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 Vivi, Shapeshifter and Snob (Finished)

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Vivi Fortescue


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PostSubject: Vivi, Shapeshifter and Snob (Finished)   Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:54 pm

Bount Application:

Name: Vivi Fortescue.
Alias/Nicknames: Too many. Mainly the alias, Mrs. Bouvier.
Age: Never counted, but has lived in the human world since the early middle ages.
Visual Age: Early twenties.

Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship status: Single.
Appearance: Due to Vivi's doll, it is usually hard to decide the nature of her appearance. But due to her own vanity, Vivi prefers to stay in her normal form. In this form, she takes the appearance of an attractive woman with long brown hair with bangs parted to the side. She has deep black eyes, often described by the countless men she has made love with, as "soft as thunder". She has beautiful, full lips often seen half open. Her skin is fair and described as soft as silk. Her breasts are often called "perfect" by her lovers, due to their size and shape. She is often seen wearing a black tank top with almost frilly strops. She also wears a brown shawl with a golden-dragon pattern. She prefers to wear a pair of dark blue jeans, but do not be surprised if she decides to show up wearing just short light green sarong. She does also have several wardrobes with clothes. When she wears her jeans, she has a fashionable belt on it and when she wears her sarong or a long dress that exposes her right hip, she wear a black belt-like accessory around her hip. These accessories are actually cameras that moves by themselves (usually without being noticed) and takes a picture every time it sees a face.

Vivi's Appearance:
Height: Depends. Usually around 5'9" to 5'11.

Personality: Vivi is quite vain. She loves sparkly, expensive items and special treatment. And as she has lived a relatively long life, she has built up a fortune she doesn't hesitate at spending. She takes much pride in her appearance, but does not openly admit this in front of anyone. Vivi is also obsessed with then Sangreal or as someone calls it, The Holy Grail. She is also an avid reader and is hardly seen without a pair of glasses over her nose. Her voice is very soft, except when she is angry or shows her coldhearted fury. She is often described as a "femme fatale", as she is very sly, manipulative and clever. People does usually have a hard time reading her and figuring out her real intentions. Trying to control her is dangerous, as she may backstab you for not "being interesting enough".
Vivi likes to gamble, usually taking unnecessary risks when doing thing for her own favour.
If she is working for a "client" though, she will take no risks and ensure that the task is done without any fuzz. She does often demand insane amounts of money for her tasks, but not without reason. Vivi often scolds her allies or helpers when they do something wrong or less helpful, as stumbling or fumbling. She loves anything that is elegant and 'flawless'. She dislikes to eat souls and thanks to her doll's ability, she doesn't need to eat as many as other Bount's must, much to her relief. Vivi loves art, but is very cynical when it comes to certain types of art, like explosive art or something that only lasts in an instant. She repects every aspect of beauty though. She dislikes fighting and killing, but won't hesitate assassinating someone if her client requests it. Vivi is also quite proficient in the art of making love, due to the fact that she has lived among humans for such a long time and has well-developed sense for expensive fur against naked skin. Vivi is also a great actor, something that makes a great combination with her doll's ability to change shape. Another remarkable trait, is her ability to lie. She never overeacts in a situation where she needs to stay calm either.
Birthday: Unknown, but celebrates 17. July.
Family/Relatives: Several Bount Children, but most of them are dead.
Likes: Expensive items, gold, silver, art, making love, elegance and cigarettes.
Dislikes: Rough males, homosexuals, clumsiness, unawareness and human souls.
Hobbies: Painting, taking assignments from her clients.
Other information: Vivi has a French Accent and poses as the rich French woman Mrs. Bouvier in Karakura. Owns a Villa right outside the city and often invites guests to it through e-mail. Vivi speaks 54 languages fluently, over 30 of them are considered extinct.


