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 Lucifer (WIP)

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Name: Claudius Orsino Caesar

Alias/Nickname: Lucifer (Always goes by this name, rarely uses birth name)

Actual Age: About 2050 years, according to history.

Physical Age: Early thirties

Gender: Male

Rank: No faction rank, independent.

Modified: No.


Height: 7’7” (Seven feet, seven inches)

Weight: 405 Lbs. (Due to dense body and strong bones)

Eye Color: Blood Red, with gold along the outer iris.

Hair Color/Style: White, long. Shown in picture.

Complexion: Skin is pale white.

Remains of Mask: Covers both hollow holes in the shape of a mouth, one in each palm.

Hollow Hole: Lucifer has two hollow holes, one in each hand. However they’re mutated and do not go all the way through. Instead they are more like bottomless black pits, and are similar to mouths. The holes are closed often, as are the mouths, but whenever using an energy based attack with his palms the mouths will open and so will his hollow holes, exposing their ominous black depths.

Reiatsu/Energy Color: Black with white static

Spiritual Aura: Lucifer’s energy has a strange feeling of charisma to it. But it also has another side to it; a strange and otherworldly darkness that seems to go against all things. His aura is sick yet heroic. People are either seduced by the feeling, or terrified by it.

Build: Although his clothing may give him a tall and somewhat slender look, it is an illusion. Lucifer has a strong build packed with muscle. Every muscle is perfectly balanced within his male physique. His rock hard abdominal muscles and broad shoulders contain within them enormous amounts of strength.

Other: Lucifer has no belly button and no nipples.


Image One

Image Two

Image Three



  • Ambition: Lucifer wants to be the best and won’t settle for less. While he is patient with his goals, he deeply desires power and status. Power more so than position, since power is the key to all things, according to himself. Lucifer will work hard and relentlessly for his desires.

  • ]I]Blood-Thirsty:[/I] He can be fairly aggressive. Lucifer just hates people. He really isn’t your friend. He views most people as little more than trivial annoyances, and rids of them frequently. There are plenty of exceptions of course, but strangers had best avoid Lucifer. He isn’t very… compassionate.

  • Misanthrope: Most people have some kind of dream or fantasy for mankind, like entering the space age or curing cancer, or something else nice and happy like that. But Lucifer just doesn’t care. Life is life, death is death; only the foolish hold goals for the sake of others. The lives of others have very little meaning to him, especially so when weighed against something he needs or wants. His way is to choose the self before the all.

  • Unhappy: You know, he isn’t exactly depressed, but Lucifer isn’t quite happy either. He seems to be kind of bored and unsatisfied all the time, unless there is a girl around that happens to catch his interest or something fun like that. Because he doesn’t feel a lot of happiness, Lucifer is typically looking for it.

  • Philosopher?: Lucifer has many interesting theories and ideas concerning life and purpose. He believes that all things are simply attempting to become whole, at any cost. This idea is somehow related to his idea that the spiral is the pattern of the universe, but you’d have to ask him for the details. He displays an interest in the ideas of others concerning similar subjects, or the same ones with different theories. Intelligence tends to interest Lucifer, but not enough for him to like you.

  • Passionate: Passionate? What? That’s right, Lucifer’s feelings are actually strong. He may seem cold and ruthless but all he really wants is for all to go for the best. The evil within him exists for his belief that he must forsake others if he wants himself to be happy. He believes all society fails due to the incompetence and lack of cooperation in others. So, while he is biased against altruism, he isn’t beyond caring for others, although its doubtful that anyone will interest him enough. But his strong feelings do give him a strong will and a personal sense of destiny. He searches for something worth caring for, a true purpose.

