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 Sumiyoshi Hiei (Done)

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PostSubject: Sumiyoshi Hiei (Done)   Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:19 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Sumiyoshi Hiei
Alias/Nickname: Mephisto
Actual Age: 363
Physical Age: Early 20's, ~22/23
Gender: Male
Division: 11
Rank: Third Seat


Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 150 pounds
Eye Color: His eye's are an incrediblly bright emerald green color.
Hair Color/Style: His hair is naturally a relatively bright reddish color, with strands of white piercing through it. Now, while this could be considered a sign of aging, Hiei's hair is considerably lighter than the grey hair the elderly have, and as such, it seems to suit him. The general mix of his hair along with his almost flawless face gives him that pretty boy look,
Complexion: His skin complexion is oddly pale, almost as white as the ice caps. This gives him a look of being ill, but he is in fact far from it. However, because of this, it isn't recommended that he stands out in the sun for too long. By doing so for extended periods of time, he feels weaker and drained.
Any distinguishing features: Upon his naked flesh, he has several scars of battle which only a warrior could obtain. His back and chest seem to be the most shocking, with multiple slices and red tissue showing itself to the world. The most extreme of which is a slash across his chest. It goes from his left shoulder all the way down to the bottom right corner of his stomach. A clear sign of a lost fight, and an example of how close one can be to death and survive.

His general clothing is quite typical of your everyday Shinigami. There are, of course, a few personalized touches, although these tend to be due to his pale complexion and inability to stay for long periods of time in the sun.

Wrapped around his chest is a white Shitagi, again typical of your everyday Shinigami. Above this lies his Kosode, which is generally wrapped around him so tightly that you cannot even see his Shitagi. It is colored in the general black color that signifies his status as a Shinigami. His legs, however, are a pair of loose trousers instead of the typical Shinigami Hakama. This seems to be personal preference, and to this day nobody has complained about it. His feet sit comfortably into a white Tabi, which in turn stand upon a Waraji. Around his neck lies a dog tag, with the name "Mephisto" inscribed into it.

There is one addition that is highly uncommon for a Shinigami. A black hood that is always sat atop his head. This gives off a shadow that completely covers Hiei's face. While it doesn't actually hide his face from the outside world, it gives him the look of an intimidating, sinister being. While not the case, there's no harm in protecting your face and giving the enemy something to think about, right?


Around his neck lies a black, white and red colar, which also fits the general look of his clothing choice. His pants are black jeans, which seem to have been untouched or clearly well looked after. His jacket is a leather bikers jacket, which follows the same black, white and red design that covers his body. Infact, the only thing that doesn't match the rest of his clothing is a green shirt. Around his kneck lies a dog tag, with the name "Mephisto" inscribed into it. Seveal chains also seem cover his belt / pants area.



Personality: Hiei is a genuinely kindhearted person, able to see the good in anyone and almost anything. This is apparent in his way of fighting, as he tends to set himself boundaries, as to not outright kill an opponent if they are weaker than he is. He will often try to help people for apparently no reason, and will in fact risk his own life for the safety and comfort of others. Due to this nature, however, he is incredibly emotional, and is likely to snap if someone were to attack his friends or allies.

If he were to snap, he would become somewhat of a berserker, relentlessly attacking the one who made him snap until they were nothing more than a smoldering corpse rotting six feet under. During this state he appears to feel no pain, no remorse, and only the hatred that fueled the rage. This is but a double edged sword, as he is likely to push himself beyond his limits, and through any injury he may incur, inevitably causing him to make a minor injury serious, or worse.

Another one of Hiei's most interesting personality traits would be his mild vanity. Albeit he is kind in nature, his actions appear to be that of some kind of comic book villain who cares that little bit too much about their appearance. He hates feeling ugly to the opposite sex, and makes sure to be eye-catching at any turn. He is also likely to act flirtatious around women he finds attractive, often giving a heart pounding smile, or a sly wink. However, he is definitely not a ladies man, and is very respectable to women in conversation.

He doesn't really appear to hate anything, his ability to try and see good in anything tends to prevent the hatred. However, one thing he truly detests in those who kill for the pleasure of it. Fighting could always be considered fun, yet if one was to attack an innocent and cut their life short, well, they would deserve the same action done to them without a moments hesitation.

He is also -very- respectable, and gives respect to those around him as if they were at the same level as him. He speaks with a highly emotional tone, sounding a bit like someone who is full of love, happiness and joy. However, when it is required of him to be serious, his voice changes into an almost sinister sound, a slight hint of possible malice being heard within. This is also the voice he uses in battle, if he were to consider speaking.

He tends to show a disliking to Hollow-kind, as expected from a Shinigami. However, he is also empathetic on how they came to be. This hatred for Hollow's is clearly mixed with a need to help then move on. Because of this, he often requests to be put on earth to help clean up the place. He is a man who does his part for spirit world, and simply wishes to make everything feel as if it belongs.

He also see's Shinigami as the race that will save the world. As such, he clearly has a great respect for all Shinigami, be they veterans or just leaving the Academy. This is one of the aspects of his personality that allows him to make friends easily.

When he befriends someone, he begins to open up to them and reveal his fun loving side. He will often create a harmless joke or two to tease them, and genuinely enjoys their company. If they embarrass themselves, he is often the one seen with his hand covering his face, more often than not laughing. He is capable of comforting them in times of hardship, and making life fun when things are easy. However, around new people, he doesn't seem to speak much. He appears to have been taught from a young age to be careful who you trust. Because of this, most Shinigami who don't know him personally would consider him to hold some kind of dark secret or that he doesn't like them. While this isn't the case, he doesn't try too hard to change the way people perceive him.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: *Stated in Personality* Mild Vanity. Doesn't try to kill opponents weaker than him. Covers his face when his friends make a fool of themselves.
*Not stated in personality* He is almost constantly moving his hands if he has a sword in them. He often swings it around his hand, almost as if he is keeping himself prepared for a sneak attack.



When two people fall in love, they hold each other in a special kind of way. Sometimes, with a little bit of luck, something beautiful comes from it. A child, be it a boy or girl, the family is uplifted with joy. However, not all stories are meant for children, and not all children born are born into a world which they deserve. Some are born into an underworld, some are born into poverty, and others are born into war. And for some of those children, they don't even know the world they have been born into. This was the exact case of the newest addition to the Sumiyoshi Family. Born sometime in the seventeenth centuary, he was born just as the Sumiyoshi Family found themselves one of the greatest family's of the infamous Yakuza.

