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 Rita Blair (Finished ^^)

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Rita Blair
Octava Espada

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PostSubject: Rita Blair (Finished ^^)   Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:16 pm

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Rita Roxanne Blair
Alias/Nickname: Blondie, Teardrop, Runt, Lovely Rita, Reject.
Actual Age: 595
Physical Age: Around 18.
Gender: Female
Rank: The Former Quinta
Modified: No


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 114 lb.
Eye Color: A soft, dark brown.

Hair Color/Style: Rita has long platinum blonde hair. It's slightly wavy, but still a bit smooth. She usually keeps it clipped up in a ruby red heart pendant with metal laced around it. When it's clipped up, her hair ends a little below her shoulders. When it's not, it ends a few inches above her hips.

Complexion: A tanned, peachy color. She has no blemishes or freckles on her skin, a few scars though.

Remains of Mask: 5 in. long flat cuffs on her arms. She keeps those covered with her leather gloves. A ring on each pointer finger. Two small, flat star shaped icon on her temples, which are the only fragment that isn't hidden.

Hollow Hole: On her right wrist. Covered by her glove.
Espada Tattoo: A crossed out 5 in bold script on the underside of her left wrist. Covered by her glove also.


Personality: Rita is a very protective tomboy. She isn't full of herself, which is a bit rare for one of the Espada, even though she is a former one. She can be a bit cocky at times, but tries to keep it down to a minimum. Rita is very caring for those injured or in danger. Most of the time Rita is kind, but she is always sneaky and sly. She enjoys playing around, and rarely takes things seriously unless they are in very dire situations. If it does come to a dangerous situation, Rita's personality flips. She becomes more dedicated and straight to the point, as the last thing Rita wants to see is everything going to total hell.

Even though Rita is usually a very good person, she treats the affairs between the races of the world as their business, which means Rita often works as the neutral party. She has set morals and interests, but Rita will only involve herself such affairs if they most of interests in mind, and if the situation is seriously threatening the well fair of others. She has a very special relationship with the town of Karakura, as it has become her home. Also, Rita treats herself as a vagrant, one who goes without a home. She often sleeps in bars or on park benches, aware that humans cannot see her. Her diet mainly consists of alcohol, ramen, and cookies, much to her delight.

She will laugh at others expense, as long as the one who is suffering didn't suffer to bad. Along with that, Rita never really contained much respect for superiors. She'll address them in a somewhat respectful way, but isn't rude. Rita is usually a very sociable person, as she isn't very shy. She has a fantastic singing voice, and can only dance good when she doesn't pay attention to those around her. Rita loves alcohol, and defininetly knows how to hold it without getting black out drunk. She's very laid-back and amazingly impulsive. Rita is notoriously unreliable, to the point where it is one of her noticeable weak spots. Also is irresponsible and takes on a slacker look at life, meaning she tries to complete things the laziest way possible, unless she really feels energetic.

Most if not all of these traits were gained when she woke up in a daze in the Forest of Menos. Rita is a very imaginative and creative girl. However, she's very opinionated and outspoken, and this has gotten her into baad situations before. It takes her quite a bit to geet angry, though when she does she's ferocious. During battle, Rita is quite a fun and noble competitor. She doesn't employ the use of dirty tricks, and she will call out those who do. Rita often compliments competitors attacks shold they land them, and will attempt to give tips to the opponent. She loves a challenge, and is satisifed when she gets to battle someone like herself; A good sport. She also retains her fondness of animals and outdoors she earned while a child.

Quirks: An overt fondness of alcohol; Spontaneous singing; Carving little icons into wooden tables with her nails; Talking to inanimate objects and animals; Throwing airplanes constructed of bar menus at passerbys; Sleeping in public places and trees....on purpose...; Yelling at strangers for no apparent reason; Can easily shut people up; Has a small pink pet pig named Pork.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single, somewhat looking.