Vivi Fortescue, or as she was born as Experiment Soul 14, thus making her one of the first 20 Bounts created. She is also one of the very few Bounts that survived and managed to manifest her doll. But first, she was just inside a tank, being experimented on along with her fellow Bounts. They were occasionally let free to interact with each other in a white room. Most of the Bounts were violent and tried to attack or even kill each other. Only the smartest and least violent ones survived these kind of interactions. Vivi was one of them. By this far, no one had managed to summon their doll and had to fight hand-to-hand. Their creators just watched as they killed each other. This was picked up on by Vivi and some of the other more intelligent Bounts. They decided on a plan to rebel against these scientists, but it was no easy task. These scientists put them in tanks which triggered a coma-like state when they were going to take a break from researching. And if the Bounts refused, they would be destroyed by a Self-Destruction Mechanism inside them. It was pure luck that saved their asses. A new scientist accidentally filled water in the tank belonging to a member of the "Wiser Ones". He freed the other members and let the dumber Bounts be. They found the controller for the Selfdestruction Mechanism and disarmed it. They then proceeded to kill most of the scientists. The Bounts were now free to go anywhere... But they didn't know anything about themselves. Many of them went out in Seireitei on a killing spree and were executed by the Shinigami. A majority of the Wiser Ones left Seireitei for the Human World with some of the scientists notes. The notes told them about a power they could use. The power of using something called dolls.

Vivi, along with some other escaping Bounts, had been separated from the majority of the Bounts and soon felt the lust for Human Souls. They had left the world between Soul Society and The Human World, ending up central Europe. The date; 723 years AD. These first Bounts scavenged and haunted the towns, easily spreading the rumors of vampires. There were few humans that could see them and the ones that could were often eaten up. But around this time, some of the Wiser Ones decided to try out the whole "Doll Thing". They gathered the necessary components and managed to summon these odd things. These Bounts were young and weak, thus were deemed as unusable for the Dolls, which killed them. Some of them managed to keep their dolls and it was a great victory for them. Vivi was among those that didn't try to obtain a Doll at the first place. After having seen her allies being exterminated that easily, she decided to wait until she was stronger. The group, when they arrived in the human world, started out in several hundreds. They had spread themselves across the globe, but many was killed by Shinigami or Hollows due to their inexperience. They retreated into the shadows to lick their wounds...

Several hundred years later, the tales of Vampires had almost disappeared completely. The Bounts had become more discreet and was now almost invisible for the society. With the exception of the countess, Vivica Patron. She had apparently appeared out of nowhere and bought an expensive manor to live in, with her husband Raphael. Vivica's true identity was, Vivi Fortescue; Bount. She had travelled to Italy, where she met the Super-Human Raphael. He had no powerful ability, except the fact that he could draw luck closer to himself and the ability to see spiritual beings. Vivi had fallen in love with him when she had seen him through a window once. At this time, she had just recently attained her doll, Künstler. He was perverted towards her, but at the same time, he taught her the beauty of art. During the rest of her life, Vivi would be in debt to Künstler for showing her something like this. She allowed him to be perverted and even allowed him to use some of the cigarettes they both would fall in love with later. Künstler also allowed her to use his ability to absorb souls from things, allowing her to live a relatively normal life.
Raphael once noticed Vivi staring melancholically into his window while sitting on a tree. He came out and asked her why she was up there. Surprised by the fact that he had noticed her, Vivi jumped down from the tree and asked him how he saw here. His reply was something like 'Pure Luck, I guess'. Vivi didn't explain what she was to him, but was invited in. They talked a while and Raphael revealed that he could see things other humans couldn't and in order to gain his trust, she said she could too. This was Vivi's first encounter with a spiritually aware human, but by far not the last. He thought she was special, like him, not a soul-vampire. They lived happily in the manor they had bought, but Vivi disappeared a few times a few, never saying where she was going. One day, after many wonderful years with her husband, Vivi noticed that Raphael's once dark-brown hair was starting to turn grey... When she noticed it, she realized the terrible fact. She could live forever. Raphael couldn't. That night, they made love for the last time. She left a letter to him explaining what she was and where she came from, before leaving their manor and life together; Forever.