Hiei was the first born of a pair of twins, the other being named Mephisto. They started their lives in a part of japan named Banshu, growing up in a happy family. Their father was rarely around. When he was there, however, they spent their free time learning to way of the warrior. Now, their father was the brother of the leader of the family, and had strong moral beliefs. Firstly, he didn't want this life for his children. He wanted them to live a life of honor instead of deceit. He spent his free time teaching both Hiei and Mephisto the art of self defense, utilizing a Katana to gain an advantage. By the age of seven, both of the children could be considered Samurai in the making. However, they were also just children. Because of this fact, their father gradually realized that they were too young to live this lifestyle, at least in his eye's. At this point, he stopped their training, and let them life as children should.

Family is all

One important lesson in Hiei's life came from his childhood. At the age of eight, he and his brother Mephisto were playing in the area just outside their house. They had their toys, and were getting along happily until *Snap*, Mephisto broke one of Hiei's. His face swelling up like a balloon, tears flowed down his cheeks as a child would do. Running to his father, he told him what his brother had done. In an attempt to calm him down, his father simply said "It's just a toy, you will get over it." However, with emotions at an all time high, this youth screamed out "No I won't! I wish he was dead!"

His father said nothing to Hiei. He simply looked at him and nodded, before calling Mephisto over. "Mephisto, come closer." he said as Mephist continued to edge his way towards his father. Then, with one quick movement, their father was ontop of Mephisto, slowly suffocating him. In shock and panic, Hiei immediately jumped to his brothers rescue, grabbing hold of his fathers arm and begging for him to stop. "You will have to try better than that." was his reply, as Mephisto was turning red in the face. Hiei then started hitting him, before punching him square in the face.

With that, their father stood up, letting Mephisto catch his breath once more. Both the brothers looked at eachother, the shock fixated upon their faces. "Family is all. We all live to help eachother, remember that." their father said, before turning away and walking back inside.

Miyamoto Musashi

Once he had reached the age of ten, Hiei was often sent to do chores for the family. This particular day was no exception, and it was his turn to buy the nights food. He followed the long dusty road which headed towards town, only to see something he had never seen before. A man fighting with two swords, a Katana and a Wakizashi. He was witnessing a duel to the death, but his mind was simply lost in the dance that these two were performing. The man using a single blade was truly outclassed, however. The other, with two blades, was capable of defending and attacking within one motion, something that could be considered highly effective. Then, unlike any swordsman Hiei had seen in his life, he saw the man throw his Wakizash. As it penetrated straight through the opponents eye, death was instant.

Gasping in amazement, Hiei was in awe of this man. A true master swordsman who could use two weapons at once to gain a huge advantage. It was something that Hiei himself wanted to be able to do. Running over to him, he looked up at his taller figure. The man was probably in his thirty's, and Hiei's amazement even made this man give the child a smile. "How..How did you do that? Teach me!" he asked, no, demanded. However, this man simply shook his head. He didn't have time to master his own abilities and train another it seemed, a fact that almost deeply upset Hiei. He then ran back home, failing to obtain the shopping he was asked to get earlier. However, he didn't care. He now had a task, a task which he would achieve.


Shortly after witnessing the greatness that was Miyamoto Musashi, Hiei himself set up a plan to begin training as soon as possible. At first, he trained outside with two sticks, each around the right size as to mimic the mans fighting style. However, simply swinging a sword around with no aim or target would never teach a child the value of being a true warrior. His father had seen his son doing this, and as it continued for other two months, he himself had to see what his son was up to. It was then that the father had learned that his son wished to become a master of the blade, something likely gained through his earlier training as a child. In fact, this child wasn't doing too badly with the two weapons. A few years of training and he could have probably given any swordsman a run for their money. Accepting his sons wishes, and realizing that this was the perfect way to get him to not follow the family's way, he allowed Hiei to leave the house and beging journeying around the country, to become a swordsman like no other.

During his last night at home, at only the age of eleven, he was given a gift from each member of his family. His father gave him a Katana passed down through the generations, highly akin to the one used by Miyamoto Musashi. His mother also gave a weapon from her side of the family, a much shorter sword. A wakizashi with a blade measuring thirty centimeters. And finally, the gift from his brother. It was something even more personal than the family weapons he had obtained. Something made by his brothers hand. It was a strange piece of Metal, the name "Mephisto" inscribed into it. He then pulled out another, with the name "Hiei" written upon it. "Never forget where you come from brother... Remember, family is all." He said, flashing a smile at his soon to be gone brother. And it was indeed something Hiei would never forget.

He then began to travel the world, all the time fighting for his own food, and training in the wilderness. It was the most ideal place to start, he thought, because of the vast amount of life and challenges to overcome. His body grew stronger as it aged, and so did his abilities with a sword. By the age of thirteen, he had his first duel. Winning with ease, his training had paid off. He continued travelling around the country, overcoming all the obstacles that stood in his way.

Miyamoto Musashi, part 2

Still only thirteen, Hiei found himself finally coming face to face with a man he had met years before. It was also where he would learn the name of this man. This was the hardest duel Hiei had to go through in his human life, that much was certain. Even with all the time he had spent training, he was no match for the main who had been doing it five times longer. The battle was definitely one to remember though, as many of the locals of the area had come to witness this fight. Two fighters, both using two blades each. At the start, it seemed pretty even in fact. However, Miyamoto's superiority soon became apparent. Both had the same art when it came to parrying and counterattacking, something Hiei had clearly mimic'd just a few years before. However, just a few minutes after the battle had started, Hiei was the one who was on the floor, a gash ripping straight through his chest. However, he was one of the luckiest people alive that day.

The attack had managed to miss all the vital organs in his body, and amazingly enough, he had managed to get through it around six months after turning fourteen. He had no idea what had happened during that fight, but something definately did. He knew he wasn't at his best during that time, but he didn't know why. However, he had a suspicion. Looking down at his incredibly pale skin, he linked his sudden weakness to the sun. It appeared as he got older, he couldn't stay in the sun for extended periods of time. The fact was, he definitely appeared as if he was getting paler as he aged for a completely unknown reason. Because of this, he bought a cloak off of the man who's house he was staying at. As he walked outside, he pulled the hood up, keeping the sun from his face.

Outside was someone waiting for him, however. The man he had fought several months ago, Miyamoto Musashi. "Mephisto, correct? I have your belongings." he said, tossing the metal tag towards Hiei, as well as his two blades. They looked as if they had been cleaned and healed of all imperfections he had created during his training. "You are a good fighter, but you are copying my style. If you're going to do that, do it properly. I won't train you, but you can follow me and do as I do. I leave tomorrow at dawn. Miyamoto said, before turning away and walking from Hiei.

