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 The prayerful beauty (Done)

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PostSubject: The prayerful beauty (Done)   Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:59 pm

Arrancar Application


Name: Arabella Formosita (Latin for Prayerful Beauty)
Alias/Nickname: Bella.
Actual Age: 215 years.
Physical Age: 22 years.
Gender: Female.


Height: 5'9".
Weight: 45 kg.
Eye Color: Redish-brown.
Hair Color/Style: Brown pulled into a french twist, with some loose looks.
Complexion: Fair.

Remains of Mask: French comb, giving her a french twist hairstyle.
Hollow Hole: Unknown.
Espada Tattoo:
Picture: Avatar.


Personality: Arabella is usually extremely apathic, uncaring and ignorant. She envies every person with a heart, and they often tend to be the victims of her sadistic fantasies. She is reluctant to take orders from Decima and Novena Espada, but will never disobey the Espada she serves, as she is the only one Arabella truly trusts. She usually describes herself as 'The Envious Fraccion willing to commit suicide to accomplish a single mission' which reflects her view of life; meaningless.
Arabella acts more melancholic when she is alone, though. She often ponders why she became an Arrancar and why she never got to know what happened to her husband and daughter. She often wonders why the world had to be such a cruel place and why it turned into the person is now; a sadomasochistic killing machine. Arabella is a control-freak and loves to play small sadistic games involving people with lower intelligence and rank than her, though she hardly shows that she likes it. Arabella loves to make people understimate her. She is also somewhat narcissitic, but hardly shows this side in front of the other Fraccion.
Arabella does hardly remember anything about her human life, except the name 'Ayla'.
Quirks: Tends to lick people when she has defeated them.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: Widowed (as a Plus).
History: Arabella was born in the 17th Century in a rich family. She was raised in a proper way and was on good way to become a lady before it happened. She couldn't see the thing that had destroyed her manor, but she could without doubt feel it. The feeling was dark and somewhat heavy, made it hard for her to breathe. She felt that something bit her shoulder, that she felt a pain that she never had known ever.
Arabella woke up, feeling extremely odd. She felt lighter, more easy-going and... Stressless? She opened her eyes. Arabella was staring at herself, yes herself. Or rather, her own corpse. She got up and noticed why she was dead. Her entire chest was covered with bitemarks and her torso was almost separated from the rest of her body. It then hit her; she was a ghost. Something had killed her, an unseen creature. Her eyes flicked around the room. She couldn't see anybody. But she heard a voice. It said something, but she couldn't hear what the voice said. She turned around and looked into the face of a young man, holding a blade. She backed of, shocked to see the man. He tried to comfort her, telling her that the thing that had taken her life was killed by him. Still in shock, she tried to ask him what he was. "I am a Shinigami." was his reply as he smirked. Arabella remembers that she started to blush. Well, the man was quite handsome after all. He asked her if "She wanted to go to a better place." A simple shake with her head was her reply. "I want to know." That was the first thing she said after she had passed away. The man introduced himself as 'Norio Oshiro', an unseated officer of the 10th Division.

He performed a Soul Burial on her, thus she was sent to the Rukongai, third district. She lived there for a couple of years, with her fiancee, until he passed away. Coincidently, she met the man that had performed Soul Burial on her some years earlier in the funeral. They started to talk about her fiancee, and she wondered how Norio knew him. He explained that the two of them grew up together and that the both of them wished to become Shinigami. As both of them applied for the entrance exam, but only Norio passed through it. They remained close, though Norio lived in Seireitei now. When she had met Norio years ago, he was still an unseated officer. As the years passed, he was currently the 4th seat in the 10th Division.
Shortly after meeting Norio, they got together, as Arabella had started to forget her old fiancee. He revealed that he belonged to a noble family, which shocked Arabella somewhat. They married, with just 5 months with relationship behind them. She moved to the Oshiro-house, with a baby on the way. Everything seemed fine. She felt happy, loved... Alive, oddly enough.

But then, right after giving birth Arabella had travelled to a market in the Rukongai. There, a weird portal opened, releasing creatures wearing masks, seemingly made of bone. They started to chase the other Pluses in the market. Arabella turned around and was about to run, but one of the creatures grabbed her foot and dragged her into the odd portal. She was unconcious the most of the time, though she can remember that the thing was drooling while she walked through the torrential gate.