  • Lust: You could be a heartless shrew of a woman, and as long as you were pretty, Lucifer would like you. Females have a much easier time getting Lucifer’s attention. Most people are just dull husks to him, but pretty girls capture his deepest and most sincere interest. He has a very strong sex drive, so his favor of the opposite gender can be to a fault. Although his lust typically leads him to accept or approach any attractive female, his inner desires are inclined more towards a woman who satisfies him. Not just physically, but emotionally as well, a girl he desires for more than just for looks who can relate to him.

Quirks: Hates seafood and doesn’t like the color yellow.

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single and looking


    ”Puritanical Misanthropic Euphoria”
    - The words of Fenrir Black

    For so long, Hell had been without a true ruler. Without order. Without leadership. Without purpose. Without a force great enough to turn it’s chaotic might into overwhelming strength, to devour any world it’s dark inhabitants could find until it all made sense, until it was finally clear to them. Clear to the Demons, the dark spirits of the terrible abyss, the masters of the distant worlds of the twisted beyond. Deprived of purpose and meaning they could bear it no longer. Their need, which was the same as that of their home, brought them all together eventually across many seas of time and space. They all gathered, even the most violent of their kind. Every dark soul united under a single purpose; to find one who could give them meaning. Who could bring light to the darkness. They wished for a light bearer, the one who shined brightest. And so it began, Lucifer was born. They gathered and summoned forth all their power, to bring forth one of the oldest and most powerful souls they could reach. Their dark grasp tore through all time and space even through the beginning of all things, and seized just one soul, and they brought it into their world, using all of their strength. The enormous act shook throughout existence, effecting every world in some way. Even earth, which suffered a devastating asteroid impact as this great event unfolded. Many disasters spilled throughout the many universes, all to warn and foreshadow the great event that had taken place.

    But even though they had tried their hardest, their true best, they seemed to have failed. The soul they had summoned was indeed powerful. It had the potential to be their light bearer. But alas, he was asleep. And this was the greatest one they could find, out of all the many souls they could have chosen, yet so tragically he was useless to them. But they would have their light, their purpose, their master. They needed it so desperately, anything they had to do, no matter how costly, had become reasonable. For this reason, they took the new soul in. Even though he slept he was their pride and joy. The Demons held within their realm a great seed. They knew not from where this great soul had come, but it’s immense power would soon guide them all. They named him ‘Lucifer’, meaning ‘He who shines brightest’.

    There was only one way to awaken their potential Messiah. He had to be born, in human form, within one of the many worlds. But none of the Demons could raise such a soul in a Godly world, which would surely be ruled by one of their enemies. And so they descended upon our world, one much looser and more lenient, after much searching. Much to their dismay however they still could not enter, yet it had not been a complete loss, for the soul of Lucifer had been pushed into the human world by them. He would be the son of the most powerful man in the world at the time, the son of the great roman Julius Caesar.

    Caesar had no legitimate children to inherit, and Lucifer was not his biological son. Deep down he did not trust his nephew Octavius to inherit his power, yet Caesar knew he would not have long before he grew old. Even in the face of his great potential and ambition a certain hopelessness clouded Caesar’s mind, a despair that told him it would all mean nothing without a suitable heir. Caesar prayed to the gods for an heir, as his wife bore no children. And his prayer was answered but not by the gods. The Demons guided the future dictator to Lucifer while he was young, a fatherless, motherless child. He was brilliant and very well built for his age. With pure white skin and silver hair Caesar at first thought the child was a god himself, if not for the dirt and rags he wore.

    Lucifer impressed the general with his intelligence and health at the market place, where a pickpocket had stolen Caesar’s money. Lucifer had not only easily outran the much older pickpocket with his superior physique but could read well, seemingly self taught, and spoke like a genius. After returning Caesar’s stolen money the soon to be father had been influenced by the Demons; he could claim that the boy was his biological son, perhaps when he was older. The Demons made the lie feel harmless within Caesar’s heart and soon their child seemed to be the only one fit be called ’Son of Caesar’. Lucifer’s kind heart and sharp mind spoke to Caesar, telling him that this was the answer to his prayers. He believed the young boy to be a gift from the heavens…. Yet he could not have been further from the truth.