Watching a Master, and becoming one yourself

The next day, he followed the man out of the city, and into the greatest journey he would ever have in life. Every day felt like it was new, and every day appeared to have new training methods installed. While he never actually spoke to Miyamoto, heck, he never came within ten feet of him, he still managed to copy his motions exactly, and understand them as he did. Meditation, Swordsmanship, throwing weapons, strategy and everything you could think of learning to improve yourself in battle. Within two years, at the age of sixteen, he was truly a competant warrior. He didn't think of himself as anywhere near Miyamoto, but truth be told, the gap wasn't huge. He would never be able to fight with such superiority, but it was unlikely that he himself would be beaten by someone who wasn't a master. He continued to follow Miyamoto even though by this point, he had nothing to show Hiei which he didn't already know. The rest would come after years of practice, and that was a fact Hiei knew himself. He just didn't want to leave his idols side.

His final day

As his journey with Miyamoto continued, he himself found himself in many a duel alongside who he would call master. However, this one day would be different. Very, very different. This was to become one of the most famous days in Miyamoto's life, his most epic of battles. Hiei, however, found himself fighting another. A master who's abilities could have matched up to Miyamoto. As the battle went on, he found himself in a battle where the opponent had the upper hand. Within seconds, Hiei had been stabbed in the stomach, coughing up blood yet still trying to fight. By the end of the battle, however, it was Hiei who was the one standing. Covered in blood, however, his life flashed before his eye's. Family is all. Never forget your brother. Never forget Mephisto. Mephisto.

And as a pulse, a death becomes new life

Shortly after dying after his before mentioned battle, he awoke once more. However, this time, there was something different. He could see Miyamoto Musashi walking away victorious, and his own body lying lifeless on the ground. He had died. Almost in shock at first, Hiei found himself confused at his current state. He had heard of spirits, but in his all his life had never witnessed one. But at this point, he himself was clearly one. And he was seeing things he had never seen before every second. It was almost as if life had hidden him from the truth for all these years. There were others, all with chains on their chests. Heck, even his opponent could be seen sitting on the floor just meters away. However, both simply looked towards the floor. It was at this moment that a black figure made its way towards the other male, causing this spirit to disappear in an incredible light.

This, however, caused Hiei to panic. Turning around, he began to run. He seemed faster than he was in life, but he was quickly exhausted. At that point, the black figure made its way towards Hiei as he collapsed to the ground. It leaned down to him, before revealing an almost flawless, beautiful face. A young woman, it appeared. With a few soothing words, she placed the bottom of her sword upon Hiei's head, his vision becoming nothing more than eternal whiteness. He could feel his whole body shake as it left the earth, and headed towards Soul Society.


Upon opening his eye's once more, Hiei was in an entirely new place. The Soul Society, or more specifically, Rukongai. He was in what could only be described as a run down area, thriving with thieves and the typical scum who lived in such an area. To his right, he saw kids younger than him breaking into one of the houses, something he didn't even question. Without a hint of emotion, he began to walk around the district, simply watching the people around there, and they were watching him. As he realized this, he also noticed a cloak on the floor just beneath his foot. Smirking slightly, he picked it up and threw it over himself. Pulling the hood up, he almost looked like the reaper himself.

Beneath the cloak were two blades, one a Katana, the other a Wakazashi. Both were the exact same build as his weapons he had in life. Did someone leave this all for him, and if so, who was it? Picking up both weapons, he hid them beneath the cloak.

Rukongai: Part 2 - Enter Mephisto

Days turned to years, and as those years fluttered by, Hiei turned back to the lifestyle he knew. Dueling, proving he was the greatest swordsman in existance. The first duel he had in Rukongai was between himself and a thug who was causing issues for the other spirits there. A thug whom he had defeated with ease. Nobody even saw his face, and as such, many rumors were circulating around Rukongai during this time. A nameless man who stood up for the right, and defeated the wrong. Even after this single fight, he was a hero of the regular beings. He continued this journey, making sure to fight those who were wrong-doers and all the time improving his fighting technique. The more he fought, the more that people believed he had a skill with the sword surpassing even the Gotei 13 Captains. An overexageration, no doubt, but one thing was certain. These people hadn't seen someone so skilled with a blade for years.

As the years continued to pass, Hiei had finally been given a name. Mephisto. He had appeared to remake the metal tag that his brother had made him during his life. After all, family is all. This had been seen during one of his duels, as well as his face, but the only name people had to go by was still the name on the tag. However, after fifty years had passed, there was suddenly a disappearance from this warrior of the people.

Even good things can change a man forever

After spending fifty years in Rukongai, Hiei finally found someone to talk to. Someone who didn't even comment on who he was and what he was doing. A woman, around the same age as him. During the middle of his latest duel in Rukongai, he was about to kill the man. However, he was stopped by this woman, telling him that killing those weaker than you is something that only the weak would do. To be strong, you must prove yourself in battle, and allow your enemies the chance to live and become stronger. And this was something he listened to. She actually stood up to him after all. And for that reason alone, he didn't kill the man. His life was thanks to her, and he himself said he would repent for all he had done. Watching as he ran away, this was the start of something truly wonderful. His first love.

Time continued to pass, but the two of them started to spend a lot more time together. If Hiei was training, so was she, and if he was relaxing, she would spend her time with him. Eventually, friendship grew into so much more. They fell for one another, and were honestly the happiest they had ever been when in each others arms. They spent most of their time with the children of Rukongai, to the point of opening their house for Orphans. They had become a family, a family Hiei would do anything to protect. However, it was also around this time that Hiei's strength was seemingly weakening. It wasn't apparent to most people's eye's, but to those trained to sense Reiryoku, his was somehow limited due to his state of mind, and not allowing himself to kill those weaker than him. It almost seemed to adjust depending on who he was fighting.

And even the best things must come to an end

All was well in Hiei's life, now being one hundred years since he had come to this place. Unlike most Shinigami, however, he didn't appear to have aged much at all. The reason was unknown, most just assumed some Shinigami age slower than others. So did he, and it was likely this view was correct. And times were as good as they had always been with his lover, however, things were about to take a sudden change for the worse. The house was filled with Orphans, all enjoying themselves, when several men broke in. Their aim, to kill the infamous Mephisto. They had finally tracked him down, and as he had pretty much single-handedly destroyed most of the gang just years before, he was their ideal target. At first, they simply executed the kids before Hiei and his lover had returned from their outing. Upon returning, they were greeted with blood covered walls, and a distinct lack of anybody in sight. On the wall, written in the childrens blood was a message. "Mephisto, you asked for this."