But it did not take long time before she discovered something. Vivi Fortescue was expecting a child. Her and Raphael's child. As she was filthy rich, by working so many years and stealing so much from client's she had eaten the soul of, she could with ease get a room at an expensive inn when the time came for birth. When the time came, though, Vivi Fortescue was in a forest, all alone. No one could help. She plainly had to give birth to the child over a fallen long, on some soft leaves. The girl-child was named Amelie, after Raphael's beloved mother. To Vivi's shock, Amelie wasn't a spiritual being, but could obviously touch and see her mother. Vivi had just given birth to the first hybrid Bount-Human child. This was one of the only things Vivi cared for in her life. She wanted Amelie to live, because she reminded her about her only true love, Raphael.
To be a hybrid, Amelie grew very slow. It took her a century to become a child and another century to become a teenager. Amelie was very obedient with her mother. Even through they were still rich, Vivi wanted to live close to the nature instead of in a mansion or anywhere else. They lived in a single cabin and thanks to Künstler's ability, Vivi didn't need many human souls a year. And Amelie didn't need to eat souls at all. Amelie needed only human food, much to Vivi's relief. Künstler's relationship with Vivi at this point reminds much of their relationship today, but he hadn't revealed his ability to shapeshift yet. Neither he or Vivi was powerful enough. Vivi referred him to as "Uncle Artist" to Amelie, which enjoyed his company. Vivi and Künstler made a deal. He didn't perv on her daughter as long as she found some drugs for him. This seemed like paradise for them, but Vivi was actually tainted. Never had a day passed without her thinking about Raphael. He would be dead by now, but she wondered how he took it... Did he faint? Did he start to hate her? Did he push her away from his life and take another wife? She didn't know and would probably never know... Vivi only wanted to be around for her daughter's sake. When Amelie had grown-up, she would probably leave Europe and go to another part of the world. And that did happen. When Amelie was grown-up, she discovered that she could remain young by eating human souls. She rarely did this, though. Vivi said her good-byes to Amelie, but did also tell her to stay in touch with her. Amelie was fully grown at the date 1865, taking several centuries to grow into an adult.

Vivi and Künstler prepared a ship to Asia, planning to stay there for a while... But by this time, Vivi had mastered Künstler's ability to the core and had realized what she could do with them. Before leaving, Vivi stole many famous paintings and replaced them with almost identical replicas. They were discovered over time and thus, she returned them, in secret of course. But now she started to collect art seriously. She bought expensive statues, paintings, sculptures and started to get along with the art-snobs. Originally Vivi had been a lover of all art, but as she spent more and more time with the snobs she became critical to cheaper or less famous pieces. Now, she was obsessed with any kind of old or beautiful valuable art. Vivi didn't steal though. She wanted to become famous the lawful way, before leaving for Asia. But her trip to Asia got delayed, as she people started to talk about other countries. The fact that there were still many cultivated countries with new art to deal with, intrigued her. It was intense to know that everything she had gathered... Was only a small deal of everything outside there. She left Central Europe, but stored all her bought art in her mansion. Vivi hadn't lost contact with Amelie, not by far. They still exchanged letters on regular basis and when Vivi asked her to come watch her mansion while she travelled, her daughter was more than happy to do it. It took time for her to arrive, but when she did, Amelie did not appear alone. Along with her, she had a male. He, like Vivi, was a Bount and introduced himself as "Vladimir". At first, the mother acted distrustful towards him. He could kill her daughter in an instant to eat her soul. But soon, she learned that Vladimir was just a young Bount without a Doll. Her daughter was more mortal in combat than him. Amelie was an effective swordsman and being trained personally by her mother, Amelie was more than capable of using material arts as an offence. She left the couple and took the next boat to the countries in North...

