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 Ezrion Alexander

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PostSubject: Ezrion Alexander    Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:44 am

Vizard Application:

Name: Ezrion Alexander
Alias/Nicknames: Ezzy
Age 625
Visual Age: 23
He is 6''3' and extremely muscular. He has a tattoo on his back of a black cross covered in barbed wire.

Personality: Ezrion is straight foward, though he will gladly engage in mindless conversations for hours. He will never back down from a challenge, but can tell when he is outmatched, and finds no shame in a forfeit. He will aid those who he deems as needing his aid. He enjoys the company of others and some times seeks it out, as being alone drives him insane, literally to the point where he imagines people around him to soothe his mind.
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single
Birthday: November 23rd
Family/Relatives: None
Ex Division/Rank: Ex 11th captain

Likes: Ezrion likes to always be surrounded by people, talking, joking or anything to do with his friends/allies. He Enjoys speaking his mind to those who would listen and likes hearing people talk. Enjoys writing music, as he was a musician before he died.
Dislikes: Ezrion can not stand being alone for too long, it literally drives him insane. He can not take complete and utter silence, and due to this fact is sometimes seen muttering under his breath just for some form of noise.
Hobbies: Writing songs/poetry.
Quirks: Is seen muttering under his breath.
Other Information:

History: When alive Ezrion had been a musician, travelling abroad to play his music. Never staying in one place too long. Though in the end that is what caused his untimely demise. He was travelling along from Jerusalem to Rome in hopes of finding work when he came upon a town being attacked by soldiers. Being a brave and compassionate man, as well as an ex-militant, he tried to assist the town, trying to liberate it from it's assailants. He ended up being killed when a burning building next to him collapsed, trapping him underneath, a broken wooden beam stabbing him through the gut.

When he arrived in the land of the dead, pulse, he wandered around aimlessly, playing music to try to earn himself a name, or a place to stay, or a bite to eat. He was still a roamer, but having no idea where he was was easily spotted by the Shinigami. They brought him in due to his strength and will power.

in the soul academy Ezrion was nothing special, though he showed a leader quality, able to control large groups of people and have them flawlessly work as a team. He was recognized a potential asset and finally graduated the academy.

He was placed immediately into the 11th division. He was only a low ranking pawn in essence, but he quickly became know as a valuable tactian and leader. He quickly ascended the ranks until he was given the captain seat for the 11th division. His need for communication lead him to a friendship with the leader of the twelfth division captain, Rammus Triggon, though only until he fled.

Not long after he became captain he became hollowed, And was forced to flee himself. He left the soul society and fled, though he never returned to the human world. He has been eluding every attempt to try and capture him, or for that matter to FIND him. He has been wandering around aimlessly for hundreds of years now and has become tired of it.

A hundred years ago he decided to take a trip to the human world, never expecting to return. He had innumerable encounters wit hollows, and he defeated them all. At one point he nearly was discovered by a Shinigami team and was forced to flee yet again. He has stayed hidden and kept a low profile ever since, never managing to leave the human world.

Ezrion managed to find a safe haven in the human world and hides there from the soul society, though he highly doubts that they are still searching for him. He remains to this day to be slightly crazy, due to lack of encounters with any one, causing his mind to slowly slip into insanity.

Mask Information

Name: Salmathor
Manifestation: A bulking man with long white hair and pitch black eyes, stands taller the Ezrion at 6"5'. Is shown in manacles, hands and ankles bound. He is covered in piercings and tattoos.
Unique Ability: Complete control of any fire and fire sources within 15 meters, can control any open flame, as well as the source, or the object creating the flames.
Hollow Mask Appearance:
Also has a red pentagon on the forehead.
Duration: 11 posts per battle

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Hujokashi
Zanpakuto Looks:
Zanpakuto Description: Instills fear in a person, a fear of Ezrion.
Released Zanpakuto Description: when released Ezrion seems to take on the appearance of the worst fear of anyone who looks at him. If the persons greatest fear is not an object he stays the same, but the person is still terrified by him.
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Let me show you true fear."
Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Techniques: (A captain-level Vizard can have 2 unique abilities to begin with. Lieutenant-level can have 1. More can be learnt later via the technique board or can be rewarded after tournaments)

