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 Information on the Yana (Enemy for new plot)

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PostSubject: Information on the Yana (Enemy for new plot)   Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:18 am

Information on the ‘Yana’:

The Yana are a race of creatures that crave flesh, what they are exactly and where they come from will be introduced later in the plot. For now just know that they have an insatiable hunger, they care not what race they feed from except for one…their own. For some reason despite their hunger and lack of sanity or even intelligence these creatures will not eat their own, nor will they attack one another for reasons less than territory or perhaps even mating rights? It is unknown how or even if these creatures reproduce but it is suspected that with the numbers plaguing the world that they would indeed do so somehow. They are pack-minded and rarely travel alone, even when eating it is common to find more than one creature. They are invisible to the eyes of humans (not special humans) except when actually feasting. They have no mind for anything other than eating and survival, call them insane if you will.

They take their own unique preference in the prey they seek, some like older people while some might like the taste of smokers it is entirely up to the individual creature. It is not uncommon for a creature to travel large distances just to find one of their preference, if they like vegetarians then they will eat nothing but vegetarians…this does not mean they will not kill a meat eater if threatened. Generally these creatures will be peaceful to anybody that does not suit their tastes. In the beginning they would not kill and eat their prey in the same location due to the risk of being seen, for you see when these creatures actually feast they are for reasons not known they are made visible to even normal human’s eyes. They would take the corpse to another secluded location and feast there, but now that they know human’s are of no threat they will not hesitate to eat their victim where they kill them. This does not mean that they would do so in an area filled with humans, they do like their privacy and seclusion. It merely means that more and more instances of people returning home to see their loved one being devoured have occurred.

The appearances of the Yana vary greatly between creatures, some images of creatures that have been seen are posted below however like stated…this does not mean that they all look like those. The creatures all show various different attributes and strengths, some are exceptionally powerful able to fight a captain on par while others are easily dispatched by humans with unique abilities. This variation in both attributes means you never know what kind of creature you will fight, but you are brave and take the burden of being the ones to stand against them seriously….many lives prey that you do.

* You may NPC as many of these creatures as you like in any location as long as you keep it within the boundaries of common sense. They must not be in the middle of a shopping mall etc, as stated above they like their privacy etc, you might follow one through crowds etc but if you were to attack it you would be endangering innocent lives as they will not hesitate to kill anyone if threatened. So just make sure you keep the places suitable.

* They can vary in strength so choose what you want for your topic ^^ just keep them reasonable xD

* They can have various attributes, some might be immune to kido, others immune to water etc etc so once again it gives you options to change for your particular characters and thread

* THESE CREATURES ARE APPEARING IN ALL DIMENSIONS SO ALL RACES ARE ABLE TO FIGHT THEM ^^ Rather than have shinigami need captains to make missions regarding them infiltrating you will be able to simply make the threads and any shinigami can participate. However like normal, shinigami are restricted to the soul society without permission to go elsewhere. Missions will be made and officers recruited to go to the human world on missions but otherwise rules still apply. There is plenty of opportunity to make threads with lots of other shinigami in the soul society. These creatures are plaguing all realms so you will all be busy.

* YOU MUST TRY TO KEEP THE GORE TO AN ACCEPTABLE MEASURE obviously there will be some if the creatures are going to prey on people but try not to go overboard remember that the site is to be as PG-13 as possible



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Information on the Yana (Enemy for new plot)
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