The first Country she arrived in, was a much colder country than Italy or France, but the nature twice as beautiful. The trees double the height. The water even looked cleaner. It had much fewer habitants, but she was welcomed to their humble village. She didn't speak their language, but one of the sailors spoke French, so she managed to communicate with them before learning their language. As a quick learner, Vivi learned the basics of their language in only 2 years. During this period, Vivi almost starved herself as she didn't want to eat the friendly inhabitants of the village. Instead, she ate animal's souls or random people in the mountains, she didn't recognize. But soon, the village became too small for her. She wanted to see the rest of the country. She explained to them that she had appreciated their hospitality and to express her gratitude, Vivi gave them a painting of the fjord and jewels to everybody. Most of them villagers became rich and travelled to the city, while some remained. The painting was hanged up in the town-hall, but later moved to a museum. As Vivi didn't reveal her name to the villagers, neither wrote it on a painting, she was never a part of the history. Only the painting can prove her existence.

The female Bount visited the "big city". Compared to the big cities in the southern countries, this was not big at all. It was nice with some change, though. She tried to locate some art in this city, but she had a hard time. When she found something, it was mostly big statues or fountains. Far too big to bring back home. Her luck turned, though. Vivi met a young artist, hoping to gain fame and fortune sooner or later... Vivi became his model for a compromise; She would get a painting when they were done. And so she did. It was rather odd to see herself. The picture looked like her, but it was composed by many different shapes. Circles, rectangles, triangles to mention some. She sent this and some other art with a boat to her mansion, along with a letter to her daughter. This trip was far from over.
She travelled over the border to the cross-country. Vivi would never forget the friendly villagers and thought that the inhabitants in this country was as friendly. But no. They weren't directly rude, but indifferent and uncaring. Until she revealed she was rich. Then they swarmed around her likes flies for rotting fruit. This frustrated her and learned her to never ever show her kind persona towards strangers. And as they showed her only their greed and gluttonous personality to her, she had no problems to eat them in secret. There were few artists here though. More than in the cross-country at the least. Some of them demanded insane prices for a single crappy-painting, but Vivi haggled with them to get them lower. It was true that she was filthy rich, but her money didn't last forever. She spent considerably shorter time in this country than the other. It was still almost a century, though. Now she travelled to a bigger country. It was a rather odd experience, to end up in Russia after all the time in smaller countries.

The people were completely different. The culture suspiciously fascinating. And the art was wonderful. Both Vivi and Künstler loved the time they had spent in Russia. The hardest part was to learn the language. Here, she got together with a man that looked like he was on Vivi's physical age. She never loved him, but now her personality started to change. Vivi started to care more and more about money and expensive arts. She started to lose her compassion and became quite snobbish. Künstler never told Vivi this, but he enjoyed the time when Vivi was sweet, compassionate and calm. When she realized how good-looking she was, the female Bount started to enjoy looking at her own reflection. Expensive dresses were always welcome and she loved when her "lover" brought gifts for her. Except for having intercourse regularly, Vivi hardly interacted with him. One thing with Vivi was unchanged though. Vivi still cared for her daughter and wondered what had happened to her. But before she could do anything, the Russian Revolution came. Thanks to her shape-shifting abilities, she was able to escape without any harm. Her lover was killed, though. She had no choice but to leave the country. This was a nice timing to return to the castle and take her planned trip to Asia.