In a rage, Hiei grabbed hold of both his weapons. His woman got ready aswell, saying that this wasn't just his fight. They left the building, and headed towards the place Hiei fought his last duel, in an attempt to gather information. Upon arriving at their destination, they were greeted with over thirty men, all with blades drawn and ready to attack.

And when that is taken away, nobody who stands in his way will live

Within moments, a battle had started. Hiei was dealing with them as they came. Even though he was apparently weaker than he once was, he was still far more than a match for those thugs. His partner, however, was getting overwhelmed. Leaping to defend her, he found himself with a huge gash through his back, blood rushing out, lying on the floor helpless. It was at that moment that he saw something he would never forget. The one woman he loved more than anything in the world. That woman's head rolling towards him. Tears rushed down his cheeks, as a blade came down, resting upon his neck. From there, it all went blank.

With a flash, he appeared behind the man holding the blade. Nobody had even seen him move, but he was there, blades drawn and hungering for blood. Not a word escaped his lips as his Wakazashi penetrated straight through the mans neck, severing the spine in the process. One was down. Most just looked on in disbelief, as he quite clearly utilized Shunpo, appearing in front of the man furthest away. With one swing, his body was slashed in half. At that moment, an overwhelming spiritual pressure erupted from within him. A pressure that wasn't uncommon for Shingami Captain's to produce. Everyone just froze, suddenly becoming aware of the huge mistake they had made. Within the next few seconds, all but one of the men was left standing, staring in awe at the man before him. Hiei immediately recognized him, be it subconsciously, as the man he had fought all those years ago and he had let live. However, rage was the only thing in his mind, as he swiftly ended this mans second life.

After a few minutes, trained Shinigami appeared to see Hiei standing in the middle of a blood bath, the head of his lover being held close to his chest. Tears still flowed down his face, his heart destroyed by the events of this day. There was a lot of mess to clean up, and many of Rukongai's residence had appeared to stare at the horrors inflicted by the infamous "Mephisto". He simply broke down as the Shinigami came and restrained him.


The next place he found himself was in what could only be described as a cell. He was trapped, and the Shinigami of Seireitei had plenty of time to discuss what the next option was for this spirit. Yes, he had killed many, many spirits, but they were all known as low life pond scum for even the most royal of Shinigami. His actions almost could be seen as something that would improve life in Rukongai. As well as this, he clearly had some power he couldn't tap into yet. As such, it was decided that he would be trained as a Shinigami, in hope that he would learn how to control the power he potentially had.

After a few days, he was released from his prison, and offered this opportunity. They said it would give him the chance to do some good for the world, and after the events from the days before, he couldn't bring himself to say no. He needed something to take his mind off her. And as such, his training began.

Shinigami Training

A month had passed, and he was finally ready for his first lesson. Luckily for him, it was his forte, Swordsmanship. Unluckily for him, he didn't have the use of his favored weapons. He truly disliked combat with one sword, after all the years of training he had with two weapons. However, even in his unprefered style, he simply out-classed his first opponent. The teacher appeared to be somewhat shocked by this, and arranged it so that the winner stays on. However, after two more fights, Hiei appeared to be nothing more than average. However, it was also during this fight that he himself stopped it, and requested the use of a different weapon. Two practice swords, one thirty centimeters and one seventy. With this request, while strange, it was given to him. It was then that nobody stood a chance. In every sword training class, he topped with ease. Nobody even questioned his ability with dual blades.

However, this talent didn't appear to spill out into certain other areas, namely kido. His first attempt ended up with little more happening than, you guessed it, nothing. No matter how long he tried, he couldn't achieve the goal. Even Sho was out of this mans league. However, because of this, it was assumed he would be an ideal candidate for the Eleventh Division.

When it came to Hoho, he appeared to be quite a bit above average. As he approached the end of his training, he gained the ability to utilize Shunpo, something nobody else in his class had managed to do. It was considered quite advanced, in fact, for a Shinigami to be able to use Shunpo. After only two years, he had learned everything he had needed to, bar Kido, and was placed into the Gotei 13, Eleventh Division.

The Gotei 13: Unleashing the Blades

Before even joining the Gotei 13, Hiei's spiritual energy gave him a weapon, once again the two blades he was so effective at using. A dual Zanpaktou was a rarity to Shingiami, and he had gained one. They were two totally seperate blades, and they didn't even appear to be the same type. A katana and a Wakazashi, of course. With these blades, he started his new life as a Shinigami after being placed into the Eleventh Division. Unlike most of the division, he could have been described as an oddity. He loved to fight, that much was true, but he was much more "soft" than most. He didn't enjoy killing. He couldn't bring himself to betray his lovers wishes, even though she herself was no longer with him. As time continued by, he eventually took a seated position.

It was during this time, almost sixty years since he had joined the Gotei 13, that he had finally unlocked his Shikai. A feat that changed his two blades into a single blade and a spinning, rotating disk connected by a chain. This blade had some unusual attributes, namely, it appeared to be able to cut anything no matter how tough it was with ease. The second attribute it appeared to have was complete indestructibility. The strongest of attacks could land upon it and not even a scratch would carve upon the blade. A truly magnificient weapon for a fighter such as Hiei. Upon unlocking his Shikai, he was promoted to the fifth seat of the Division.

Over the next two hundred years, Hiei appeared to continue growing in strength, although that wasn't the case. He was gradually letting go of his mental limitations, although they still clearly plagued his potential. He was simply naturally growing stronger as these feelings grew weaker, but they were still there. Before long, he was as stronger than most Lieutenants, but still a world away from a Captain. He was still not ready to be the killing machine he had become in Rukongai. However, soon, things would take a change for the worse.

The Aizen Event

During the time Aizen was in Soul Society, Hiei had of course noticed him. However, when it was revealed that he had faked his death, Hiei found himself shocked. Yet this shock was nowhere near the shock he had coming for him. While wondering through Soul Society, he noticed something odd. Chasing his target, he saw a figure he had yet to see. A Hollow had somehow made its way into the Soul Society. The only logical explanation for this was due to the chaos that was engulfing Soul Society during this time. Unleashing his Shikai, he charged the creature, before realizing something much more deadly. This was no ordinary Hollow. It had a humanoid figure, and the mask was broken. No, this was an Arrancar.

