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 Gwen Iceni [FINISHED]

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Lydia Vesper


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PostSubject: Gwen Iceni [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:56 am

Quincy Application:

Name: Gwendolen "Gwen" Ramona Iceni. Sometimes she'll use her orginal name, Kaguya Mei Kotoko, but usually goes under Gwen.
Alias/Nicknames: Guinevere, Felicia, Mona Lisa, Kaguya-Hime.
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Rank: Sairentisuto Captain (Is it ok if this is worked out in rp?)

Appearance: Gwen is overall a very attractive and alluring woman. She stands at around 5'8" and weighs 115 lb. Her most noticeable trait would be her lovely true blue hair. It's a bit long, ending just above her hips. Her bangs frame her mature, heart shaped face perfectly. Her hair always smells enticingly of strawberries and peaches. Her eyebrows are a very dark blue, almost black, and normally kept thin and neat. Gwen's eyes are also very beautiful, as she already as near perfect sight.

Her irises are a light, enchanting baby blue, framed with long blue-black lashes. Her nose is small and cute, blushing deep red when embarrassed. Her skin is tanned, peach tone, displaying a good blance between her indoor and outdoor activities. Gwen's typical attire consists of sleeveless, zip up vests. The vests usually zip up to where it surrounds her upper neck, though she often keeps it in a relaxed collar. She most frequently wears her white and red vest, along with a thin white, tank top underneath. Both of her arms are a lean healthy thin, as they don't look too thin or fat.

She constantly wears black fingerless gloves, with the emblem of a red cross on the palm area and a strip going up to the white foldable cuff. A large blue belt wraps twice around her wide hips. She usually wears blue flared jeans, or blue capris. During work hours, she'll wear sneakers as it's much harder to work in hazardous environments if your wearing something like dress shoes. Gwen always carries a large, light brown messanger bag with her, and it's usually stocked with her Ginto, Seele Schneiders, a large assortment of medical tools, and a pack of cigarettes. Of course, all of her items are kept in different pouches and compartments.

Gwen's body is in a very fit and healthy state, as she spent most of her life traveling foreign, exotic locations. She has been told on numerous occasions that she smells like apples, despite the absence of perfume on her body. Last but not least, is Gwen's Quincy Cross. Gwen's family's ancient Quincy cross looked identical to the red cross. It was also a more dark red, eventually fading to where Gwen's aunt Leitai repainted it with a bright red for Gwen. The bright red cross is attached to a black leather zippered choker. This cross also matches her pair of earrings that she had custom made to fit the cross, though the earrings hold no significance in summoning the Spirit bow.
Blood Type: A-
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Jobs/Occupation: The hospital's only Morgue attendent, much to her annoyance.
Personality: Gwen is a middle class worker, and is very balanced when spending money. She isn't entirely thrifty, but she doesn't blow money on uselessly lavish things. If Gwen wanted to, she could live entirely for a very long time on her aunt's inheritance money that was willed to Gwen. She went to public school in Karakura from kindergarten to the beginning of the 3rd grade, at which she was given up for adoption and homeschooled. Gwen is still amazingly intelligent and cunning.

When she was young she seemed to take a very quick grasp on most of the things that were taught to her. The only exception would be in math, which Gwen ultimately despises. She much preferred things like art and literature, though during her teen years she developed an interest in biology and pathology. This led to Gwen to establish her current career. Gwen's typical posture is cool and calmed, even during battle or when working, as Gwen never was one to worry about the small things. She has impeccable grammar, yet has a fondness of curse words. Gwen's voice is a a bit sweet, and at times, sexy and sultry. She rarely wears makeup, sometimes lip gloss, but thinks she's pretty decent without the need of eyeshadow and concealer and the like.

Most of the time she's casually dressed, once in a while dressing up for a night on the town. Gwen's a unusually brave and daring woman, willing to stick up for most, if not all, of those in the face of danger. She hates to see innocent people get hurt and killed simply for entertainment or because of a petty war. However, despite her brave trait, Gwen thinks herself to be a bit hopeless and gloomy at times. She really doesn't mind this, even embracing it once and a while. She likes that feeling, not having to hope for more and indulging in the negatives. Though, like anything, Gwen knows too much of a good thing can be very terrible. Especially with her vices, of which the Quincy woman has many.