    Caesar adopted the boy and kept him secret mostly, and although he cared for him, he raised him with strict discipline. At the age of six Lucifer began to receive the highest level of schooling Caesar could find, and had his best soldiers train the boy in combat. Over the years Lucifer was taught well, but he was also a dangerous young boy. But Caesar feared these tutors, for some of them took a liking to little boys, and not the good kind. One day an especially fat greek teacher attempted to rape him at the age of eight, but Lucifer easily stopped him from succeeding and killed the sick man with his bare hands.

    It was then that Lucifer discovered his spiritual power. Even has a human, he possessed some kind of super strength - and furthermore he could hurl bursts of force him his fists. But it was also then that Lucifer began to hate people, for they dared to attempt to impose their disgusting desires upon him. Lucifer was fortunate, and never had to endure the sexual trauma that many greek teachers inflicted upon others his age. The Demons aided Lucifer in making the murder seem righteous, giving false witnesses and fake evidence to justify the strange murder. Witnesses claimed that the war god himself had defended the boy from rape, explaining why the corpse of the tutor was so damaged.

    The tutor was not the first that Lucifer killed, and he was protected from the consequences of each murder by the Demons. Gradually, each killing was for less and less reason, until one day he killed a man simply for stepping on his foot. Still, his loving Demons protected him faithfully, allowing him to escape trouble however they could. He slowly became aware of them as his powers grew stronger, and could sense their presence, which always followed him. Though they were unable to directly enter our world, they could still control it, and the weaker Demons were able to slip through and live near him as living shadows. Throughout the years of his childhood, he did not play. He trained both his mind and his body relentlessly and grew to be a strong, tall young man.

    It was near the age of twelve that he had his first romance. He’d been much more interested in girls for a few years now, but there was a particularly beautiful servant woman who captivated his interest. She was a young mother in her twenties, with wavy blonde hair, smooth light brown skin tanned gently by the sun, and brilliant light blue eyes that seemed to speak to something deep within the adolescent Lucifer. He watched her and occasionally spoke with her, as she was kind to him. She mostly just poured his baths and fetched water. Her husband had died so she depended on the money she got from serving Caesar, living with the slaves. Her name was Meretrix.

    It was not long before Meretrix learned of Lucifer’s crush on her. She always referred to him as Young Master Claudius, but soon it became just Claudius. Caesar was normally gone so he was especially lonely, which was why he suddenly took so much interest in Meretrix. Lucifer felt close to her, and she became something like a friend to him, the first real friend he had whom he shared his thoughts and feelings with. But he felt like he wanted more, and eventually he let Meretrix know. But this was a desperate woman who, while liking the child, certainly had no intimate desire for such a young male whom was still going through puberty. But she accepted the child, and became his first girlfriend… yet she asked for money frequently. Lucifer had a large store of coin which his adoptive father sent him regularly, and Meretrix pretended to love him, and in return requested money for herself and her children. And Lucifer was happy to help, though he did not know how empty the woman’s feelings for him were.

    After a year of their strange relationship, Meretrix finally made Lucifer a man. He was so proud to at last lose his virginity, to the woman of his dreams no less. But after the euphoric event, he began to sense a void within Meretrix. His power had grown to a new level and he developed the lingering suspicion that it meant nothing to her, that she felt as though she was simply providing the boy a service, nothing more. He confronted her one day, and she denied it, claiming he was just being insensitive. He felt terrible afterwards even though he knew she lied, and rejected the truth. He would soon regret it. She had only denied to continue taking care of her children; with the money, she thrived. It continued for a time until the Demons showed Lucifer the truth. Meretrix had been having an affair with one of the guards, and he witnessed them kissing, in a way she told him that she would do only with the one man she loved. And clearly it was no longer Lucifer.

