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 Hanako Ichimaru

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PostSubject: Hanako Ichimaru   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:13 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Hanako Ichimaru
Alias/Nickname: Hana-Chan
Actual Age: 498
Physical Age: 19
Gender: Female
Division: 12th
Rank: Captian


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Eye Color: Red / Gold
Hair Color/Style: Hanako has white hair, like her father, that goes down to her mid back. She usually wears it curly and then to one side, with a flower that sits at one side over her face near her temple.
Complexion: Ivory / Pale (( It really depends on the light with Hanako ))
Any distinguishing features: 1 Scar: Hanako recieved this scar, which is over her left temple, during a training session that had gone bad when she was young. She has never told anyone who did it.


Personality: Hanako used to be the younger girl who would never talk to anyone, always staying by her fathers side. Though she doesn't act like her father at all. She doesn't have his smile, nor does she have his odd sense of dealing with things. Her personality changed once she entered to beacome a true Soul Reaper. She gained friends and started to become more outgoing, ending up in the group that always pranked everyone. She can't help but smile when some is on the end of the joke.

Though she is now talkitive, she still has a innocence about her, and a oblivious side though she does notice most things. She may not see that someone likes, or that someone is hitting on her. She usually just thinks that they want to be friends. Though she may not catch that, she's either having an oblivious moment or she isn't even paying attention. She always has some type of equation running through her head.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single / Though she does have a crush on Hisagi.
Quirks: - When Hanako is part of a prank a smile always pulls at the cornor of her mouth. She never really notices that she's doing it.
- Hanako always seems to blush easily, it doesn't matter if she realizes it or not. She may burst out and yell something because she finially got what she realized she needed for something. She is usually alone when that happens.

History: Hanako was born and raised in the spirit world. She never had a human life like some of the others. She didn’t have to remember what it was like to be Human or Real, or whatever people had called it now. She was told to never show them remorse, never be the one to go easy on them. Then again, Aizen and Tosen had told her that. Her father was different. Gin was always different.
He always told Hanako not to listen to what Tosen or Aizen said to her. Just to be who she wanted to be. But then again, she was about 8 when he was telling her that. She didn’t truly understand what he ment when he said that. She started her training around 15. While all the rest might have started before or after her she didn’t care, she would always try her hardest to work through whatever was thrown her way. Sometime she would fail, and other times she would succeed with ease. Though one day while training Hanako had something on her mind, and it was bugging her and bugging her until she finally asked Aizen about it. It had been the wrong time to ask such a question apparently because Aizen cut her down, his blade cutting her across her left temple. She didn’t remember much about it until she woke, the only thing she had stuck in her mind was that she never wanted to train with Aizen again. Ever.

She started her school years with a bandage over her temple and left eye (she was told it was a precaution) but other than that she worked hard to become the top of her class as quickly as she could. She didn’t care how long it would take her; she did her best at all time. Getting back up and doing it again if she ever fell. After her first year or so she began to make some friends; helping out with pranks in between school work and training. One friend that had always been around her, or Hanako had always been around was Mina Akiyama. One of the only girls she was actually able to talk to freely. After a while she finally began to smile more and come out of her shell, enjoying the company of other people that weren’t Aizen, Tosen, or her Father Gin.

Around her third or fourth year she found out that her Father and the rest had left and become traitors to the Gotei 13. She didn’t understand at all. All her father had talked to her about was how great it was to be a captain. Why would he leave at a time like this? A couple nights later her father came and met her during one of her training sessions. Tell her to come with him. That there was no need to be in a place like this any longer. Hanako felt betrayed, like all that she had been working for was all for nothing. She refused her father and brought out her blade. She didn’t have a Zanpakuto at that time, and since her father knew this he left her there. He didn’t want to fight her when he knew there was no chance of her winning. Though moments after he left Tosen and Aizen appeared obviously they seemed unimpressed with the answer that she had given. Tosen attacked Hanako, she was barely able to keep up with the man she had once been training partners with. She quickly fell and was left alone barely alive and almost completely unconscious. The last thing she remembered seeing her friend Mina coming in.

She woke up about a week later. Nothing seemed to change. People now ingnored her more than before because of her father, but when she turned in her bed, she noticed the blade that was there. It was not her normal blade. Later Mina came in saying that she had found the blade beside Hanako. Hanako now had her own Zanpakuto.
After that Hanako worked hard and learn well, she wanted to prove to everyone that she was nothing like her father even though she may have his DNA. All Hanako wanted to do was become a captain. Which is why she is now in the position she is in today.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Suka-Retto Enmu <- Scarlet Mist
Sealed Blade appearance: A 4 1/2 foot blade with a white handle.
Zanpaktou spirit: Suka is what Hanako usually calls her Zanpaktou, doesn't truely know much about it. She has sat and meditated trying to at least get a link, but it usually never happens. Though Scarlet never goes against Hanako.
Inner world Suka inner world is full of life though nothing around Suka is. Suka walks around her world with a mist around her that kills anything it touches. Like a poison.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Breath Out.
Released blade appearance: A small Dagger replaces the long sword that Hanako had.