Even when pissed and angry, Gwen has a peculiar natural charm to her. She doesn't hate this charming aspect of her personality, but it makes it difficult for her to yell at men while they're flirting with her. A more prominent side to Gwen, is perverted, fierce, independence. Years in the exotic climates and alone time in the United States had given her this oddly interesting and common trait. Even more odd, is that Gwen frequently exercises this perverted skill of hers. She's more often than not easygoing and lively, as she hates it when people are always upset, as she knows it's possible to balance both gloominess and humorous sides of a personality from experience. Gwen is usually brutally honest and wise beyond her years.

Gwen, though humorous at times, is much more witty and snarky with her remarks. She can be very impatient when it comes to things that could be done quickly, but are chosen not too. Gwen has a curious mind, always prying and wanting to learn about odd or strange things. Along with her gloomy and hopeless vice, her more frequent dark and cruel side to her. This wasn't present before her adoptive parents and her aunt died, as these deaths also started her small obsession with death. Despite this macabre trait, she is very loving, imaginative and loyal when you gain her trust. If others are upset or sad, she'll do her best to encourage them. She gets nervous around very tall people.

Gwen is very lazy at home or during the small free time that she has. Unlike most people, when Gwen is flattered or flirted with, she doesn't begin to blush. She doesn't dislike these actions, just she feels it's much easier to keep her cool when they occur. Its a bit hard for Gwen to keep a relationship, and for this reason, she's had many one night stands and flings. She's very, very kind towards the Plus souls that reside in karakura, trying to protect them the best she can. Most of the souls bodies that end up in the morgue have their Chain of Fate still connected, and somewhat hopes that they don't have to see themselves get buried. Gwen can get angry very fast, and when she does it's scary.

Gwen isn't used to Karakura Town, as she must always carries a worn down map with her to navigate through town. Gwen has different perspectives on each of the races, including her own race, the Quincy. She appreciates that the Shinigami are there to help guide souls over to
Soul Society, the safe haven, but she isn't fond of the way they act. She typically views most if not all shinigami as self-righteous and overtly proud of their abilities. Gwen usually observes them in secret, as she doesn't know how they would react if she approached them. While she doesn't have a massive hatred for them, overall, she treats them with indifference and apathy. As for Hollows, Gwen hates them with a fiery passion.

She shows no mercy when it comes to fighting them., her mood growing into one of cruelty and anger. This rage stems from how her father died, and consequently became a Hollow. Gwen treats Arrancar kinda like shinagami, with a cold, apathetic attitude. Though with Arrancars, Gwen will behave more hostile and malevolent towards them, seeing them only as stronger Hollows. She doesn't know much about the Bount race, but tends to keep her distance. Like the Bount race, Gwen's doesn't know much about the Vizard. She's probably second most fond of Humans, though favoring those with the ability to see spirits over those without. Of course, Gwen favors her race, the Quincy, most. Mainly because she thinks they show true spirit and determination.

Birthday: April 4th
Family/Relatives: Seika Kotoko (Deceased biological father)
Mara Kotoko (Deceased biological mother)
Leitai Kotoko (Deceased biological aunt)
Béatrice-Thérèse Iceni (Deceased adoptive mother)
Jean-Damien Iceni (Deceased adoptive father)

Likes: Bars, listening to music, singing, sleeping, men, the night, taking extended work breaks, technology, animals, absinthe, vodka, celebrating other peoples birthdays.
Dislikes: Waking up, being bothered when she's focused on something, Hollows, windowless rooms, greedy people, sake, whiskey, celebrating her brithday.
Hobbies: Plays piano and sings occasionally, reading, constantly drawing when bored, observing others, training.
Quirks: Despite working in a hospital morgue, Gwen smokes cigarettes regularly, carrying a pack in her bag. She also tends to drink on the weekends, though not to the point of where she's completely drunk. Gwen has a very lovely voice, yet swears like a sailor. Keeps two stray siamese cats named Sin-chan and Sain-chan. Is very skilled with technology. Gets angry very quickly. Slightly claustrophobic.
Other information: Has impeccable reaction timing and reflexes.