History: Rita Charlotte Blair was born in what would later on become Texas to a young, scared mother and a criminal father around 1785. Her father had raped and abandoned the mother, and the mother left baby Rita on the doorstep of the Blair househould. The boy half-siblings had no choice but to reluctantly care for the baby, while her father couldn't care less about Rita's existence. As a young child, Rita was adventerous and wild, and loved to explore the dry desert-like qualities of her home as a way to escape from her family. Her father, siblings, and Rita herself ran a large ranch. She learned to develop a fondness of animals and the outdoors. Her siblings were all older brothers, and often teased Rita by calling her a runt, mainly because she was a small little girl. Rita's father was a reckless alcholic who was drunk most of the time. This left Rita and her siblings in charge most of the time. When Rita turned 5, her brother was bitten on the ankle by a rattlesnake while herding in the cattle. The funeral wasn't attended by many others, and even worse, since Rita' father was a blathering drunk and her brothers were too narrow minded to care, Rita was the only one who expressed any sadness over the funeral. It left her in a forever damaging mindset when her brothers beat her for crying in front of the attendees. Rita never attempted to run away, mainly because the place she lived in wasn't full of people and she knew she would likely die in the harsh weather conditions. When Rita grew to be 13, two more of her brothers had died of a fever, rendering Rita an only child. She was forced to bury them, and organize the funeral. Rita noticed that another ranch had cropped up near their own ranch, so on most days she would lend a hand after she finished the ranch work. The ranch had also employed a young african american boy, around Rita's age. She grew to like him over the various days they spent caring for the ranch, and eventually fell in love with him.

They kept it quiet from those around them, as such a thing was considered a massive taboo. However, Rita's father had found out on one of the rare days he was sober when he stumble'd upon the open pages of Rita's journel. In a angry, alcohol infused haze he ran over to the neighboring ranch. Rita's father first grabbed Rita's by the back of her neck, attempting to drag her back home and eventually beat her. When the young boy attempted to defend her from the father, he killed him by bashing him over the head with a rock. he proceeded to drag Rita through the rough desert atmosphere, earning her many cuts and scrapes. They returned and he beat Rita til she passed out from pain. When Rita woke up, the father was asleep. He took all the money he had, and abandoned him. She had gained freedom, and made her way to the edge of Texas, stealing and hiring a captain to sail a boat. Rita sailed until she was 15 years old, when she landed on the island of Japan, though Rita had no clue where she was. She was disappointed to find she couldn't understand a single person there, though in her Arrancar life she would finally learn Japanese. But that's later on, so it's not important right now. Anyways, after Rita landed in Japan, she wandered around the land, living on thiefed goods and in small abandoned residents. Even though Rita had earned sweet freedom, it seems as though her luck ran out when she reached the outskirts of blossoming Karakura Town. A group of dangerous bandits attacked Rita. The bandits stole everything she had. They didn't mean to kill her, just take her stuff. But one of them whipped out their katanas and slashed Rita across her neck. This nearly decapitated her, but nonetheless killed her. They left her corpse lying on the ground in a pool of blood and torn flesh. The minute Rita's neck was slashed, her spirit watched her corpse fall, and the bandits run off.

Plus Times-
The death instilled in her a sense of depression and sloth, feeling like she shouldn't of tried in the first place to escape from the ranch and her abusive father. As to only escape, live on a boat for two years with nothing but a cold sailor, and roam Japan, homeless, for one year, only to die at the young age of 18 through near decapitation was enough to make even the happiest person cry a river. So, Rita, sat by her body, lying down on the ground. She didn't atttempt to move from her dead body, letting time and bacteria get to it. She heard Karakura slowly grow around her, while watching the ever changing skies. Somedays it was rainy and cold, sometimes it was sunny and warm. But it never mattered to Rita. Her soul didn't feel anything. Heat, cold, nothing. Meanwhile, her souls chain was disintegrating at a rapid rate. She would happen to feel the pain of the rotting chain, but would stick through. She never screamed from the pain, choosing to silently cry. She thought that she was being punished for some odd reason that she couldn't think of. "Why's this happening? What did I do to deserve this torture??" she would mentally ask herself. Rita's emotional surrender only speeded up the process from Plus to a horrifying Hollow. It happened one day, during a rare time of snow. Flurries fell around her as she screamed from the pain.

