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 Laura, the Maid (Finished)

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Laura DeIncantatêm


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PostSubject: Laura, the Maid (Finished)   Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:11 pm

Arrancar Application


Name: Laura DeIncantatêm.
Alias/Nickname: Morose Arrancar.
Actual Age: 156 years.
Physical Age: 19 years.
Gender: Female.
Rank: Fraccion of Sexta Espada Luciernaga Volatil (will be RP'ed out).
Modified: Not modified.


Height: 5'9".
Weight: Should you ask a lady about her weight?
Eye Color: Greenish brown.
Hair Color/Style: White, loose.
Complexion: Fair.

Remains of Mask: Flower on the right side of her head.
Hollow Hole: Unknown.
Espada Tattoo: None.
Laura wears a corset-like top, pushing her breasts tight together and exposing her bossom. She wears a pair of white & black fingerless gloves almost reaching her shoulder. She wears a leather-like shorts instead of the standard arrancar hakama. And instead of the normal arrancar shoes, she wears a pair of black pumps. She also wears a necklace with a Quincy Cross.
This is Laura:


Personality: Laura is a quite morose and seemingly lazy individual with no hard feelings for almost anything. She is mostly laying on her couch, watching as other people drift by. She will do anything her master commands her to do without being reluctant, though. Also, when something catches her interest, she will follow that subject. If it is especially interesting, Laura will follow it against orders, except her Espada's. She often tend to groan and rub the back of her head when something is bothering or annoying.

Compared to other arrancars, Laura is quite foul-mouthed towards someone she sees as dumb and too excited. She is not overly arrogant or overconfident like most arrancars and will often apologize if she damages someone, even if it is intentionally.
When Laura enters her resurrecion, she will become far more enthusiastic and less morose than she is in sealed state. Fellow Fraccion-leveled arrancars think that she is "more human" than the rest. Therefore, she has always been an outcast among arrancars. She does also tend to avoid strife and conflicts.
Her feelings towards the humans are somewhat negative, as she dislikes how vulnerable and weak they are. Laura plainly does not care about Shinigami, though she knows they are necessary in order to let the nature get into balance. Laura does also not view herself as a Hollow, due to the fact that hollows are beasts of instinct, while arrancars can act like they want. She is quite interested in Quincies, but considers them extinct.

Quirks: Tends to lick the one she respects.
Sexuality: Bi, prefers women.
Relationship Status: Single, looking~

Laura DeIncantatêm was born in 1854 under the name Laura Berg in Copenhagen Denmark. Her parents were lower-class civilians, going under the name Peter Berg and Line Berg (nêe Strom). She was the second oldest of seven siblings, though only four survived childhood. Her mother did almost all the work home with the children, as her father tried to earn money by selling loot he had made his sons steals. They were caught most times though. One of them was shoot by a police when he tried to rob a countess and died due to the internal damages. The second and third were imprisoned when they were caught by the police. The second oldest died due to a disease that haunted the prison, but the youngest male survived imprisonment.

Laura did not need to work in the home, unlike her sisters. Her mother and father were proud of Laura, as she was extraordinary beautiful by human standards. With long whiteish hair, deep green eyes, fair skin, full lips and feminine figure, many male had set their eyes on her. Some filthier than other. Even young aristocratic males eyed her and wanted her. But she didn't have eyes for them.
Laura only had eyes for the young androgynous neighbor of hers. She didn't know the person's name or gender, but did that matter?
Other persons seemed to shun the young androgene which made Laura even more curious. Why were people afraid of this androgene? Was he/she dangerous? Or did just his/her appearance just odd? The crush eventually evolved into an obsession. She just had to get to know this person better.

One morning, she decided to visit this young androgene next door. She put on her finest clothes and even asked her richer aunt about borrowing some perfume. Laura happily skipped off to meet her eccentric and uncanny neighbor. She knocked at the door and waited for several minutes. No response. She immediately started to wonder if she should just walk in... Or would that be wise? She had never seen any person visit her androgynous neighbor. But infatuation eventually won.
As quietly as she could, Laura opened the door and sneaked inside. The house didn't look much different from their house, except the fact that it had less furniture. The room she was standing in was incredibly dark, only a small lantern lit up the room. And she couldn't see anything, except for a bed. She started to slowly walk further in and asking if there were anyone home. No answer. Laura continued to walk further into the house, but suddenly stopped. Her feet had been feeling odd since she had entered the house. Was it...

