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 Training for a new Bankai Form (private, Epic training, A past topic)

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Ichimaru Gin


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PostSubject: Training for a new Bankai Form (private, Epic training, A past topic)   Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:12 pm

OOC: to smooth up the posting on this topic i will leave out any talking due to it being a private topic for myself)

IC: Ichimaru and Tosen assembled at the 5th division training grounds, why they decided to train there was anyone`s guess, but Gin knew it could easily become dirty concidering it was his Zanpakto his Bankai that they would train to be even more deadly, so they chose the 5th division training grounds as Aizen had approved of this, these times Ichimaru did not do much withouth his approval really it was a bother, still something worth noting was that this training ground was exactly what Ichimaru needed, it was holed up underground which would allow him to use his Zanpakto ability to a 100% he just hoped that Tosen could keep up, the first minutes would be critical to his development so they would have to be quick about it...

But before he could even start to honey his new bankai skills against Tosen he would have to fight against his Zanpakto, Tosen had brought a doll with him a doll that could manifest into his Zanpakto spirit, this was one of the fastest ways know to learn bankai, altrough Ichimaru had already learned to use his first form he still thought that something was missing, he wondered what his new bankai form would be like? this form of training had been used only once before, by Urahara Kisuke, how they had gotten their hands on these files and the doll was much thanks to Aizen himself, he would have to thank him later.

Tosen and Gin checked out the field once they confirmed that they where truly the only ones there then they continued to the next step, Tosen brought up the doll and Ichimaru inserted the reitsu in it, it took a while but soon Gin was facing off with Shinsoo, the Zanpakto spirit did not hesitate to attack his master knowing that they wanted to become stronger and master this Bankai form.

Shinsoo was covered in black bandages, his hair was black and the only space that was not covered by the bandages was his left elbow, his hair and small parts of his face that left his eyes visible. They exchanged a few words before the training would start, the whole cave like training field suddenly appeard to be stabbed with a significant amount of swords, each and everyone of these swords where unique to one another both in shape and reitsu, these blades each signified of certain happenings in Gin`s life, the greater durability of the sword the more important the memories where to him, the cave had these blades stabbed in both the wall, floor and ceiling which made the sole process a lot more complicated...
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Ichimaru Gin


Posts : 184
Join date : 2010-10-14

PostSubject: Re: Training for a new Bankai Form (private, Epic training, A past topic)   Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:24 am

Ichimaru cringed onto the closest sword he could reach as His Zanpakto darted at him at full speed crushing the sword he was holding onto into a thousand pieces, cutting into his shoulder as the sword came loose another blow was sent at his head, he jumped backwards and grabbed a sword next to him while in mid air as he barley had landed his sword came flying at his direction at a pace that the eye could not follow streching trough the air towards his back as he rotated his body back in place in the last second he was able to block the attack, the sword collided with his Zanpakto and several sparks flew about in every direction, a few small cracks formed along Ichimaru`s sword would it hold?, it certainly was not strong enough if it was already cracking...

After a few more blows the second sword split open he pulled down the 3rd sword from the ceiling by jumping and grabbing onto it, the sword however broke on the first contact though he was able to avoid any more severe wounds, Tosen watched the intense fight unmoved by the damage it had caused. Ichimaru picked up his 52 sword not looking anything like his original one. He panted a bit and rubbed away some sweat from his face.
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Training for a new Bankai Form (private, Epic training, A past topic)
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