The Hollow Years-
A small, cold snowflake landed on her little nose as she broke through to her Hollow side. Her screaming faded, sounding like the dying wind. And there she stood, Rita, the Hollow. Her arms were long and lanky, not to mention a pure inky black along with the rest of her oddly proportioned Hollow body. Her legs were short, black, and resembled that of a prowling animal. Both her feet and hands were paws, complete with sharp and long claws. Her midsection, skinny and strong. And finally, the hideous white Hollow mask that hid the once beautiful girl behind it. It was pure white, like any other Hollow. The mouth was drawn up in a menacing smile, while two canines hung sharp. Her eyes were narrow slits, yellow and black. Rita was only a normal Hollow, yet her appearence could instill fear in those who saw her. Only if Hollows felt fear, Rita could devour any Hollow she wanted. But alas, they did no such thing. Rita's posture was hunched over, a carnal, dangerous creature in search of sweet souls. She let out a loud moan, snatching up Human after Human. Mmmm, they're satisfied Rita each time she bit an arm or leg off. The fun satisfaction of the kill was Rita's one and only game. For year after year after year, for fifty long years, she devoured young Hollows, defensless Pluses, and ignorant Humans. She managed to avoid the Shinigami that came after, but still sustained damages from the feisty ones. After fifty years of that, she developed into a Gillian class. Minor changes were subjected to Rita. Rita would later reflect one how this was her least favorite state, as she not only was major weak, but looked exactly like the other Gillian class Hollows. The only difference was her white mask, Yes, her mask. It had shifted to a wider, more frightning grin with sharper teeth. The eyes grew larger, and reversed to yellow scelera and black irises. This made her somewhat different from the look a like Gillians.

Seventy years ensued after the transformation, while Rita was busy devouring the same weak hollows, souls, and humans she had enjoyed before. But, Rita delightfully discovered and trained her newfound ability, the Cero. This allowed her to collect another type of soul for dinner; the elusive Shinigami. Ohhhhh, how Rita loved the taste of a Shinigami. It was much more enjoyable than Hollows or Humans. So sweet and yummy. It was something Rita desired more then anything. She led her life upgrading in her choice of meal; from pluses to Shinigami, Weak hollows to Gillians, and sometimes a Human as a snack. Life was decent for Rita, but she wanted more....and more...and more. After 5 more years, Rita had "leveled up". It was a rainy day, the day she increased her power from Gillian to Adjuchas. Bathed in a sea green reiatsu, Rita's new, Adjuches form was revealed. She had gained more intelligence then when she was a Gillian, and she was certainly on her way ot the top. During her days as an Adjuchas, Rita's form had changed massively. This time, she took on several traits of the ferret. She was hunched over, and walked on all four of her limbs. Rita was completely covered in dark red, blood colored fur. Her paws were sharply clawed. Her nose and mouth were also taken from the appearence of a ferret. Rita was much bigger than an actual ferret though. She also gained two more handy abilities, the Garganta and Bala. That being said, after Rita ravaged Karakura for her going away feast, she tore open a Garganta and made her way to the land of Hueco Mundo. But before going to the top, Rita made a stop in the Forest of Menos. She prowled the gloomy forest, taking on those who challenged her. Most of the time, Rita would defeat the Hollows who dwelt there. But, she did have many challenges. One being that the males tended to pray on females. After witnessing such things, Rita made a decision to only devour the males. She felt no emotion during those times, but partially knew that the males were more of a challenge than females. And Rita always loved a challenge. After eating her way around the Forest, she went to the top of Hueco Mundo, the lovely White Desert. Once she got there, she often spent days gazing at Las Noches, and how magnificent it was. how it was probably the residence of the gods. She longed for it, that power.