Something inside the house? Now she was almost certain. A humming-noise could be heard from downstairs. She walked closer to it as her curiousity took over. As she walked closer to the door, she noticed that there was an eerie blue light come out underneath the door. Laura started to wonder why she even was inside the house, when there were obviously something spooky going on. But there were no turning back now. Her curiousity had strangled her. It forced her. She just had to open that door. Laura's hand slowly moved forewards and pulled down the handle. Before she knew it, she was laying on the floor, feeling an odd sensation in her stomach. She tried to move, but it hurt. Stomach hurt. When she managed to look at it, she thought that it was a fatal mistake to enter that house. Her entire abdomen section had been punctured repeatedly by metallic arrows. She was beyond help. The last thing she saw, before her eyes went shut, was red head and a blue bow-like thing...

When Laura had entered afterlife, she didn't feel any different from before. Other than the fact that her abdomen didn't hurt anymore. She did have several holes in it though. The attacker was no where to be seen, though.
She went back to her house, but she knew what would await her. Her parents were waiting for their oldest daughter, but she never returned. No one had seen her, a coincidence which resulted in her departure being referred to as "a disappearance". Now that she was a ghost, she felt that she could spy on her crush. But sadly enough, her crush was now gone. The only thing left after him, or her, was a cross and a paper with the text "Quincy" written over it. This picture was burned into her mind forever and she took the cross. Laura still wears the cross as a necklace.

But as she spent time in the world, she started to notice an odd feeling from her stomach and chest-area. It started out as something odd, but over time, it started to hurt. On her final verse, the pain forced her to the ground. Then, she felt that she exploded, but at the same time expanded into something different... Now, she was not feeling pain anymore. But she was empty. Heartless. In order to fill that empty hole, she had to eat. She had to consume... Consume life itself. She ate living souls and just souls. Occasionally, she ate a or two. But it did not satisfy her needs for a long time. The emptiness returned, but when she started to feel odd energies enter the area she left the world of the living, for the last time. She lived the rest of her Hollow-life in Hueco Mundo, devouring fellow Hollows.

Despite the fact that most other Hollows spent time in the forest of Menos, Laura only spent her days as a Menos Grande. It was much more open, but it also allowed her to see around herself. She was hardly attacked during these days, mainly because she was feared for her ability to sneak up on fighters and kill them with a single bite, crushing their masks. She was almost killed herself in some attacks, though.
After around a century, she became an Adjuchas. She was slightly larger than an average humanoid, with long white hair covering her entire head. Her hands was remiscent of the one of a mantis, while her abdomen was more like the one of a spider. While in this form, she was essentially much stronger than she had been as a Menos Grande. She was faster, had the ability to cut and much smaller. The last one was somewhere between an advantage and a disadavantage, but mainly an advantage as she could outrun bigger hollows and hide easier. She ambushed huge hollows and cut off their legs, before she shattered their masks and ate them. It was a very effective method, but it did almost cost her lift once.
One morning, she noticed three small, almost humanoid-things standing outside the hole in the ground she resided in. Her first thought was "Vasto Lorde?". Laura had heard about them being more "human" than most hollows. She waited for them to come closer. When she thought they were close enough, she jumped out of her hole and slashed towards the closest one. But her claws were stopped. They hit something similar... It was, two swords. Right there and then, she noticed that the three of them weren't just very humanoid... They were literally humans, just with odd bone-like remains around their head.
Two of these humanoids subdued her, while the other ripped off her mask. It wasn't a very painful process, but it was rather odd. She felt that her body started to change shape. Laura lost many of her legs and the only pair she had left started to change shape... To say so, Laura changed completely from an arachnoid-like Hollow to a voluptuous humanoid female.

