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 Valentino Volpe

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Valentino Volpe


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PostSubject: Valentino Volpe   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:41 am


Name: Valentino Volpe
Alias/Nickname: Tino (By his sister)
Actual Age: 1,200 years
Physical Age: 21
Gender: Male
Rank: Fraccion to the Primera
Modified: No

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 126 lbs
Eye Color: Golden yellow like his sister
Hair Color/Style: short, messy silver hair that reaches to his
Complexion: Fair
Remains of Mask: A set of fox-like jaw bones on either side of
his face, just like his sister.
Hollow Hole: In the center of his chest, between his collar
Espada Tattoo:


Personality: Valentino is very violent, relying more on force to
overcome obstacles rather than speaking on matters at all, but this is
mostly saved on his enemies. Should he ever be granted the opportunity
to open up to others, they will see he is quite the opposite, to friends
anyway. He is also very arrogant about his powers, liking to challenge
others just for the thrill of it, only respecting those he actually
considers to be stronger than himself. He is also a large flirt, an
aspect that he shares with his sister. Moving past these dark sides to
his personality, he cares very deeply for his sister, wanting to protect
her as much as he can. Even though she is stronger, he still thinks of
it as a brother’s role to protect their sister. This way of thinking
has also caused him to harbor much guilt from the way in which Valentina
died and how he was helpless to stop it, though he would never let her
or anyone else know this is how he feels.
Quirks:Like Valentina, Valentino has a special ability that
allows him to change between his normal form and the form of a large,
twin tailed fox.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Life on Earth::
Valentino was born in Florence, Italy to his mother alongside Valentina,
his twin. Their father had died before their births so their mother was
left to raise both of them. As they both attended school, they were
readily accepted and quite popular, Valentino appreciating the
attention, but coveting more his time that he spent alone honing his
skill in martial arts. Something that he was deeply involved, not only
because of his love for it, but because of it’s benefit. With their
father gone, Valentino always felt that it was his duty to protect both
his mother and his sister, and martial arts gave him a feeling that
he’d be able to. As they both grew older, Valentino became involved
with a young woman, someone he truly felt that he loved. On the other
side of that, Valentina had also found a young man with whom she spent
her time with. Though Valentino didn’t know all too much about him, he
figured he was a good person and didn’t question Valentina about her
relationship with him. That was until he found out the age of the man
from their mother. Valentino asked where his sister was now, and she
told him that Valentina had gone out somewhere with the man, and they
hadn’t been back since. With haste, Valentino made his way around
town, asking if anyone had seen the pair. Soon enough the Intel that he
collected led him to some party that was supposed to be going on at a
warehouse. After making his way there, Valentino came across four men,
one of which was Valentina’s boyfriend, all leaving the warehouse with
his sister nowhere in sight. Valentino, made his way closer to the men
to ask where his sister was, until he noticed the knife in her
boyfriends’ hand. Once he saw that, the worst picture he could ever
imagine came into his head. Rushing forward and filled with rage,
Valentino spun into his left heel, his right leg trailing behind and
crashing against the neck of Valentina’s former boyfriend. From the
looks in their eyes, they hadn’t expected him to do anything like
this, but soon that surprise turned into anger and the three others came
after him. Valentino put up a good fight, even thinking he’d be able
to take them all. That is until, Valentina’s killer moved behind
Valentino, jamming the knife between his ribs. The sharp pain ripped
through him, but he continued to fight back. He was getting pummeled by
fists while blood was seeping fast from his wound, his activity causing
his heart to pump out even more blood. Finally, he buckled to his knees,
the world was spinning and all he could do was lurch forward and cough
up even more blood that his body couldn’t afford to spare. The four
men decided they didn’t have anything else left to do, and decided to
book it out of there. Bleeding to death, Valentino struggled to drag
himself to the warehouse, where he was quickly rescued by passersby. He
spent time in a hospital, fully recovering. Five years passed after that
day. What came next could only be described as a mystery. Valentino was
helping prepare dinner in the kitchen while his mother worked in the
garden. He suddenly heard a large bang and looked out the window to find
his mother bleeding profusely while laying unconscious on the ground. He
screamed and ran outside to aide her, but was stopped by an unseen
force. His neck was broken by this force and he lay dead with his
mother. His soul was filled with rage and hatred for those who killed
his sister, and filled with guilt from not being able to protect, he
lingered there, outside of the warehouse for years before his soul chain
eroded and he became a hollow.

