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 Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~

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PostSubject: Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~   Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:59 am

Quincy Application:

Name: Moka Akashiya
Alias/Nicknames: Azure Phoenix, Moka-Hime, Akashiya-Hime
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Rank: Quincy Leader

Appearance: She's 5' 3" in height and weighs around 112 lbs with a full figured body. She has long pink hair that extends down past her legs and bright green eyes. Her skin is a soft pale color as seems almost translucent in the light. She often wears a white button up blouse and a navy blue plaid skirt when she's working. Her casual attire consists of jeans and t-shirts, dresses, and sometimes even dressy kimonos for formal occasions. She wears sneakers for her casual outfits, and sandals for her dressy outfits. She hates high heels with a passion. Her hair it usually down, but she pulls it back into a ponytail, tying it back with a red silk ribbon for work.

Quincy Cross: Moka's cross is a silver crucifix that hangs from a two link chain attached to a leather collar worn around her neck. The cross is a bout three inches long from top to bottom, then and about two inches across horizontally. In the center of the cross is a red gem. From the gem, black lines radiate from the center, to about an inch across each of the four "arms" of the crucifix. Bow

Blood Type: AB-
Measurements: Wouldn't you like to know >>;
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single

Jobs/occupation: Bartender at the local dive in Karakura
Personality: Moka is very kind hearted and loyal to everyone that she cares about. She's soft spoken and an overall gentle person. She is always smiling, even when the occasion doesn't call for it. She's quite a generous person as well, willing to give the shirt off of her back for someone who needs it. She isn't prejudice at all. She feels no hatred to what is believed to be an enemy race. She believes that all races should be welcomed with open arms. She has high hopes for peace among the races, though she knows deep down that it will never happen. She's fairly emotional. It's not hard to make her cry, though it's extremely difficult to make her mad. She's extremely mellow. She's laid back and quiet at times. Usually silent when she's sad or upset. She's open to people she cares about, willing to discuss anything and everything, no matter how embarrassing it may seem. She seems to be a tad bit hyper at work. When doing something she loves, she's the happiest person on earth.
Birthday: October 16th
Family/Relatives: Father and Three Sisters

Likes: The night, the ocean, Jack Daniels, The full moon, and juice
Dislikes: Violence and prejudice
Hobbies: Playing the Piano, the Violin, painting, writing, and serving drinks
Quirks: She laughs when old people fall, though she knows it's wrong.
Other information: She has a mean side that tends to show when provoked. Take caution...

Character History:
Birth-Age five:
Moka was born to Sen (Her Mother)and Tsuna(Her Father)Akashiya in Karakura General hospital on October 16th. She was a small infant for her age. Moka was the middle sibling in her family. At the time, she had two older sisters, Amara and Seiya. When Moka was three years old, her third sister, Maiya, was born. Moka loved to cause mischief between her and her sisters. She scribbled on Amara's bedroom mirror with her makeup, then scattered Saiya's toys and stuff all over the floor. By the time she was four years old, she and Maiya were monsters, partners in crime. They caused trouble together, and always got away with it, no matter how horrible. When Moka turned five, she began kindergarten. She was smart for her age, and could read by the age of four. Seiya had taught her how to read, while Amara taught her numbers and shapes. Moka did well in kindergarten, graduating soon after she turned six.

Age six-age ten:Throughout first through fifth grade, Moka flourished. She was one of the smartest children in the classes, easily passing each grade with no lower than an A. She made her parents proud. When Moka was eight years old, Tragedy struck her family. Sen, her mother, fell ill to Tuberculosis. She spent the remainder of her life in a quarantined room in a hospital. After a year of fighting the illness, Sen passed away. This tragedy hit the Akashiya's hard. Amara dropped out of college and moved off to the U.S. to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Seyia fell under the spell of Drugs, and Moka became anti-social and started failing in school. Her father became a raging alcoholic, though he never became abusive. He was reclusive and rarely left his study. Moka would pop in to find her father crying while holding His and her mother's wedding photo. The depression within her family went on for a while.

