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 My Rp Fight Last Night

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PostSubject: My Rp Fight Last Night   My Rp Fight Last Night Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 12:03 am

((Just a typical rp fight I had last night with a friend, I'm Lushian))

The arena... it was large. However, it was empty. Tera did not want interference. She did not want people to watch, or even be near. Was she shy? Some. But for their safety, it is best the arena remained empty. This arena was beautifully stained in blood. Possibly how it got its name, however, this arena will not see her blood. The crimson flowing within her veins has rarely been shed, and shall remain so.

Stepping onto the large circle arena, much like the coliseum found in Rome. This arena held sold stone floors, "This is going to hurt him.." she giggled rubbing her foot along the ground. Behind her were both Tenebrosi introduced in the cabins. They remain by her side like loyal guards. Skoteinos Anemos(SA) and Kafteros Xifos(KX) were strapped to her back tightly. Her eyes shifted from side to side, this place was large for simple humans, however, when power has been unleashed, no arena is large enough to contain it.

"Dynami... Your brilliance will shine today." She smiled lightly as the bracelets around her wrists liquified. They encased her hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, down to her feet, legs, thighs, hips, torso, up to her neck and head parting at the lips and nose, it gave small slits at the eyes which limited the sun's rays. In all actuality, this armor gave her better sight. It enhanced her strength. Her speed. Provided a very soothing aura to let her mind wander within the Astral plain freely. The armor remained a liquid form. It was very absorbent of physical blows. The armor had a mirror look to it, this of course had a purpose. This armor was very resistance, nearly anti-magic. It reflected any spell put on it.

"Where are you...." she growled lowly. Her opponent has not yet arrived.

Lushian walked into the arena as if he had no idea why he was here. The look on his face was blank. As if no emotion had ever existed. Blue eyes gazed the massive arena. The granite floor. The empty seats. " No audience?" Shaking his head he raised a hand to the empty seats to his right. His fingers stiffened as the shadows in the seats emerged into ghastly looking humans. Cheering like a real crowd. The people began to rise as if it were like 'the wave' circling the entire arena until it was packed full of cheering ghosts. "These, my sweet child, are the fallen warriors in this arena. You too, will join them." He smiled softly at her. This arena was full of lost souls of fallen warriors. This provided a perfect environment for Lushian to channel his power through.

"Guardians of the surreal plain I see... If I remember correctly, they are Tenebrosi... The elite soldiers of your army. Or, the remaining soldiers anyways. It's a shame to see that army simply vanish... What did you do with them?" He knew Tera from previous engagements. Not within Tallendon, but of 'other' realms. The soul harbored in her body was a close friend of Lushian's. Kannon Culf Dier aka KcD the Inane. He was part of a highly specialized elite group, the same Lushian was enrolled in. A group for slaughtering the weak, the strong, the elite, the gods...

" Lets get this started... " He extended his hand out to her. His palm open as if it were holding something. His other hand came to meet the wrist of his already extended arm. Using a fingernail, he literally cut his wrist right at the artery. The blood flowed out of the wound, but the blood was black. It did not flow as if gravity had any effect. His cutting hand fell to his side as the blood encased his wrist. It covered his hand and fingers. The wound healed shut, but the blood began to replicate itself. It covered his entire arm, shoulders and down his other arm to his hands. This blood parted at the elbows and shoulder sockets allowing free range motion. The blood then shot out towards Tera, but stopped in a solid stream five feet from Lushian's hand. He grinned slightly as the blood expanded into a katana. A razor sharp edge, it seemed to have a light blue glow. The Mithril metallic bond seem to radiate an anti-magic aura.

"Are you ready..?" He laughed slightly. His legs bent down as from each individual pore, his blood flowed straight from them, encasing his legs in the same armor that now solidified over his arms and shoulders. His legs were now the same, broke at the knees and ankles. Smiling softly, Lushian kicked off the ground. His body lunged forward with intense speed. Shifting his wrist, the blade was light as a feather. He braced the dull side against his forearm, the blade running away from his body rather than against as if it were a wakizashi. He closed the gap very quickly extending his arm at the last second. His eyes flared as the blade bursts into fire from his extensive pyrokinesis.