It took her several years to travel without any form for transport, but her feet. The mansion looked a good deal older than it originally had, but nothing noticeable else. When she walked him, she heard children's laughter. Surprised, she shouted "Hello?". A child's voice was the first to reply. A young boy started to walk down the huge stairs. He carried a duck-plushie. He seemed surprised and asked her who she was. Vivi was amazed. Was this her daughter's child? Was she a grandmother now? She heard more footsteps. The person that came down the stairs, was a big muscular man. Vivi could hardly recognize the young man her daughter had brought home. It was the scar over his right eye that made him recognizable. Vivi started to fear that her daughter had been killed, but soon Amelie came down the stairs as well. She was surprised to see her mother and they had a tearful reunion. Vivi stayed at the mansion for roughly 70 years, along with her family. As the mansion was in a forest, hardly anyone visited it. A majority of the people thought it was abandoned and some haunted. They said they had seen a child run around in the yard and a woman standing on the veranda in a night-gown. This was in fact, Vivi and her grandson, Michael. But Vivi started to get tired of sitting in this state. She wanted to set her plans for Asia alive. And as transport had become easier during the later years, she didn't need to take a boat over the ocean to travel. But it was much easier when she was bringing the art with her. After a long time, she said good bye to the family she had here and bought a yacht. She didn't leave Europe yet, though. She wanted to do one last thing. Using history books and Internet, she located the tomb of her beloved Raphael. Vivi wanted to pay her last respects to the only person she had fallen in love with. Thanks to Internet, she had also discovered that Raphael's sister had living descents. She visited his grave in Italy. It was a humble stone, just like the man himself. It had been worn down considerably the last centuries, but the name and date was still visible. She discovered that he'd only lived a day longer after she left. Vivi tightened her fists. It was the dumbest thing she had done. Raphael had obviously killed himself due to the misery she had brought on him. They could have lived happily together, until he died at least. One of the living relatives lived close by. It was an elderly woman.

Just to make sure, Vivi dyed her hair blonde and changed clothes to match the one of a tourist before visiting her. The woman was friendly, but wondered who she was. Vivi lied and told her she was an descent of Raphael, her foremother's brother. The woman recognized the name immediately and asked her to tell how Raphael had a kid, but said she didn't doubt Vivi, as she looked greatly like Raphael's mysterious and beautiful wife that had disappeared. They thought she had drowned, but Raphael said he knew she was alive. Vivi explained that they had heard the story of her foremother being a vampire, but never believed in it. They had been told from generation to generation that she had fleed to France (by unknown reasons) and started a family there. The woman pondered for a while and said she had considered that. She told Vivi that the supposed vampire was rumoured to have a French accent and maybe wanted to go home? But they would never know, she also said. The story said that the wife had let a letter behind, explaining her actions. But the story also said he had burned the letter, but left a letter behind, in case she ever returned... Vivi asked how the lady knew so much and the woman replied that her family often told stories about their ancestors. She also told that the letter had been preserved and kept in a coffin. Many had read it, but never understood what it meant. Vivi wanted to ask if she could read it, but the lady asked before her. She walked up to the attic and when she returned, she carried a box adorned with jewels. The woman slowly opened it, exposing the worn paper with a message to her:

"Dear Vivi.
I forgive you. If you ever see this, you can read over and over again that I can't hate you.
I can't live without you either. But I will wait here until the day you come back..."

The message was short and clear, but lacked the thing she had done to him. The woman said it was ominous, waiting for her. She had never returned either. Vivi wondered if the house Raphael lived in still existed and the woman replied that it did. It was falling apart though and she had heard rumors about someone going to tear the house down... Vivi thanked the woman for her hospitality. The woman said it was nice to have a chat with anyone else than the ghosts. Vivi turned around, surprised. Her last words to her distant relative was: "You can see them too?"
The female Bount did not visit their former house, as she knew that Raphael had either become a Hollow or departed to Soul Society. At this point, she became emotionally unstable by being in Europe and finally, travelled to Japan.
She bought an expensive mansion outside the small town, Karakura. She knew that Karakura was closely connected to Soul Society and other Bounts. Vivi wanted to meet them, as she hadn't met a fellow Bount since the middle ages, except for Vladimir. In all secret, of course. As in public, Vivi was just known as "Mrs. Bouvier, the French Rich Woman". But by the Bounts, she was now known as "Vivi Fortescue, 2nd most Powerful Bount". Vivi is usually the one that takes on the stealth missions of the Bounts. She still keeps in touch with her daughter and her family by post-cards, e-mails and phone.