With that power, she wouldn't have to fight for her life anymore.....she could survive peacefully. Something she dearly wanted. While gazing one day, a dark female figure blocked her view. The mysterious woman promised her much power, and to train on one condition. That she must never, ever, conform to the views that reside in Las Noches, even if they promised her more power than she could ever dream of. Rita reluctantly agreed to the womans demand. After a while, they gradually began to work as a team. Rita learned the woman's name, Vestia. She treated Rita much like a mother treats her daughter. They would go on feeding frenzies in Karakura and the Forest. Years later, the woman confronted Rita about her mask, claiming that if she ripped it off, the would gain her power. Rita refused, slightly fearing life behind the mask. The woman mentioned that she only knew of one more transformation Rita could undergo without taking off her mask; Vastro Lorde. She also explained that that level of power is the most difficult and challenging to attain, and that Rita would have to feast and train for a very long time just reach it. For another 150 years, the longest time Rita had ever stayed in one Hollow state, she ate and trained. She was now 438 years of age. While returning, she finally attained the status of Vasto Lorde. Like her other tranformations, Rita was hidden in her reiatsu. She emerged, her form that of a graceful female. her body covered in the blood red fur. Two massive star shaped masks covered her face, while long cuffs covered her arms. She looked fearless, yet calm at the same time. She returned to the spot where her and the woman would usually stay, only to discover her fatally injured. Rita attempted to save her but it was no use. Due to Rita's short time and her actions, she wasn't a very powerful Vasto Lorde, mostly because she had just attained it. Rita ripped her mask away from her face in blinding rage. She felt as if she should've listened to the woman's directions while she was alive and well. She took everything for granted. It angered her so much, she couldn't resist tearing away to mask.

Life in Las Noches-
After Rita tore of her mask, her animalistic body had advanced to a a Human form. Long, soft blonde hair, tanned peachy skin, big innocent brown eyes. Rita was quite a beautiful girl, comparable to Aphrodite. Her mask frgaments were spread around her upper body. Rita had also gained the standard Arrancar outfit, though it different in certain ways. It as long sleeved, covering her upper body up to her neck. Tight, knee length pants covered her lower torso. But, Rita was mostly covered by a long black and white hooded cloak. Strapped to the underside of each arm was two daggers, her zanpaktou. She was a complete Arrancar. She spent another 50 years training to strengthen her Resureccion. Finally, Rita confronted those who resided in Las Noches, the same place she though was palace of the gods. And now, she was finally standing within it. She learned about the group of very powerful arrancar, the legendary Espada. She desired to join the ranks of the Espada very much, and after training and demonstrating her abilities, Rita was admitted to the spot of Quinta. She enjoyed her rank, and while Rita was powerful, the abrupt death of her friend and mentor, paired with the seduction of power, Rita fell prey to menace and cruelty. When Rita killed, she'd do so in cruel ways.

Decapitating one with their own blade, choking others to death with their own limbs. Rita was a monster, and she knew it. She used it to her advantage so shee could persuade others to do her favors. However, it was very inaccurate to say Rita didn't feel any kindness or caring. She did in fact. Her fraccion were very near to her heart, as she even allowed to call them by her first name. They developed a bond similar to that of friends. Rita would give her life for them, as they would gladly give their lives for Rita. She spent a total of 86 years serving in the Espada ranks. She was on the verge of ascending higher, until tragedy struck. One higher ranking Espada who though Rita was completely worthless, beat her senseless while she was sleeping. He dumped her unconcious, bloody body deep in the Forest of Menos. When he returned to Las Noches, he feigned sadness over Rita's fate, claiming that he had found her bloody and dead. It was cited as a surprise attack by a group of Arrancars. The days following after were strange. Rita awoke in the Forest, alone, and very sore from her injuries. After wondering why such a thing had happened, Rita was afraid to return to Las Noches. She didn't want this to happen again, as everytime she moved she felt immense pain. The memories of Rita were forgotten, only a few remembered her existance. She didn't deserve it. She was very powerful and smart, but someone had caught her in her weak spot. It didn't matter to anyone else though. Rita would later be replaced by another as that's how things went with the Espada. They were disposable creatures, and there would always be somone to replace them with.

