with me, she also knows that i am using it as my sample. ]]

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name: Dominick Nero
Race: Special Human
Rank: Unknown

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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita   Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:19 am

according to the espada standard tech list fraccion cannot use garganta.
Also when you say that his move blinds people that are close completely, it would really depend on their power level. Also its not fair that they are blinded for 3 posts and the cooldown is 3 posts. that would mean you could keep them effected, Please edit this ability accordingly.


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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:26 am

Sorry i thought that tia was dealing with it but she didnt get time xD alright so if you only want 2 abilities then this looks fine but if you want the rest then you need to get them done ASAP as the event will start soon.


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Jinx Valentine


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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita   Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:47 pm

No this is pretty much good for me. I have no more ideas for him... Ashamed
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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita   Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:57 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita   

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Jinx Valentine - Fraccion to Kita
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