During the battle, Hiei quickly found himself being overpowered. It was at that point another Shinigami made their appearance, before being the new target of the Arrancar. With a single blow he was gone, joining Hiei's lover in death. This became known as the second time Hiei had snapped. The same cold state appeared once more, allowing him to fight toe to toe and more against this creature. However, before the final blow could be struck, the Arrancar had disappeared, leaving Hiei in his Berserker State, and causing him to attack Soul Society.

Before long, however, the Second Division Captain had arrived on the scene, and managed to knock Hiei out. After which, he was locked in the Nest of Maggots.

The Nest of Maggots

His blades were removed from his possession, and he was sent down into the Maggots Nest. A place where all the darkest Shinigami spend their days. Many were fighting with one another, and Hiei was certainly no exception. They attacked him, and he retaliated, it was as simple as that. However, he himself never attacked anyone who didn't hit him first, and even then, he never killed another being. After the first few weeks, he was generally left alone. Those that had fought him knew better. Those that hadn't had seen what he could do. As such, he got to a point where he had pretty much everyone under control. They could fight each other all they wanted, but they weren't going to be doing it with him. The weeks turned into months, with Hiei not even knowing why he was in there. Occasionally the third seated Shinigami of the Second Division would check up on things, but even they didn't speak to Hiei.

However, after the attack on Karakura Town, it was discovered the source of what made Hiei attack Soul Society. Yes, he was a risk, but it appeared that most of the Shinigami in the Gotei 13 believed in Hiei, and that he would eventually be able to control himself. As such, he was later released from the Maggots Nest, and joined back with the Eleventh Division. Third seat of course. This is where Hiei's story continues.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Katta-Ken (Blade Cutter / Cutter of Blades)
Sealed Blade appearance: Hiei's sealed blade is typically generic of a Shinigami's. It appears as a Katana, with a blade around seventy centimeters long. The hilt is black, with a black piece of fabric hanging from the bottom. This fabric is around eighty centimeters in length, and wraps around his hand quite comfortably. This guarantee's that the blade can never leave his hand, even if somebody tries to disarm him.

However, unlike most Shinigami, he carries with him a second Zanpaktou. It is almost an exact copy of his other sword, with a moderate difference in length. The second blade is only around thirty centimeters long, making for a good thrusting weapon.

Zanpaktou spirit:
Appearance: Katta-Ken appears as a beautiful, young looking woman. With white, flowing long hair reaching down to her feet and sapphire blue eye's, she could truly make any man look twice. Her full lips tend to send a shiver down most people's spines, however, as they are as colorless. Almost as if she had been surrounded by ice all her life. However, her smile seems oddly heartwarming, as if she can make the ice melt.

Clothing wise, she appears to be always ready to do battle. Her attire seems to represent a uniform, in such a style it could also show royalty. She wears a long blue coat, reaching down past her knees. The coat is trimmed with gold lacing, as well as several jewels. Her arms reach out from her sleeves, that barely cover the top half of her upper arm with a black and white decoration.

Beneath her coat is a plated armor, covering her chest down to her upper thigh. The same color as her coat, its main utility is clearly defense. Her hands and arms are almost covered with black gloves, only her fingers reaching out from within them. Attached to them, across the whole lower arm, is a plate of metal that could easily be used for defending incoming attacks. Thigh high lace suspenders are attached to her legs, although these seem to offer no additional benefit.

Personality: Katta-Ken could be considered a strong, battle hardened woman. She could also be known as a loving young lady. She looks upon her world with a genuine hint of happiness, and considers Hiei to be her 'lover'. This is in the sense of battle, where they would dance and become one for those few moments. Hiei remembered when he first met her when she ended up pinning him to the floor, her sword resting upon his neck. She is, however, very curious about Hiei's life, and often asked what he has been doing when he is training for his Bankai.

However, once a task has effectively begun, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. A woman who knows how to fight, how to move around the opponent, and how to deal a lethal blow. Once battle is over, she always sheds a tear for the fallen, showing that she is highly connected to Hiei's emotions.

Inner world Katta-Ken lives in a frosty world covered in gravestones, snow falling upon the land constantly. However, while there is snow constantly falling, there is a distinct lack of clouds in the sky. Instead, there is a starless night, with two moons sitting peacefully within it. Each moon is said to represent the balance between Hiei and the unspeakable darkness waiting to take over. Currently, one moon is bigger than the other. The moon said to represent Hiei.

Katta-ken herself sits by the only tree in this forsaken world. Blackened leaves cover the dead grass, only to hide the tainted ground that lies beneath. These leaves are also covered in snow, much akin to the rest of the inner world.

The entire world is around a square mile, which is surrounded by a wall reaching up to the sky. This wall has no entrance, and as such, no exit. There is no way out until the task in hand has been dealt with.

Within these walls, aside from the tree, there are of course the gravestones. Each Gravestone is said to represent the limitation Hiei has put on his own power. With each gravestone that gets broken, the second moon in the sky grows in size. As the moon grows, Hiei himself becomes more powerful, but with a terrible risk. Katta-ken has in fact revealed to Hiei that the only way he will destroy the darkness would be to embrace his power, but thus far, he has appeared unable to do so.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Katsu, Katta-Ken (Rip, Blade Cutter / Cutter of Blades)
Released blade appearance: Upon activating his Shikai, his Zanpaktou makes a complete appearance and functionality change. His dominant blade (The longer, held in his right hand) changes into a Kopis. It is around the same length as his sealed state, but is much thicker at the top. The blade bends as it curves, causing the top half of the blade to have a huge advantage in cutting power. There is no hand guard, making this an excellent weapon for offense. At the tip of the hilt, however, is an incredible oddity. A long chain, moving from the bottom of the blade. The chain appears to be able to change length.

Attached to the other end of the chain is a disc, which is more often than not located in Hiei's left hand. This disc is held at the center by a handle that is indented into it. As such, this twenty centimeter disc appears to work as a shield. As well as this, however, there are several blades around the edge, rotating at incredible speeds. This disc can be thrown at an opponent, and contact would definitely not have the best outcome.

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~ Katta-Ken's shikai only had one ability, which is constantly active while it is released. The Zanpaktou and it's chain create a constant flow of Reiryoku through the wielder and the sword, which is then used to greatly enhance the cutting power of both the Kopis and the Disc. Through this, his blade can literally cut anything if the user is strong enoguh. Dependent on the users spiritual energy level, this cutting power can greatly change.