A Rebirth?-
After a while, Rita's cruel personality faded like memories of her existance. She gained a more kind personality, and while sad about her fraccion, she learned to fend for herself. After healing completely, Rita escaped to Karakura, the town she hadn't been in for a very long time. She designed a new outfit, fitting her creative spirit, and removed the Arrancar outfit. Rita reinvented herself, and found a new life in the overwhelming world. Some of her memories from her days in Hueco Mundo have gradually faded away to do the severe beating she sustained, but she remembers most of the events. She's taken up residence in Karakura, and gets by through means of swiping amounts of money from people that walk by her table at bars and taverns.


Name: Dulce Sedación (Spanish for Sweet Sedation)

Sealed Description: During her sealed form, her weapons take the form of two sharp daggers, one strapped to her upper thigh and one strapped to the underside of her arms. The one on her arm is shorter than the one on her leg. The under side of each blade has around 2-3 curved arcs, while the other side is flat. The curvy side is the sharp side also. The handle of each dagger ends in a sharp tip that snaps off to reveal an empty cavity, used for storing things and for one of her techs. 'Sweet Sedation' is carved on the flat side of each blade.

Aspect of Death: Acedia, being very careless and lazy.
Release Phrase: "Sedate and fade for me, Dulce Sedación."
Element/Class type: Rita represents a Ferret, and the element is Light.

Resurreccion Appearance: Her Resureccion appearence takes from that of a ferret. When she enters Res, Rita's outfit is replaced by a soft coat of short haired fur that is mahogany and pure white in color, along with a short, bushy tail. This coat of fur covers most of her body, except her hands, feet, and face. Two pointed, but slightly rounded ears replace her normal ears in this form. Her hands and feet become pointed paws, with sharp claws. Her teeth, mainly the canines, will become sharper. Also, Rita's nose will become that of a ferrets'. Her legs will become slightly thinner and longer, but more muscular. Her appearence is known to be strange and unsettling. Her two sealed weapons shift into one, 4 foot sword. It's about 10 inches wide, a despite it's length, Rita can comfortably wield it. The bottom of the hilt snaps off to reveal an empty space, which comes in handy for one of her techs, along with holding things. Like her daggers, the blade is curved and has arcs on the underside. Also like the daggers, 'Sweet Sedation' is carved on the blade, though in larger lettering. Although, opposite the side where Sweet Sedation is carved, a massive amount of unintelligable symbols, lit up in a neon blue light, are placed.

-Standard Techniques-

Name: Cero
Description: A powerful energy blast. Rita's Cero is lime green in color, with white intricate streaks around it, making it look like it's surrounded in a spider web. The charging time is one post, and the Cero has a powerful hit, but a narrow range. Rita fires it through means of a backflip, at which it charges briefly when she begins to flip and kicks it off with her foot.
Duration: 1 post.
Cool Down: 1 post.

Name: Hierro
Description: Hierro is protective, hardened skin against attacks. Rita's Hierro is at average Espada strength.
Duration: None.
Cool Down: None.

Name: Bala
Description: Rita's Bala is shot from her hand, although the right hand must be layered over the left hand and extended forward. It is dark green in color.
Duration: 1 post.
Cool Down: 1 post.

Name: Sonido
Description: Sonido is the Arrancar equivalent to the Shinigami Shunpo. Rita is efficiently trained in using her Sonido.
Duration: None.
Cool Down: None.

Name: Garganta
Description: Garganta is the Arrancar way of traveling.
Duration: None.
Cool Down: None.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Description: A cero that Espada use by mixing there own blood with it. The Gran Rey Cero is considerably more powerful then a normal Cero.
Duration: 1 post.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

Name: Pesquisa
Description: The Arrancars' method of measuring the power of another being. Rita uses hers by stomping her left foot once, and a
Duration: 1 post.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

-Innate Techniques-(Techniques almost exclusive to your character, No more than 6 in the total, this includes resurrecion and sealed form. It is recommended that you have some innate techniques for your sealed form too)