Age 11-15:After a while, the depression slowly faded within the Akashiya household. Moka began doing better in school, and Seiya and Tsuna began getting help for their separate problems. Soon the family was back to normal. Moka, now fourteen, began to experience odd things with her. She began to feel a strange power rising within her. She went to her father for answers. Tsuna sighed. he had a feeling it was going to be Moka who attained their family's special traits. Amara and Seiya didn't share this, nor did Maiya. Moka questioned her father about it, and he explained that her family shared blood with a long line of special humans called Quincies. It was rare to see a female quincy, so Tsuna was surprised. Moka continued to ask questions, but her father couldn't answer them all, but he knew who could. After school let out for the summer, Moka, now fifteen, was sent to live and train with her grandfather, Hitoshi Akashiya, for the entire summer. There, she learned what powers she held and how she could wield them. Towards the end of the summer, she was finally able to summon her bow and fire her first arrow by absorbing the localized reishi in the area. She was ecstatic. She always knew she was special, and now she had proof. By the time she headed back home, she had perfected her hirenkyaku and half way mastered Reishi absorption and manipulation. Before she left, her Grandfather gave her a special gift. It was her family's quincy cross. It was in the family for generations and was to be passed down to her upon recognition of her powers. She smiled and happily accepted it, then left for home. This was the last time she'd ever see her grandfather. He died a month later of natural causes.

Age 16-Age 20:[color=indigo]As time went on, Moka continued on as a normal teenager. She started her sophomore year of high school as Karakura High. It was no normal high school. She could feel strong spiritual signatures from many of the students. It gave her the shivers. She couldn't tell if any of them were Quincies like her. She hated knowing that she was the last of her kind. Outside of school, she trained, learning better control of her powers and abilities. By age eighteen, she had full control over her bow's power. She then began to undergo a rigorous endurance training session during the summer after graduation. For an entire month, she wore her sanrei glove while constantly firing off spiritual arrows. She trained hard for that full month, her body succumbing to the harsh training. After a total of 36 consecutive days, she had fully mastered her Sanrei Glove's abilities. She wears it constantly after being warned about removing it. After the summer, Moka began college. She took two years of Abnormal Psychology, graduating with a bachelor's degree. Right after that, she took a class for bartending, getting her license for that. She now leads the Quincies in her Father's place, and works in a local restaurant/bar in the downtown Karakura area. She's a popular bartender in the place and makes great tips with her little shows she puts on while serving drinks. She, one day, plans on putting her psychology degree to good use, but not just yet. She's striving to make money for her own place at the moment, and then hopes to one day have a family of her own. For now, she's content with her life, though deep down, she strives for more.

Armor/Glove Information

Name: Fenikkusu no shinzō or Gādian'enjeru no hāto (by her Grandfather)
Bow Manifestation: Her bow takes on the shape of a crystal like weapon. It's blue in color. The "Branches" of the bow resemble the blazing wings of a phoenix, the centerpiece resembling the great bird's head. There are two white gems on each side of the head, making it look like eyes. The bow's string is a single thick thread of reiatsu. The bow gives off a look as if it's ablaze. This bow is special to Moka. It is said to be a manifestation of her own heart and her willingness to protect anything and everything in danger. Often called "The Guardian Angel's Heart" by her grandfather rather than "The Phoeninx's Heart" because of her appearance when she uses her bow.

Spirit Arrows: Her spirit arrows are also a light blue in color. The heads of the arrows resemble the head of a bird, much like the centerpiece of the bow. The shaft of the arrows are a deeper blue and look as if they're ablaze when fired. When fired, the arrows look as if they have a small pair of wings, making them look like a miniature phoenix upon release.