Tera grinned some. Her audience was of the dead. How interesting of this man. She did not know him, however, he knew her. This could be bad, but lets see how well he knew her. "Yes. The remaining. Their structure is all around us. They were the easiest to create, and the most advanced to have ever served me. You'll see their power..." She looked to her left, " T1 (Tenenbrosi #1 )" and to her right, " T2(Tenebrosi #2)" Looking forward at the advancing man. "Kill him..." Grinning, she stepped back as the Guardians stepped forward.

Lushian materialized his blood into armor and a weapon. Not just a weapon, a weapon poisonous to her. Fatal possibly. And also a metal very resistant to magic. Good thing she doesn't lower herself to a level of magic play. If her techniques were to be labeled as 'magic' it would have to be the most advanced of magics known to mankind and others. "Impressive." She gave him that.

She lowered her head, narrowing her eyes, her mind in strong communication with the Astral plain rifted a short pull from the Temporal plain. The plain of time. She pulled herself into this plain while linking it with the corporal plain. This techniques demands too much energy for a single person to hold for more than a few seconds. Tera did not waste time. Her already excessive speed ability took effect. She kicked backwards with great force. Her body sailing through the air, landing delicately at the arena wall right under the crowd. The rift shattered as time came back into effect. T1 of the corporal plain had raised an arm of adamant strengthened armor to block the swinging blade. The fire would have no effect on it's body. While T1 blocked, T2 moved swiftly past T1, meeting at Lushian's side the Surreal beast did not hesitate to Corporalize its right arm into a large adamant claw, broken at the joints, sharpened to a razors edge on the claws. This beast thrusted the arm down straight for Lushian's core. Given his speed, timing, and the power put fourth, this strike would do immense damage, if not, become a fatal strike.

Tera leaned against the wall. Her arms crossed over her chest, smiling at the scene. Two on one is hardly fair, but he asked for it, and it was his intention to try and kill her, and she had to defend herself. Rather, she'll let her guardians do their job.

Lushian never saw Tera move. That was a rather interesting technique. Did she teleport? Or perhaps.... Yes, he can sense it now. The Astral plain held an unsteady wave. She rifted. To the temporal plain? She could do that on her own!? He was shocked. How could.... It was no time to think about this. He had only a second to think. His body reacted accordingly.

Lushian continued his slash. The blade cut through the adamant armor as if it were butter. That graphene bonds in his blade were far superior. The
T2 had just skimmed the top of Lushian's leg armor. Bringing his legs to the ground faster than his upper body. This was okay though because he was able to charge the T1, kicking from the ground the best he could, his blade sliced through the corporal Tenebrosi. "Dead..." He laughed rolling along the ground and back to his feet. The T1 would drop and explode into shadows, returning to anything depleted of them.

His head turned to the T2. "Beast... You are next" He shifted himself to face his new enemy. His eyes narrowed, quickly tapping into the Astral plain, he allowed a rift to focus over his eyes. He saw the tendril between this beast and Tera. "Excellent" He linked his own tendril to hers. Though her connection to the T2 was far too strong to sever, he took a deep breath, though this breath did not consume air, it consumed the souls around them. Taking in only a fraction of their power, he focused this energy through his body and pushed an excessively powerful energy shot through his channel which channeled through her's and struck the Beast with an overwhelming amount of power. This would over charge the connection and destroy the beast with a psionic overload.

As stated, the beast dropped. exploding soon after into a massive array of light and shadows. It was quite beautiful. He laughed softly turning back around to face Tera. "Aren't we cocky? Now try fighting on your own..." Laughing, he focused again, quickly, he used a telekinetic bond grasp hold of the wall behind her. Arms made of the thick stone burst from both sides of her. They were flawless in motion, and intense in speed. They were large enough to grasp her body, and quick enough to move past the blink of an eye. The hands intended on grabbing her, raising her up, and allowing Lushian to act. This is of course, that they succeeded.

