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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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     Fuu Numa [[ Done ]]

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    Fuu Numa
    Cuatra Espada

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    PostSubject: Fuu Numa [[ Done ]]   Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:15 pm

    Arrancar/Espada Application


    Name: Fuu Numa
    Alias/Nickname: None that he actually uses. People normally just call him Fuu.
    Actual Age: 822
    Physical Age: Early Twenties
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Six


    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Eye Color: Bright blue
    Hair Color/Style: Black ((note to picture for style))
    Complexion: Pale

    Remains of Mask: ((note picture))
    Hollow Hole: Stomach
    Espada Tattoo: Middle of chest

    Personality: 1. Quiet
    2. Curious
    3. Violent

    Fuu isn't one to normally speak, he's always been the most quiet out of any group that he was in. Though he will speak his mind at random times, and it will usually have to do with something that happens the day before or sometimes even weeks before. Though normally he is asked for his input most of the time.

    The curious type, when ever Fuu hears fighting or anything that has to do with loud sounds he's some what like a kid in a candy store. He has this thing that he won't be in a good mood until he finds where the yelling is coming from. He'll have someone talking to him and then he'll just leave at the sounds of a battle.

    Though Fuu always seems to be quiet and always seems to be curious about everything around him, he has a temper that could easily match Grimmjows when he isn't in a good mood. Though normally its easy to tell when Fuu is in a bad mood since he talk with a normal voice.
    Quirks: - His outstanding talent at finding fights.
    - When people have heard him speak on a good day, he has an elegent way of speaking. He would rather speak a sentence with proper english that with short formed words.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Relationship Status: Single
    Not much is known about Fuu's past since he has always been so quite only talking if his opinion is asked of. Though it is well known that Fuu was born as the oldest of 9 in the year 1188. Though he always seemed to be the youngest by other people. Fuu had always been sick and frail, not being able to work like the others. Though he was always pulled around by others because of his looks.

    As a human Fuu would be forced to go house to house seeing that everyone want just a moment with him to try and convince him to marry their daughter or there son. Fuu usually turned them all down. Though Fuu was the oldest, and he was sickly and frail he was the oldest and promised to most of the familys riches. Since all the youngers hated this about him they waited till his 21st brithday. They all banded together to get ride of their dearest and most loved older brother.

    The only thing they didn't plan on that was that he didn't leave. He came back as a spirit, and he was pissed. He hadn't done anything to them so he didn't understand why he had been attack and ultimatly killed. Time and time again he haunted his siblings. Some becoming scared and trying to run, some yelling out into the sky for forgivness. Others just killing themselves in the end.

    Though Fuu felt much better after making his siblings life a living hell but he left an emptiness that put him into a depression. Though after time he became angry and began to destroy anything in his path if he could. That was when he was found by a hallow and ultimately destroyed, becoming a hallow himself. Time and time again he rathered to destroy things than to eat souls.

    Time passed by slowly and he had been able to dodge Shinigami for long periods of time. Though the day he woke up walking on two legs instead of four was a surprised to him. He looked human again, though he had the odd half bone shaped helmet. After a couple months of wandering around in this new form, figure out the power of new body that he had. Soon after that he was found by Aizen. A man he truely didn't like, but then again, the rest is history.


    Name: Touketsu Kaze ((Frozen Wind))
    Seal Description: The blade that is always at his hip. ((note picture))
    Aspect of Death: Destruction
    Release Phrase: Matsudai Touketsu Kaze ((Forever Frozen Wind))
    Element/Class type: ice / wind
    Resurreccion Appearance:

    ~Standard Techniques~

    Name: Cero
    Description: A simple cero that most everyone can do as well. Fuu's cero is light blue it color, sometimes seeming to match his eyes. Fuu fires his Cero from his mouth.
    Duration: 2 posts
    Cool Down: 2 posts

    Name: Immense Strength
    Description: Fuu possesses superhuman strength of a level that his simplest actions cause destruction and damage. Though he can controle this quite well he can still cause damage to himself if he gets to caught up in the fight, be it a simple slip of the feet or if he gets to angry.
    Duration: constant
    Cool Down: none

    Name: Enhanced Hierro
    Description: Fuu has proven himself to be highly resistant to both pain and injury. In his Resurrección form, after taking a direct hit from anyone he is in battle with, if he is thrown back, he will come out of the rubble and uttering a soft ow or rubbing the back of his head half-heartedly. Though he does only battle strong people because of this. If he's fighting someone weaker he will allow them to hit him three time. Which could cause a lot of damage if the person can get a good hit on him. He can not use immense strength and enhanced hierro at the same time.
    Duration: Constant
    Cool Down: none

    Name: Cero Doble
    Description: An ability that he learned from watching Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck in battle. Since he fires his cero from his mouth he is able to swallow enemy attacks and then fire them back with a more powerful force exceeding that of the original hit. Using this attack exhausts him.
    Duration: 1 post
    Cool Down: 2 posts

    ~Other Techniques~

    Name: Sharded Twister
    Usage: Resurreccion only
    Description: Once Fuu is in his Ressurreccion form and in the air, after a few minutes he will gather wind around his wings. Though when his is in his Ressurreccion form he doesn't need to flap his wings, he'll just hover in one place. After about ten minutes, when he feels he has enough strength he will flap his wings sending off two large twisters filled with ice shards, that will catch anything in its way. Even Fuu himself.
    Duration: 3 posts (( onces he flaps his wings. ))
    Cool Down: 10 posts

    ~Rp Sample~

    Gah! Fuu! Get lost would you?!"

    Fuu tilted his head down to look at the mans face. He was currently sitting on his shoulders which he could easily find out that he wasn't to impressed by it. This man was one of the lowers here, but he still spoke to him as if he was the same level as him. He had turned the cornor to find the two yelling at each other and he got a little curious, of course with Fuu it just gives him something to do. He had moved and almost made him fall to the floor as he landed on his shoulders.

    Tilting his head to the side, he watched his expression closely. No change. He was still in a bad mood. Looking up he looked to the other man he had been yelling at. The man seemed to cring when his eyes caught his. A smile spread over his lips as he moved off of the shoulders she had been sitting on. She had been told by some that he smile reminded them off those old porcalin dolls. The ones that always seemed to fallow you with there eyes. He found that amusing and just found reasons to smile after that.

    Moving Fuu made his way away from the fight. Nothing interesting was going on really, it was only a bunch of yelling at each other. No fighting, no blood, no ripping each other apart. Nothing. He was uninteresting with just yelling. As he walked Fuu streched, he back cracking a bit as he did. Why did nothing have to go on today? Maybe he could find something else to do. Maybe bug Kita. The only other Espeda that could actually understand him when he didn't talk. Speak of the devil, with slight terms, Fuu turned a cornor and saw Kita pulling someone behind her, away from one of the rooms. Oh. This was going to be fun.
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    Fuu Numa [[ Done ]]
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