Hollow Years::
Hundreds of years had passed since his death. Valentino was now adjuchas
hollow and he loved it. This violent life, it helped him to forget his
past and to create a new future for himself, a future forged through
bloodshed. Growing stronger through every hollow that he killed and
devoured, he began to want even more power. His strength was like a
drug, and he wanted to indulge himself in it so that he wouldn’t have
to think of his lost sister and mother. With that said, he began to grow
ever more arrogant and prideful in his abilities, something that would
become an undesirable trait in his personality. Even more time passed,
and Valentino was continually evolving through each hollow he devoured
until finally, the day came when he was able to remove his mask.
Transforming himself into an adjuchas ranked arrancar. He had always
heard that a group of strong arancar called the “Espada” resided
within the walls of Las Noches, and putting it upon himself, Valentino
journeyed to see if he was worthy of joining this illustrious group. As
he made his way there he was put through many trials, as it seemed other
arrancars were making their way to Las Noches with the same goal in
mind. One by one, Valentino cut down all who crossed his path. While
battling for this position, he heard that his sister, Valentina, was
also alive and it seemed she was now the Primera Espada's Fraccion. He
was elated to hear that he would be able to see her again, yet at the
same time saddened that she had to live this life of hatred and anger,
something he still took guilt for. He crossed the Primera's path and
pleaded to be taken in as his fraccion so he could see his sister again.
The Primera reluctantly agreed and took Valentino in as his fraccion.

Name: Rey Del Fuego (King of Fire)
Seal Description: Black gloves composed of the same material as a
zanpaktou, yet it doesn’t cut or slice, but is made for blunt trauma
as Valentino fights hand to hand. The gloves have a silver lining along
them. This lining activates the gloves full power when it comes into
contact with Valentino’s reiatsu (which happens when he puts them on).
This prevents anyone else who may happen to get these gloves from using
them, as for anyone else, they’d just be regular gloves.
Aspect of Death: Remorse
Release Phrase: "Descend from your throne of Flames"
Element/Class type: Fire
Resurreccion Appearance: Valentino gains an aura of blue,
aquamarine flames encompassing the fur of his body. Yet these flames are
not harmful, even if an opponent were to touch them. More or less, they
are a representation of the domain of power Valentino controls. The
flames obviously representing extreme heat, and the blue, aquamarine
representing the chilling cold. The gloves that Valentino wears also
goes through a transformation, growing quite stronger than before and
the gloves silver lining turning a dark crimson. Valentino holds
dominion over temperature, allowing him rapidly heat up or cool down
anything that he wishes by regulating his reiatsu. This control has also
allowed him to create flames at his whim to use in battle; also able
being able to convert these flames into a negative, frozen solidified
state. His ressureccion also makes his hand to hand combat abilities
even deadlier.

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Hierro
Description: Literally Iron Skin, Tino's flesh is hard enough to
withstand most weak to medium strength blunt attacks from a sword, weak
hadou spells or cero/bala.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down : none

Name: Cero
Description: An arrancar's special ability. It's an orb of
spiritual energy that an arrancar can fire as a projectile. The strength
varies by the rank of the arrancar themselves.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down : 1 post

Name: Pesquisas
Description: allows an arrancar to scan spiritual pressures and
gauge how strong they are.
Duration: passive ability
Cool Down : none

Name: Sonido
Description: An Arrancar's equivalent to the shinigami's Shunpo
or a Quincy's Hyrenkyaku. It allows them to move at nearly the speed of
Duration: None
Cool Down : none

Name: Bala
Description: An orb of hardened spiritual pressure. It's weaker
than a cero, but charges quicker and strikes quicker.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down : 1 post

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Ardor Cero
Usage: Either Form
Description: Valentino can infuse a regular cero with his flame
in order to increase its power tenfold, but he cannot move while
shooting the cero because he must concentrate in order to properly
infuse the flame into the cero.
Duration: 1
Cool Down: 5

Name: Dios te salve del tormento
Usage: Resurreccion
Description:By summoning a flame in front of himself and firing
it off towards his opponents, he can change the flames into their
negative ice state, sending a wave of razor sharp, knife sized hail at
the opponent. This move is mostly used as a distraction, and to cause
small injury to the opponent.
Cool down: 4 posts
Duration: 2 posts

Name: Las llamas Tromba
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Concentrating his powers on his leg, Valentino leaps
into the air, spinning his body and extended leg around like a top until
he is fully enveloped in a tornado of flames, which he kicks towards his
opponent. This is a devastating attack, and it leaves him open after
sending it towards his opponents because of its preparation.
Duration: 2 posts Leaves Valentino open for 1 post
Cooldown: 6 posts

Name: Twinblades
Usage: Both Forms
Description:: Valentino summons flames onto his arms, and
solidifies them, turning them into ice blades that extend about 2 feet
off of his wrists, increasing the damage of his physical attacks. These
blades can be directly attacked though, cutting down on its duration.
Post Durations: 5 Posts (Going down 1 post extra, if the opponent
has attacked the blades in their last post as well)
Cooldown: 7 posts

~RP Sample~
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Valentino Volpe
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