    Lucifer stopped paying her, stopped seeing her, struggled to even stop thinking of her. He didn’t kick her out or kill her, which he could have easily being Caesar’s adopted son and lone heir. It seemed he just wanted to pretend he’d never been with her at all. He knew he should have listened to his powers, his powers which showed him the woman’s shallow thoughts. But the illusion was so sweet and his young heart could not have denied her; and he had paid the price in heartbreak. She tried to speak with him and comfort him, yet to her his heart had become stone. He wasted no more words on her.

    The Demons avenged his pain and Meretrix was thrown off a cliff by one of them, but the Demons knew this had been a vital lesson for Lucifer. He had learned not to trust others so much, not to be so vulnerable. And most of all to listen to his powers. It was a stage of depression that followed the shocking heartbreak he had felt, in which even his studies declined, but it did not last for long. Lucifer realized that power was the true key to everything. And his studies and combat training were keys to the power he sought. He studied and trained even more relentlessly, surpassing teacher after teacher. This continued for years. He no longer pursued close relationships but rather paid whores. At least they were more honest than Meretrix had been.

    (More will be added later)


    Lucifer has no resureccion and no zanpakuto. He did not seal his reiatsu into a zanpakuto, but this does not mean he is weaker. He simply has a different way of fighting. As a result his powers are stronger and he has more abilities. Although this does make him a lot more powerful, he can‘t perform a spiritual release, so he doesn‘t have a super resurreccion technique and a big increase in reiatsu to bail him out of bad situations unlike other Arrancar.

~Standard Techniques~

  • Name: Blast Cero
    Description: Lucifer’s cero is unique. Rather than being fired as a long laser-like attack, it is fired as a huge sphere of destructive energy. This cero moves faster, but is evaded more easily than a normal cero, since it isn’t a constant stream of energy but a single projectile. It’s energy is powerful but most of the damage it inflicts is blunt force. Blast Cero normally tears through whatever gets in it’s way, be it buildings, cars, or kittens. But if it hits an object it cannot go through, such as the ground or a powerful barrier, it explodes in a large burst of destructive force.
    Duration: Instant
    Cool Down: 2 Posts
    Energy Cost: Low

  • Name: Obliterator Cero
    Description: An ancient Hollow power Lucifer learned from the eldest of the Vasto Lorde long ago. It was designed for use against Shinigami Captains and is most effective against them, but also is also especially effective against Arrancar. This attack was developed out of a hatred towards God and violates one of his laws, the law of conservation of energy specifically. This cero fires as a average sized cero beam but is black and half as fast. However it makes up for it’s slowness with a devastating effect; anything it touches is completely destroyed. It tears right through barriers and literally destroys any energy it comes into contact with. However, equal amounts of the cero are lost for everything it destroys. So you cannot destroy more matter than you could fit into the cero, and stronger energy consumes more of the attack. Therefore, although it will harm stronger foes for sure, it may not kill a superior enemy.
    Duration: Instant
    Cool Down: 9 Posts
    Energy Cost: Average

  • Name: Unholy Obliteration Cero
    Description: Lucifer’s modified version of the Obliterator Cero. He developed this ability for the purpose of killing stronger Shinigami or Arrancar, specifically the higher Espada and senior Captains. This attack operates in the same method as the Obliterator Cero, but fires as a huge black cero, much larger than the standard version. It spreads out over an area quickly, devouring anything that touches it into it’s black abyssal form. Screams can be heard as the cero charges and intensify as it is fired. Shapes similar to human faces in agony appear in the surface of the cero, as do hand-like motions of energy desperately clawing out at anything they can touch. This attack is twice as fast as a cero but the energy demand is extremely costly. Lucifer will often be exhausted after using this ability and will be unable to use Obliterator Cero or any other techniques with an Energy Cost greater than Average after using it. Also, if Lucifer is especially desperate, he can pour his life energy and blood into the attack to make it even larger and more destructive, but this may kill him or knock him unconscious. Using the attack this way could destroy an entire city and a much more powerful enemy, but if it failed to do so Lucifer would surely die.
    Duration: Instant
    Special Effect: Cannot be controlled or negated by others, regardless of their powers.
    Cool Down: Rest of fight (Can only be used once in a battle)
    Energy Cost: Very High

