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 The Rose of Healing WIP

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PostSubject: The Rose of Healing WIP   Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:42 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Jo-aun Shey
Alias/Nickname: Rose of Healing
Actual Age: 90
Physical Age: 18
Gender: Female
Division: 4th
Rank: (OOC: will edit once given one)


Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue as the sea
Hair Color/Style: Silver hair in a long ponytail.
Complexion: White skin as pail as snow
Any distinguishing features: (tattoos, scar, etc)


Personality: Jo-aun is honorable and follows a strict 12 point code within herself (trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent). She is what she believes is the last to follow such a strict code of conduct along with her everyday Shinigami duties. She will never leave someone behind unless her commander of the mission orders it. She has a hard time with it but if it must be done so be it. She is very much a saint and yet when in battle is the emotionless strategizing demon.

Jo-aun’s flaws are quite eminent in her personality by the way she treats others as if they are pieces in chess and the world is her game board. She motivates as well as degrades morale when she feels like it. It might not seem much like her style but she also carries an MP3 that has many songs that are based on Death metal, Alternative Rock, and Alternative Metal. She fights and appears as such.

Jo-aun in truth would be seen as a chaotic neutral person. This means that she would be seen as one who can lead but will also be seen as one who only follows what she thinks is right and not what most of her lesser authorities would command her to do. This comes in conflict at times when she is in a high mission with a higher up from a seated position higher than she when she must decide whether or not she wishes to follow the orders given or go on as an insubordinate that doesn't listen.

Sexuality: bi-sexual
Relationship Status: Single until found someone
Quirks: The thing that is plain odd about her is that she is known to have her eyes glow an impressive deep ice blue when she is in a fight or even in stress.

History: She lived in a great society known to be full of wealth and fame, Great Britain. Her mother was a famous hip hop artist from the streets and taught at a ballet school. Her father was a country singer, and a mighty good one. Her parents both had well balanced lives even when they had their first child named Jo-aun Shey, nicknamed Jo-jo. She was also well balanced as a child.

In her elementary days she would read, write, and perform either as a dancer or a play-write. She perfomed in Peter Pan, Romeo & Juliet, and Zombie Prom. She would always end up as the main part whether it was by talent, dedication, or by someone getting sick. She had learned acting from a book that she enjoyed reading beyond anything and that was The Crucible. She, unlike many children at that age, knew how to read long books and plays.

She took ballet, jazz, and interpretive dance but what she loved most was free style street hip-hop. She got in trouble a lot but her father bailed her out of it a lot. He thought it was a natural thing until she had died. Her parents did not expect it to happen, but she was out at a party and she got in the car with some friends who were drunk. You know the story, drunk drivers equate to death. Anyways, the car slid of the rode and into the river. Her friends all made it out but she was snagged and choked to death in the water.

As a soul she was found soon enough by a soul reaper for herself to be put to peace. Yet during that time she had difficulties of finding ways to occupy her curiosity. She easily saw a soul reaper one day and decided to go out of her way to make it one day as a soul reaper. She would go out of her way to help most new and old residants of the rukongai get around and feel more at home. She even shoowed aptitude that she could make medicines out of misc. materials and that she had a knack at high spiritual prowess at the young age she was.

Jo-aun would be found by a shinigami who was from the fourth squad who had been visiting his family. He had noticed her healing ability and was impressed and asked if she wanted to go with him to the seretei to enter the academy. Without hesitation she agread and together the soul reaper and herself would enter the seretei and she would begin her training. She scored nicely in sword arts and kidou as she was raised up in the honor class.

The final test was a hollow attack simulation created by the R&D facility. Using a certain grain that allowed them to lure actuall hollows they could gather them to one place. Jo-aun and many others went in to the simualation found in the world of the living. The job was to take out the hollows by any means neccesary. Few of her class mates could do shikai, as well as herself. Late in the examination the hollows had injured one classmate severly, Jo-aun's spirit sister, named Cortney. Cortney had massive amounts of blood loss when Jo-aun appeared. They had promised eachother upon the river Styx (greek vow that can not be broken) that neither would allow the other to be harmed. The hollow had pierce Cortney in the gut and arm as it was about to devour her. During which Jo-aun had her zanpakuto calling out to her loudly until by a whim of fate she unleashed the zanpakuto as she cut the hallow in half but also her zanpakuto had it's healing properties work their miracles. Her sister was healed beyond reasoning as Jo-aun passed out from it.