During held back state: Hiei can cut through the Hierro of the lower end of the Espada, although it's unlikely his attacks would even dent number 5 and above.

During full power / Berserker State: When Hiei has gained Bankai / is in the Berserker State, his spiritual energy level shoots up to that of an average Captain Level. At this point, he is able to cut through any Espada's Hierro, the lower five with absolute ease. The harder the Hierro, the harder this becomes, but it is still possible.

If hitting another weapon, the opponents blade would gradually chip away. While this is not an issue, as most Shinigami can repair their blades with ease, it does go to show the potential of this weapon. This Shikai, however, is seemingly indestructible, capable of taking a huge hit without a mark being placed on the blade. This is assumed to be one of the reasons this blades cutting power is so high. (The blade can be broken by someone who is considerably stronger than Hiei, in comparison to his spiritual power at that time. During his held back state, Captains who excel at physical attacks would likely be able to break it. In Berserker State / After he has learned Bankai, it would require someone around the level of a Race Leader to stand a chance of doing so.)

~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)

*Not yet attained*

Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

*Not yet attained*

Cool Down:

Name of abilty/technique:
Cool Down:

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advanced
Shunpo: Intermediate (Verging on Advanced)
Hand to hand: Intermediate (low end, will never reach advanced. He is only a bit better than a beginner)
Kido: Cannot use.

A Fighters Mind: Hiei is a natural born fighter, and while in combat, this shows. The longer he fights an opponent, the more he begins to understand their movements and techniques. As such, he adjusts his capable of adjusting his fighting style, all the way down to his basic movements in order to gain an advantage. It is presumed that the longer you fight him, the more of a threat he is likely to become. However, even with such fighting expertise, he is certainly no genius. In general knowledge, he is as average as they come.

Shunpo based combat: Hiei's prefered style of fighting is utilized when he activates his Shikai. He will often use the disc section of his blade to throw it at the opponent, only to appear just before it hits, grab it, and make an attack with the Kopis section. As such, his fightiny style is highly Shunpo based. He is good enough using this style of combat as to, at times, appear to be attacking from two places at once.

Great Spiritual Energy: This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a large amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average Captain rank. - Hiei himself possesses an extremely large amount of spiritual power given his rank, however, he cannot seem to tap into his full reserves of strength at will.

Mental Limitations: Due to his nature in not out right killing an opponent weaker than him if they have done him no wrong doing, he appears to have put up a mental limitation on his Reiryoku (Spiritual energy). As such, while he has the potential to be at even ground with a Shinigami Captain, it is unlikely he would be able to utilize it. (Will be removed once Bankai has been learned: This is linked to the Berserker State.)

One with the Blade: In swordplay, Hiei could be described as one of the more talented Shinigami. Since before even the academy, he had an incredible knowledge of the blade. Through training since a child, his weapon is but an extension of himself. All his movements are precise, and alongside the ability to adjust when needed, he could be described a master of the sword.

Ambidexterity: Since training as a youth, Hiei has become equally skilled with his left hand as his right hand. As such, either could be used to deliver a strike of the same quality.

Berserker State: If emotional trauma is caused to Hiei, normally due to a friend being majorly injured or killed, he enters a state of mind that most call a Berserker state. This is named solely based on his inability to differentiate between ally and foe during this time. He stays silent, and attacks with deadly precision. He will not stop until he is either knocked out / killed, or he has defeated his target. During this time, his full strength is unleashed, with no limitations to his Reiryoku. This state will be removed once Hiei is capable of using his full strength at will (Upon learning Bankai, this state will no longer exist).
Trigger Method: Extreme mental trauma / Witnessing the death of an ally
Duration: Five posts before Hiei regains true consciousness.

~Other Information~

~Rp Sample~

A giant ball of fire rose into the air, spreading its rays of light through Karakura Town. The sun, the creation of warmth and, more importantly, life. As it sat in the sky, a gentle breeze whistled through the streets. Through the alleys. Even through some of the letter boxes of houses it passed. As children came out for their morning run to school, the wind continued, caressing the cheeks of each and every individual it swept by. As it continued its journey, the leaves of fall joined in the party.

And as quickly as it came, it faded into nothingness. Some would consider the sudden end of the wind an oddity, while others would consider it the circle of life. No king could live forever, and nothing could last an eternity. With its dying breath, it came upon a male figure standing before a giant creature. The creature was surely a monstrosity, creating puddles of saliva as it flowed from its fiendish mouth. With each drop that touched the floor, the ground seemed to melt beneath it. However, no matter what this creatures powers were, it was nothing more than a Hollow. The cancer of the spiritual world. It was large, but somewhat shapeless. However, its mask was definitely an oddity. It appeared to have the same kind of face as a Gillian Class Menos, and as such, it could be likely that this would be a far more intensive fight than most Shinigami could handle.

However, the man standing before this creature? He was no ordinary Shinigami. A smirk growing on his thin lips, the man pushed his bandaged wrapped hand forwards. "Hado #4: Byakurai." As he spoke, a strike of electricity ripped through the air, the sound of a thunder strike snapping at the same time. As it swept forwards, it covered the gap between the two in a matter of milliseconds. However, as it came into contact with the Hollows body, something became quite apparent to this Shinigami. Its body was intangible, the only weakness was likely the head. His smirk turning to a grin, the man flicked his long, flowing black hair to one side. It was something he had never came up against before, but because of that, he was even more excited. Perhaps this creature could prove to be of some worth. And after he had purified it, another spirit would join Rukongai. Another potential Shinigami who could become great.

Leaning backwards, his back foot pressed into the floor. Within a single movement, he appeared above the head of his target. Swinging his blade with both hands, he sliced through the mask of the beast, before an illuminating light shined over the area. His mission was a success. Perhaps he was going to get that captains promotion after all, he thought. The smile fading from his face, he swung his blade to one side, before sheathing it once more. This Shinigami's name was Sumiyoshi Hiei, and his long journey had just begun...


This is a sample of what I would consider an "Average" post, although personally I consider it a bit below my average in both quality and length due to writers block :<.

At best, I will probably write something along the lines of;


Earth. A pitiful place by even the most enthusiastic of standards. War, chaos, disorder and hatred decorated the surface like icing on a pudding. A tragedy, really, but alas, even if it was as bad as some believed, it was still the Shinigami's goal to take the spirits of the deseased to the 'heaven' that was Soul Society. But no matter how awful a place it could be, it was also a great place to live, atleast he had heard from those whom had lived there before. What was it that made this place so magical? Why couldn't pulses continue on there way without a Shinigami? And what was it that made the spirits long to stay there? A mystery shrouded by a cloak.

