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 Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain

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Syuora Sattoutaki


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PostSubject: Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain   Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:42 am

Vizard Application


Name: Syuora Sattoutaki
Actual Age:560
Physical Age: 19
Former Division:Sixth
Former Rank:Captain


Weight:190 lbs
Eye Color: Right eye: green Left eye: crimson
Hair Color/Style: Black and White
Complexion:A rather thin face, yet a serious look
Any distinguishing features: two triangles, one black and one white, on either cheek



Personality:Syuora is usually a womanizer and likes to have a good time, but it is very contrasted by the fact he tends to be a loner, and tends to do things on his own. He always looks to have a good time though, despite this fact. He usually doesn't like to work, unless it benefits him or is fun. Other than that, his laziness interferes with work. On the other hand, he always looks forward to combat, and always looking to better himself in any way possible. He is also usually flirtatious with sometimes bad consequences. He also believes that one must do what is right, even if it goes against protocol, and this usually doesn't fit well with superiors.Overall he is rather lazy, flirtatious, and combat loving.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks:Syuora is scared to death of bees, and is very allergic to them. Because of this, he does not like to be near gardens, fields, or any place where bees may linger. Syuora loves heavy metal, as he likes to gather cd's from the human world, as he bolsters a huge collection of cds, posters, and accessories.

History: Syuora was born in the northern parts of Finland, to a poor family that lived in the villages near the ocean. He was the only child that had survived child birth, as the cold weather and malnourishment made it hard to survive and raise young. Syuora's family owned a business in the town that made instruments of many kind, and was a family owned business. Syuora was alone most of the time, and didn't like to play with the other kids, as they teased him about his hair and eyes. Syuora would be kept company by his so called 'imaginary' friends, which were actually deceased spirits. When Syuora reached about 11 years of age, He would start to work in the shop, as his mother grew very ill, and his father needed help. She would die later on when he was 12 years old, and he became even more secluded afterwords. Syuora would turn to music to occupy himself, mostly the guitar, as he felt it kept him out of trouble, and gave him something to do. Syuora could also see that his father had grown weak, and he tried to ignore it. When Syuora was about 14 years old, His father had passed away suddenly and without notice, leaving Syuora enraged. Syuora burnt down the shop, as he wanted nothing to do with it, the only thing he saved was the guitar he played. After a while Syuora would start stealing money and food, as he tried to survive without his parents. He would later be chased out of town into the harsh, unforgiven forests. Syuora would then stumble into the territory of a mother grizzly bear, where he would be mauled to death at the age of 16, as he would begin his journey into the after life.

Now dead, Syuora would wander the village he resided in, as he would walk aimlessly, having no purpose. Syuora would later be attacked by a group of hollows that resided in the area. Having no where to turn, he embraced his 'second' death, until he was saved by a Shinigami. Marveling at the soul reaper, he would later be sent to Soul Society, ready to begin a new life. Syuora, wanting to become like the shinigami that saved him, would later try to be accepted into the Shinigami Academy.

After being accepted into the academy, he would be one of the top fighters in his class, but would usually be interfered by his laziness. He would have to go through the academy a second time, despite his combat effectiveness. He would later graduate, now looking like a sixteen year old, having gone a long way to follow a sudden dream. He would later go into reclusive training after being put in the 12th division, not really getting along with the other people, usually focusing on playing music and training.He could also tell he wasn't like much either, which made him fall into seclusion.Even though he wasn't close to being a fan of science as the rest of the people of his division were, he still did his job, usually gathering specimens for research as he found researching and gathering information to not be his style.He made many trips to the living world to gather specimens like quincy or hollows for study. Even though he hated travel, he would later acquire his love for heavy metal after being stationed in the human world for a while, making it another hobby of his. After hard work and everything that goes with it, he would rise to the spot of a seated officer, to where he would stay for a while, wanting to rise higher.Even though he was a seated officer, he continously train to become a lieutenant, or even captain, usually training for his bankai on a daily basis out in the nearby forest, although he tries to keep it secretive, hoping that he doesn't get many assignment unless it involves something big and exciting, knowing that his training would interfere with the 12th Division's work. Being good at collecting specimens, He hopes that if he collects something big, he'll get a good recomdendation and be able to rise in rank, but sadly he waited.

After training day in and day out, Syuora had finally achieved bankai, and was ready to take the captaincy test. Syuora would get moved to the now vacant Sixth Division spot, as he was glad. Having his own desk, and his own division, he felt on top of the world. Although he would have trouble turning in paperwork and getting his daily tasks done, he was living his dream. But all dreams have to come to an end.