She was now, after spending almost a century as a Hollow, an Arrancar. The group gave her a simple green piece of cloth to cover herself with before they could give her a set of proper clothes. They took of to the Palace of the Nights; Las Noches. She learned about Aizen and the Hogyoku from some arrancars. They also told her about the Espada. Laura never forgot the first meeting with an Espada. Szayel Aporro Granz. Octava Espada. He was looking for new experiments when they met each other. Laura never learned why he found her interesting, but suspected that he took her under his wing was because she wore a Quincy-cross around her neck... She had never managed to neglect the artifact before. When she became a Hollow, this cross became a part of her, but was released when she was arrancarized. It was very dear to her and made it a necklace soon after arriving in Hueco Mundo. Appearently, Szayel had heard about Quincies before and thought that she might be an interesting subject to study... Laura became his assistant after that day. He didn't want to touch her, not only because there were something odd with the Quincy-cross, but also because her intellect was the only thing that came close to his. She assisted him in many grotesque experiments, whichout flinching. She had seen so much disgusting things already, so she was hardly affected by the repulsive sight of Hollow organs and tendrons. Not only did they experiment, they also created a plethora of inventions. The last thing they were going to invent, before Las Noches was invaded, was the Garganta-blocker. It prevented trespassers to enter Hueco Mundo. It didn't work on Hollows, though. But they never got that far. As Las Noches was under siege, Szayel sent Laura off with the most important results and the blueprints for the Garganta-blocker. She hid in the desert for days, maybe weeks. And when she returned, Hueco Mundo was nothing but ruins. She was informed thatr Szayel had perished in the attack. Her life lacked meaning again. But she didn't want to be swallowed by acedia. Instead, she inherited Szayel's most desperate dream; To build the Garganta-Blocker.


Name: Majadero (Spanish for "Fool", Japanese for "False Idol")
Seal Description: Laura's Zanpakuto takes the appearance of two black swords with saw-like edges. They are ca. 70 cm long and their guard is western style.
Aspect of Death: N/A
Release Phrase: Crawl.
Element/Class type: Chaos.
Resurreccion Appearance: When Laura enters Resurrecion, her skin will turn grey, while her hair turns blue. She will levitate constantly while being in her resurrecion. Her arrancar uniform will eventually be removed and replaced by a simple grey dress with some red and intricate patterns. It covers the most of her body. She also wears a cape of the same material as the dress. Her shoes will disappear and she will walk barefooted. Her greyish green eyes turn blood-red and her pupil will be slitted, similar to a cat.
When she enters Ressurecion, her speed is vastly increased and she now carries two swords with appearance similar to her zanpakuto, though they are seafoam instead of black.

Resurrecion Appearance (ignore the fact that she has four arms, please):

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero.
Description: Laura fires her Cero from her forehead and this Cero does not require much charging. It has a long cool down, though. This Cero is lavender in color.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 4 posts.

Name: Bala.
Description: Laura's Bala is much weaker than average, but in return, it does not have a cool down. Her Bala is also lavender in color and is fired from her right eye.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Hierro.
Description: By arrancar standards, Laura's Hierro is relatively weak. It can't counter many hits before it is penetrated. However, her eyes are also protected, something that is unique for her.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: High Spiritual Pressure.
Description: Laura's spiritual pressure can rival the one of a Gotei 13 Lieutenant. It is lavender in color. She can channel her spiritual pressure to her two swords in order to increase the cutting-power of her swords.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Sonido Expert.
Description: Laura has mastered the standards of Sonido and is considered hard to catch.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Master Swordmanship Specialist.
Description: While Laura is lieutenant-level in most of her abilities, her swordmanship rivals the one of a average captain. She prefers to use just one of her Zanpakuto, though, unless her opponent is very tough. She is a master swordsman due to the fact that she possessed sword-like arms while being a basic Hollow and while being an Adjuchas, thus developing her skill almost constantly. As she is a wielder of two swords, it is obvious that she is also ambidextrous.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant.
Description: Though Laura prefers swordmanship, she is also quite proficient when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Genius Intellect.
Description: One of Laura's most fearsome traits is her intelligence. She is a keen observer and tends to use the enemy's attack for her own adventage. Thanks to the resources of Hueco Mundo can give her, she has also developed a fair amount of inventions due to boredom.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Deshielo (Spanish for "Melting", Japanese for "Molting Maid")
Usage: Sealed.
Description: In order to use this technique, Laura must store her reiryoku for 1 post. Also, she must stay away from harm when she does this. She will start to shed her skin, revealing that she has another layer of skin under the one she shed. This skin is soft and requires 2 posts to harden. One would think that this technique is useless, but for the first; any light wound be healed and two; she can use this skin to create Muneca.
Preparation Time: 1 posts.
Duration: 1 posts.
Cool Down: 10 posts.