Doll Information

Name: Künstler (German for "Artist")
Manifestation: Künstler takes the appearance of purple fan with a chinese dragon on the middle of it. Inside the fan, there is a knife attached Vivi can use to assassinate her enemies.
When it transforms Vivi, it will change appearance to match Vivi's transformation.
Element: Physical Altering of the Body (I am sorry I can't come with anything more concrete).
Description: Künstler is a very snobbish doll that only likes three things; Perversion, Cigarettes and Vivi. A dark purple hue of reiatsu encases him when he speaks. Just like Vivi, he has a french accent and speaks gently, but in a sarcastic tone. He often makes lewd, disturbing comments towards Vivi's opponent, if it is a female. He is generally quiet when fighting a male, but tends to come with mocking or provoking comments. When he is alone with Vivi, he is often quite polite and concerning. Vivi never falls for these attempts and simply requests him to "shut his yap". One may wonder how this doll can suck in nicotine, but as Künstler can release his "true" form; A huge Chinese Dragon, it has no problem of taking a cigarette or two. He can only maintain this form in 1 - 3 posts, depending on Vivi's health-condition and mood. Vivi and Künstler has a great relationship between themselves and is more like two childhoodfriends than master and slave. Künstler seems to love Vivi in a way, but does not admit this to her. In combat, Künstler and Vivi fights synchronized, as Künstler can read Vivi's mind and vice versa.
Künstler's primary ability is to change the appearance of Vivi and himself. While doing so, he also masks her reiatsu and changes Vivi's voice, thus making her unrecognizeable. The appearance Vivi takes on should not be fictional, as Künstler may mess up with it, removing the realistic touch her transformations usually have. Künstler does have some secondary abilities though. The most proficient one is the one that allows Vivi to be seen by humans. She can be touched by them, even harmed. The other ability allows Vivi to eat the souls of other things. In other words, she can eat the soul of a plant, a chair, water and other inanimate objects. Thanks to this ability, she does not have to eat human souls as often as other bounts will have to. But the souls she eat satisfies much less than a human soul. She will have to eat a human soul once every month.

Techniques(no more than 5 unique abilities to begin with )

Name: "Shapeshifting".
Description: This technique allows Vivi and Künstler to change their appearances to match the one of an existing person. They can't usually transform into something just from memory, as it would be inaccurate. But if Vivi remembers this person well, she can. Künstler needs a picture of the person at the very least, in order to change the body. Clothes can be made with imagination, though. The drawback with this doll, is that it can't copy powers. In order to uncover her, they could ask her two use e.g. Kidou or release her Zanpakuto. When Künstler changes the shape of Vivi, he will come out as his true form; A purple chinese dragon with skin compareable to metal. He constricts Vivi and a purple light can be seen. The dragon is gone when the light disappears and all that's behind, is Vivi in her shapeshifted form. While in this form, Vivi can't use any of her powers. Künstler can actually change other people too, but the time depends on the victim. Someone with much lower reiatsu than her will be in this form in 4 posts. Someone with lower reiatsu for 3 and one with equal or little bit higher for 1 post. Someone with much higher reiatsu can't be transformed. While in this form, they are powerless too. But after Vivi has transformed someone else, she can't use her abilities either, until they have reverted back.
Preparation time: N/A
Duration: As long as Vivi likes.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Name: Soul Absorbation.
Description: This technique allows Vivi to absorb the soul-essence from inanimate objects, in order to stay away from devouring human souls for a set amount of time (more is explained under the doll section).
Preparation time: N/A
Duration: Passive.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Nadel Tanzen (German for "The Needle Dance")
Description: One of Künstler's more offensive-oriented moves. This enables Vivi to force spikes out of the edges of Künstler's manifested fan. These spikes are needle-thin and about the size of a toothpicker. They will fall out of the fan quickly in huge numbers. After a single post, several buckets of these needles will be around Vivi. Vivi can also use this technique as a defensive move, by surrounding herself with these needles, making an armor. These needles won't sting her, as long as she holds Künstler. When used as an offense, Vivi sends these needles towards the victim. The needles won't cut, their speed isn't high enough. They will attach themselves to the skin, though. If all the needles successfully has surrounded the victim, Vivi can by hand-gesture, trap these victims inside an almost coffin-like composture. This isn't harmful at all, but it removes mobility and reishi, thus indirectly making the target human (will take up to 10 posts). They can recover by training, though. People with enhanced strenght won't have a hard time escaping this coffin (1 post). Weaker will have a tougher time, as the number of needles increase the more you struggle (2 posts, lenghtening the more you failure). If freed before this process is done, they will slowly, but certain regain their reishi composture. This technique is by far, not deadly on spiritual beings, but can with ease suffocate a human victim to death. Vivi can at will, open holes in this 'coffin' and stab them victim with a knife. It takes one post for her to open the coffin though, enough time for an experienced foe to crush his/hers way out of the coffin. She can also shape the needles into various other things (wings, sword or a simple barrier-like shield). The wings does not enabled flight, but Vivi can close the wings around herself in order to protect herself from an attack or fire a storm of needles rapidly, the firing speed of these needles can penetrate weak hierro. If she folds Künstler's fan-form and force the needles around it, she can create a jian (sword). The barrier is easiest to form, as it only requires Vivi to create a thick layer of these needles.
Preparation time: 1 post of falling needles.
Duration: The needles will last until destroyed. The coffin will revert back into mere needles after 4 posts, if not crushed before. Wings will last 3 posts. Sword 4 posts. Barrier 1 post.
Cooldown: 3 posts, 6 for coffin, 3 for wings, 5 for sword, 1 for barrier.

