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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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 Kasumi :p lucky last

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PostSubject: Kasumi :p lucky last    Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:22 pm

Human Application


Name: Kasumi Takeda
Alias/Nickname: n/a
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Height: 5 foot 5inches
Weight: 55kg
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Color/Style: Light brown, it is long and straight with layers and a full fringe.
Complexion: Fair
Distinguishing features: None


Personality: Kasumi is a sweet girl, she is described as being innocent by those that know her. Whether that innocence makes her naive to some things in the world is yet to be seen although it is highly suspected. She is a generally happy person who would never pass up food. Despite her small stature she eats like a horse, if she doesn't have food in her mouth you can bet she is thinking about it :p She lces animals (except for spiders) having grown up close to them and becaus eof her abilities she understand them more than most and wont tolerate them being treated cruely.

She is rather odd by traditional standards, she isn't afraid to act like an idiot in public or make fun of herself if the time calls for it. She knows numerous magic tricks from her life and will call on them corny or not to cheer up a situation or try to break the ice. due to the way she was raised Kasumi is fiercely loyal to those that earn her trust, you help her she will help you.

Sexuality: straight
Relationship status: single
Quirks:Has perhaps the largest sweet tooth in the world xD, has never gone to a convential school in stead being homeschooled, is afraid of spiders and can do some pretty outrageous gymnastic moves O.o

History: Kasumi's life has been far from normal so far, born to a western gymnast mother and a japanese magician father you can see the situation already. Growing up travelling the globe with her parents whom were the main acts of a famous circus Kasumi never had a stable home, the people of the circus became her adoptive family as she grew. She too started to learn the arts that made her parents famous at a young age, her mother taught her gymnastics and acrobatics while her father taught her the art of magic. She was homeschooled by her mother and father on their travels, of course she always wondered what going to a school was like but she never thought about leaving her life as it was.

When she turned 10 her mother died in a horrible robbery gone wrong in Russia, It was then that Kasumi stepped forward and took her mothers place as her father's magic assistant in his act. They were known as the father and daughter act of the show, it was Kasumi's way of carrying on her mother's legacy after her death. She didn't really realise her powers until the age of 14 when she got a horrible cold, now you might be wondering what that has to do with discovering her powers? Well during one particularly bad sneeze she found herself alot smaller...and with four feet and a tail. That's right she turned herself into a dog by sneezing, of course managing to change herself back was quite the feat. But after she figured out how to use her powers she was able to really add a new level to the magic act. After all magic looks most real when it is actually happening right?

Kasumi finds herself orphaned in karakura town after a horrible attack on the circus in the night, the image of the creature will never leave her mind as long as she lives. She watched helplessly as those she loved were attacked and killed that night, her friends and her father included. Why did she escape? Was it because it she could see the creature that it decided to spare her? or was it because it was merely full? wanted her to wanted her to live with the pain and regret she would never get rid of.

~Special Ability~(For special humans only no more than 3 to begin with more can be learnt later on via the new techinique board)

Kasumi is able to transform into a variety of animals and can take on a special ability/property for that animal. She can only access the ability for that particular animal if in that form. She of course also gets access to the animals usual characteristics and abilities.(but for the sake of fairness she starts with 3 types) (since she has to be in that form to use the ability i figured that she doesnt need a cooldown etc, after all they arent powerful or anything xD) Also when she is in animal form she can't be sensed as being any different to a regular animal this is as her spiritual pressure is concealed completely.

Name: Where the .....?
Descriptions: Kasumi is able to turn herself into the form of a Chameleon. The special ability she can access while in this form is that she is able to completely hide herself from any type of detection. This means she is unable to be found by any means.
Duration: As long as she wants
Preparation: none
Cooldown: None

Name: Woof ?
Descriptions: Kasumi is able to turn herself into the form of a dog. The breed of dog she does so varies on what she needs to do or wishes to be. The special ability that she gains during this form are extremely keen senses that are akin to a dog's, she can not only track scents but also spiritual pressures etc.
Duration: As long as she wants
Preparation: None

Name: I can fly :p
Descriptions: Kasumi is able to turn herself into a bird, the form of the bird/type of bird varies depending on what she wants and needs in the situation. The ability she gets in this form is flight.
Duration: As long as she wants

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like us to know)
Kasumi is an extremely talented gymnast and acrobat as well as magician, She was taught martial arts by a member of the circus however her small build means that she is ill-equipped to take on much larger opponents.

~Rp Sample~
if one is needed i will write one otherwise im sure you all know my style :p

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name: Lightning
Race: shinigami
Rank:captain 6th

Name: Rozaphelda
Race: arrancar
Rank: fraccion

Name:orihime & Kaihime
Race: human
Rank: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi :p lucky last    Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:14 pm



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Kasumi :p lucky last
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