Standing to the right of the fabled leader of the Vizard, Methias folded his arms across his chest. This man was the second in command of the Vizard, and arguably the man with the most ways to fight. He could use Systema, he could fight amazingly with two swords, and he even mastered the art of using a single, huge broadsword. Truly a weapons master, in any sense of the phrase. He was truly a fantastic weapon to have on their side aswell, capable of learning many things in the most incredible of speeds known to the outside world. This was clear in his analytic capabilities. He could see through most enemy tactics and retaliate in a single moment. Many were in awe of his excellent mind, and even more feared it. And these few words were but the truth. This man was the former Captain of the Sixth Squad for all the right reasons.

Those who gazed upon him would be greeted with an almighty beauty. He was pretty boy, and what his techniques couldn't do to the female members of the Espada, his looks certainly could. With a perfectly proportioned face, long, heart stopping, jet black hair, and a pair of the deepest red eye's man has ever laid eye's upon, he was certainly capable of making many a woman weak in the legs. However, it was not only his face that could melt a womans urge for battle. No, it was what he had beneath his head that most paid attention to. On his shoulders, he wore a black leather Trench-coat, in the same manner as his best friend. However, he instead wore nothing beneath this, his toned chest and stomach being revealed to the outside world as he knelt down, looking over the city of New York.

"A glorious night for a fight. Wouldn't you agree?" a voice from his left called out. Armond had finally opened his thin lips. Soft, even, elegant. A few choice words that Methias truly thought of his masters voice at this time. Methias knew he didn't have to answer the question, and he didn't. He wasn't one to speak during a battle unless it was completely required of him. It was useless. Words were not actions, and actions determined the inevitable outcome of battle. Placing his hand on the floor, he continued to peer out into the horizon, awaiting for that one moment where the Espada would finally reveal themselves. Already, the Hollow kind was prancing around the city in all it's disgusting glory.

Watching as Armond released both Chevalier's and Tai's seals, Methias couldn't help but remember that he himself had no such thing. He was supposedly the second strongest of the Vizard, beneath only Armond himself, and because of this, he apparently knew how and when to use his powers. A pity to those who found themselves standing at the wrong end of the battlefield. As the seals broke, the two others were able to use the full extent of their abilities. This meant possible Hollow transformations, and a definately plus for the Shinigami. They needed all the help they could get, according to the scattered bodies of many lying lifeless on the ground, blood decorating the sky.

His eye's widening, Methias immediately noticed the General Commander making his grand appearance. While Methias was the Sixth Division Captain for several years, most Shinigami thought he was nothing more than dead. Even Armond hadn't revealed his life to anyone. This gave them the element of surprise, atleast in numbers, and in strength. And because of this, it was very unlikely Shin would even notice his appearance. Moving to a standing position, the enemy had finally arrived. The leader of the Espada, the nameless Arrancar bastard that started this war. Methias was definately weaker in terms of Reiryoku, but that wouldn't stop him making his move. Drawing out his dual Zanpaktou, he spun them beside him, barely missing Armond, although it was unlikely Armond would even attempt to dodge with the trust these two had developed over the years. Simply nodding at Armonds second comment, Methias disappeared from sight. He wasn't one to stay in a group, so it wasn't going to surprise anyone. Before the wooshing sound had even finished, Methias was far too far away from the other Vizard for most to notice him.

Moving at blistering speed, Methias soon found himself noticing a single Espada, a number 5 tatoo'd on his very noticable face. Methias had found his first target. Even though this wasn't the strongest of Espada, Methias knew that taking out the middle men would allow for the others to have an easier time. His job was simple, kill it until it died. Laughing outloud at his joke, he grinned as the fifth Espada noticed him. Both eyebrows raising, he made a taunting gesture, releasing his Reiatsu into the atmosphere. This was clearly stronger than 'most Captains' Reiatsu, and it wasn't even at his peak, considering the distinct lack of a Hollow Mask. Spinning his blades around him once more, Methias disappeared from sight, his time spent in the Second Squad clearly not wasted.

Appearing behind his target, Methias swung one blade towards the back of the enemies knee's, and the second was lunged towards its chest. However, this Espada was definately as quick as Methias when it came to thinking of ways to fight against an enemy. He felt his eye's widen as the Fifth Espada flipped sideways, evading both attacks, and as Methias had reached the pinacle of his attack, he was in a prime counterattack-worthy position. A blade then came towards Methias' left eye, a quick thought entering his head as he tilted slightly, the blade barely missing his seductive skin. "Hmpth, I do love how this King doesn't consider me a threat. Ah well, just time to prove him wrong." He said, noticing how another Two Espada were being sent to the Vizard Leaders position. As he spoke, he spun around on the spot, raising his blades as he did, creating a whirlwind of steel and death. Another swift dodge from the Fifth Espada, and the battle was truly on the way.

"Perhaps it's because you are weak enough to not be considered a threat." was the next piece of useless information to escape the Fifth Espada's mouth, a light laughter following from it. However, as the idiot spoke, it seemed to notice a distinct pain in its stomach. Looking down, Methias had pierced through his hip with a ferocious lunge, at such a speed it could barely be followed by even the most trained eye's in the world. "Then perhaps I shall finally reveal myself. Second in Command of the Vizard, and the man who soon shall be your doom. Methias Stelligar, and you're pretty fucked." He replied, as he removed his blade from the Fifth Espada's body, before making distance between them once more. "Come to me, Milla et Molla."

And with a sudden burst of power, Methias' blades both disappeared, revealing in their place a pair of gloves. It was definately unusual for most standards. The uniqueness that was a Dual Zanpaktou becoming a pair of gloves was definately on most people's minds, atleast those watching. They were made of a hardened alloy, one that seemed to not bother Methias at all as he lunged out and made a light jab in the air. Most would assume he felt no pain while using these gloves, which was odd considering the very hard metal they were made from. Now was time for things to get interesting, atleast many would assume. But alas, this Vizard had a strategy that most, oddly, didn't consider, and his actions that followed would reveal them to the outside world.

Blasting forwards at high speed, the Arrancar came into close range of Methias, thrusting a first towards his face. Without even blinking, Methias grasped hold of the hand that was coming at him, all the while moving his own leg towards his opponents shin. Then, by placing all his weight onto the foot, a horrific snapping noise echoed through the city of New York as the Arrancars leg snapped into two, bone ripping through flesh, blood bursting out onto the street. Nobody could've seen this attack coming. Systema, Methias' favorite fighting style, and the most deadly hand to hand combat system imaginable. Winking as he still had the man in his hand, he kicked out, the Arrancar then falling to the ground, before revealing its own Zanpaktou.