Name: Mi Rápido Hojas (My Rapid Elegy)
Usage:( Resureccion.
Description: Rita will first break off into a sprint or Sonido. She will slam the sword downwards and jump into the air, almost as if she was pole vaulting. She spin forwards, her sword held outwards in front of her. Because of her speed, Rita's form will become blurred and will slitghtly resemble a saw blade. When she lands, Rita will swipe horizontally in the air, firing a large, curved, and thin wave of energy. This wave of energy acts much like a boomerang does, returning to the master. Except once it grows closer to returning, it'll shrink to a small size and be absorbed into the blade, letting Rita fire another boomerang wave. She can also fire multiple ones without having to wait for a single one to return, though that does somewhat weaken each boomerang's power. She does not have to repeat the spinning process to fire more boomerangs.
Duration: 2 post.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

Name: Nocturno de Miseria (Nocturne of Misery)
Usage:( Resureccion state.
Description: The blade splits apart into three separate pieces. Two of the detached blades proceed to divide into twos, making upa total of four that revolve rapidly around Rita's midsection, chest and her neck, offering protection from weaker foes that aim to rush her, or hand to hand combatants that aim to fight her in that style, who will find it difficult to attack without avoiding the revolving blades. Meanwhile, the third blade that wasn't revolving, is being controlled by Rita herself, through use of the now detached hilt. This offers Rita the chance to swordfight with her opponent from a longer distance, while being protected by the revolving blades. This detached blade moves exactly as if the blade was connected to it's hilt, just farther away.
Duration: 1 post.
Cool Down: 1 post.

Name: El Preludio Revitaliza (The Revived Prelude)
Usage:( Resureccion state.
Description: After a small preparation, Rita can briefly smash the upper half of her blade, as without the prep Rita is unable to smash the blade. While focusing reiatsu into the smashed blade pieces, Rita develops a strong healing medicine that is stored in a metallic jar. When applied to physical injuries, the medicine will gradually heal the wound to a point where the patient can function without feeling to much pain again. If injested, the medicine will purge the body of poisons and such. Though, if the latter method is used, there will be a bit of pain that accompanies the purge of poisons. Also, if the opponent is higher ranked than Rita, then the medicine's healing power will be cut in half. Rita can use this on both others and herself. There is roughly a normal sized jar filled with this medicine, and when it's gone, Rita must wait through the cooldown to use it again. This ability was somewhat reason why she was shunned during her time with the Espada. About one tablespoon of medicine will properly heal injured people, regardless of race. It'll take two tablespoons if the power is halved. Two and a half if the power is reduced less than that.
Duration: 2 post. If not used completely in 2 posts, the remainder will quickly evaporate and her blade will return to normal.
Cool Down: 6 posts.
Preperation: 1 post. Rita does so by tracing the lit up blue symbols in her blood. After she completes that sequence, the symbols will light up purple, and Rita must slam her blade against the ground. The top will shatter into small shards, and Rita must concentrate focus and reiatsu into those pieces by devoting her mind to nothing but those shattered pieces, as the healing ritual's power will be reduced by a third if she doesn't do so. After she completes those steps, she will earn the medicine jar.

Name: Un Réquiem Arruinado (A Ruined Requiem)
Usage:( Both states. More effective during Res. state
Description: Rita will first shove her sword into the ground up to the guard, then quickly remove it. The blade will be pure white in color, instead of the usual silver and black. She'll point it forward and recite the techniques name. Her sea green spirit energy will rush to the tip of the blade and the area in front of it. It will manifest into a large funnel shape. This reiatsu funnel will absorb certain attacks that hit it, provided the person who has fired the attack isn't more powerful than her. The absorbed attack will then be shot out from the center of the funnel, slightly enhancing the strength of it. If the attack is too powerful, it will break through the walls of the funnel, leaving a hole where it hit. Rita can still fight with her sword blade, though the funnel will stay directly in front of her blade tip. During her sealed state, Rita must shove both daggers into the ground and hold the outwards. They form two funnels, though the power of each is one half of the Res. funnel.
Duration: 3 posts.
Cool Down: 5 posts.