Name: Saiten (German for "Strings")
Description: Vivi unfolds Künstler and points him at a target. Invisible strings will shoot out of the tips and attach themselves to the target's limbs. If the target lacks much physical strenght, Vivi can control the target's movements. She can't control their will, though. The will is controlled by themselves though, they can still speak and Vivi can't force them using their special abilities. The captive can't cut their own strings, but Vivi can't kill them either during this time. The target is freed after 5 posts.
Preparation time: 1 post.
Duration: 5 posts.
Cooldown: 4 posts.

Name: Kirschblüten Tanz (German for "Cherry Blossom Dance")
Description: By channeling her reiatsu into Künstler, Vivi can make it snow reishi-like composture taking the appearance of cherry blossom petals. They won't disappear when they hit the ground, as long as they are close to Vivi. Vivi tends to make entrances by walking in with cherry blossoms falling around her.
Preparation time: N/A
Duration: As long as Vivi wants.
Cooldown: N/A (as it is not an offensive move)

Other Information:

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Vivi's spiritual pressure can be compared to the one of a Captain. It is white in color and manifests itself as falling snow around her.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: During her time alive, Vivi has perfected her hand-to-hand combat to the extreme. She is extremely flexible and has mastered a huge asset of hand-to-hand types. Judo, Karate, Capoeira to mention some. Her signature way of fighting is mixing ballet-moves with hand-to-hand though.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Vivi is a master at wielding swords. Her speciality is daggers and reverse grip, though. She is also ambidextrous and often wields one dagger in each hand.

Enhanced Durability: Vivi can easily keep on fighting when she is critically damaged, unlike most other Bounts.

Enhanced Strenght: Despite Vivi's slender and relatively fragile appearance, she can pack easily pack a punch enough to send someone much heavier than her flying with a single powerful punch. Kicking someone would send them far further, though.

Enhanced Speed: Like most Bounts, Vivi is considerably faster than most spiritual beings, which make up the fact that they can't use fast transportation techniques.

Reproduction: Vivi is one of the few Bounts that can reproduce. In order to do this, she must use a human male. Instead of her gaining pregnancy, she will impregnate the victim with an odd fluid from her mouth. The baby-bount will be developed inside the stomach, but protected by a membrane from the stomach acids. The fetus will stay there for 7 months, until it is fully developed end will eat it's way out of the male's stomach, thus killing him. It is a risk that the baby may die soon after birth, as it isn't proficient at feeding nor can it fend of enemies. Vivi has rarely taken any of these under her wings. Vivi can also gain a normal pregnancy through regular intercourse, but if she breeds with a regular human, the child will be a hybrid.

