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 New Meeting || Tia & Fuu

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Fuu Numa
Cuatra Espada

Posts : 17
Join date : 2010-10-23

PostSubject: New Meeting || Tia & Fuu   Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:51 pm

Moving around the White Desert wasn’t hard, especially when that’s where you usually go to get away from someone. Well that’s where Fuu went to get away; he wasn’t to sure about anybody else but that’s what he did. Looking around he smiled. It was so empty here and every once in a while he actually liked it. Even though everyone sometimes thought that Fuu had the mentality of a child, always liking to get into the middle of things, like fights, akward moments, heck most of the time he made the akward moments by showing up at those times. Of course, it wasn't like he cared at all, most of the time he was ruining Kita's fun. Which of course ended in a fight, like it did normally with Grimmjow.

Giving a sigh he walked more into White Desert, the quiet was actually begining to calm him down, since he had gotten into a fight, that everyone knew he was pissed off because he spoke. Normally he never spoke... Or at least he tried not to, he never had to speak when he was alive, so why do it now?
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Tia Harribel

Posts : 335
Join date : 2010-10-05
Location : In the Sea of Blood covered in ashes.

PostSubject: Re: New Meeting || Tia & Fuu   Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:49 pm

Deep inside the White Desert, a femininely shaped figure was travelling. It was hard to see that it was female on a distance, though. As she wore a cloak to conceal her identity and such, her figure was quite androgynus. At least until a wind blew by, and revealed her voluptuous and tan body. She was dressed in decently respectable clothes, covering the most intimate parts of her body. Though she had left the Arrancar Army just recently, she had quickly changed her outfit. Now, she was wearing a scarf which covered her mouth and a whiteish blouse. She had kept something from the time with the Espada, though. She hadn't changed the hakama she used to wear. It was comfortable and did not hinder her in any way.

This woman wasn't just an Arrancar. She was in fact a Former Espada. And her strenght was inferior to almost the whole current Espada. The woman's name was Tia Harribel. Former Espada Tres. She didn't live in Hueco Mundo, mainly because such spiriutal pressure could easily be detected by the Espada. Harribel didn't know if they were searching for her. Her spiritual pressure was concealed, so the detection rate was minimal. Tia didn't wander around just for fun, though. Hueco Mundo, her home as a hollow, was the enemy's territory. She needed a break from her Fraccion. And what would be better than visiting your former home? Her 'home' was obviously the tower where she had hid from Baraggan, along with Sung-Sun, Apacci and Mila Rose.
She was walking in her own thoughts, until she felt something. The feeling was somewhat familiar, but at the same time it wasn't. She felt strong spiritual pressure. It wasn't the one of someone she knew, though. Could it be... One of the Espada? She grabbed the hilt of her Zanpakuto and knew that her peaceful trip to Hueco Mundo could be ruined.


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New Meeting || Tia & Fuu
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