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 Akari Sasaki

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PostSubject: Akari Sasaki   Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:18 pm

Vizard Application


Name: Akari Sasaki
Alias/Nickname: None at the moment
Actual Age: 250
Physical Age: 18
Gender: Female
Former Division: 2nd Division
Former Rank: Captain


Height: 5'6''
Weight: 50kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color/Style: White, short and somewhat maintained but usually just a little bit messy.
Complexion: Fair
Any distinguishing features: N/A


Akari was known to have quite a care-free, up-beat personality by most who know her. She wouldn't fight unless it was necessary and found it quite easy to befriend complete strangers. She was often good at consoling those who were facing loss or other kinds of grief. Even as a captain she found that she would treat everyone she met with the utmost respect regardless of rank or even allegiance. She is also known to be somewhat flirtatious towards people she likes, and is quite hard to embarrass about such things. In fact she can go out of her way to get a blush out of others if she feels like it.

Though, that said, if someone did something that she didn't agree with morally, like attack someone who couldn't defend themselves, or really anything along those lines. She would make it her duty to teach them what they had done wrong. This brings out a much more hostile and ruthless personality. This was long before her hollowfication and is only worse now. But luckily this doesn't happen often, though it is more prone to occurring while donning her hollow mask.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Enjoys vanilla flavoured ice-cream, it is easy to bribe her with them.

Can be serious, at times she deems necessary.

Other times, she can become completely unfeeling towards enemies, cutting them down without remorse.


Akari began her service as a shinigami soon after she died. As a plus she was found to have strangely high levels of reiatsu, from what she could remember from living was the fact she could see things others couldn't, sometimes even talk to them. She was admitted into the academy and trained from there, quite eager to learn what it meant to be a shinigami. She was a good student and quickly made her way towards graduation. There was little reason behind this abnormality. She was proficient in most things she tried (though, she had quite a bit of trouble when it came to Kido) and was expected to have great things become of her. With particular interest in the second division, she applied and was accepted as an unseated officer to begin with, which some people questioned, but none the less she would do her duty to the Soul society as a whole.

Akari began making her way up the ranks, increasing her power by simply training alone to hone her skills, ignoring kido almost completely now to make sure she could utilise the rest of her abilities to try and keep up, though what she didn't realise was she was leaving her peers behind somewhat. She didn't know that the others didn't work quite as hard as she did. Consequentially she was favoured by some of the higher ups, sent on harder missions more often than most. Which only got her to train harder to keep up with this new challenge. Eventually, she was promoted to a fairly high ranking seated officer, only until of course she was sent on a mission with the lieutenant at the time.

The mission itself was simple enough, they were to travel to the Forest of Menos and try to learn more about the hollows that lived there, particularly the Adjuchas. A collaboration between the second and twelfth divisions. The goal was to captured one of these hollows alive to try and bring it back safely for research. The plan was very flawed from the beginning, as soon as they managed to get inside the forest they were swarmed by Gillian class Menos. Though, they weren't going to try to fight off such a horde alone. Instead, they vied for more subtle tactics. Attacking only when the moment would give them a guaranteed kill. This worked for a while, their superior tactics winning over the superior numbers. That was at least until a momentary slip of Akari's behalf would cost them more than was hoped. The cost being her lieutenants life. For the first time that she could remember, she had failed with such dire consequences and fled before anything could happen.

She had managed to bring only the former lieutenants Zanpakuto from the scene, placed at an empty grave to honour the fallen shinigami. Though the loss shook her quite a bit, she was again promoted to replace her fallen comrade. But this would be very short lasted, as her captain would resign, apparently because they felt that they needed replacing. As such, she was given the rank of captain of the second division. This wasn't exactly what all of the captains wanted, but, there was more than enough support for this to happen and soon she was accepted by the Gotei 13 as the second division captain.

From here, things began to get a little strange. Often she would get requests from the twelfth division, which was hard enough to accept after the accident. But, Akari would continue to help them, much smaller missions that she could send her own officers to complete. Until of course, they request she again attempted to capture a Adjuchas. She decided that this was her chance to make up for her failure for the last time, and she would be going alone. This perhaps was a mistake on her part, the second she had made in such a quick succession. Though, it wasn't because she failed her mission, she didn't even manage to get to the Forest of Menos. Along the way she was ambushed by a very proficient Kido practitioner, and was quickly subdued by a group of now rogue shinigami, who had apparently planned it from the beginning.

She finally woke up restrained by further kido, not sure what was happening. As her eyes finally began to focus, she found herself in some strange apparatus that the members had designed. It was to try and manifest hollow abilities. So far, they had managed to kill every subject they had tested it on. Which they blamed only that they lacked a large amount of latent spiritual power which the machine used for the process, but now they had managed to capture her, the process could begin. Of course, as soon as they pressed the button it was to late and after a sudden jolt she blacked out once more.

When she woke up again, she felt sick and somewhat tainted. The scientests were nodding at the success. As her mask was created, everything went to hell. Not for Akari though. The kido that had been cast broke at the sudden pressure created by a vast increase in reiatsu. Before any could leave the room, they were cut down. After every single person in the facility she would stop, the mask shattering and she regained control. Whatever had happened, she knew it was impossible for her to get back to soul society now.. instead, she escaped, to where, she didn't know.

Mask Information

Name: Akane
Manifestation: Appearance wise, looks quite similar to Akari. Though with obvious differences. Such as basic colours. Akane's skin is quite pale, her hair is jet black and her eyes are much more vivid in colour, even glowing slightly in dark area's. She also wears white where Akari wears black.

