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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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 Adakias Purus (special human)

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PostSubject: Adakias Purus (special human)   Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:32 am

Human Application


Name: Adakias Purus
Age: 17
Gender: male


Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 135 pounds
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color/Style: light brown, spiky towards the left side of his head
Complexion: tanned
Distinguishing features: none


Personality wise Adakias is a benevolent character. He is thoughtful and always puts others before himself. Often he is very loyal to the friends he has. Adakias tends to be very cheerful and optimistic about everything, he always trys to find a non-violent way to end a dispute. He will not fight if the situation doesn’t call for it. However when the situation calls for it Adakias is a brave-heart. He will whole heartedly fight in order to protect the ones he loves, even if he is clearly out matched.
One thing that Adakias can’t stand is being called “too young” for anything. He isn’t hot tempered about it, but he pouts and acts adolescent about his age. He will also try to prove that he is an adult by working at his fullest ability. He never leaves any job half done. He’s a hard worker and likes to please others. He will even go out of his way to help strangers and will do it with as
In reguards to his social life Adakias always makes it a goal to make those around him smile. He makes it his mission to make those around him happy and cheerful. He will always try to find the good in any person and will also try to bring out the best in everyone. He loves to encourage others to reach their full potential. He believes that to cure to any situation is a smile. On his free time when Adakias is not doing anything he likes to study philosophy. He also likes to look at that stars at night. He likes to watch shooting stars past by the sky, and he always makes wishes upon them. However every time he makes a wish upon a shooting star, its always the same wish, that “one day darkness will coexist with the light instead of having constant warfare.” Another thing about Adakias is that he has a very curious nature. He is intrigued by learning new things and always wants to learn more. Adakias has made it his goal seize everyday and learn as much as he can and keep it in his memory.
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Relationship status: single
Quirks: Adakias knows hardly anything about western culture, he is fluent in English, but he hardly knows anything about the contemporary western life. However he easily learns about these things through the context in which they’re described.
History: (please tell us about your characters history)

~Special Ability~(For special humans only no more than 3 to begin with more can be learnt later on via the new techinique board)

Name: Call of the Soul
This ability allows Adakias to summon his blade and/or armor at any given time in any given place. With his blade he is able to swiftly attack his opponents and engage in sword combat. With his armor he is able to defend himself against any attacks (not completely as if they were nothing, but it will reduce the damage taken by half). However with the armor on, Adakias’s speed is reduced in half making him more susceptible to attacks from the opponent and slower in battle
Duration: this ability can be used at the will of Adakias. He can use or revoke this ability freely at any given time.
Preparation: none
Cooldown: none

Name: Fire, blast
This attack enables the user to blast out the elements of fire blast. An elemental blast can be executed in different intensities. Note: the stronger a blast is, is the more energy it takes to generate the attack.
Duration:1 post
Preparation:1 post
Cooldown:1 post=weak attack, 2 posts=moderately strong attack, 3 posts= strong attack

Name: D-Link connection
Because of his friendly personality, usually Adakias is able to make connections with the people he encounters. When Adakias makes a connection with someone, with the will of the other party, Adakias is able to use an ability special towards the other party (given their concent). For example if Adakias were to make a connection between Ichigo Kurosaki and Ichigo allowed him the ability Getsuga Tenshou, then Adakias is able to use the move Getsuga Tenshou as if it were his own. Note: there is no limit to the number of connections Adakias can make, however Adakias can only make one connection per person.
Duration: same as the ability used
Preparation:same as the ability used
Cooldown: two times the normal cooldown period for that specific ability (note: D-link connection is treated as if it were that ability until the cooldown time has passed)

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like us to know)

~Rp Sample~
Young Adakias was working in the bakery shop when a man dressed in a black cloak walked in. “Hello, welcome to Cakes in a Cup Bakery!” Adakias said with a huge smile on his face. The man in black didn’t seem to care for Adakias’ friendly greeting. Instead the man what up to the counter where Adakias had been standing waiting to take orders. “how my I help you?” Adakias said cheerfully once the man stood right in front of him. Usually Adakias would make direct eye contact with I customers, but the man who stood before him had long jet black hair that covered most of his face, and in addition to his masking hair, the man also kept his head down, thus further concealing his face. The man spoke to him in a deep monotone voice. He spoke, saying “Adakias. You’re in danger, stay on your best guard.” Before Adakias could say a word, the man in the black cloak had disappeared. As soon as the man left, Adakias had put on a puzzled look on his face. “Spacing out on the job are we?” said a voice coming from the female manager. Adakias had snapped out of this deep thinking and turned his attention towards the manager who was wearing a cute yellow sundress with a light pink apron on top. “Sorry, guess I was day dreaming.” Adakias said. “Well, luckily you’re off shift now. Go home and get some rest. See you tomorrow.” The manger said in response. “Thank you. See you tomorrow,” said Adakias with a smile. He then clocked out and left the bakery.
It was dark outside and the streetlights had been the only thing illuminating the proximity of Adakias’ surroundings. Adakias had been walking around for a good twenty minutes when suddenly he heard rustling coming from a bush in a nearby park. Adakias’ attention had been drawn to the bush. He analyzed it, trying to determine the cause. A cat then jumped out of the bush, and began gaiting along the dark streets. Relieved, Adakias sighed and continued to his stroll back home. He took a second to ponder on the words of the strange man. “You’re in danger, stay on your best guard.” The words had been swimming nonstop in his head. What did he mean by that?
Out of the blue Adakias sensed a sword that was swinging toward his backside. Adakias quickly turned around in a split second, Adakias sword had materialized into his hands which had been in a defensive position, thus blocking the sneak attack. Quickly, the attacking opponent jumped away from Adakias putting a good 50 meter distance between them. The opponent was dressed in an all black robe and concealed his face in the robes hood. “Huh, I don’t know why they said I couldn’t take you. You’re way too easy to take seriously,” said the hooded man. “Who are you said!” Adakias demanded to know. “Calm down, all in good time young one. Well this was fun, but it seems I should be on my way.” The hooded man said in response. “No you don’t!” Adakias said, and with great speed ran to him and swiftly swung his sword, but it was too late, the man had vanished into thin air. This left adiakias to wonder what would await him in the near future.
Other characters you currently have on the site:



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PostSubject: Re: Adakias Purus (special human)   Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:47 pm

i would like to think my character is done.
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PostSubject: Re: Adakias Purus (special human)   Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:03 pm

hi ^^,

i hate be annoying but the site i actually moving in a couple of days :3 so rather then approving a character then having to have you submit it at the new site i can just wait til you submit it at the new site :3 since the templates might differ from the ones here slightly, sorry that you joined in the middle of a move @_@; but i assure you its for the best :3 the new site host server is better and the site looks kick ass :3

pm me if you have any questions or anything :3


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PostSubject: Re: Adakias Purus (special human)   Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:49 am

no problem!!! thanks for informing me!! ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Adakias Purus (special human)   

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Adakias Purus (special human)
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