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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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 Rings of fate

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PostSubject: Rings of fate   Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:20 pm

The Rings of Fate

Creation of the World of Vesmoria

At the beginning of all existence the planet was empty of almost everything. No person or animal inhabited its vast, green and blue surface it was inhabited entirely by the advanced Vegetation of the world. Then, one day, life came in the form of tiny creatures of the earth on Vesmoria and with them came the Great Spirits of Light, Darkness, and Nature. Over a great period of time these creatures evolved, advanced, and as they evolved they spread like wildfire through the forests. Eventually, the consumed the planet with their population, much like Humans of Earth.

These creatures, Amorials, were the natives of the planet, the first people to ever inhabit the vast ranges of dirt, and water. As they evolved, as Darwin of our world would suggest, they developed to match their surroundings. They became smarter, as they needed to, they became quicker, as they needed to, and they continued this pace as they slowly split into two distinct groups of Amorials.

One group, who respected the elements and worshiped the spirits of their Elements. These powerful spirits were each representative of an Element. Vozard, the Great Spirit of Fire. Vilash, the Great Spirit of Water. Ventus, the Great Spirit of Wind. Vatash, the Great Spirit of Earth. Vetair, the Great Spirit of Lightning. Vugis, the Great Spirit of Light. Vanlay, the Great Spirit of Darkness. Vesmoria, the Great Spirit of Nature.

The Great Spirits of Light and Darkness preexisted every element, as Light and Darkness existed before all else, and they birthed a child of their minds: Vesmoria, the Spirit of Nature. Who then split into the five Great Elemental Spirits.

This first group of Amorials were the height of the world, they named their planet and then as they split apart from the others. This people became known as the Tribes, the denizens of the Elements who, beneath the Spirits, control the elements through birth and training.

These tribes, as a people, made language, tools, shelter, all from their surroundings, never taking more than they needed, and always giving back to nature. They marked the men, and women of the tribe with a sacred symbol of the element they worshiped, the one they had a deep connection with, these tattoos, were given when a man, or woman, gained access to their source, to the power of the element that is said to reside in all of mankind. This is the making day of an Adult, when a child becomes old enough or wise enough to be entrusted with power.

The second group of Amorials were lower in mind then the Tribes, and wanted no more then power. They were a greedy species, who through the disbelief, or hatred, for the Great Spirits were not granted the powers that the Tribes were, instead gifted in the talents of Magical Enchantment. They created the first Rings of Power. These rings were artifacts of the old times that the Ringbearers imbued with stolen energy of the Great Spirits. These original five rings were known as “Excalibur”, “The Book of Knowledge Everlasting”, “The Golden Armaments”, “The Scepter Of Beasts”, and finally “Ionis: The Ring of Eternity”.

While these two groups split and developed their own land, their own natures, and their own powers, they began to dislike each other over vast periods of time. The art of Ring-Making became lost, and legend tells of how they fell from the skies, while their ancestors hid them beneath the surface of one of their vast cities. The people known as Ringbearers only knew how to utilize the powers in the rings, and found them within the crust of nature. Ironic, for the Ringbearers were estranged from nature and chose the hide their greatest powers within the protection of the very things they disliked.
All of this occurred in Legend, and now in time current the Tribes and Ringbearers lie opposed, as the Tribes continue to worship the Spirits and rule above the Elements, while the Ringbearers continue to wield the power of the everlasting Rings.
The Tribal Legends speak of the Enibal, the person born with the ability to wield all of the Elements and will one day bring peace to all of the land, according to the legend.
The Five Great Rings of Power

Legend tells of five rings, of extraordinary power, that were supposedly lost for the ages. These rings are a set, one being a blade of such glorious light, it is said to vanquish any shadow, this ring is Excalibur. The next ring, is a book, full of any possible spell that any other ring has ever unleashed, full description, as well as the ability to cast any of them, this book is the Book of Knowledge Everlasting. The third, a set of armour fit for a god, pure gold, etched with the designs of nature, a helm and flowing cloak to match, the power of this armour is unknown to any, though it is known to be impossible to even so much as scratch it's surface, and remains locked within. This armor-ring has no known name, which is foretold to be what will unlock it's power. The forth a scepter, this scepter has the power to tame even the most feral beasts imaginable, and understand the speech of any animal. The Scepter of Beasts, is what it is called. The fifth, and final ring, when unleashed does not change, it's power is to make the wearer completely invulnerable, impervious to harm. As well as invisible to the naked eye. The Ring, is all it is know by to the Ring Bearers, it's name is Ionis, and only the person who knows its true name can wield its amazing powers.

Upon these Rings' great creation many others were also created, but the amounts of energy used to create the Five Great Rings left the Ringbearers with desolate amounts of energy to create the other rings. In the present, the Ringbearers rely mostly on the Rings created by their Ancestors, but specific people of the Amorial know how to harness the Spirit Energy themselves and develop the Rings tailored to the needs of the Bearers.

It is said that whoever possess all five of this legendary set is the true ruler of the world, the living God incarnate, and he will lead his people to forever life, peace, and glory everlasting. No man has ever seen any of these long lost rings, yet alone unlocked their power. No man, was thought to be able to unleashed their power without dieing, until recently.

The Arc of King David

The land is blanketed in forest, and greenery, no man sits in the throne of Torre di Angelli, in the City of Angels, capitol of the Rings Bearers. The thirteen tribes of the elementalists, live peaceful lives far from the cities and towns of the Ring Bearers. There is a passable peace throughout the land, though it is strained, as no one wishes to claim the high throne. It has lain barren for five hundred years, no man having touched it since the day it was made, and it shows no sign of time, other than the light layer of dust that has settled on it's surface. All of this will soon change. A single man walks through the City of Angels, his head held high. He walks straight into the Torre di Angelli, and sits on the throne, proclaiming himself to be king of all the land of Vesmoria, and challenging any who oppose him to stand and face him.

Many are angered by his actions, and rise against him. He steps forward, and lifts his right hand, revealing to all a set of five ornate rings, each of which equal in beauty to each other only, and smiles out to the land, many people staring in awe at what was thought to be impossible, dropping to their knees, and praising the man who had not only found one, but united the entire set of the Five Rings. This man became the first king to sit in the throne, King David Black, ruler of Vesmoria. An era of true peace descended upon the land, and the people prospered under King Davids kind rule, their cities growing, and new land being cleared for new towns and settlements. King David himself, grew older, wiser, married and had five children, three daughters and two sons. His elder son Solomon is set to take the throne when King David passes on, his younger son Ezrion, the highest and most respected commander of the Kings army. Recently the King has sent out workers, and soldiers to expand the kingdom.

If this sounds like a place for you come and join us. Rings of Fate

(button will be posted as soon as I make one)
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PostSubject: Re: Rings of fate   Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:26 pm

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Rings of fate
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