Character History: Gwendolen Ramona Iceni was orginally born as Kaguya Mei Kotoko, to her birth parents Mara and Seika. She was named after the legend of the beautiful girl cut from a bamboo stalk who had hair the shone like the moon. For this reason, her father and aunt often called her Kaguya-Hime. Mara had short, choppy blue black hair, and a gorgeous slender figure. Her skin was fair, and her features couldn't be compared to another woman in Karakura. She was a sweet, although eccentric woman. Seika was a very dashing man, sharp features and sandy blonde-brown hair. He treated those he met with respect, though he didn't take stress well at all. It was an unusually stormy night in Karakura Town the evening she was born. A full moon shone in the skies while a small star shot across. She was born at 3:00 a.m. in the Karakura General Hospital. Hours after Gwen had been safely born and cleansed, napping in her father's arms, Mara died of severe internal bleeding. The funeral was held a week later, the only guests being an unaware baby Gwen, Seika, and the late Mara's older sister Leitai. Gwen cried all throught the funeral, as even when she was a baby she could see spirits, and happened to see her deceased mothers. Thankfully, a shinigami performed a Konso on the confused spirit, effectively sending her to safety. Leitai was a very tall, fearsome woman. Her skin was slightly wrinkled and unnaturally.

She was very strict and caring, and she was the only living Quincy in the family, as Seika nor Mara hadn't been bestowed with the powers of the legendary hollow hunters. Well, until Gwen arrived. Gwen had inherited her ancestors Quincy talents. Long after Mara died, Seika sold the house they lived in so that both him and Gwen could survive and moved in with his sister in law at a old lakehouse. The lake house was very large, and amazingly old. Leitai bought the place after the previous owner died in a "freak accident involving a group of trained samarais". Of course, Lei knew it was a lie, and was probably a Hollow attack that had been covered up by the shinigami. Lei hated shinigami with a burning passion. Gwen's father had gotten laid off due to the entire company shutting down, and hadn't been able to find a job to support themselves. Gwen was only around 4 at the time when Leitai gave her a starter Quincy cross, nothing special, and starting to train her at around 6.

Gwen balanced both her schoolwork and her Quincy training, and though stressing to the young girl, it was slightly worth it. Gwen was naturally talented with her powers, yet her grandmother continued to train her. One day, Gwen found her father slumped over in the library while he was looking over ancient texts. In his right hand was a glass of whiskey, now spilt. In his other hand was a suicide note. It said that the stress was too much to deal with, and that he couldn't take it anymore. A sad apology was written to Gwen and Leitai. Gwen spotted a small bottle of a clear liquid on the desk, a liquid later identified to be arsenic. When Gwen turned around, she saw a frightning thing. Her father's spirit was lying on the ground of the library, unaware of Gwen. He was an earthbound spirit, filled with regret immediately after commiting the suicide. Gwen quickly left the library, telling her grandmother what had occured. Of course, Gwen was too young to know what something as complex as an earthbound spirit was. She only had knowledge of her powers and Hollows.

Her grandmother only became more bitter after that. One day, Gwen awoke to a massive rumbling, coming from the library. She was around 8 years old at the time, and ran quickly down to the library. Gwen thrust the doors open only to be greeted with a scream. She gasped as she saw her earthbound father's spirit undergo the horrifying transformation from spirit to Hollow. His eyes were a greedy black, the white mask on his face drawn up in a terrible sneer. His hands had become large and rough, perfect for squeezing the life out of it's victims. His legs had become a long, slimy tail, enabling him to move much faster. Gwen froze in fear when he yelled her name in the most haunting tone. She let out a high pitched scream as a blazing white arrow pierced her hollowfied father's mask. A Quincy arrow. She turned around, spotting her old aunt with her bow still posed where her father had been standing, before he dissolved away into nothing. Her aunt was a terrible sobbing mess, unable to console herself. She couldn't find the bright side in the situation.