Tera laughed under her breath. This man was foolish, but he did have skill, and being a psionic, well, lets say that made it very interesting. He was good with his mind, she'll give him that, but good enough? A smirk wiped across her lips as from her side view she could see the very loud situation this man had put her in. "Silly boy..." She stood tall allowing the hands to grab her. They took a very tight grip, she literally could not move. Raised into the air she looks down at him. "Tell me, dear. What is your name? You know so much about me, yet I know nothing of you. At least give me that before Death parts our paths..." A sly grin, a wink of the eye, and a deep breath was all she gave.

Darkness quickly began to consume her body. Again, it moved over every inch completely engulfing her in the thick molasses. This transition was quick. She was not putting on a show, but needed to move. From this her body became like a shadow. Shifting within the surreal plain, her body dropped from the hands. Sinking through the ground she had vanished. Behind Lushian, she emerged from his shadow. She was silent, smooth, fast....perfect... Quickly rising, she held an adamant dagger aimed straight for his spine. She intended on a fatal blow, or at least a crippling one.

The dagger was razor sharp, about four inches in length, and very light. The blade was manifested within the corporal plain, while her body remain in the Surreal. The blade had no quite finished the transition, which is the only reason she can still hold it. Not but an inch away, her hand had released the corporal blade. The blade would hold the same strength as if she took it in her hand, only the force post impact would greatly reduce. Her body would pass through his as if a ghost, though once in contact, it would become an absolute zero degree. Her body is of pure darkness, and with Dynami, it made rifting far easier

" Lushian Tailune, my dearest. And you, Kannon!! Come out and play... I so wish to see your power.." Lushian's eyes remained Astral locked, therefore he could witness Tera's actions. She was the silly one. Moving through the darkness only brightened her astral aura to the trained psionic. "Silent... Smooth...not so perfect..." Lushian stepped to the side right in the nick of time. The blade pushed beside him, and Tera followed. The blade dropped while she would most likely stumble or catch her balance quickly. Nevertheless, her back would be to him, and he could take great advantage of this situation.

"Good night Tera... Good morning Kannon..." He laughed lightly under his breath. His arms lifted at his sides. Palms up, he was channeling energy from the spirits and souls around him. They drew to his hands like a super magnet, pulling fierce energy at an alarming rate through his body. His eyes closed quickly, thus, concentrating on his telekinesis again. Behind him, only seen through the astral plain through a projection scope (like his eyes) can be seen small shards, like bullets forming behind him. Hundreds... Thousands.... Only the size the average pencil. He chuckled softly, throwing his arms forward, these bullets sailed with amazing speed. These bullets were astral based and carried a kinetic energy not of the corporal plain, but of the astral. These bullets extended thirty feet to each side, and forty feet high.

The arsenal of bullets will shred any astral links in their path. Much like real bullets, they will tear a hole through anything linked to the astral plain. Her mind... Her 'soul.' It will all be destroyed, torn to shreds. THis is the way Kannon was defeated. This was the one attack that seemed impossible to dodge, was ....dodged. Kannon, the soul bound to Tera, would surely act accordingly. Or.... is this not his soul? Could Lushian have guessed wrong? The psy signature was so precise. Very little room for error. "Move...." He cursed her under his breath...

She missed!? How could this be? She planned it out so carefully, and yet, he was so easily able to dodge. This couldn't be... Tera caught her balance quickly, running nearly to a stop. Lushian Tailune.... This was his name, yet it was not familiar. How could this be... Something of his name pounded within her heart, but she had never heard it before. Her body remained in the Surreal plain, though, her mind was always well within the Astral. She could sense the wave lengths altering. He was building something. He was drawing power. But from where? who? what? Why? Was he really going to attempt another psionic prone attack?