Unique Ability:

Hyper-Speed Combat: Simply put, with her Hollow mask on, Akari can move at incredibly high speeds, augmenting her already high movement speed. While moving she seems like a blur at the very least, if not moving to fast for anyone to see but beings of a similar power

Cero: Akari has a ordinary red cero, which she fires from her finger in a quick and wide burst.

Hollow Mask Appearance: The mask itself covers Akari's entire face, with triangular holes to show her eyes, which become a more vivid red. It has two backwards facing horns that point down from the tops of either side. It comes to a sharp point under her chin, just below a somewhat grinning mouth.

Duration: 11 posts per battle

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Amaterasu
Sealed Blade appearance: A simple Katana, with a black guard and handle with a silver coloured blade.
Zanpaktou spirit: A young woman, apparently about the same age as Akari. She has long black hair and deep green eyes. She is quite calm, and apparently likes her shinigami. Has a deep hatred for the hollow that she can resides within.
Inner world A green meadow, apparently endless. It is quite tranquil. Though, there is an obvious flaw, as it has a barren wasteland in one direction, a direct consequence of hollowfication.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Strike, Amaterasu
Released blade appearance: The blade itself doesn't seem to change much. Instead, Akari seems to gain a transparent flaming black aura. This is simply a manifestation of her reiatsu and has no effect on anyone. (I.E, won't burn them if they get to close and such)

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Name of abilty/technique: Phase Splitter
Description: A quick deadly attack, where by use of an incredible boost of speed Akari seems to phase through her opponent, appearing behind them. When really she has moved around them and attacked, the attack itself can be changed each time, from a kick to a slash with her zanpakuto.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: 2 posts
Preparation: None

Name of abilty/technique: Fire-Wall
Description: By stabbing the ground with her Zanpakuto, she releases a large amount of reiatsu towards her opponent. This is manifested in the form of dense black flames. The technique itself can go on for 100 meters. Beginning at a single small point to move out in a wide arc. The ground itself catches on fire and can remain that way for some time, not as dangerous as the attack, can prove to be dangerous for unwitting enemies.
Duration: The flames can last (though not as intense) for 5 posts. The attack itself is very fast, but avoidable by moving out of the way.
Cool Down:5 posts
Preparation:Akari must stab her sword into the ground in front of her to start the attack

~Bankai Abilities~

Akari's Bankai doesn't seem like much of a change from her Shikai. The only visible changes are simply that the black flaming aura is much more visible, still only a visual trait and not actually harming those who come to close. Her Zanpakuto changes into a longer version of her regular one (From a katana to a nodachi, though she can still wield it as if it were her regular blade)

Name of ability/technique: Over-Drive
Description: A simple, yet effective use of Akari's speed and raw power. This technique takes elements of each of her shikai abilities and combines them into a more powerful and devastating attack. It allows her to attack a large group, or overwhelm a single enemy with relentless attacks. From a standing position, she will attack in a similar pattern to phase splitter, only she repeats it ten times, moving from attack to attack. She remains undetectable while moving, becoming detectable only when she finishes the first attack, beings with similar strength will be able to see something of a blur but will still have trouble finding her. Her blade also becomes super-heated, increasing basic damage and cutting power. The main disadvantage she can only move in straight line, a straight line being any direction but not being able to change this direction until she has stopped, so it may be possible to predict where she will attack.
Duration: None
Cool Down: 5 posts
Preparation: None

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Master
Shunpo: Master
Hand to hand: Advanced
Kido: Basic (cannot use over kido 40)
Others(is their any other abilities that you feel need mentioning?)

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Akari's spiritual pressure is particularly high, more so then the average captain-level shinigami. Mostly due to the fact she is a visored. If angered, people around her can feel as if they are being crushed depending on their own level of power (A captain may feel the pressure but not be effected, while an unseated shinigami may be physically unable to stand.)

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like use to know)

~Rp Sample~

Akari awoke, her eyes focused. She was still in the stark white room and still she couldn't manage to move an inch. Whatever these people had done she knew that it wasn't good for her, she felt sick enough as it was. The rogue shinigami who had trapped her seemed to be pleased with the results. So far this was the only subject to survive the process. Now, they didn't know what they were to do with her. They were all arguing about possibly simply disposing of her, as it was simply a test and they had no use, while others said they could try and harness this new power. But unfortunately for both sides of this argument, they all felt as if they were being weighed down by something. They only just saw that their creation had broken free, and donned her mask.

A voice in her head spoke “Kill them, all of them” and Akari couldn't resist it, with her bare hands, she would attack, the scientists helpless against her newly found strength. She shed much blood on her merciless rampage through the area, finding her zanpakuto somewhere along the way. Until finally, it was quiet and the voice would speak once more ”Ohh... I think I'm going to like you” The mask shattered and she came to her senses... her hands were covered in the blood of those slain, not that she regretted this, she had stopped the possibility of this happening again to anyone else, but it shook her none the less.

Deciding for the best, Akari would leave the facility, and soul society. She knew that what had happened made her a traitor even if it wasn't her fault it had happened. Maybe she would risk it one day, but for now, she had to leave and get as far away as she possibly could, it was unfortunate... she had hoped for so much more than this.

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PostSubject: Re: Akari Sasaki   Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:14 pm


Quote :
Enhanced Durability: Another simple enhancement, protects her from most normal attacks

Enhanced Strength: As above, simple. Enhances her strength.

Please add more detail to these so I know what it is you mean level wise. I can’t approve them like this in case you and I are thinking of different levels.




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Fixed ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Akari Sasaki   Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:37 pm

Very well with the changed made i say you can see my beloved:

If other mod/admin see anything wrong they may speak to you about it and ask you to change it.




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PostSubject: Re: Akari Sasaki   

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Akari Sasaki
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