Name: Alzarse (Spanish for "Rise", Japanese for "Naiad Dance")
Usage: Resurrecion.
Description: This technique can't be used before Laura has been in released state for 2 posts. She starts to lift her right hand and release a screeching sound wave. This is powerful enough to shatter glass if close enough. The soundwave moves much slower than normal sound and is therefore, easy to avoid. The vibrations are also visible.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 1 post.

Name: Muneca (Spanish for "Doll", Japanese for "Human Shed")
Usage: Sealed.
Description: This technique allows Laura to create human-sized crashdoll-like thing out of the skin she shed. It is kept together by reishi she eventually vomits up when she puts this doll together. As it is made up by reishi, but the same time organic, it is visible for humans. These dolls can be used as replica bodies for arrancars in the Human World, leaving them relatively undetected. These dolls won't completely hide their reiatsu, though. The doll itself changes it's appearance into the user's when used and it removes the hollow hole and hollow-mask remains. The user's clothes will be decided by the user's personality.
If the doll is harmed in some way, it will force the user out of it and return to it's crashdoll-like appearance. It can repair itself by draining reishi from the surroundings, unless it is split in too many pieces. If so, Laura must shed her skin again to repair it.
Laura can only have 5 of these Muneca active, though. If she creates another one, the least used one would turn into a pile of loose skin.
She has, by this far, created three Muneca. One was stolen by Tia Harribel though.
Duration: Passive, until it is replaced.
Cool Down: 100 posts.

Name: Toxic Immunity.
Usage: Both.
Description: After experienting on herself several times, Laura is now immune to toxins which break down cells and intoxicating material. This did cost her some regenerative abilities, so she is weaker to illness and has a lower than average durability.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Caos Equilibrada (Spanish for "Balanced Chaos", Japanese for "Chaos Dance")
Usage: Resurrecion.
Description: As an embodient of Chaos, Laura can manipulate it's powers. When this power is active, her eyes will glow lilac in color. When this technique is active, she can focus her reiryoku into a common event, e.g. a breeze and multiply it's destructive potential 10 times, thus creating a storm. In order to use this technique, she must state the name of the event she want's to change and then the name of this technique. The weakness with this power, is that Laura herself might be affected by the chaos she creates, as Chaos is untameable.
Duration: 1 post.
Cool Down: 5 posts.


Name of invention: Garganta Blocker.
Description: The Garganta Blocker is a vast machine standing under under the throne room of Las Noches. It has many buttons, odd clock-like attachment and other attachments too complex to describe. It has two controlboards in the two control-rooms of Las Noches. It's main controller is in the throne-room though.
Purpose: The Garganta Blocker was made for the sole purpose to block the ability to leave Las Noches. How it does so, is unknown. It can unblock certain individuals, by adding their DNA into the machine. In order to prevent destruction, it is protected by a barrier with three layers. The first layer prevents reiatsu from coming in and if a sudden burst of reiatsu hit's the barrier, it will reflect it. This layer's password is "Artimora Stodifia". If the outer layer is destroyed, the second layer reflects reiryoku and reishi-based attacks, but can't withstand as much spiritual pressure, unlike the outer layer. It is pretty durable though. This layer's password is "Marta Mia Carpita". The third and innermost layer is the toughest. It is paper-thin, but can withstand physical force and spiritual attacks. It also burns away flesh when touched, thus almost forcing the intruder to know the password. The password for this level is "Mortimia ii Ora". The controllers in the control-room only controls the intensity of the block. The levels are; Irresistable, very strong, strong, normal and weak. The irresistable-level allows no one, except the ones with their DNA inside the machine to use Garganta. These controls outside the room does also require a password. The password for these controls is: "La Orbita de Las Noches". Even if the controllers are destroyed, the core-machine itself will have to be destroyed in order to remove the effect. The passwords are verbal and the memory deletes itself after a password is successfully said, preventing hacking. The detector of this password is also inside a soundproof chamber for itself, in order to prevent eavedroppers. The password controller does also have a voice recognizer and it will only accept Laura's voice.