Seika would never go to Soul Society, as his soul was permanently erased from existance. A few months later, Leitai gave Gwen up for adoption to a French couple. The woman, Beatrice, was unable to give birth. They were in their late 30's, so they decided that adoption would be best. Gwen was initially reluctant to leave the only other family member she had, as was Leitai, but both were somewhat aware that after her father's death that it would never be the same. So Gwen left with the couple. She would not see Leitai until she reached about twenty. Little did Gwen and Leitai know that the couple were exotic explorers. The adoption parents renamed Kaguya Mei Kotoko, Gwendolen Ramona Iceni. Gwen's adoptive father, Jean, taught Gwen the basics of medicine and pathology, also tutoring her on normal school subjects. Both Jean and Beatrice had excelled in college, Jean eventually recieving a doctorate degree in medicine, and Beatrice recieving a doctorate psychology. Jean and Beatrice taught Gwen while they weren't searching for new species in places like jungles and the tundra.

Gwen eventually became their "nurse" when they got injured. These adventures of Jean and Beatrice gave time for Gwen to teach and push herself firther into the Quincy world, mastering Hirenkyaku during these times. She learned Ransotengai years afterwards, when she couldn't move her body from the cold Arctic temperature. Gwen healed up, though was amazed with her new technique. She didn't acheive Seele Schneiders or Ginto til' much later, as she didn't have the proper tools to learn it. Years passed, Gwen turned 17, and they had made their way over to the dangerous jungles of South America. Namely, the Amazon. Gwen had been practicing, when she heard two screams, Beatrice and Jean. She used one Hirenkyaku, locating them only on there voices and the minor amount of spirit pressure they had. It was too late. Both Jean and Beatrice had been mauled by a panther. Gwen, only 17 years old, buried there bodies in the deep Amazon. This kickstarted her minor yet, morbid fascination with death and healing.

Both her birth fathers and adoptive parents combined had slightly altered her vision on death. She packed up what she could carry, eventually finding her way out of the Amazon with the help of Hirenkyaku. Using platform manifestation, Gwen hovered above the trees, making her way to small town. Gwen took a plane to the United States. She achieved citizenship and enrolled in a good college. She worked for four years to acheive a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She took a examination test to become a certified nurse, and passed. Shortly after obtaining this, Gwen celebrated her 22nd brithday with the friends she had gained. The next day, a timid man called, asking to meet her. She agreed, and a few days later, the man showed up at her house. He claimed that her aunt, Leitai Kotoko, had died recently in a freak accident. Gwen, like her keen late family, knew it was unlikely considering her aunts status, and that she was most likely killed by a Hollow.

The funeral was to be held in a few more days, and it was Gwen's choice to go or not. But what the man was really there for, was because Leitai had a will. Yes, a will. Leitai left her lake house and all her saved money to Gwen. Gwen had no choice but to move, so after a short goodbye to friends and empty promises to stay in touch, Gwen boarded a plane for Karakura Town. It had been quite a while since she had seen it, and to Gwen's eyes, it looked completely different. After attending the funeral, at which there was only Gwen, her aunt's lawyer, and one unknown person she suspected to maybe be a Quincy paying her respects, Gwen left for the house. She managed to see from the corner of her eye her aunt Leitei being given a Konso, and was silently thankful that she got to move on. Maybe she'd meet her younger sister in the Rukon. Gwen returned to the lakehouse, walking in and coughing. The place was already amazingly dusty, with furniture covered in white sheets.

One item stuck out, one very important item. It was sitting in a very dark magenta box, with the Q burned on the surface of the box. Next to it was a note from Leitai. It read "Dear Kaguya, if your reading this, i've passed on, hopefully to the Soul Society. I have no idea where you are, or which continent your on, but I expect that you recieved the box. Love and hope forever, Aunt Lei-san". Gwen nearly broke into tears, as her only living family member and the last other Quincy in her family was dead. She picked up the box, slowly opening it. Inside, a blood red cross attached to a leather choker. It was obviously the ancestors Quincy cross, the one that she had seen her Aunt gaze at. Although, Leitai had a much different cross, preferring not to use the family cross. She had passed it on to Gwen to take care of now. Gwen removed her old cross from her wrist, putting it into the box. She took a small homecoming tour around the lakehouse, getting major chills.

The last place she visited was the library. She set the box, with her old Quincy cross on the desk, next to her birth mother and fathers picture, along with her aunt's. A week later, Gwen reluctantly gave into hiring a carpenter, who majorly remodled and fixed the crumbling lakehouse up. She requested he tear the library and turn it into a balcony overlooking the pritine forest lake, to which he agreed. It was a home restored to it's former, polished glory. It still felt awkward to live there alone, but she couldn't get a roomate due to her status as a Quincy. A month later she had gotten a job at the Karakura General Hospital, working with a small group of people in the morgue area as the commanding morgue attendant. No one else even desired to do the job, even though they all had qualifications.. While Gwen lives a decent life, she still has to battle Hollows and other dangerous beings and is currently seeking out the Quincy base along with the other Quincies.

