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PostSubject: Nelliel Tu   Nelliel Tu Icon_minitimeSun Feb 27, 2011 10:15 am

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Alias/Nickname: Nel Tu
Actual Age: N/A
Physical Age: 22 years old in her Adult Form, 7 years old in her Child Form
Gender: Female
Rank: The Former Tercera
Modified: No


Height: 5'9”
Weight: “Nel tinks she ain't nevar gonna tell ya!”
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color/Style: Bright teal colored hair. In her Child Form, it's short and choppy. During Adult Form, it's long and wavy.
Complexion: Tanned peach

Remains of Mask: The remains of her Hollow mask make up a cartoonish skull on the top of her head. A crack runs along the left side of the mask and four of the teeth on it are broken off. Her skull mask changes slightly during Adult Form, its features appearing sharper and less cartoonish with a pair of curved horns.
Hollow Hole: Unknown
Espada Tattoo: A bold 3 tattoo is on her back, indicating she is the former Tercera.
Appearance: Nel is a female Arrancar that has hazel eyes and blue-green hair. She has a large scar coming down from her forehead to her nose, larger than average incisors, and a crimson line that stretches horizontally across her face right below her eyes. The location of her Hollow hole is currently unknown. Her clothing consists of a simple green gown, which, in her original form, tears to become a top and skirt. Her previous form is that of a full-figured woman with long waving hair but otherwise similar features. Her skull mask changes slightly, its features appearing sharper and less cartoonish with a pair of curved horns. A large "3" is tattooed on her back, indicating that she was the former 3rd Espada.


Personality: Nel's appearance is in stark contrast to her vocabulary, which contains a number of bizarre phrases and words one wouldn't expect such a small child to know, such as calling her uvula a "throat penis" and referring to herself as a masochist. Ichigo Kurosaki assumes her Hollow companions are responsible for this. Nel and her companions also represent oddities among Hollows, though most Hollows are evil, Nel actually fears Shinigami, assuming they are in fact the evil ones. In spite of this, she develops an attachment to Ichigo and follows him into Las Noches. During their super sentai intro she prefers the name"Thieves: Nel-Don-Pe." She also seems to speak with a lisp in her child form, frequently pronouncing "S"s as "T"s.

As Nelliel, she is much more mature, composed, logical, sophisticated, and intelligent than her child form. She is also relatively level-headed in terms of how to fight, stating that if one's excuse for a battle is to fight out of hatred, prejudice, or simple competition, as Nnoitra does, then it is merely instinctual and animalistic, and that it makes the challenger look "childish," "unworthy," and "not much of a warrior". Though Nelliel has proven during her last few minutes as a full-fledged Espada that it is 'acceptable' when it involves vengeance, she does not view even that as a reason to fight. Unlike many of the Arrancar, Nelliel is somewhat pacifistic, and according to her Fracción, has despised engaging in combat even when she was still among the upper ranks of the Espada, unless it involves self-defense and protecting those dear to her heart. It is for this reason that Pesche and Dondochakka decided to simply be content with her child form and banished themselves from Las Noches. She refuses to finish off weaker or injured opponents, and will stop fighting them once they've been disabled or incapacitated, a trait shared with Kenpachi Zaraki.

As witnessed during her numerous fights with Nnoitra, Nelliel's shown to be relatively calm and silent when fighting, preferring to speak only when spoken to, a rather uncommon trait among most Arrancar. She is even shown to enjoy reading, usually seen reading a book after her mission or after waiting for Nnoitra to wake up after their recent battle.

Nelliel's also shown to be a loyal, respectful, and trustworthy warrior, who will diligently follow the orders of her commander, provided said commander has proven his worth.