Name of Technique: Nova cannon
Description of technique: Ezrion builds up pure spirit energy in his right arm causing it to glow, before it creates an orb the size of a recking ball. This orb is then condensed to the size of his palm and fires it off as a continual beam.
Preparation time: 1 post to build up the required energy, one to create and condense the orb, fires on the third post
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name of Technique: Fear incarnate
Description of technique: Using pure spirit energy Ezrion creates an solid impersonation of a persons worst fear. Any who look upon it see their worst fear, including Ezrion though unlike most he can withstand it.
Preparation time: 2 posts
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

~Bankai Abilities~ (Only captain level vizards may have bankai, even then only 2 moderate power abilites or 1 powerful ability. These abilites should be attacks with minimal duration if not no duration)

Name of abilty/technique: Fears of the Damned
Description: All of the fears of everyone who has died in the presence of Ezrion is summoned forth into one blast. This blast is approximately ten meters tall, and five meters wide, and takes the form of a giant purple-flaming skull that moves at about 20 meters a second. Upon connection the opponent is knocked back and suddenly imbued with all of the fears of the dead that once walked the earth. Usually this causes near insanity and immense difficulty in operating properly. Asides knocking them back it causes very little physical harm. These fears last depending on the rank of the person used against. If they are below lieutenant level they last for twelve posts, a Lieutenant, ten, and captain eight.
Duration: N/A
Cool Down: 10 posts
Preparation: N/A

Name of abilty/technique: Weapon spawning
Description: Ezrion's Zanpakuto creates any other type of weapon off of itself, that is then launched at an opponent. It can, at max, create five per use, up to three uses per post, for a max of fifteen weapons created per post. These weapons are the exact same density and durability of a Zanpakuto. These weapons can also be wielded by Ezrion, but only last for five posts before they shatter.
Duration: N/A, each individual weapon lats for five posts
Cool Down: 4posts
Preparation: 4posts

Cannot use kido over level 40


Last edited by Ezrion on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:16 pm; edited 4 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Ezrion Alexander    Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:17 am

Finished ready for approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Ezrion Alexander    Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:05 pm


Quote :
Mask Information

Name: Salmathor
Manifestation: A bulking man with long white hair and pitch black eyes, stands taller the Ezrion at 6"5'. Is shown in manacles, hands and ankles bound. He is covered in piercings and tattoos.
Unique Ability: Complete control of any fire and fire sources within 50 meters.
Reduce the range of complete control of fire. And be more descriptive on what he can control(including examples of sources) and what he can’t...along with what could exhaust him. For as of right now this ability is oped in soo many ways it isn’t funny.

Quote :
Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Hujokashi
Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: The ability to slow time around Ezrion, everything to him moves half as fast, while everyone veiws him as twice as fast.
Released Zanpakuto Description: Reverse time on any wound to make it as if it never happened.
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Unlock the gates of time."

We(as in all the admins and mod) are not allowing anyone to have time control. It is severely OP’ed and unfair to the other roleplayers on this site. Your character can’t die for he could just reverse any wound on his body. And hitting him is impossible for that fact, he slows down everything. :\ Change this thank you ^^

Quote :
Name of Technique: Time crisis
Description of technique: upon activation everyone except Ezrion go backwards through time, though they are aware of it, and he continues as he would have, moving normally through time. They basically are rewinded while he still continues to move forward, though time itself is not rewound.
Preparation time: 2 posts
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 5 posts

Same as zanpakuto....
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PostSubject: Re: Ezrion Alexander    Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:19 pm

Fire abilities have been toned down, and examples have been added. Changed out time for fear. Technique has also been replaced.
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PostSubject: Re: Ezrion Alexander    Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:48 pm

hi ^^,

sorry you have had to wait so long while the staff sort out our vizard policies 0-0. This app looks good, i just want to be sure that you realise that while you might instill fear into a character it does not mean that they can not overcome it. Those that are battle hardened and experienced will be less effected then others etc. It will not necessarily cause them all to break down and cry xD or scream and run away i just wanted to be sure you realise that this ability will really only cause phsycological factors.

If you are aware of this and you are fine with it then i say Approved. If however you dislike this and/or did not realise it let me know i will reopen the app and allow you to change the abilities.

So unless other mods/admins have problems then i say you can have my:




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PostSubject: Re: Ezrion Alexander    

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Ezrion Alexander
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