Armor/Glove Information

Name: Fax Faustus (Latin for "Lucky Shooting Star")
Bow Manifestation: The base of Gwen's bow is a dark, strong ebony black. It's very long, and the center spot is a earthy medium brown. The edges of the center are made of pure silver and very intricatly patterned. Another silver decor pattern is on each crooked angle. The ends of the bow curve sharply away from Gwen, ending with yet another silver decoration, and an oval emerald green jewel at the very tip. A very noticeable factor on Gwen's bow is the glowing teal string.Her spirit arrows are black, red and gold in color, with a pure white shimmer around them. The tip ox the arrow is a very dharp, narrow, five point star.
Looks: Gwen's red Quincy cross will shimmer black and white, before she is completely engulfed in a black flash. Her typical clothing will be replaced with her Quincy outfit. Overall, she looks much more different when her bow is released. Her hair is a soft white, her skin much more pale, and her eyes have gone from baby blue to sea green. This is a bit unnatural for a Quincy to change in terms of looks so much, but it has been a unique quality of her Quincy Cross. A light purple hue will surround the area around her eyes, making it look as if she had been slightly bruised. Her armor is a mixture of red and golden tones, covering her arms, thighs, shoulders, and most of her torso. A large gold and red, fanned out collar surrounds her neck. The area around her breasts are also red and gold armor, though a soft feathered material covers her breasts. Her stomach is exposed. Gwen's hips and thighs will be hidden by a red and gold skirt that looks metallic though is soft to the touch. Glittering red and gold boots start at the tip of her toes and end just below the knee. Her arms are fully covered by her Quincy armor.
Techniques (no more than 3 unique abilities to begin with)

Name: Verto Cantatrix (Latin for "Whirling Hex")
Description: This attack is usually defensive, but can be used as offensive. Verto Cantatrix alters Gwen's arrows and this is probably her most powerful technique. Once Gwen has finished her preparation, her irises and scelera will turn bright red and she'll begin to attack the enemy, as usual. However, the arrows will began to rapidly revolve around the opponent. Once it gets in a 5 in. vicinity of the target., the arrows ends will spin thin ropes around the enemy, effectively capturing them. All of Gwen's arrows are like this for the duration of this attack.

If Gwen charges the arrows for a longer time, then the arrows will gain the ability to slowly tighten around the enemy. Gwen can start and end this ability with a snap of her fingers. If Gwen fires these arrows in a horizontal line, it can nullify certain kido, bala, cero, etc. as long as the attack isn't cast by someone strnoger than her. The enemy can break from these ropes by using strength, provided that they are stronger than Gwen. The enemy can also dodge these, but seeing as each of Gwen's arrows are altered for the duration, it will be slightly
difficult. The ropes that have already bound the target will continue to stay past the duration, while her arrows will revert back to their original state.
Preparation time: 1 post. She prepares by repeating the techniques name twice.
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Name: Velox Rixa (Latin for "Rapid Brawl")
Description: An offensive technique. This technique, like Verto Cantatrix and Vagor Obscurus, alters her arrows. Though not as much as Verto Cantatrix. Gwen will say the name once. Almost instantly, the energy clinging closely around the spirit arrows will began to vibrate at around 2,000,000 times per second. This greatly increases the cutting power of her arrows, making them more dangerous and adept at cutting through flesh and bone. If fired directly at certain types of Kido, it can negate the Kido's effect, provided it's something that Gwen can see and that it's cast by someone of equal or lower strength. Of course, these arrows won't cause any injury to someone stronger than herself.
Preparation time: N/A
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 1 post.