Tera turned her head. She felt a force like an explosion coming from behind Lushian. She froze. The power was intense. The speed was impossible. The timing was.... perfect. Her arms crossed in front of her. Tera's head tucked down as if hoping to block the attack.....

Time stopped. Around her, nothing was moving. A heartbeat sounded through her head. One pulse, only one. She lowered her arms. She stood straight up. Her eyes moved to view Lushian's evil grin. He was frozen. Her eyes, like Lushian's shifted to the Astral plain, a very small rift over the organs. She took into perception the massive assault of mental bullets, racing for her, though, they have been stopped. Nothing could move, but her. She stepped around the bullets, tapping one with her finger she could feel the energy of her very soul take a small prick.

"Tera...." a male voice rang from behind her. She turned slowly, as she turned, her vision became impaired. A turn as if she were in slow motion, the scenerio shifted from the arena to the Ethereal plain. A plain of pure energy, a plain in which everything pulls from, but cannot ever make a solid connection. A man stood only four feet from her. Red hair, black clothing. Twin katanas at his side. His fiery red hair covered his eyes, it was spiked in every direction, messy, but clean. "Tera... Stay here..." A smile covered his tender lips. This boy, he was young, stepped up to Tera. "I'll be right back...." the smile was pure, innocent, kind, soft, and... he kissed her. Their lips touched in a glorious bonding of such unique power.

Reality set back in, Tera's eyes flashed red from behind her hands. "Lushian!!!!!!" She screamed in a bloodlust roar. Her hands threw out as a blaze of fire ignited the air around her. She had rapidly expanded every partical in front of her, causing heat to be generated at such a rapid rate, it took to flames, and not only flames, but an explosion. This same act was mimicked through the astral plain. Her mind set off a psionic explosion that threw each bullet back towards Lushian. Tera had quickly rifted back within the corporal plain with one eye returning as well. Not only did she do this, both of her hands quickly grasped each blade, unsheathing them, SA caught a dark glow. A black mist swirled around the black blade, it held the power of darkness. A bone chilling power that would not only freeze on touch, but would consume the very essence of light within any soul. KX, ignited in a brilliant This dangerous blade could burn through solid rock, steel, graphine, diamond, adamant, just about anything. She stepped forward once using a form of telekinesis, she created a second massive explosion at her feet that pushed her forward at a near mach 2. A speed so fast, it nearly double the speed of sound. The air and water around her body literally blew off into a cloud; a sonic boom literally rippled the airwaves. Each blade crossed in front of her like an X. Not going for a slash, but for a charge, head on. Her speed blew past the bullets with ease. Her body never actually touched them either, allowing her soul to be unaffected. Tera's armor had literally melted away, leaving rings at her ankles. Could Lushian stop this? If he did, the bullets he created would surely strike him if he even managed to dodge her. After all, they extended thirty feet to each side and forty feet high...

Her speed was remarkable. Though his eyes, in tune with the Astral plain, could see what she was planning. He could see the energy swirling around her feet before the explosion. It gave him time. Tera was not the only one well adapted to the plains. Before the explosion occurred, he managed a moved called 'shadow step.' A quick sidestep through a forced rift, right into the Surreal plain as if it were as easy as stepping through the doorway. A vague smiled crossed his lips. The explosion ignited under her feet, Tera blew past him at such a speed he'd never had dodged.

Behind her, the bullets. They carried his psy signature, and thusly would respond to his defense. Lushian summoned a wave of tendrils astral based carrying a rapidly moving array of energy. These tendrils acted like a fan. Spinning rapidly, they shielded Lushian's soul, taking out each and every bullet coming within a six foot radius of him. He stood tall, his body shifted back within the corporal plain. " I know your tricks, but that was new.. I nearly thought I would have died. Now now, Dear Kannon. Please do not tell me this is the best you can do. I'm sure you have far more power in there, waiting to be unleashed. I would be honored if I died at your hand, not hers.