Weeks later she would graduate top of class. This worked nicely in situating herself in the dream of being in squad four. Her abilities, which she learned during her exams, would help her with her hopes in squad four. One week after graduating she had applied to join the 4th squad while continueing to master her shikai.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Azami
Sealed Blade appearance: The sealed form of Jo-aun Shey’s Zanpakuto is that of a katana. This katana is sheathed in a black sheath with a red ribbon connecting it to her hip’s double sheath connection. The sword’s attached are kept nicely but the most abnormal of them is the way her Zanpakuto’s hilt is shaded and shaped. With a completely white clothed hilt that extends to golden blade the hilt guard is shaped like a rapier’s from the medieval era.
Zanpaktou spirit: A spirit named Azami who is a goddess looking being. She has golden hair but her pale white skin has astonishing features. Her eyes are golden with no pupils and her lips are icy blue. Her fingers look as if she has frost bite yet they glow and are filled with radiating heat.
Inner World: The inner world is a black world with no light but the filmy sunlight that pokes through the snowing clouds. The landscape is a frozen desert that pokes out as sand but the sand is actually snow. There is also just one platform in the area that levitates over all the land made of ice and is an arena where Azami teaches Jo-aun.

Azami is a gentle to say the least about the spirit known as Jo-aun's zanpakuto. She is lead to believe that the zanpakuto is a representation of her own self but as a whole of her own knowledge. So as is Azami is gentle.. but cruel. She will put Jo-aun to the test of her own streangth whether physical or mental she will do what she can to have Jo-aun abandon all emotion in battle. So far she has no luck at this but in the meantime Jo-aun's emotions effect Azami's world and this influences her own emotions. When Jo-aun is sad or in distress the sun shines in the world and Azami hates the sun light, but when Jo-aun is happy, in love, or in a bliss of mixed emotions Azami relishes in the snow and the sleet and the hail of the snowy soul world she reigns.
Inner world It is a world inside a snowy land. This land resembles a lot like an ice city. Yet found inside a labyrinth of cold mazes that are underneath this city. The city is affected deeply by Jo-aun’s feelings and emotional lapses that encircle it. It is always dark out and never sunny unless it is in Jo-aun’s emotions.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: “Azami… Flower of a thistle!”
Released blade appearance: Jo-aun's zanpakuto changes into an imperial rapier that looks like a "knight from a round table's" sword style. During this time any blood she spills can be made into a blood circle that heals what ever is inside that circle. The blade causes Jo-aun's tattoo to glow brightly on her skin and as the power of her shikai is drained her tattoo dims till it will cease to glow. Her lips turn deathly blue in which she can use a kiss of death that would freeze her opponate's (if they are the same rank or lower than her) physical movement monentarially (2 posts). The shikai is active for up to 3 hours (3 of my own posts).

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Shikai Abilities: Aside from the kiss of death the healing abilities of this zanpakuto are astronomical. She creates a blood circle out of her own blood in which anything inside that circle can be healed (in 2 posts time {ex: I post this then you post yourself in it. 2 more people post, at that time you are all the way healed}). If a human or non shinigami soul is inside this circle there is an anti hollow shield that allows them to be healed but also puts them to sleep for 5 hours (5 posts of the same fassion as the healing post style). This ability puts a big drain on Jo-aun and leaves her prone temporarily (1 individual's post [can be anyone]) where she is weak and can not fight during that time.

Summary of Abilities

• Kiss of Death: Two individual post till able to move again.
• Healing of Blood: Two individual posts then the hurt are healed. (If human or non-shinigami; you are healed but also asleep for 5 individual posts.)

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advanced
Shunpo: Advanced
Hand to hand: Intermediate
Kido: Intermediate

~Other Information~Sakura carries a second sword that is not a Zanpakuto that is below her own sword. She can use it to fight any kind of soul reaper or hollow. It is made of seki seki material which is able to cut away spiritual pressure block kido spells made up of reiatsu.

~Rp Sample~
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The Rose of Healing WIP
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