She's also knowledgeable, analytical, easygoing, fairly compassionate (usually towards her friends), humorous in her own right, and exhibits a cheerful, energetic demeanor when off-duty. Although having grown up physically, she somehow retains her child-like affection over Ichigo, best-shown when she unexpectedly bear-hugged him after attacking Nnoitra without realizing that Ichigo was losing consciousness (although the anime's flashback of Nel's accident suggested that she was always somewhat childish outside of combat).
Quirks: Nelliel Tu's Mask Fragment was partially damaged by Nnoitora Gilga, with the assistance of Szayel Aporro Granz. This caused Nelliel to shrink down to a child form. Speaks with a lisp. Her transformation to Adult Form is triggered by strong emotions, or the threat of being harmed.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single


After Ichigo left her on the battlefield and Zaraki Kenpachi defeated Nnoitra, she was at some form of peace. Her memories from the past were hazy, but she still had them. Nel remembered her time in the Espada, though it was even more vague than her time with Ichigo. Dondochakka, Pesche, and Bawabawa found her shortly after they were confronted by Kurotsuchi Mayuri and Kurtosuchi Nemu. They made their way through Las Noches quietly and succesfully, avoiding any contact with the Numero. They were surprised to discover the Espada were absent, along with the three ruling shinigami, Ichimaru Gin, Sosuke Aizen, and Tousen Kaname.

They found their way back to the desert, unhappy that they couldn't Kurosaki Ichigo, Ishida Uryu, or Chad. By time they got out, Cifer Ulquiorra was already defeated and Inoue Orihime was gone. The group lived in peace for a long time, but after a while, something mysterious happened. Both her, and her Fraccions, had disappeared. It happened to many others, including people in other realms like the Soul Society and the Human World. Months later, Nelliel Tu awoke in the desert, without her Fraccion. Slowly, they returned, leaving Nel somewhat worried and hurt on what had happened. They all reconciled peacefully, living in the White Desert once more. Though, Nel still wonders what happened to the orange haired man and the Espada. She is determined to find Itsygo, so she can hug him to the point of unconsciousness again.


Name: Gamuza (羚騎士 (ガミューサ), Gamyūsa; Spanish for"Chamois", Japanese for "Antelope Knight")
Seal Description: Her Zanpakutō has a green sheath and a tsuba that resembles a pair of crescent moons joined together at the back during it's Sealed form.
Aspect of Death: Unknown
Release Phrase: Its release command is "Declare" (謳え,utae)
Element/Class type: Melee?
Resurreccion Appearance: Nel holds her Zanpakutō up in front of her horizontally and calls out its release command. The Zanpakutō glows as a hazy smoke emanates from it. She calls out the name of her Zanpakutō and the glow intensifies into a huge burst of spiritual energy that greatly affects the surrounding vicinity. In her new form, Nel takes the form of a brownish-green ibex-like centaur complete with a black horse's tail. Her hollow masks horns become longer and more curved and also extends slightly, framing the sides of her face, particularly the cheeks. The crack on her mask also closes up, although the missing teeth remain. Her shoulders are covered by armored white spaulders that come across the shoulder blade to the neck, she has white armored elbow guards and white armored gauntlets. The parts of the arm that aren't covered by armor are covered with a black material as well as her hands. There is a white armored ring at the base of her tail. Gamuza itself transforms into a double-sided lance. She is one of the few Arrancar known to have a weapon after her release (the releases of most Arrancar de-materializes their weapons upon their true forms being unleashed). All these features grant her the overall appearance of a medieval knight or a jouster.

Nelliel (Gamuza Form)

