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 Peace sure is nice... [Open]

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PostSubject: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:03 pm

Hueco Mundo. A land filled of despair and death. A place where nothing was living, yet everything was dying. From the trees, standing leafless and sad, until the variety of skeletons you could find throughout the white sand. An endless land of nothingness, yet a nothingness that was meant to change… Cielos lowered his head. He had given the promise to follow the Espada to the end of the world, and its recreation again. He was the Tres Espada, one of the ten most powerful creatures of Hueco mundo, but not the most powerful of all. Even as the right hand of the Primera, Cielos was lacking the strength most of the Espada possessed. But what to say, he was not meant to destroy and power is meant to destroy. That’s what the others were saying. He did not believe that. Cielos was sitting on a big rock. Some of its parts were missing from the age or fights that took place around him. He had many years to visit this place. For Cielos, this was not just a rock in the middle of nowhere. It was a place of peace and meditation. For as far as he can remember himself, this place was his second home. When he wanted to be alone, when he wanted to think, when he wanted to train, his way was always leading here. This rock had a rather special meaning for him. Weird, isn’t it?

Cielos opened his eyes. His red eye scanned the area slowly around him. Nothing but an endless white. Did the Primera really believed that he could change this place? Cielos believed in him, had faith in him, but sometimes he could not understand him. This place was beyond help, at least for the following centuries. Not to sound pessimistic, but the Primera really thought that he would survive so long to make his dream come true? He shook his head. It was too early to bother with this. There were things that had priority now and that was the war. Cielos was never a fan of war and battle. Unlike most of the Espada, he preferred peace. From the time he became an Espada, the times he had killed were counted with just his fingers. He didn’t want to see more people die, friend of foes. He remembered back when he was still a hollow. Many had died from his hands. Many had suffered a slow and painful death. Many have been devoured. But if he thinks of his recent past, he would see otherwise. Many had been protected. Many had been saved. Cielos raised his glance up to the sky. No good or evil existed. It was only what you choose… Cielos lowered his head once again. His eyes gazed up at the distance, before closing them calmly. He had a weird feeling about the years to come. He couldn’t say if it was good or bad, but he could say it was not something minor. What the future will bring… it can only be known when that future becomes present. Cielos raised his hands, connecting his palms together in front of his chest. Taking a deep breath, he started calming down, both physically and mentally. His mind emptied, his muscles loosen up. His breathing stabilized into a slow and quiet one. He lowered his hands, resting both of them on his legs, his palms hugging his knees unconsciously. Reiatsu started flowing around him, in a gentle and soft wave. For at least a couple of feet around him, the reiatsu started licking and stroking the rock and the soft white sand. Dust raised, taken by the force of the reiatsu, forming a small white cloud around him. His right eye started twitching, while a red glow was coming out from the small sly area the eyelash was letting open.

It took Cielos half an hour to get into a real meditating trance. He could not feel anything in his surroundings. For his mind, he was now floating into an empty black space. The reiatsu wave became wider, yet no more forceful. It was gentle and calm, like the weak smoke coming out of a dead fire. His red jacket was resting a few feet away from Cielos, on the soft sand, while his naked chest was going up and down slowly, from his soft breath. One scar was visible on his right arm, and another, big one across his chest. His right eye opened slowly. Not because he woke up, no, but because the muscles on that eyelash was totally asleep. The Iris of his red eye had grown so big that it was covering the whole eye. Now, the only thing you could see in his eye was a strong, red glow, and nothing more. Cielos’ mind played a variety of games in his trance. Memories started flowing into his head, memories of his past. Scenes of his hollow times were seen, of the war a century ago, of his present. Blur pictures. Pictures of his past, images of a self that was not him. Images of his human life. He could see a sword, not like the one he wields now, but a long and thin Katana. Its blade shiny and sharp, covered in blood. The images changed again. He now saw a child’s hand, holding a sword, while an old man was standing in front of him smiling. His father? Could be. More images passed through his mind, yet one gained Cielos interest. It was a young girl, around the age of twenty. So beautiful she was, dressed in an expensive, silk Kimono. Even though the blurriness of the images, he could say it, she was really beautiful. The glow on his red eye trembled slightly, as a tear ran down his cheek. Several hours passed, until Cielos regained his consciousness again. He was feeling calm and replenished now, both mentally and physically. Meditation was not only a way of calming his mind, but relaxing his body as well. Rising his hand, Cielos touched the cheek that the tear runs on a couple of hours ago. He couldn’t know exactly, but he knew that this girl was something important for him, and he lost her. He was not going to do the same mistake again…

Cielos hopped down from the rock and unto the sandy dunes, heading back to Las Noches. He was faraway from the place and it would take hours to get back. Cielos went on nonetheless, he had finished clearing both his mind and physical self and it was time to get back to work. That is if he had received any new orders from the Primera. There he was... back in his room which he called home from within the walls of Las Noches. Merely relaxing on the mattress of his bed and the sun light beaming off of his face. Cielos enjoyed looking at the sky and at the artificial sun, way more colorful then the rest of Las Noches. Hopefully this peace could go on forever.
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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:54 am