Self-Destruction Mechanism: If someone were to eat Vivi, they would get a lovely surprise. If Vivi is killed and about to be eaten, her reiatsu and reishi-composition will react by forcing turning her DNA into highly dangerous explosives, thus probably killing her murderer before he/she can eat her. If she is killed without being eaten, her body will just dissolve.

Reiatsu Stealth: Just like her entire species, Vivi can completely hide her reiatsu from being senseable.


Vivi carries a pair of daggers coated in nerve-poison. These are usually hidden in their sheates in her bra. On her leg, usually under her dress, Vivi carries a revolver with sekkiseki bullets. In other words, these bullets can hit spiritual beings. As said under the appearance description, she carries a camera which moves on it's own. These cameras are set to take pictures every time they see a face.


The wine continued to move slowly around in the winge glass as the hand with long, red nails rotated rhythmically. This was easily the most expensive on market, like everything else in the mansion. Yes, the owner sure enjoyed life. At least now during her days as a widow. She had tainted her way through the most of her life, but now she should enjoy it. After all, she was one of the oldest inhabitants of Karakura. She lifted the wine glass to her lips, consuming the expensive liquid slowly. There was a reason it was the most expensive wine. Even though this female was a Bount and didn't need to drink or eat anything else than souls, she stille enjoyed some aspects of the human life. As cigarettes and wine.
The female slowly put the glass of wine back on the table. It was more than enough time to take breaks. She currently had a job. She should not be goofing around. The female rose from her chair and her golden shawl started to moved in the air. Her long brown hair moved as well, almost like a weak breeze had gotten into the vast mansion. She reached out her hand and spread her long, delicate fingers. Zeige Dich, Künstler. Her soft, french-accented voice almost whispered the command to release her doll. A purple aura started to envelop her hand and the conture of something that looked like a folding fan started to appear. The shear energy exerted from this process caused waves of pressure to appear. Normally, the female Bount wouldn't release her doll inside her house, in case her spiritual pressure crushed over a hundred years of art collecting. But this was an exception, as her client's subject was actually inside her house.

The conture was now filled out and she unfolded the fan. Mademoiselle Vivi! I see you have summoned me, non? The doll started to speak with thick french accent. Vivi Fortescue coldly eyed the doll in her hands. Enfermer, Künstler. The soft, delicious tone in her voice was gone. It wasn't hard either, but filled with mystery and almost confidence. Another mission, eh? The doll had lost his friendly tone, now it was just confirming. His wielder simply nodded with closed eyes as an answer. Subject is in the house. Client demands elimination as soon as possible. Vivi informed her doll. Even though they were close and able to read each other's minds, Künstler was often on the lazy side when he wasn't released. And you summoned me for doing what? The dragon inside the fan started to move around restlessly. Vivi raised an eyebrow as response. I mean, you could easily have killed that target yourself, mademoiselle Vivi. A tiny smile was crept across Vivi's lips. Oh really? This guy has bodyguards. If I were to kill him myself, the bodyguards would kill me. If I killed the bodyguards, he would possible kill me while I am vulnerable. Therefore, I want need your needles. she said, in a less harsh and softer tone. Künstler paused a while. As you wish, mademoiselle. he said. Vivi noticed that the dragon inside the fan bowed his head. Needles started to flow out of the tips of the fan. Just after a few minutes, the floor was full of needles. They started to levitate as Vivi moved the fan-like doll up. The tiny needles surrounded her like a tornado, lifting her off the floor as well. Now, out we go. Vivi said with her accented and soft voice. The needles forced the veranda-door open and she treaded out on the veranda. This was going to be shocking for the victims... Seeing a lady levitating in the air on metal-like needles was no everyday sight after all.
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Approved, since you explained the coffin thing in the cbox xD my brain is not working today



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Vivi, Shapeshifter and Snob (Finished)
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