Looks: When her glove is active, Moka's attire changes into an elegant, loose fitting white gown with her Quincy cross design on the chest. Her glove covers up to her shoulder and forms white, wing like extensions at the wrist on the right arm, and a white wristband with the same wing like extensions on the left. Six larger "wings" protrude from the back of the gown, but are merely ornamental, serving no real purpose except for decoration. Her Letzt Stil appearance has yet to be revealed.

Techniques (no more than 5 unique abilities to begin with)

Name: Hadan No Arashi
Description: While airborne, Moka fires down a storm of 500-1000 arrows down onto her opponent. The arrows resemble a heavy blazing rainstorm. They envelope their target and pierce the body on contact, leaving small burns on the entry and exit wounds. The storm of arrows cover a good 15-20 feet of the battlefield.
Preparation time: 1
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 3

Name: A Guardian's Love
Description: Upon calling out the ability, Moka's bow's "Wings" expand and form a protective shield that will negate most weak to moderate strength kido, ceros, and bala. The shield can be overpowered by attacks of higher level. The shield covers her body from head to toe and looks like a bird with extended wings.
Preparation time: 2 posts
Duration: 2 Posts
Cooldown: 4 posts

Name: A Guardian's Rage
Description: This is an offensive/defensive technique. Working with A Guardian's Love, Moka creates the shield stated in the previous ability, but when the shield is struck with a physical attack (a punch, kick, etc..), it retaliates with a burst of twenty spirit arrows. The retaliation is caused by her inner need to protect herself, her reiatsu then responds to the need in her heart and triggers the offensive ability in this technique. Since only physical attacks trigger the retaliation, the burts of spirit arrows are point blank range and virtually unavoidable. Since the reishi from the arrows reflects Moka's emotions, the arrows do not have a potential to kill, but only harm and inhibit the target reather than eliminate. The shield itself is essentially the same in size and shape as the one stated in A Guardian's Love, but with extra Reishi put into it to create the arrows. Thus, this ability takes a little longer to charge and cool down from.

Preparation time: 2 Posts prepare time, and instant retaliation [ After being hit]
Duration: 2 Posts [including charge and release of the arrows]
Cooldown: 5 Posts

Name: Hirenkyaku
Description: Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚; lit: " Flying Screen Step/God Step ", Viz: " Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg ") is analogous to the Shinigami Flash Steps or the Arrancar Sonído . The Quincy Hirenkyaku allows the user to move quickly over short distances; according to Uryū Ishida it is faster than flash steps, though Mayuri Kurotsuchi 's superior speed suggests that this is just a generalization. To perform the technique, the user gathers spiritual particles under their feet and rides them to the desired location. Like the air-walking skill displayed by most Arrancar and Shinigami, it can also be used to hover or fly for long distances. Mayuri compliments Uryū on being able to use this technique at such a young age, suggesting that it's difficult to master.
Preparation time: N/A
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Name:Quincy: Letzt Stil
Description: Quincy: Letzt Stil (滅却師最終形態(クインシー・レツトシュティール), Kuinshī Retsutoshutīru ; Japanese for " destruction sage: final form, Quincy ", German for " last style ", Viz Media Translation, " Letz Stile "): is the last resort for a Quincy using the Sanrei Glove. It gives the user a tremendous amount of power, but at the price of loss of their powers upon its completion.

The only way for a Quincy to regain their powers after using the final form is to first exhaust themselves both mentally and physically. They must then be hit exactly 19 mm to the right of their heart with a spirit arrow. After this, a pentacle-shaped scar will form on the point of impact and their powers will be restored.
Preparation time: 5
Duration: 8 Posts
Cooldown: 10+ Posts

~New/learnt techniques~

Guardian's Gift (approved by Lightning 1-02-011):

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~   Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:02 am

I would like a better explanation of your second shield, and the fact that it retaliates without the users action seems a little out there, otherwise this application looks very good.
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PostSubject: Re: Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~   Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:55 pm

Edited ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~   Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~   

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Moka-Hime, the site's first Quincy~
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