  • Name: Rapid Bala
    Description: The purpose of bala is speed and quick shots, so Lucifer specialized his bala technique for just this purpose. Instead of just going twenty times faster than cero, it goes forty times faster and can be fired rapidly like a machine gun. However this is not without a draw back. It is only half as strong as a normal bala and is easily deflected or blocked. Still, the bala from this attack are more than enough to rip through flesh and destroy anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it‘s path.
    Duration: Instant
    Cool Down: None, fires rapidly
    Energy Cost: Very Low

  • Name: Enhanced Steel Skin
    Description: Most Arrancar have hierro, but Lucifer’s is especially strong. Lucifer’s Steel Skin is much stronger than other Arrancar of his level and can weather extreme damage easily. It’s strength is due partly to the fact that Lucifer never sealed his reiatsu or hollow powers into a Zanpakuto, but it was always one of his stronger powers. Lucifer can easily deflect Captain-level Shikai and other powerful attacks with his bare hands. But this power has a weakness. Due to it’s structure his skin is vulnerable to extreme temperatures, like those of fire and ice, making him weaker against these attacks. It also takes much longer to regenerate than the other parts of his body, because it’s structure is extremely complicated and dense. Therefore, although Lucifer will regenerate skin over a wound, it will be weak and easily cut through or broken in the area of the wound. His Steel Skin does not fully regenerate for twenty posts, at least.
    Special Effect: Quickly dulls edges that strike it with it’s scale like structure, weakening cutting weapons.
    Duration: Permanent, never goes away.
    Cool Down: None.
    Energy Cost: None.

  • Name: Shadow Jump
    Description: Lucifer’s form of Sonido. Due to his specialization in his other powers, Lucifer was never really an expert at speed or dodging attacks. Therefore when it comes to his Sonido technique, it is much more crude. However Lucifer refuses to have a slow flash step. Lucifer’s Sonido is very quick, but is incapable of precise movements. So he cannot attack while performing Shadow Jump, but can attack directly after a Shadow Jump. It also means that when using Shadow Jump he must have a clear idea of where he is going before using it. The technique is twice as fast as sonido but also has a long cool down in addition to the weaknesses already stated. It is called Shadow Jump because while using it Lucifer is covered in black flames, which knock those who get too close to him aside and fuel the technique. Lucifer leaves a black streak wherever he goes while using this ability, so it cannot be used for stealth either, its just pure speed.
    Duration: Instant
    Cool Down: 4 Posts
    Energy Cost: Low

  • Name: Garganta
    Description: Standard Arrancar technique for opening gateways to other dimensions and traveling between them.
    Duration: Instant
    Cool Down: 1 Post
    Energy Cost: None

~Innate Techniques~

  • Name: Ungodly Strength
    Description: Lucifer already looks strong, but his appearance fails to describe the true depth of his might. Lucifer’s strength is his one of his greatest powers. He can perform feats of raw strength unheard of, surpassing even the strongest of the Espada in raw muscular power. Although he does not look like it he possesses strength great enough to lift and throw skyscrapers even, although that would not be an easy task. His punches and other unarmed strike hit with a surprisingly massive amount of force and he can rip through powerful barriers and steel with his bare hands.
    Duration: Constant/Permanent (Always active)
    Cool Down: None
    Energy Cost: None