Name: Ella Serenata Manchada (Her Tainted Serenade)
Usage:( Both states. More effective during Res. state.
Description: On both her sealed weapons and her Res weapon, at the bottom of the hilt is a small cap capable of unlatching from the hilt. If Rita slips a small amount of her blood into the hollow, open hilt, the weapon will light up briefly. After a few seconds, a large lime green transparent bubble will form around Rita's body. This protects her from most attacks and toxins. Rita is unable to use her custom techniques though. If the opponent is considerably more powerful than Rita, the attack will be able to puncture the bubble, though it will slow down when it hits the bubble. if the bubble is punctured, it will slowly "heal".
Duration: 1 posts.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

-Rp Sample- "Umm, are you alright?" asked a unfamiliar male voice.

Rita blinked, her vision hazy. She quickly rubbed her eyes and looked up at the man. Rita Blair was lying on the cold, grey parkbench in the middle of some park she had wandered off to in the middle of the night after drinking one too many glasses of sake. Usually, Rita would sleep until around 3 o' clock, as no creatures disturbed her. Even if something susupicious did crop up while she was sleeping, she had become a light sleeper after the incident. Maybe a foolish Hollow, or foolish Shinigami, she'd either shoo them away or kill them if they didn't listen to her. No one should disturb someone during their naps, as not even Rita would wish that upon her worst enemy. But never had a human woke her up in the middle of napping. They couldn't see her, unless they were spiritually gifted. Rita deduced that this must be one of the spiritually gifted. She was tired as hell, and she felt like cutting this guy in two for waking her, but she put on the happy face anyways. "What? Yeah yeah, i'm goooood." She responded, her voice close to a whisper. When she woke yp, Rita was bitchy, hungry, and wasn't used to talking. She sat up on the bench, brushing her platinum hair away from her face. She noticed that it had rained the night before, and was silently glad she slept under the covered bench. "Hey what's that? Is it a tattoo?" the man said, reaching forwards to touch one of Rita's mask fragments.

To be specific, the two star shaped fragments on her temples. Rita grabbed his hand before it could get near her face, her grasp slowly tightening. 'It's very rude to go around proclaiming your interests in people' attempting to touch the item. That being said, the next time you try to touch me, I will snap your wrist in two." Rita threatened, letting his wrist go. The man shuddered. "Ok, fine." He mumbled, looking at Rita's disapproving glare. She hated when people didn't recognize personal space, but that was most likely just a side effect of morning awakening. She sighed, noticing she had scared the man quite a bit. "Sorry. I'm just tired, though you really shouldn't of done that....Maybe you'd care to enjoy some ramen?" Rita offered, attempting to redeem herself for the outburst. He nodded, relaxing a bit. "Uhh, sure. I'll pay." the man replied. Rite nodded, a small smile appearing on her lips. 'That's good, as it's not like I have any money to pay with anyways.' she thought to herself, peering into the small, cheap wallet she purchased from a generaal store. She didn't have a cent in there, in fact, Rita didn't have anything in the wallet. There was no need for a driver;s license or identification. She surely doubted she would get pulled over for using to many Sonido's, or needing i.d. for a bar people couldn't see her in. She yawned as she followed the man into a dingy ramen shop.

The place looked like maybe it was run by a family, as it wasn't fancy at all. There were some tables and chairs, a small diner bar with stools, and the kitchen behind that. "I'll be right back, i'll go order the ramen." he said to Rita while grabbing 20 dollars from his wallet. After he went to go order, the wallet caught Rita's eye. He had left it on the table, so she quickly grabbed it and removed a few hundreds from it. She left around two in their, as Rita's wasn't completely selfish. She just needed to get by. He returned to Rita, each hand occupied with one steaming styrofoam cup of ramen. "Should we eat outside?" Rita asked. He nodded as they walked out and sat in a park bench. They sat and talked about the strange events happening in Karakura lately, which Rita knew was probably Hollow attacks. Nonetheless, Rita played it off like she didn't know anything. Afterwords, Rita and the man parted ways. She snickered, counting the money she had gotten. This would get her by for few weeks, depending on what she bought. She sighed, grabbing the dagger on her leg from it's hold on her thigh. She rubbed her finger across the edge of the flat side, polishing the words "Dulce Sedacion". The name of her zanpaktou had always cheered her up. 'Sweet Sedation' she thought over and over.
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Rita Blair (Finished ^^)
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