When Arabella woke up, she felt dizzy and... It was an unknown feeling to her. It was like hunger, but didn't sit in her belly. It was in her chest; almost consuming her. She tried to get up, but just fell back where she had been laying. She heard a voice say; "It takes a while to get used to the new body, but I'm sure you'll learn to know it." Arabella blinked in confusion and looked at her hands. They were pale grey and looked more like claws now. She clamped them together and looked towards the direction of the voice. The person, or thing that spoke was big, much bigger than an average human. It had slightly humanoid traits, but was wearing a mask consisiting of bones. He asked her if she wanted to join him, to form a duo co-operating. His intentions was simple; being in a pack raised the chances of surviving. And why she should follow him; she could learn things from a more experienced hollow.

The two of them travelled through the desert of Hueco Mundo, learning new things every day and continuing to devour other Hollows. Arabella discovered the fact that Hollow she followed belonged to the mid-Menos class, Adjuchas. She actually wondered why he wanted her to accompany him. As time passed, she became a Menos Grande and mindlessly followed the higher ranked hollow. The Hollow that she followed, often called Slimey had soon gathered a whole pack of Menos Grande that followed him. Occasionally, they met opposing gangs with Hollows, fought and killed.
After several years of consuming, Arabella was now a powerful Adjuchas, while her partner, Slimey was a Vasto Lorde. They were still wandering around the desert, but neither Arabella or Slimey grew more powerful though they continued to consume Hollows. However, the two of them got into an arguement and started a fight. Slimey managed to fatally wound Arabella, but Arabella pulled Slimey into a quartz tree; impaling and killing him. Arabella collapsed on the spot.

She woke up, hours later in a room, brightened up. She opened her eyes slightly, only to look into the faces of... Someone that looked human. The only flaws, was some remains on their faces that seemed like bones. She asked the two silhouettes the only question she could utter right there. "Where am I?" The human-like figures laughed. "In Las Noches." one of them answered and walked out of the room. Arabella's eyes widened. She had heard about Las Noches; the infamous fortress of the so called 'Espada'. Slimey didn't know anything else about the Espada, only that they were much more powerful than any normal Hollow. She got from where she was laying. The remaining Arrancar told her that someone was waiting for her. He dragged Arabella with him to see their leader. On their way to his room, they came across a mirror. Arabella quickly glanced at it. Her old looks were back, not completely. This beauty had withered the last few years in a Hollow body. She simply sighed as she followed the arrancar.


Name: Besar (Spanish for "Kiss", Japanese for "Execution by Kiss")
Seal Description: Besar the appearance of a katana with a purpleish blue hilt and a rectangular tsuba decorated with bells. The sheathe is black.
Aspect of Death:
Release Phrase: 'Pollute' ('Kegareyo')
Element/Class type: Poison.
Resurreccion Appearance:
Arabella's overall appearance does not change when she goes into resurrecion. She gains a pair of small, fluffy, cranberry-colored wings. She wears a silver tiara with a purple jewel-stone in the middle. She wears a bandage which covers the underside of her breasts and a purple leather-tights. She loses her french comb, making her long hair loose. Above her right eye she now has a purple butterfly tattoo. She also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves.

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero.
Description: Cero is a technique exclusive to Vizards, Menos Hollows and Arrancars. As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Vizard are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies. Arabella can fire a cero without notice from her right eye. The surprise-element is good, but this cero is somewhat weak. It is colored rose-red.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

Name: Hierro.
Description: Hierro is an Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. Arabella's hierro is known to be specially developed to stop long-distance attacks. At it's best, it can withstand a Hado up to 42 from a lieutenant.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:

Name: Sonido Expert.
Description: This is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō. Arabella's sonido can be said to rival the one of a lieutenant's shunpo.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down:

Name: Pesquisa.
Description: This is an Arrancar's ability to detect, sense and gauge the amount of Reiatsu in his or her vicinity. It functions similarly to Sonar. Arabella's profinecy with this technique is almost unrivalled within the Numero. She can released echo-like wave by making a certain noise, spreading waves detecting every persons reiatsu-level. An extremely useful technique as she can escape if they exceeds her power-level.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down:

Name: Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant.
Description: Arabella is quite proficient when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. She mixes karate with capoeira, mostly relies on kicking her opponents.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:

Name: Expert Swordsmanship Specialist.
Description: Even though she is far from Espada-level when it comes to swordsmanship, she stands out compared to other Numero.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:

Name: Bala.
Description: This is an Arrancar-exclusive technique that hardens the user's Reiatsu and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual energy. While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. Arabella's proficinency with Bala can be discussed, but her timing is almost impeccable. Her bala is purple.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 2 posts after rapid succession.

