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 Katie Fletcher || Completed for the win?

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Katie Fletcher


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PostSubject: Katie Fletcher || Completed for the win?   Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:02 am

Human Application


Name: Katie Anne Fletcher
Alias/Nickname: Kats, Katie, Cotton Candy
Age: 25
Gender: Female


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eye Color: Deep Purple
Hair Color/Style: Long blonde hair, which falls to her mid-back, usually worn in a pony tail that sits at the back of her head at about the crown, with two strands of her hair falling down to either side of her face. When in her boxing outfit, she wears it in a braid and wrapped into a bun at the base of her neck.
Complexion: Ivory, and smooth
Distinguishing features: Tattoos : : Tramp stamp on her lower back.
Tribal cross with wings on her Right bicep
Celtic cross down the back of her left calf.

She always had 5 rings on, except when she's boxing, along with a silver Ankh on a silver chair around her neck.

Katie is usually found in boy shorts, or Blue jeans that allow her freedom of movement. A tank top, with a plaid button up shirt completes her top half. Her feet are either in combat boots, or converse, and she wears a watch on her left wrist.


Personality: Katie's not shy. Not at all. As a matter of fact, she only gets sorta shy when around someone she likes. This doesn't happen often for her, and she'll loose her shyness the moment that you get her talking about boxing. She's an exuberant person, who's rarely quiet, and almost always has something to say. Katie is naturally curious, and she's always getting into trouble of some sort. Most times she's able to fight her way out of it, but some times she needs a little help from her friends.

She's got a short fuse and the slightest thing that she doesn't like could set her off, but shortly after she explodes, she'll be fine again. If she's pissed off to the point where it doesn't get better after exploding, she usually finds someone to beat on that's not being good, or she goes to her gym and uses a punching bag.

Katie's most important thing to her is her friends and family. If someone's giving them a hard time, then she gets pissed off very very quickly and will come to their defense whether they need it or not. She wasn't always that way, but take a glance at her history and you'll see why she changed.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Currently Single, but is cultivating a relationship with Kensei.
Quirks: She boxes, but has a small fear of blood.
History: Katie was born the 4th of Seven kids, and was the only girl, besides her mother in the house. She grew up surrounded by men, so it's little wonder that the girl was into boxing and the rougher sports of life. She didn't have a bad family life, but it also wasn't perfect. It was just right. Her brothers protected her, and when her oldest brother died in an accident, she made a small shrine for him at the house. He was the one she had been closest to, and it really hurt her to have him taken from her.

Shortly after, she would see glimpses of him at the place where he had been killed, and it scared her, causing her to want to run away, which she did on many different occasions. One day though, the visage of her brother didn't appear, and instead it was a large black being with a white mask on, that attacked her. Her hands moved on their own, because her mind was too fear numbed to function, and attacked the hollow with a set of claws that seemed to grow from her wrapping for her gloves from boxing. Katie found out later from the Shinigami that saved her from the Hollow had been what had become of her brother. She was only 15 at the time.

After that day, she saw spririts and ghosts, and the occasional Shinigami preforming their rituals. It became part of her life, and she just continued to do what she was doing with her life, which was Boxing. When she was 20, she opened a gym up to the public, and lived over top of it, practicing her boxing there. It was at a small tournament at the place that she first saw Kensei. Her eyes were drawn to him as he appraoched the table to sign up. He told her he had no experience, but wished to try it anyway. But the best thing about her boxing tournament was there there was no set style of boxing to be done. You boxed how you learned. So you could be a kick boxer fighting someone who learned to box with their hands.

Katie signed him up without a thought, and watched him fight against his opponents. A smile crossed her 22 year old face, as she watched him, appreciating the view. She felt a little shy around him, and that told her something that no one else would have known. She liked him. Just a little bit more then everyone else in the world. He got beat out by the man who won the tournament, and Katie managed to get him to agree to meet her at the gym the next day to train some more.

Less then a year later, Kensei was winning as many tournaments as Katie was, and she was more then happy to compete with him, but not against him. She liked her face the way it was, since she was a combination of kick and fist boxing, and Kensei liked to use his fists. Now at 25, she knows that there's something he's not telling her, but then again, he doesn't know she can see Hollows, spirits, plus', and Shinigami like he can.

~Special Ability~(For special humans only no more than 3 to begin with more can be learnt later on via the new techinique board)

When Katie uses her power, both her hands turn into this : :

Name: "Amatsu Purotekushon" Heavenly protection
Descriptions: Quite like the Shinigami's burial ritual, Katie can, instead of destroying the Hollows, send them to the Soul Society. It's very tiring on her, and she doesn't use it often, and usually only for Souls who are ready to head there and there are no Shinigami on hand to do it for them.
Duration: 1 posts
Preparation: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Valarie
Descriptions: This is a pure attack type of ability where Katie's claws come into play. Covered in reiatsu, it makes them rather stronger then normal, allowing her to attack the Hollows and other enemies that come her way. If she doesn't use this method of attack, her claws become rather weak in strength and will break very easily. ((I intend on lengthing the time she can use it through training.))
Duration: 3 posts
Preparation: None
Cooldown: 4 posts

Name: ((To be learned later))

~Other Information~ Katie always has a knife on her, carried in her pocket, or on her hip covered by her shirt. She rarely uses, preferring her hand to hand comabtant style instead. She loves to sing, and will usually only sing if she believes she is by herself.

~Rp Sample~

Katie's footwork was perfect as she moved around the punching bag. But her thoughts weren't on her training, it was centered on a certain tall white haired male who could always make her smile, had hist chest tattooed with the number 69, such a naught number if you asked her, and was interested in what she did.

But she knew he was hiding something from her. This thought was punctuated by a tough right hook, followed by a left leg kick. It was little things like how he'd leave without a word and come back with an injury, which after the first few times when he hadn't answered her, she had stopped asking what happened. And when she saw him the very next day, the injury was gone. She was envious of him for that because while she healed faster then most, injuries from Hollows still lasted for weeks.

A Glance as the clock showed her that she had 30 minutes till she had the first boxing lesson for the day. Time to shower and change. Walking back to her office and her personal shower, she strips down and step in. Ten minutes later, she was toweling her hair dry and heading back into her office, dressed in her black converse, boy shorts and tank top. On her desk sat a collection of pictures, mostly of her and Kensei winning tournaments. But there was one picture of her and her brother, the one who had died. The picture made sad, so she turned it glass down so that she wouldn't have to look at it. Her one wall was covered by clippings that showed her winning and following her career. It had been a long time since a female boxer had gotten so much attention. And as conceited as it sounded, she liked to follow the things people said about her, good or bad. She loved the attention and while sometimes it annoyed her, mostly she loved it, because it was mostly good things said about her, and that was an ego boost, pure and simple.

Hearing voices out in her gym, she storms out of her office, barking at the lot of them to not touch the equipment till they had changed and done their stretches. All these were said with a smile on her face. These were her older class and they totally understood her.
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PostSubject: Re: Katie Fletcher || Completed for the win?   Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:00 pm

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Katie Fletcher || Completed for the win?
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