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Name of abilty/technique: Last Drop
Description: To simply put this it, this technique relies on Hanako's ability to hit the person she is against. If the blade can hit the person a dark mark will begin to travel through the blood streem at a slow pace deeming that part of the body uncortolable. Within 12 hours the persons hole body with finally just tear apart from the force. Hanako does have to use a lot of physical strength to get this attack to work perfectly. Which is why she can only only use it for a certain amount of time. If she doesn't get it the first time, she needs to rest which can cause the attacker to gain the upper hand.
Duration: One Post
Cool Down: Two Post
Preparation: One Post

Name of abilty/technique: Scatter
Description: With this Technique the small bead that is at the end of the dagger will fall out, when Hanako has a hold of the bead she will then throw it up. Then at random times a group of ten beads will fall from the sky desinagrating anything that it touches. The only down fall to this move is that Hanako is also able to get hit with it if she doesn't pay attention.
Duration: Four Posts
Cool Down: Two Posts
Preparation: One Post


Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation: Suka will usually appear for a mear moment or two before dissapearing. No one has truely gotten a good look at her and lived to speak about it.

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Name: Smother
Description: With this ability Hanako recieves a mask that covers her mouth and nose, a red mist will then appear coving a large amount of area. Though normally Hanako won't leave it out for very long since this mist will being to melt any skin it comes in contact with after 30 minutes, including her own. As well if the mist is breathed in it will make the person feel like it is being smothered and after 15 minutes the person should be on the verge of death.
Duration: Two posts
Cool Down: Three Posts
Preparation: None

Name of abilty/technique: Sting
Description: Hanako will reliese her blade, it splitting off and becomeing 5 - 10 spiders, about a foot or so big, that will then begin to attack the person fighting with Hanako. If stung / bite by one of the spiders the person will then begin to feel sick, then they begin to cough. At that point if the person doesn't take an antidote they may cough up a vital organ. This usually takes 25 - 30 minutes to happen. Hanako can normally not be around when she uses this attack because the spiders are actually unpredictable and will attack anything that moves.
Duration: Two Posts
Cool Down: Seven Posts
Preparation: None

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Compaired to most other captains Hanako would only be a 2 1/2 out of five. She may not be the best, but she can hold herself for a bit of time.
Shunpo: A five out of five, Hanako has been able to master this technique with a lot of training. She is known to be one of the best females at Shunpo.
Hand to hand: Another five out of five, Hanako always enjoyed fighting hand out hand more than Blade to Blade. She likes to the though of fighting with out the need to kill, though with the way she trains her could easily do than.
Kido: About a Two out of Five. Hanako never really enjoyed learning Kido, though she does know some from her learnings.
Others None at this time.

~Other Information~ Any of the attackes that she has that causes the body harm in any way. Say the uncontrolling body, or anything to do with venom/posion she has told the 4th division captian how to cure it. She left it up to the captain to tell any other member she wished too.

~Rp Sample~

Hanako looked around the room slowly, it was so empty. Well there was the piles of paper on her desk but she didn't really want to touch them. She hated paper work no matter what it was about. She had been swamped with it since she became the Taichou of the 12th Division. So many people had come in to show them what they could do and how great they would be as her Fuku-Taichou. She got it down to about six people and they wanted her answer and choice in two days.

Leaning back Hanako rubbed her temples, she hated the thought of all of this crap that she had to go through. But she knew it was worth it. To become a Taichou in the time that she did was something she could be proud of. She wished that she could see her father, maybe give him the news that she was starting to make a difference in her life. But it was highly unlikely that she would see him again just to talk, it would be a battle... And more than likely someone would die with the outcome. Closing her eyes she ran her fingers lightly over the scar that she had reseived a long time ago. Why had things ended up like that. Though she knew Aizen was dead her still seemed to haunt her because of the scar.

Opening her eyes she stood up from her desk. She needed to get out and just walk. Think about things, explore a little bit maybe. Hopfully she wouldn't get lost. She slide open her door silently, not finding anyone else that was in her division around she would be able to get out unnoticed. Hana-Chan. What are you doing? Turning Hanako looked over to the woman standing a couple feet behind her. Oh... Mina-San. Its you... I thought you where some one else... She said softly, relaxing as she turned fully. Mina Akiyama, one of her long time friends. The only one she actually talked to freely. Most others she just couldn't, for some reason it may have just been because she was nervous around others she didn't know or it was because she was just a little scared. Are you alright Hana? You're looking a little paler than usual. Hanako could only smile. You're always worring about me Mina. Hana said softly. What to go for a walk with me? She watched as Mina just simply nod her head. Yeah sure. We'll have some time to catch up. Hanako nodded her head as she walked beside her friend. Yeah... That sounds good to me.

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PostSubject: Re: Hanako Ichimaru   Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:26 pm

The app looks good. But there is one thing I think is lacking. May you please add a single weakness/flaw to each of your techniques? ^^


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Hanako Ichimaru
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