-Standard Techniques-

Name: Sonído Master -Adult Form-
Description: Her speed has greatly increased as well, fitting with her former position and was able to repeatedly sneak up on and effortlessly avoid Nnoitra with her speed. She was also able to easily take the badly hurt Ichigo to a safer place during one of Nnoitra's attacks.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Master Swordsmanship Specialist -Adult Form-
Description: As a former Espada, Nelliel has much experience at fighting, showing hardly any effort in her advanced use of swordsmanship. Her body flows elegantly when engaging in combat, so finely tuned that she can stop her attacks at a moment's notice and subsequently execute lethal attacks with absolute precision. She easily defeated Nnoitra a number of times, who is a highly proficient swordsman in his own right.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant -Adult Form-
Description: Even without the aid of her Zanpakutō, Nelliel has shown herself to be a quite powerful fighter. During her battle against Nnoitra, she was shown able to skillfully dodge and counter his attacks. She was also shown using her swordsmanship in conjunction with her hand-to-hand combat.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Hierro -Adult Form-
Description: Nelliel, while in her original form, has Hierro befitting the strength of an Espada. It is strong enough to allow Nelliel to counter Nnoitra's blade with a kick, and showing no signs of injury.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Enhanced Strength -Adult Form-
Description: Her strength is greatly increased, fitting with her former position. With her great physical strength, Nelliel is capable of fending off attacks from even gigantic weapons like Nnoitra's, launching her opponent several meters away with a single punch and slicing the Hierro of an Espada-level Arrancar opponent effortlessly in one swing of her Zanpakutō. She is also capable of stopping Nnoitra's Cero barehanded.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Immense Spiritual Power -Adult Form-
Description: As the former third Espada,Nelliel has a grand amount of spiritual energy, powerful enough for her Fracción to sense it from a large distance. Renji even stated that her spiritual power was close to Ichigo's, confusing the two for a moment.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: High Intellect -Adult Form-
Description: While in her original form, she is shown to be quite intelligent. Having a great understanding of combat and the forms, and methods behind an opponent's skill and intentions, she can discern personalities easily. She also has a philosophy on life that provides a code of honor, respect, and mercy. However, her child-like antics can sometimes block her intelligence, latching onto Ichigo, who was clearly injured, to the point where he passed out, then latched onto him again.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Chōka Soku (Super Speed) -Child Form-
Description: During her Child Form, she is able to accelerate her movements with what to be a rudimentary form of Sonído, which she refers to as "Chōka Soku". When she uses this Sonído form, her mask's eyes glow.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

-Innate Techniques-(Techniques almost exclusive to your character, No more than 6 in the total, this includes resurrecion and sealed form. It is recommended that you have some innate techniques for your sealed form too)

Name: Lanzador Verde (“Spanish for "Green Lancer", Japanese for "Jade Lance")
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Nel throws her lance at her opponent with extreme speed. As it travels through the air, it begins to spin and build up spiritual energy. When it reaches its target, it acts as a drill inflicting extreme piercing damage. The technique is powerful enough to push back Nnoitra as well as break his Zanpakutō that he was using to block the attack.
Duration: N/A
Cool Down: 2 posts

Name: Healing Saliva
Usage: Child Form
Description: Her saliva seems to possess some form of weak healing power. It is activated by her reaching into her mouth and massaging her uvula, causing her to vomit. The vomit has a similar appearance to saliva, leading her to believe that it is.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Cero Doble (“Spanish for "Double Zero", Japanese for "Heavy Performance Hollow Flash")
Usage: Both her Resurreccion and Sealed Form. She can also use this in her Child Form, but is quite exhausted after she does so.
Description: A unique ability to swallow enemy attacks and fire them back with a more powerful force exceeding that of the original hit, indicated by the eyes on her skull mask glowing, although using it seems to exhaust her. Unlike in her original form, Nel does not mix the swallowed Cero with her own; instead, she simply sends it back.

In her original form, she retains the ability to absorb the attack, but now performs it with greater ease. Nelliel's specialty is to absorb an incoming Cero and fire one of her own while returning it, thus creating a potent Cero Doble. While her child form severely limits her Arrancar powers, she is still powerful enough to absorb and redirect a Cero blast from a Privaron Espada-class Arrancar in its released form, though the effort seems to tire her immediately. In her original form, the force(s) of the Cero Doble is augmented greatly, owing to the fact that she rebounds the attack while blending it with her own Cero, drastically increasing its power, as befits the former third Espada. Her Cero Doble is violet in color.
Duration: N/A
Cool Down: 2 posts (3 posts for Child Form)