However, Methias already expected this, and while still holing onto the hand, Methias kicked it with great ferocity on the blunt side, sending the blade several meters away, and the Arrancar was now at the mercy of the apparently ruthless Vizard. Then, it happened. Both of Methias' gloves glowed, before a huge amount of wind and fire energy manifested itself utop the Arrancar, just before Methias. The heat was quite apparent as the fire began to cook the Fifth Espada alive. The living cremation slowly lost life, the first of many Espada deaths becoming quite apparent. Methias' plan was clear. Kill them before they can release their Resurreccion, making them considerably easier to handle. One down, nine to go. Then, onto the big boss. Fading away once more, Methias appeared atop a high building, and scanned the area for his next target.


^ Taken from Bleach BC. There are some subtle differences in the characters, but the personality and appearance is generally the same. This whole section was against an NPC, and doesn't show how I would be in a fight in any way, shape or form... It was pretty much made to make me feel big... <.<

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For the RP Samples, I simply copied a couple of posts I've done before, although admittedly both were done against NPC with very minimal interaction. If needed, I will write up another sample using this character. (Note: Please don't, that history nearly killed me XD)


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Everything looks good to me.

Welcome to the site!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyoshi Hiei (Done)   Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:46 am

>.< i hate being the one to ruin everything >.>

But i see Major issues with his, call me crazy but i strongly dislike the blade's SUPER DOOPER cutting power. I also spoke to Mina whom agrees with me .... she simply made a mistake which happens.

Quote :

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~ Katta-Ken's shikai only had one ability, which is constantly active while it is released. The Zanpaktou and it's chain create a constant flow of Reiryoku through the wielder and the sword, which is then used to greatly enhance the cutting power of both the Kopis and the Disc. Through this, his blade can literally cut anything. However, dependent on the users level compared to the opponent, this cutting power can greatly change. At Hiei's current level, he could cut the Primera if he could land a hit. However, if he was equal in strength to the Primera, he would likely be able to cut straight through him like butter. That alone is the power of this blade, the ability to slice.

If hitting another weapon, the opponents blade would gradually chip away. While this is not an issue, as most Shinigami can repair their blades with ease, it does go to show the potential of this weapon. This Shikai, however, is literally indestructible, capable of taking a huge hit without a mark being placed on the blade. This is assumed to be one of the reasons this blades cutting power is so high

I dont mind the fact you dont want any abilities in stead you want a strong cutting power that is more than fine. However it is the level you have it art that is too much even for 11th division. (i wouldnt allow any other division to have an ability like this since well it doesnt make sense xD)

Quote :
. Through this, his blade can literally cut anything
No, no , no that i cant allow. I can allow you to say that he can cut through things that most his level would not be able to. but as for how it is then no....

Quote :
At Hiei's current level, he could cut the Primera if he could land a hit. However, if he was equal in strength to the Primera, he would likely be able to cut straight through him like butter. That alone is the power of this blade, the ability to slice.

This is far too over powered for a seated officer. At his current level being able to cut through the lower 4 espada's hierro would be highly impressive. So please change it to at the most to that. As for the bit about 'if he was equal to -----------cut straight through him like butter' please just remove that, as he levels up you make additions to the info.

Quote :

This Shikai, however, is literally indestructible, capable of taking a huge hit without a mark being placed on the blade. This is assumed to be one of the reasons this blades cutting power is so high

I dont allow anything to be indestructable, especially if the hit came from someone alot higher than him in rank and power. You can say is seems to be almost indestructable however.

sorry to be a pain x.x although i like your idea .



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Requested changes made, Lightning.

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Although the stuff about his bankai strength is irrelevant for now i wil leave it in. Also just know that the berserker mode will be watched closely, there would need to be something considerable happen for the mode to be able to be used (just saying so you dont decide one day to use it for the heck of it xD)

Only other thing is i think that there should be a time limit to how long he can stay in berserker mode, after all the amount power coursing through his body would take a big toll on him since he is only 3rd seat. So maybe add a duration and cooldown ot the berserker mode. i hope you understand why i think that there would/should be a limit on how long he can remain in it. Otherwise there is no limit to how long you could use it and that is not right ^^



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Quote :
Although the stuff about his bankai strength is irrelevant for now i wil leave it in. Also just know that the berserker mode will be watched closely, there would need to be something considerable happen for the mode to be able to be used (just saying so you dont decide one day to use it for the heck of it xD)

Only other thing is i think that there should be a time limit to how long he can stay in berserker mode, after all the amount power coursing through his body would take a big toll on him since he is only 3rd seat. So maybe add a duration and cooldown ot the berserker mode. i hope you understand why i think that there would/should be a limit on how long he can remain in it. Otherwise there is no limit to how long you could use it and that is not right ^^

I don't think you're understanding the character, something understandable because I did want to make him somewhat complex.

Basically, he is actually approaching Captain Strength when he is fighting at his full potential, but he has a mental limitation which stops him from using it all. After falling in love with the female mentioned in the history, she told him not to kill people who were weaker than him. That was the start of a subconscious block which prevents him from using his full strength, and is normally at the level of a weak to normal Lieutenant.

Now, because of this mental limitation, he can only access his full power when mental trauma is done to him. The most likely way for this to occur is to see the death of someone who is "Innocent", and didn't deserve it. This again, is due to his protective nature, something I hope comes across through his personality. So, once the trigger has been pulled, he enters the emotionless berserker state in order to defeat the enemy in question. But truth be told, the time limit didn't occur to me, so that will be added.

As for the Bankai comments, they aren't for the Bankai, they're for the Shikai once Bankai has been obtained. I didn't want to get to much into it, but the first part of his Bankai training will be Katta-Ken causing significant mental trauma through his memories, and to get him to use that power constantly. As such, once he learns Bankai, he won't have the mental block and the Berserker state will be gone, thus making him at the level of a low-Captain / High Lieutenant. "Only be accepting your true power will you have the strength to protect and save those you care about." - Something along those lines xD. It seems like a more interesting way to begin the Bankai Training, and I've honestly got it all planned out in my head. So yeah, I'll add the time limit you asked for, I just wanted to explain what I meant with my comments :]. I'm thinking five posts, that good? I'll add it in for now before you reply, and will edit to your preferred specifications.

Hiei <3
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Sumiyoshi Hiei (Done)
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