Peace only stayed as long as Kita remained happy. And when she wasn't happy the whole of Las Noches knew it. "YOU BASTARD!!! I'll kill you!!! HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME!!!!" There was a very good reason that Kita didn't like her Faccions. And that's because they all tried to bloody well kill her!!! Kita's feet where hitting the ground hard, a sneer covering her face. The bastard had attacked her, and then expected her to not be mad about it. She was going to kill him. She hated being a Faccion, and she hated having one. Pulling her gloves onto her hands she found the guy, smirking with his buddy that were with another Espada. Grabbing his head, she throws him through the wall he was leaning against, and then followed him through the hole in the wall. "So you think it's funny to attack me do you?" She snarled, slamming her fist into his face over and over again.

The guy managed to grab a hold of her right fist so she shattered his hand with her left. Kita stood him up, and then grabbed his head, twisting it till the neck snapped and his lifeless body fell from her hands. She glared at the guys who watched her kill their friend. "Want to take me on too? I'll kill you all if you don't vacate the area. NOW!" She yelled, advancing on them. It was the fastest that any of them had done Sonido. Kita stood over her dead Faccion, and thought back to the time that she had killed her sister. It had been the whole reason that she had turned to a Hollow. Sneering at the lifeless form, she slams her foot down on what was left of the guys mask, shattering it.

Pulling her gloves off, she puts them back in her pocket, walking away from the guy, and heading back to her quarters. She needed to sleep, and it had been disturbed by that idiot. Time to get back to it. Too bad one of those she had scared off decided that she needed to be thrown through a few walls, and right into the 3rd Espada's room. Surging up to her feet, she was about to go back through the wall, when she saw that the room was occupied by the 3rd Espada. Turning to him, she gives a soft bow and then speaks. "I'm sorry for intruding on your room like this..." Those Faccion were dead if she got her hands on them.
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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:05 am

The peace regrettably enough had not lasted so long... not even for a measly few hours. Why couldn't it be more like... sleep.... wake up... rest... and repeat...? Cielos had just begun to relax, just starting to drift off to the dream world. The sudden screaming and cursing that happened right next to his room, had managed to force Cielos' upper body to jump right off of his bed. He had been disturbed, he was not gonna let this disturbance continue and let such person get away with it. Honestly, why couldn't other people just keep quiet? It has one simple rule... Close your mouth. Cielos was about to get off of his bed and eliminate the disturbance and all of a sudden, two. Two Arrancar had crashed through his wall. Oh yes... go break the walls... nobody uses the rooms which your partially destroying... However Cielos kept his cool as usual, merely watching the continuation of these events as he twisted his head to their direction and dropped his head unto the hand which acted as a pillar for the support. A female voice was continuing to scream... then Cielos had heard snarling. Honestly.. who snarled these days...? Then he had heard a series of hits. The dust that filled the room partially had suddenly went down and Cielos could finally see properly who these idiots were. A Espada and another Arrancar. The Arrancar had managed to catch a fist but the Espada had quickly crushed that hand. She had then picked him up and twisted his head until a loud crack had been heard. He was dead and dropped unto the floor. Yea... drop a dead body in my room... I always wanted to somehow upgrade the decoration here. The hole in the wall and the body was a great addition.

Cielos had then realized that there were other Arrancar, out of his room. Starring unto the scene and they had seen Cielos. Cielos was glaring them down with a rather eerie expression. Undoubtedly they had ignored the woman and paid full attnetion to Cielos. Someone that was never meant to be disturbed... had been disturbed. They were afraid of him and got the hell out of there. Cielos had smirked, relatively happy as he knew they were never gonna come into this part of Las Noches anymore. Then he had seen that the woman had finally realized that someone was in the room and bowed to him and apologized. "So the intelligent woman had finally realized that someone was within this room. I enjoyed on your thoughtfulness of redecorating my chamber." Obviously Cielos was being sarcastic and somewhat scolding the woman. Though nonetheless Cielos had gotten up from his slouching position on his bed and sonido near the woman. A few millimeters away from her face, his back curved and his hands on his waist. A plain expression on his face and his eyes are scanning the face of the Espada. He had lifted his hand and gently touched her face, running his fingers through her hair and slightly rubbing her cheeks. This was a woman, he relatively liked women enough to ignore any past mistakes as he had always wanted to "get to know" them. This situation was no different with a slight smirk he had questioned her "How are you gonna compensate for all of this?" It was a rather subtle question, which could mean different things. He want merely to know what she would respond to such a vague question.
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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:48 pm