Name: Vagor Obscurus (Latin for "Howling Secret")
Description: An defensive/offensive ability. This is her third and final technique, and like the rest, they alter the effect arrows have on opponents. Unlike the previous ones, these have a mental and physical toll on the victim. After repeating the name of the technique, a small ball of red, gold, and white energy will spin rapidly a few inches away from the tip of the arrow. As Gwen fires her arrows, each one will pass through the hovering ball of energy, coating it with the poison. When the arrows hit the skin, they will not directly pierce it like they usually do. Instead, they will burst into many sharpened pieces, called shrapnel by Gwen. These will cause minimal damage because this is not the main focus of the attack.

Although, this shrapnel works as the messenger. The shrapnel pierces the skin, yet is completely coated in mind altering toxin that has three main symptoms. Pre-syncope, vertigo, and a sensation of disequilibrium are the effects of this coated shrapnel. Pre-syncope is described as being lightheaded and feeling faint. Vertigo is the feeling of spinning that commonly induces nausea and vomiting. Lastly, disequilibrium is the sensation of being off balance, and is most characterized by frequent falls in a specific direction. These symptoms are not harmful to the individual physically, excluding the shrapnel injuries, but rather impair the target, making it easier for her to attack them. Like the other attacks, the arrow's mental or physical effeccts for that matter will not be felt by those who are stronger than her.
Preparation time: 1 post.
Duration: 3 posts (this includes the preparation time, as her prep is failry simple, allowing her to fire just after she prepares.)
Cooldown: 4 posts.

Standard Quincy Abilities/Techs

RP SAMPLE:Gwen sighed as she covered up one of the corpses with a cloth. She walked over to the small wastebasket near the sink, peeling the latex gloves off of her hands. Gwen tossed them in the basket casually, closing the lid. Her eyes flashed up to the small, circular digital clock on the left wall, the numbers glowing red. It was 3:50 in the morning, as Gwen usually worked the odd night shift with the smaller group of assistants.

Gwen was impervious to the stressful effects of the night shift at the morgue, which included seeing unfortunate victims and the ridiculous eerie feeling that normal Human felt while being in a room with the dead. Of course, Gwen wasn't scared of being in a room with the dead, their spirits provided some decent and sometimes irritating company. Gwen hadn't been scared of the dead since her father died. But more importantly, 4:00 a.m. was her "lunch" break. Gwen was kinda hungry, and decided to take an extra ten minutes. She stretched her arms, briskly strolling by Kio, one of her many morgue assistants. Kio Destai was probably the most timid, gullible, and overly sensitive assistant Gwen had ever met in her entire life.

At first, Gwen thought this simply because she worked in a morgue, one of the most morose places on earth. The only other place she could think of was a graveyard, or any location that you've been dumped by the love of your life at. But no, she was rather annoyed to find that she was like that all the time. And she had learned this the hard way when she offered to celebrate the girl's birthday at a small Karakura dive. Needless to say, it was a wreck. She sighed loudly as Kio tapped her on the shoulder, trying to get the impatient woman's attention."Ms. Iceni?" Kio asked with a quiet voice. Gwen rubbed her eyes, turning on her heel to face the timid girl.

"What, Kio?" Gwen responded, her tone a bit frustrated. "Your not off yet........." Kio mumbled tentatively. "I know that, Kio. It's my break time." Gwen explained, her tone growing more irritated by the second. She just wanted her sweet break time, as spending time around these assistants was more aggravating then tending to the dead. "Your ten minutes early........" The girl mentioned. "Does it matter?" Gwen responded, her eyes smoldering over with what was supposed to be anger. "......I guess not....." Kio replied, biting her lip at her bosses unconventional attitude. "Okay then, i'll be back in a hour." Gwen explained, swinging the door to the stairwell open.

She much preferred the stars, as this way she could avoid awkward elevator experiences. Gwen spotted the sign that said EXIT in bright red letters, pushing the door open and walking out into the crisp night air. She rummaged through her brown messanger bag, her fingers swiping at a green pack of cigarettes. 'Sweet, that lady actually gave me the right brand this time....' She exclaimed in her mind. She flipped the cap on a metal lighter with a large Q emblazoned on it, expressing her fondness for the Quincy race. Gwen inhaled the smoke of the cigarette, calming down slightly.

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PostSubject: Re: Gwen Iceni [FINISHED]   Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:17 pm

Everything looks fine, but may you please add a RP-sample with her perspective? Smile


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Okay, edited that in ^^
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Gwen Iceni [FINISHED]
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