Date of Creation: 10 years before the storyline, but became functional just recently.
Creator’s Name: Laura DeIncantatêm and Szayel Aporro Granz.
Availability: Can be used by anyone that knows the password.[/b]

Drawbacks to the invention: It is very hard to control. Only persons with a genius intellect has the ability to understand it's complex structure and odd barriers.
Preparation time: It can't be used in battle.
Duration: It's effect is passive, until destroyed. [/code]

Any other information on the item: Currently, only Laura DeIncantatêm and Incognita knows that this device exists, but only Laura knows the passwords for this invention.

Name of invention: Clone Machine.
Description: A huge immobile machine with a tank filled with green liquid attached to it's left side. A huge tube runs from the tank to machine. The outline of a door is visible on
Purpose: The sole purpose of this invention is to clone deceased allies. It requires DNA of the deceased one in order to resurrect him/her. If he or she is alive, he/she can't be cloned. The cloned ones will not have the memory from anywhere after the DNA-sample is taken. Unfortunately, this invention is incomplete. It can't regain the power of the deceased one, so they are similar to pluses, only with spiritual signatures.

Date of Creation: Several years before the storyline.
Creator’s Name: Szayel Aporro Granz (Laura assisted).
Availability: Requires a password currently only Laura knows.

Drawbacks to the invention: Can't recover memories after DNA-sample nor can it give the clones power.
Preparation time: Takes 13 posts until it works.
Duration: The process takes 5 posts.

Any other information on the item: It must recharge for 50 posts before it can be used again. It is also rumoured that Aizen put a piece of the Hogyoku inside this machine in order to make it work... But has never been confirmed and Laura won't allow anyone to dissect it to look, as the machine means a lot to her personally.

~Rp Sample~

A groan could be heard from the slender female laying on the madrass in a scarcely decorated room. She shared it with several other Numeros, but only she spent most of the day in the room. The others seemed to detest this room, maybe because it "oozed" of human inside? Meh, it didn't matter to her. Laura DeIncantatêm yawned loudly. Was it time to check the laboratory today? Nah, not yet... She laid her head back on the madrass and stretched her limbs. God, this was going to be a long day... The woman looked to the side, noticing her Zanpakuto-pair sitting nicely in their hilts that crossed each other. Should she take then with her when she took her daily round to the laboratory? Nah, she could easily fend off most hollows with her bare fists. No wonder some Espada had requested her to be their Fraccion. It was an insecurity in their requests, though. People did appearently consider her scary, as she was the "Crazy Scientist's Assistant". Not anymore, though. That crazy scientist had been killed during the Shinigami's Invasion on Hueco Mundo. The loss of Szayel had been a mentionable factor in the development of technology in Las Noches... His legecy rested on her shoulders. Laura had to do something to preserve Szayel's work. As she slowly rose, the Numero rubbed the back of her head and grabbed the hilt of a blade. She attached it to her back, before pushing the door out of the room open. The hallway was relatively empty, but in front of her, she spotted an arrancar standing with another one. They were obviously conversing. Even if Laura wanted to get closer, she really shouldn't do it. She had other things to do, after all...
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PostSubject: Re: Laura, the Maid (Finished)   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:50 am

I sent you a pm with some questions about this app ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Laura, the Maid (Finished)   Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:25 pm

hmm well, i'm not sure about the cloning thingy. Even if they are powerless, would there be a limit to how long they live?


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Laura DeIncantatêm


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PostSubject: Re: Laura, the Maid (Finished)   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:57 pm

There's a low chance at succeding in the cloning and yes, they do tend to live much shorter than an average being. And as they are clones, their bodies aren't entirely organic either. They'll probably just become a splatter of slime when they perish. They can always be cloned again, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Laura, the Maid (Finished)   Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:38 pm

ahh so they would be cloned in a thread i see now. Well since i trust you ^^ i will say approved



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PostSubject: Re: Laura, the Maid (Finished)   

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Laura, the Maid (Finished)
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