If you have gotten weak, then I regret to inform you that your death will not be quick, but it will be soon." He laughed lightly walking towards her. She had to of landed by now, those speeds alone would tear her flesh away, at least if the air did not, the ground would. "It is your turn, big brother. Lets play some more..."

Tera's body quickly lost speed. Her body broke through a Surreal rift, darkness encasing her body shot tendrils in every direction behind her. These tendrils latched to her back, and to any nearby object. In this case, they hooked to the ground like anchors. Dragging her to almost an instant stop before she collided with the arena wall. She had completely stopped, still on her feet, she turned around only three feet from the arena wall. "Interesting. You are watching my Astral activity... Let's see how well you can predict me when I do not draw from my psionics..."

Tera's arms lifted in front of her. "Dynami." The armor quickly shot up from her ankles, encasing her body in the liquid armor. Her eyes slitted, mouth, and nose. One eye remained Astral locked, the other shifted with her body. Tera twisted her wrists aiming both blades for their sheathes, and then placing them back into their homes. A smirk crossed her tender lips as she crouched low then leaped high into the air. She performed a single back flip coming down to the arena seating. While in her descent, her body rifted back into the Corporal plain. Crouching again, she placed a hand on the Arena wall. Her eyes closed for a moment. Darkness swirled around her hand in a ghastly ball, engulfing her hand. "Sphere of solitude..." With those words, the black gas exploded into a liquid of the darkest color known to this universe. It quickly shot around the arena walls, covering them in pure and utter darkness. Quickly, it consumed the ground within the arena, passing under Lushian's feet. Tera grinned some, The ground appeared as if it had lifted. The darkness formed a sphere around the arena, within the walls, quickly rising to complete its perfection.

Mind, within this sphere temperatures are absolute zero, she laughed softly while raising a finger, touching the sphere in front of her. Quickly red spikes began to form every three inches around the entire sphere. Aimed downward towards the center. The spikes were razor sharp, and extended four feet with a two inch diameter at the top. "To insure you don't shadow step.." Snapping her fingers, she sent out a single astral note to each spike. They duplicated themselves in the Surreal form. Thus bringing thousands of spikes of corporal and surreal into play. "Dodge this.." She waved her hand as the spikes quickly shot directly for Lushian. Once they had moved, new spikes reformed behind them and shot at the same speed. Thousands became millions in a matter of seconds.

Tera stood back, drawing her blades, she held them at her sides. Each radiating in its own unique power, begging to shed blood. Perhaps they will, but who is to say Lushian won't die? The spikes sent for him were of the same material Lushian's armor was constructed from, at least, most. Mithril plating with graphene bonds, giving them a high resistance to magic, and any real physical material. Noting as well, the speed of these spikes were remarkable. They had reached terminal Velocity (9m/s) from the second she dropped them...

Lushian gasped. Quickly he rifted into the Ethereal plain drawing a massive amount of energy out and into the4 corporeal plain. He had no time to waste. The energy began to form a shield around his body, a sphere if you may. Quickly, it formed and began to draw energy through the rift continuously. This shield began to radiate so much power it formed a fireball in a sense. Though, the energy surrounded him, it did not consume him. The orb was ventilated through the ground, and the heated radiated outward rather than in. The heat began to intensify rapid, so quickly, it took on the heat of liquid magma. as the corporeal spikes tried to pierce the shield, they had melted on impact and began part of the shield, giving it a metallic bond now. Lushian smirked lightly "Cute..." Walking forward, he jumped into the air, this orb following him wherever he went. He escaped the darkness prison landing on the seats of the crowd. The shielded dissipated quickly, leaving a pool of metal around him. "I offer my surrender. Tera, you are far too powerful for me, and thusly, I beg of you my life. Let me leave in peace, and I will never hold arms against you again."

((ooc: The match ended due to me having to leave, but this is a typical rp fight that I do daily. Props to my friend though, she is a badass at what she does.))
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My Rp Fight Last Night
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