Name: Plata Remolino (Spanish for “Silver Swirl”, Japanese for “Twirl of Silva”)
Usage: Resureccion & Sealed
Description: Nelliel will begin to slowly twirl her lance (or her sealed katana). She will start to twirl it faster, until her weapon becomes a silver blur. During the process, violet reiatsu violently surges up and down the katana/or lance. Just before Nelliel stops spinning her weapon, the blade will become a soft indigo. Should she be using this attack in Resurreccion, the right end will turn a very dark purple and the left end will become a bright lavender. Nelliel will abruptly stop and aim the tip of the blade towards her opponent, or the right end of her lance at the opponent for Resurreccion. Slim and slender, yet potent blasts will erupt from the right end of the lance, tip of the blade. Nelliel is capable of firing many blasts for the duration of this technique.
Duration: 3 posts if she activates it during her Sealed Form, 4 posts for Resurreccion.
Cool Down: 6 posts

Name: Frenético Palmo (Spanish for “Frantic Palm”, Japanese for “Spade of Frenzy”)
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Just like the previous attack, Nel will begin by spinning her lance. Slow at first, then gradually faster. Unlike before, indigo reiatsu will glow and shimmer from the lance, instead of coursing up and down it. The right end of her lance will turn dark purple, and the left will turn become light lavender. Nelliel will point the left end of her lance at the target, a 28 inch, glowing purple blade constructed of reiatsu will emerge from both tips of her lance. This blade stays on the tip for the duration of the attack, and is very capable of slicing others. If the reiatsu blade happens to be smashed, another one will reform, though it will be two inches smaller than before. If the blade is completely finished off, it will not reform til' the next time the technique is activated. Unlike the previous attack, she is unable to use this during her Sealed Form. It is slightly more powerful than Plata Remolino.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 5 posts

Name: Enhanced Strength & Spiritual Power
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: While in her released state, her spiritual power and her might increases significantly from her Sealed Form.
Duration: Passive, lasts for the duration of her Resurreccion.
Cool Down: N/A

-Rp Sample- Nelliel Tu blinked as she looked around, bewildered by the fact that no one was around her. It was just an empty, white desert. Her dear brothers, Pesche and Dondochakka, were nowhere to be seen. Not even Bawabawa was there. Nel yawned as she stood up, her steps faltering slightly as she dusted sand from her vibrant teal hair. She began to look around in panic, unable to locate her brothers. ”Pesche!! Dondochakka!!!” Nel cried out, beginning to sniffle. Her huge hazel eyes began to well up with hot tears. She let out a piercing wail, filled with sadness and loneliness. ”They're looooooost!!! Oh no, Pesche, Dondochakka!!!! Where......where did you go?!” Nelliel yelled, running around in circles. Her tiny little feet kicked up dust.

Nelliel fell to the ground, fat tears rolling off of her cheeks and sinking into the sand. ”They wouldn't leave me....alone. Not in the, they wouldn't!!!” Nel whispered quietly at first, her voice a slight yell at the end. She had no idea how she got back out in the giant desert.....last she remembered person. A man.....with spiky orange hair. She couldn't recall his name.....but she felt as if they had a strong bond. Nel looked around again, whimpering. Dondochakka, Pesche, Bawabawa....even the orange haired man. There was no one to protect her. Her whimpering was cut short, as a giant pink plume of smoke burst from where she was sitting. It lazily wafted around her, until finally, it dissipated completely. A quiet, choked gasp echoed from Nelliel Tu Odelshwancks' mouth. She pressed her palms to the sand, slowly standing up.

Gamuza sat in front of her, she quickly reached out and wrapped her fingers around the sheath. Should anyone be watching the female Arrancar, they could see the worried gaze from miles away. Nelliel stood up straight, looking down at the sand. She looked to her left, sighing. ”I'm going to find you, Pesche....” Nel began. She took another deep breath, looking to her right. ”Dondochakka.....Bawabawa....” She added quietly. Finally, Nel looked straight ahead, her gaze switching from troubled to determined. ”....Ichigo. I promise to protect you all, should it be the last thing I do....” Nel declared, a very small smile on her face. No one who was dear to her heart would fall prey to anyone, ever again.

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Rank: Novena Espada

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Rank: 3rd seat of the 9th Division

Name: Yoruichi Shihoin
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