  • Name: Slow Regeneration
    Description: As a hollow Lucifer had a certain odd peculiarity to him. He never regenerated quite as fast as the others, instead recovering much more slowly. However while others suffered injuries that they never quite recovered from, Lucifer recovered from just about any injury. Lucifer regenerates slowly, but never exhausts his regeneration and can recover from any wound, regardless of the organ damaged. He can also survive wounds that would ordinarily kill others, as long as at least 75% of his brain and 90% of his heart is intact. If these two organs are damaged beyond these limits, he will die within a day unless someone heals him. Minor wounds, such as cuts and gashes, are fully healed in 3 posts but the Steel Skin does not fully recover for 20 posts. Intermediate wounds, such as severed tendons or minor damage to organs and other tissues, are fully regrown in four posts. However, major wounds such as lost arms or legs and organs that are severely damaged or destroyed require 15 posts to regenerate. Brain and heart damage takes an especially long time to repair and does not happen during battle. Such damage is repaired only outside of battle and it takes about two days to fully repair the heart and brain if damaged.
    Duration: Constant/Permanent (Always active)
    Cool Down: None
    Energy Cost Very Low to Very High (Depends on injury, the worse it is the higher the cost)

  • Name: Malefic Rage Force
    Description: When using this ability part of Lucifer’s body is covered in black flames. These flames do not harm him, but they do harm other life forms that touch them by rapidly destroying the energy that composes them. Lucifer can cover just his hands in this or his entire body, but the more fire he creates the more energy he uses. The fire is used in unarmed attacks, such as punches, to release a large amount of force with the attack and cover the target in the black energy. This increases the amount of force in Lucifer’s melee attacks but does not increase his strength. The release of force extends from three feet to seven feet, depending on how much reiatsu is used. Anything caught within range however suffers high blunt force damage in addition to the flames. The flames can also be used to keep away nearby enemies with the deadly effect of the flames, but doing so rapidly consumes energy (High power attacks and covering his body in the black flames increases the energy cost from low to high).
    Special Effect: Reiatsu used in this ability severely damages enemies who attempt to absorb or control it, but this ability can be negated by a negation power of equal strength.
    Duration: Lasts until deactivated
    Cool Down: 1 Post
    Energy Cost: Low to High (Depends on level of energy put into ability)

  • Name: Anti-Illusion
    Description: This power negates the effects of any illusions or mind altering powers through reiatsu. However, the stronger the reiatsu of the illusionist, the more reiatsu Lucifer will consume to negate or weaken the ability. Activates automatically when an illusion power or mind altering ability targets Lucifer, but weakens his other powers except for Ungodly Strength and Slow Regeneration.
    Duration: Until an illusion or mind altering ability ends
    Cool Down: None

  • Name: Suffocation Veil
    Description: This power is unique. It targets not a person, but a specific type of power. After using it, Lucifer becomes completely immune to the type of power he targeted. He can target up to three types of powers, but this increases the demand of spiritual energy that he uses to be immune to the power. He also cannot use the same type of power that he negates, so if he negates elemental powers, he can no longer use elemental powers but he becomes immune to them. To use this power Lucifer must first target a particular type of power. Lucifer can deactivate and activate multiple types of negation at once, so long as he is negating no more than three total. The types he can target are listed below:

    Summoning: Negates the powers of summoned or created entities. Creatures can still be summoned or created by the enemy, but Lucifer can now kill these entities with a single attack. Also makes Lucifer completely immune to the abilities/powers of these entities, and makes their attacks against him totally harmless.

    Alchemic: Negates all forms of powers that change the properties of mass or directly control matter. This includes telekinesis, magnetism, alchemy, and others.

    Elemental: This power negates all elemental abilities. This includes fire, water, lightning, ice, earth, darkness, light, and many others, generally any power that draws on a particular element.

    Physical: This power negates all powers that increase a character’s physical abilities, such as speed and strength. All strength enhancing, speed enhancing, and regeneration abilities are negated. Steel Skin (Hierro) is not negated, but Lucifer’s Malefic Rage Force and Slow Regeneration will be negated by this power. This power also negates all flash steps, including sonido and shunpo.

