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 Vanille (Complete!)

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PostSubject: Vanille (Complete!)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:31 am

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Vanille (Yes, just Vanille)
Alias/Nickname: N/A at the moment
Actual Age: 180
Physical Age: 18
Gender: Female
Rank: Espada Leader's Personal Guard
Modified: No


Height: 5'3''
Weight: 57 Kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color/Style: Red, tied back in two curling pigtails.
Complexion: Fair

Remains of Mask: A necklace and bracelets on both wrists, white in color.
Hollow Hole: In the middle of her chest, just below her neck.
Espada Tattoo:



Though she is a personal guard, and companion of the leader of the espada. She is not an unfeeling beast. Unlike many of the arrancar, she doesn't see the need for fighting unless there is no other way to fix a problem. Though, that is unless her leader orders her to resort to such measures. Though she has authority over the Espada, she seems to respect them. Those who are supposed to be her enemies she seems to treat with some respect.

Vanille also seems to have a cheerful personality, she is quite hard to upset. Not many could say they have seen her raise her voice at anyone in particular. When referring to someone she will often use the appropriate honorific, unless she is particularly close to them.


She is quite fond of sweet food.
She dislikes being alone, either physically or mentally. She fears being abandoned.

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship Status: Single

Human Arc

Vanille can't remember much of her short time as a human, she can remember it was all very average at best. Though of course, this is only her personal opinion. As a child, her parents tragically died in an accident, but instead of going to soul society as pluses, they became attached to their young daughter. As she grew, they seemed to think she forgot her, even if she didn't live a day without thinking about them. She could never see them, or hear them, but she could feel them. When she was around ten years old her parents finally became hollows, and almost instantly they attacked and killed their daughter in their new forms.

Though as they did so, a shinigami arrived apparently just in time, purifying the beasts before they could do any further harm. Only to find that the girl was no where to be found, she had escaped somewhere in the chaos, abandoned and alone. She roamed her home town, looking for someone to care for her, only to be ignored by any she approached. A few years went by and she eventually became a hollow. Though, as she had no family left behind, she left her home town, never to visit it again.

Hollow Arc

As a hollow, Vanille had apparently kept a tiny fragment of her former self, though it was only the fact she wanted to be with others. And the only others seemed to be hollows. But they seemed quite hostile toward her. She found that more often than not they were beasts who thought of nothing but eating souls. As she became more and more lonely, Vanille began to do the same, though instead of attacking weaker beings, she began to attack hollows. Most seemed to be unaware of her strength, being smaller than most hollows, but would fall victim to her as she rose in power. Only continuing to become stronger until finally she evolved into a menos class hollow.

As a gillian, Vanille's personality quickly took over as a main personality, but instead of being a mindless beast as many other gillian class menos. She was quite cunning in that she again, attacked others of her kind. Her very nature made some hollows fear her as quite a dangerous foe, some weaker hollows were known to burst into flame being in her presence. Furthering her advancement into the next stage of evolution, she had consumed enough to become an Adjuchas. This is when she began to get her forms of reasoning back, and she even felt remorse for what she had done, but only temporarily.

Arrancar Arc

Though a solitary Adjuchas, Vanille found she was drawn to others, if only to attack them to feed her hunger for souls, only to be found by what seemed to be a shinigami. Though she hadn't met many of these beings, she knew he was dangerous... his very presence made her feel uneasy. But instead of attacking her, he offered her further power. Though the real selling point is that he offered her a home.

She was changed there, transformed by Aizen to be an arrancar in his army. Though, she seemed to be strong. She lacked the drive to kill as the espada seemed to have, instead, her gentle nature earned her a position with the various arrancar responsible for medical attention. Though her skills weren't suited for such a job. As such she wasn't needed necessarily for the war, at least not in the front lines. Though it was evident that her skills were needed not back in Las Noches, the others seemed to notice how willing she was to do anything she was ordered. Aizen thought this an excellent trait for a personal soldier or guard, but he thought this only to late as he was defeated and a new leader took charge of Las Noches.