~Other Techniques~

Name: Lamida (Spanish for "Lick, Japanse for Determining Tongue")
Usage: Both release form and unreleased.
Description: Arabella licks her enemy's skin. With this lick, she can determine what the enemy mostly relies on, e.g. hand-to-hand.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: Can only be used once successfully in a battle.

Name: Collaboration Technique.
Usage: Resurrecion.
Description: Will be filled when Lightning makes her Arrancar.
Duration: -
Cool Down: -

Name: Enhanced strenght, durability and speed.
Usage: Resurrecion.
Description: When Arabella goes in resurrecion, her strenght, durability and speed is improved.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: -

Name: Esclusa (Spanish for "Lock", Japanse for "Kiss of death")
Usage: Resurrecion.
Description: Arabella's ultimate technique. If Arabella kisses someone on the lips, she will release countless bacteria inside a victim. These bacteria aren't deadly at first, but will after two posts, unless treated, cause hallucinations. These are the first symtomes noticeable. The next symtomes will be visible after five more posts. Then, regenerating wounds will be almost impossible. After five more posts, the victim will competely lose their eyesight and grow odd abscesses all over their face. After three posts, the victims will eventually lose conciousness. If they aren't treated after this, the victim will succumb to the disease and die.
It is fairly easy to cure this disease, only requiring medium-level healing kido.
Duration: 15 posts, then the victims die.
Cool Down: Arabella must wait until the victim is dead or the disease is cured to use this technique again.

~Rp Sample~

The halls of Las Noches had the usual quiet atmosphere, as few persons walked through them. Echoes of conversations could be heard, whispers from private rooms. Indeed, Las Noches was more crowded than it used to be, but still the nostalgic silence controlled it. Waves of reiatsu, too hard to detect by an normal Arrancar, could be felt to the tip of the toes to this Espada. Her feets sweeped over the floor, making no sound at all. Her hairlocks danced alluringly around the head. Her eyes, closed revealed that she was either very focused or extremely upset. Perhaps both.

Arabella shook her head slightly. It seemed that the other Espada had forgot their leader's message. Damn it, she had better things to do. The trap-door she started last week was almost finished, it only needed some finer adjustments. Then, the leader's voice could be heard all over the vast Las Noches. Urgent message. All Espada meet me in hall 71 instantly. Arabella pushed some irritating locks away from her eyes and opened them. Her head turned to the right to look on the sign. '71' was painted with big, black letters. There was no mistaking it. This was the right place. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. What is taking those low-lifes such a long time? she uttered, half-loud. The echo could be heard. Timeee... Imee...

The squinty and angry eyes flickered between the walls on each side. A mirror was hanging on the right side. Arabella smiled slightly and walked towards it. The image that met her eyes proved what she thought. Her hair was messed up. She cursed silently inside her head and attempted to fix it. Satisfied with the outcome, Arabella smiled to the mirror, letting her shiny white teeth come into sight. Geez... I always wondered if that thing in the mirror really is me. she thought and turned around to sit down on a bench.
A booming sound echoed the mighty halls and Arabella felt a sharp object, possibly a sword, pressing against her throat. Who are you? a grumpy voice sneered. Arabella stared at the sword in shock, before looking at the wielder of it. I am the Espada going under the name Arabella Formosita. Her voice was cold and arrogant as usual, she noted. The arrancar oressed his sword tighter, almost wounding her before taking the sword down and sheating it. Just checking. No one else than the Espada is allowed in this meeting, I assume you know that. Arabella noted that he replied. She snorted as an answer and looked in a completely different direction. If things is that strict... Or dear leader must have something really important to say. she thought before lowering her eyebrows. Considering the time it took for the fastest Espada to get here, it was a possibility that she wouldn't be able to finish her trapdoor today.
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The prayerful beauty (Done)
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