    Gateway: Negates any power that deals with opening gateways, teleportation, or anything that opens holes in space or time. This ability also negates Garganta and Negacion, as well as all space/time/gravity manipulation. (Gravity is caused by the bending of space, so gravity manipulation is the same as space manipulation)

    Reiatsu Powers: Negates all reiatsu based powers, such as cero and kidou. This severely limits Lucifer’s arsenal of attacks but does the same for other enemies.

    Biotic: This power negates powers that deal with directly effecting organisms. Powers negated are poison, disease, and others, as well as organ/flesh manipulation (but not regeneration).

    Duration: Lasts until deactivated
    Cool Down: None

    Name: Abyss Walker
    Description: Lucifer not only has the ability to interact with our dimensions as well as hueco mundo and soul society, but can also visit distant worlds. These places are often strange and Lucifer possesses the unique ability to communicate with the otherworldly spirits that live there, known mostly as the ’Demons’. The places he goes are all part of a forbidden realm known as ’Hell’. It is not the same place as where evil souls are sent, but rather the place is evil, filled with creatures of a similar nature. Lucifer has negotiated and communicated with the dark souls of the beyond for many years and is adept in their customs and rituals. He cannot yet summon them into our world, but he can take things from their world into this one, perhaps a few spirits at a time if he worked at it. Lucifer often trains in these strange outer worlds and goes there to learn from the Demons. The Demons recognize Lucifer as one of their own, and for that reason they do not attack him. Lucifer opens a portal similar to Garganta to enter these worlds. Currently no one else can go to Hell without Lucifer’s aid.
    Duration: Instant
    Cool Down: None

~Rp Sample~

    ”Who the hell is that?!”

    The question shook loudly through the air, clearly asked by a deep voice. It was a tall giant of an Arrancar with a bewildered look on his face who had shouted the query. He blankly stared towards a slowly hovering cloud of dust near an enormous hole in the gigantic white walls of Las Noches. The hole had not been there moments ago, and the sound of it being made had shook through all of Las Noches. He could see a single figure moving within the dust, a tall white male but not quite as large as himself, and a dozen corpses of slain numerous surrounding the damaged fortification. The dismembered bodies and splatters of blood disturbed him, and the strange power of the odd stranger sent a chill of deathly fear down his spine. The giant cautiously approached the ominous disturbance, fighting the instinct the run like hell with each step he took. But before he even got close a huge black sphere of energy rushed toward him, obliterating his thick skull along with it’s meager contents. The headless corpse fell to the ground with a dull thud, and as the dust cleared, only one entity remained alive on the scene. A tall, dark, handsome male, with pale skin whiter even than the smooth stone walls of Las Noches and an equally cold and merciless expression.

    His gold-crimson eyes scanned about the area with a particularly blood-thirsty glint in them. His thin black lips twisted into a vile smirk as he savored the sight of the dead Arrancar, as wicked thoughts of further blood shed stirred within his powerful mind. Though they were his own kind, Lucifer had no mercy for these creatures who dared to send him an ‘invitation’ as they called it. His white coat hung all about his tall form with a calm stillness, yet his reddish black shoulder armor shone with a malignant stare towards the den of the Arrancar. It would not be long now; he merely had to wait and they would come to him. Already he could hear the soldiers marching toward him. He lazily adjusted his six white wings, correcting their feathers, as he awaited the blood bath. He knew this would be a boring battle; it was the Espada that he had come for. They were the main course. These fools were merely the plebians of his massacre.

    He charged a blast cero in each hand, leaning forward with his outstretched arms. Brilliant bright white light shined from each palm as he prepared a vicious attack. His smile widened with a bestial twitch and soon his malefic soul would drown and destroy a countless many lives. The Arrancar would rue the day they dared threaten him. Win or lose, Hell would claim many new residents this night….

    ”You’re all gonna die!”

    (More will be added later)

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Lucifer (WIP)
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