Of course, there was a while where there was no order, but, a new leader took the reigns and her name happened to be Incognita.

Vanille decided she would need to introduce herself as loyal to Las Noches and the espada. The leader seemed to take some sort of liking to her, maybe it was her gentle nature or unyielding loyalty, but, she was promoted to be one of Incognita's personal guards.


Name: Sueño del Dragón (Sleeping Dragon)
Seal Description: Her hollow powers are sealed within' a black bladed katana, which lacks a guard. Her sword is strapped to her left side, with a belt around her waist.
Aspect of Death: Peace
Release Phrase: Awaken
Element/Class type: Fire
Resurrección Appearance:

Vanille doesn't really seem to change in size during her resurreción, the only changes seem to be with the remains of her hollow mask. The bracelets form together and create white bone like claws that run over the top of her hands and then over her fingers. The extend about thirty centimetres from the end of her hand. The necklace gets bigger, creating a pair of horn tipped wings (These can be used to fly) As well as trailing her spine downwards to create a flexible bladed tail that can be used effectively as a weapon.

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero
Description: Vanille possess a regular cero, which she can fire from her palms. It has above average strength for someone of her rank. It seems to be a very refined beam when used, average in size, higher than average speed.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 2 posts

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Description: Similar to her normal cero, only turquoise in color. Though of course it is much stronger than it. She usually only uses this as a last resort. Unlike her regular cero, the beam seems much more unstable as it moves forward.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 10 posts

Name: Bala
Description: Vanille's bala is quite average in power, also colored turquoise. She can fire them in quick succession, which makes up for their lack of power.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: Limit of 5 bala per post, no cool down.

Name: Garganta
Description: Garganta literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds.
Duration: 1 Post to create, lasts until no longer needed.
Cool Down: No cool down.

Name: Pesquisa
Description: Pesquisa is a radar of sorts, to find and gauge spiritual pressures. Vanille's is accurate enough to tell what race, and how powerful a being is simply by looking at them.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: No cool down.

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Dragón de Fuego (Dragon Fire)
Usage: Resurrección
Description: Vanille creates an incredibly hot jet of fire from either of her hands, though its distance is limited to about 20 meters. The fire itself seems to be more of a beam than anything (Similar size to a cero), similar to that of a welding torch, just on a much larger scale. It is able to burn through most things, such as an arrancar hierro and other forms of defence, given enough time. (Lower ranked defences will likely be incinerated straight away, higher ranked will take longer)
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool Down: 3 Posts

Name: Ardor presencia (Burning Presence)
Usage: Resurrección
Description: During Resurrección, Vanille's spiritual pressure seems to heat up everything around her. As she moves, plants and such seem to dry up and then catch fire. Though it can't actually do damage, if someone (Or something) attempts to somehow absorb or control this pressure, or her Reiryoku in fact. It will act quite uncontrollably with their own, at the the very least they will feel an intense burning sensation, if it doesn't destroy them from the inside. (This is dependant on how much is absorbed of course. A small amount would give a bit of a burning sensation, the more taken the worse it is). Attempts to subjugate (I.E control somehow) will cause an adverse reaction, sparking a chain reaction where there will be a sudden burst of flame, basically making the opponents own reiatsu unstable, causing the fire to spread faster towards them the more they try to control it.

