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     Arisu Yamaya

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    PostSubject: Arisu Yamaya   Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:15 pm

    Shinigami Application


    Name: Arisu Yamaya
    Alias/Nickname: Arisu, Alice, Maya
    Actual Age: 284
    Physical Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Division: 6th Division
    Rank: 4th Seat


    Height: 1.65
    Weight: 49
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair Color/Style: Blond and curly
    Complexion: Fair
    Any distinguishing features: -



    Personality: Arisu always has an smile on her face. She is very shy and scared of a lot of things. Most of the time she tries to hide that she is scared. She does not like fighting and will try a lot to avoid fights. But when she has to fight she will give her best. Also she will listen to all the orders she was given by higher ranks shinigami's. And follow the rules perfectly. That is something she still does since her life as human. Arisu is nice to everyone and always thinks there is something good in a person. She cry's easily but tries hard to hold them. Arisu is clumsy and acts like a blonde a lot. She can also be a little sticky. Following people around and not leaving them alone. Like a lost puppy following around his mother. She always gets lost in her thoughts, daydreaming about a lot of things. Lost in her own fantasy world.
    Sexuality: straight
    Relationship Status: single
    Quirks: scared of almost everything.


    Arisu was born in a very rich and noble family. She was treated like a princes. Well that is what they told her. It felt more like prison for her. She always had to listen and could only talk when she was asked to speak, she was not allowed to speak on her own. Arisu did not have friends because she never got the change to meet anyone. Her father had forbidden her to go outside so she did not know much of the world outside the walls around her house. When she did something wrong her father would beet her up. One day she was so sick of the life she lived that she started to think of a way to escape from this hell. On a night she sneaked outside and managed to clime to the other side of the wall. She was finally free. She ran as fast as she could. Arisu had no idea how the world outside worked. A few days after her escape she met a man who seemed really nice. She decided to go with him. Then on a quite place the man killed her.

    In soul society she had a pretty normal life. She always looked up to the shinigami's and wanted to become like them. Even though she did not like fighting she thought is was really cool. She got into the shinigami academy and did her best to become better. But she didn't have it easy because she was not really strong and stuff but she did have talent in her. Years gone by and she had stayed a long time in the academy, not passing the exam. She tried harder and trained every night as she became better. Arisu finally passed the exam and came into the 6th Division. At fist she was just unseated and enjoyed her life as a shinigami. After some years she learned better how to use her power and katana. Finally getting a seat. She always looked up at her captain wanting to become just like her. She always had it hard because she was scared of a lot of things, not knowing much about people and everything outside. Everyday she learns new things. Then one day she got a seat at the 6th division. She was really happy about it and wears her rank proudly, even if it is not a really high one.

    ~Zanpakuto Information~

    Blade Name: Amu
    Sealed Blade appearance: Normal katana with a white hilt and a silver blade.
    Zanpaktou spirit: It's a a small white cat with wings. He is very nice, hyper and talks a lot...
    Inner world its in a forest that looks like it came from a fantasy story.

    ~Shikai Information~

    Release Phrase: "Amu"
    Released blade appearance: The same as before only the blade starts to glow white.

    ~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~ (seated officers can have 1-2 shikai abilities depending on the strength of those abilities, Lieutenants can have 2 of considerable strength, and Captains can have 3 powerful ones. )

    Name of abilty/technique: Fra no Tajjoo
    Description: White light will shine around Arisu. She can control the light and make it sort of alive in the form of tentacles. Light tentacles will come from the light around her. She can reach 15 meter around herself with them. They are as strong as steel and can move very fast. She can create 6 tentacles. She can use them to attack but also defend herself with them. The tentacles can also grab someone or hold them in their grip.
    Duration: 10 post
    Cool Down: 5 post
    Preparation: N/A

    ~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)

    Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

    ~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

    Cool Down:

    Name of abilty/technique:
    Cool Down:

    ~Other Techniques~
    Swordsmanship: Intermediate
    Shunpo: Advanced
    Hand to hand: Advanced
    Kido: Basic
    Others The light from her katana is a really white and shiny blinding light. Its just like looking at the sun without sunglasses.

    ~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like use to know)

    ~Rp Sample~

    (Read Katsu or Miyu)

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    PostSubject: Re: Arisu Yamaya   Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:57 pm

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    PostSubject: Re: Arisu Yamaya   

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    Arisu Yamaya
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