Kita's back went straight up. How dare this man talk to her like that. He may have been the 3rd Espada since Tia couldn't be found, but damn if she didn't give a shit. No one scolded Kita. No one. She didn't allow them to. He reminded her of her sisters husband which wasn't a good thing at all. Looking up at him with a semi glare, she felt his hand against the side of her face, and didn't move. How was she going to compensate him for that? Well she could do just about anything to him she wanted to. After all, she was a rather free spirit...."Depends what you want in payment.....handsome." she said with a small smile up at him that looked extremely seductive. "After all, it was your room I trashed and put a dead body in." Her fingers walked up his chest, as she leaned in. There was a reason her nickname was Lust.
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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:24 am

As her fingers walked up his chest, he was about to say something no doubt but that had been interrupted by him chuckling. Is this woman, serious? Scolded her and there we go... trying to seduce me. Wants me to keep quiet for the fact a Arrancar had been killed by her? He had then moved forward, both of his hands grabbing her shoulders and pushing her somewhat roughly unto the whole. His head had moved in near to her face quite quickly where one might easily perceive it as a move in for a kiss of sorts, however Cielos' head was to the right of her head. "Just kidding." He was merely teasing her, there was just something about her that didn't quite truly wanted to make Cielos do anything to her. Cielos figured he just wasn't in such a mood today, wasn't he supposed to get orders from the Primera today...? His mind was in distraught, too many problems presented themselves today. The disturbance of his sleeping, the wall, this woman and the fact that he had never gotten the orders from Primera. Nonetheless, his fraccions shall take care of the problem and fix the wall later on. "I wish all women were so easy like you." He pulled his head back to face hers, he had a grin on his face once more. He did indeed wish for women to be like her, easy, relatively good looking but it wouldn't bring that much fun he guessed. Cielos always enjoyed to find a woman that beat the looks of his previous partner and then gradually start making a relationship. Her response had made it somewhat boring, maybe that was the reason why he had just stopped there.

His eyes were both scanning her face, there was something out of place with her... realizing that he still kept his grip on her shoulders and pinned her to the wall, he had stopped and returned his hands to himself. He had kept his gaze on her, expecting her to become a man or something. No matter how he looked at it, he would like to "get to know" her but he just couldn't do such a thing. Maybe it was because she was a Espada. "Woman, introduce yourself". He was interested in her, well... not the way he was usually interested in women. Cielos had sonido back unto his bed, sitting upon it. His gaze never leaving her out of sight. Well to be fair, there wasn't much that could distract Cielos from seeing such a beauty. His room was so huge that could fit a battalion with ease. Pure white and perfectly clean, while the sun from the fake, bright sky above were entering the room through the windows. One wall was filled with Shelves, on each of them a row of Artifacts and other shiny things Cielos had gained during his battles and places he visited. The rest of the walls, are filled with a variety of weapons, hanging over the walls, from blades, axes, polearms and other kind of weapons, even a variety of shields. All of them were so shiny and perfectly maintained, like they were new. In the center of the room, there were two huge and fancy couches, as long as a round table, while at the far end of the room there was the double bed Cielos was sitting upon, despie all of that he kept staring at her.
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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:59 am

This man was full of surprises today. Normally Kita wouldn't have even have talked to him. But since he had....displayed? interest, she was willing to see where it would go. He called her easy, she chose to call it looking for a good time when ever she wanted one. But if he truly thought her easy, he was in for a surprise, because she was going to get mean, and a little bit agressive. She hoped he didn't mind being on the bottom. Smirking now, she also used Sonido, appearing before him, and tackling him to his own bed, rather like a playful little cat. "Kita Akiyama, Ranked 5th Espada. The dead body in your room is what's left of my Fraccion who decided he would attack me." Here she licked her lips as she stared down at him, her hands braced against his shoulders quite like his had been on hers.

She really didn't care what his room looked like, only what his bed felt like, and it seemed rather soft. "I'm not someone you want to toy with 3rd Espada. I don't take kindly to being made a fool, as you can see by the lovely body in your room. So yea or nay if you want me." Lust always knew what she wanted, and if her blood got started to move, be it in a fight or though the little that Cielos had done to tease her, she would rather continue it.
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James White
Primera Espada

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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:01 am

James voice was echoed through the entier area. The words he spoke were quite clear, " CIELOS! " Though teh volume was useless as he barged into the alreadyt destroyed room. To find whatever was going on, his body did not even twitch as he understanded teh situation.

" I hate to ruin your fun. " He said wth an exhasperated breath. " Though I have something to say to my... pal. " He was quite a sight to be honest. Over seven feet tall and completely ripped, his entier torso covered in scars. Always wearing Light blue dress pants, rarely wearing a shirt. Rarely caught without a ciggerette in his mouth, though today he was without.

He ran a hand through he scruffy white hair and fiddled with the dragonic ring on finger. He removed a flask of rum from his pocket and took a swig. " I would ask to join in but today I am on duty. " James code for lying low from a EX.

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PostSubject: Re: Peace sure is nice... [Open]   

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Peace sure is nice... [Open]
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