(She isn't immune to absorbing/controlling techniques, but, it will damage the opponent too. It also protects all of her abilities during resurrección)

Duration: Passive
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Ola de calor (Heat Wave)
Usage: Resurrección
Description: Vanille is able to create an invisible wave of heat towards her enemies. The wave itself is invisible, but the destruction left behind it is quite visible. The technique is able to ignite anything that happens to be flammable as it passes by, and for weaker opponents being caught in its wake will possibly have a similar fate. She simply waves her hand in the direction she wishes it to go, and it has limited capability to move after being used.
Duration: 1 Posts
Cool Down: 3 Posts

Name: Alimentar a las llamas (Feeding the flames)
Usage: Resurrección
Description: Vanille is able to concentrate her reiatsu to condense around her, augmenting the effect of Ardor presencia. Each turn this is used, she becomes slightly stronger and faster, getting at it's most powerful stage after 5 posts. After this stage, her abilities are at their full potential. She can keep this up for four more posts afterwards until she effectively burns out. For five posts, all her abilities will have diminished results and be weaker than normal.
Duration: 10 Posts
Cool Down: 5 Posts

Name: Ardor cero (Burning Zero)
Usage: Both
Description: Ador cero is an augmented elemental version of Vanille's regular cero. Unlike her normal cero it seems to leave a trail of flames behind it, and of course burns whatever it comes in contact with. Upon impact, the cero will explode into a large ball of flames.
Duration: 2 Posts
Cool Down: 3 Posts

Name: High Speed Regeneration
Usage: Both
Description: While many arrancar give up this ability for greater power, Vanille has retained it. Damage to her limbs, non-major organs and such will be regenerated quickly as to allow her to fight at full. The regeneration effect can not regenerate major organs or her brain, which will be able to kill her, unless treated by some other form of medical attention.
Duration: The regeneration is always complete a post after the damage is delt.

Cool Down: Depending on the severity of the attack, the cooldown may vary.

Minor wounds (Scratches, bites, cuts ect) – No cool down
In-between (Deep gashes, more deadly cuts and such) – 2 posts
Major wounds (Limb's being cut off, eyes damaged and such) – 4 posts

~Rp Sample~

Vanille had been sent on assignment by her leader, and close companion, Incognita. Her mission was simply to check up on the forest of menos to check on the goings on as usually this place was left unchecked. Without question, she travelled quickly of course to the forest, not exactly on her guard as she didn't deem the denizens of such a place much of a thread, unless of course she happened upon a stray Vasto Lordes... which would probably be something to report back with. But this she very much doubted. As she entered, she seemed to notice someone following her... the spiritual pressure seemed to not be a hollow, which intrigued her. But for now, there was no need to worry about it... only the presence didn't seem to go away, as if it was following her.

Happening upon a small clearing, she felt the pressure closing in until finally she had to turn quickly to catch a zanpakuto with her hand, leaving the shinigami who owned it shocked. She let the blade go and took a few steps back. ”Might I ask your business here shinigami” It was a young looking man, his division was unknown, but he must be particularly skilled to still be alive at this point. But, if he decided to be stupid, it may not be for much longer. “I am scouting the area, hollow, but it seems I have found something else to do” he said the word 'hollow' with a particular sound of hatred on his voice. Vanille didn't seem to react as he may of thought. ”If that's the case, could you please leave?” she asked, offering a smile and a gesture to the way out. The shinigami was speechless.

He readied his blade “Are you stupid!? I can't let you live!” he seemed quite serious about this. ”It is you who are trespassing... I can let you go, just, go now.. before the hollows of this forest decide to join in. They will not be as lenient as I have been” she had been quite courteous so far, she hadn't even threatened him yet. Which seemed to put him off somewhat. “Y-you... stop playing games!” he then suddenly attacked, rushing forward only to have Vanille side-step and suddenly strike the back of his neck as he passed. He fell to the ground and then stood up shakily... Not knowing what to do, he fled. Vanille smiled as she walked off to report to Incognita..

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PostSubject: Re: Vanille (Complete!)   Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:24 pm

Your history should be longer for you left out the following>>>>
-How you met Incognita
-Why was you chosen to be her personal guard, etc. ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Vanille (Complete!)   Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:07 am

Edited, couldn't really think of much though XP
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PostSubject: Re: Vanille (Complete!)   Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:04 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Vanille (Complete!)   

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Vanille (Complete!)
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