After sending his lieutenant on a mission and him not returning, he went to find him on his own. Having found his lieutenant, he approached him, only to be attacked by him. Being hit by the surprise attack, he would notice that his lieutenant wore a hollow's mask. After being forced to kill him, he had sustained wounds, and was none the less 'infected' himself. Syuora, waking up in his bed room to find a hollow mask on his face, knew that he had been affected and knew that he would be killed. Syuora gathered his clothes and his zanpakuto, leaving behind his Captain haori, as he left for the human world, leaving soul society behind for good..

Mask Information

Name: Shikyo Mitsukai (Death Angel)
Manifestation: [/bSyuora's hollow looks pretty much like a decayed angel, with bits of the skeletal structure showing, constantly dripping blood.
[b]Ability / Enhancement:
Syuora's mask allows him to increase the range of his zanpakuto by 6 meters, and gives him an increase in speed and strength. It also allows him to perform Cero
Hollow Mask Appearance:
Duration:11 posts per battle

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name:Shinku Kyohaku
Sealed Blade appearance:
Zanpaktou spirit: Syuora's zanpakuto's manifestion takes the form of a skeleton-esque figure in tattered black robes. The skeleton likes to act bloodthirsty, hyperactive, and has complete disregard for life all together, contrasting with Syuora's calm, mellow personality, and speaks in a rather crazed tone, often followed by a maniacal laugh. Despite this, they have a form of respect for each other, more on Syuora's side then the manifestation.
Inner worldConsist of a devoid landscape filled with bones piled high, as the sky takes on a crimson hue and constantly rains. Shinku is usually found in the middle of this world, sitting on a throne of bones, and can appear anywhere by materializing him self from any pile of bones. these piles of bones can range from the size of a person to several building stories high, giving a sort of grim feel to it.
~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase:'Let the rivers flow red'
Released blade appearance:

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~ (A captain-level Vizard can have 2 unique abilities to begin with. Lieutenant-level can have 1. More can be learnt later via the technique board or can be rewarded after tournaments)

Overall Ability:Syuora has the ability to control blood in a 25 meter vicinity of him(This doesn't not mean he can control an enemies own blood in there body, as long as the blood that has been drawn is not making contact with the opponents body. That would just be godmodding). He can make blood flow/shoot from any part of the scythe, making a great range weapon. But not only can he control blood with the scythe, the scythe is in fact, disguised blood. That means that Syuora can shrink, grow, split, expand, and even sprout extremities out of the scythe, giving him a boost in the close range department. Now you probably are asking yourself, "How can a liquid harm someone?" well it's simple silly goose. By flowing reiatsu through the scythe, Syuora can change the viscosity (How fast it flows), its hardness, to the point of cutting metal, and it's type of state (syuora can freeze the blood at will, but cannot make vapor out of it). The blood as stated is as hard as metal, and can not be cut through without some force or reiatsu. the most deadly aspect is the blood's ability to drain reiatsu from the opponent if contact is made, then transfer it to Syuora. This is proportional to how long the contact is, the size of contact, and how far away Syuora is from the opponent.

Name of abilty/technique:Crimson Dome
Description:Syuora forms a dome of blood over himself, protecting him from harm. If contact is made by the opponent, then their reiatsu is drain if they touch it for long enough. syuora can also make spikes protrude from the dome to injure the opponent.
Cool Down:7

~Bankai Abilities~ (Only captain level vizards may have bankai, even then only 2 moderate power abilites or 1 powerful ability. These abilites should be attacks with minimal duration if not no duration)

Overall Ability :Syuora can not only reach up to 35 meters, but he can now merge with his zanpakuto as well, being able to use the properties stated above with his own body. But if he does this, he can only reach up to 20 meters. . Syuora can also drain an opponents reiatsu much faster now, as now from draining 1/20 of an opponents reiatsu for every post of contact, it can now drain 1/15 for every post of contact.(This is also depended on how strong the opponent is)

Name of abilty/technique:Chiminori (Blood Harvest)
Description: Syuora throws his scythe up into the air, as it explodes into a red mist. the mist will then summon 4 large crimson tornadoes, about 20 feet wide, around the opponent in a ring about 20 meters wide that circle them at a fast rate. While the opponent is in between the tornadoes, their reiatsu will be drained depending on how close to the middle of the ring they are from 1/15 of their overal reiatsu when near the edge, to 1/13 when directly in the middle, and it also depends on how close Syuora is to the technique. This technique can be escaped if one of the tornadoes are 'overloaded' with reiatsu (by a strong reiatsu attack) or if enough speed is used, one can escape the ring. It is also to be noted that this attack is a lot strong near an area with lots of debris than an empty field, where things like trees and rocks can potentially harm the opponent. This technique is less useful the stronger the opponent, as the denser reiatsu is harder to absorb.
Duration:3 posts, or until the opponent escapes
Cool Down: once per battle
Preparation: 1 post

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advanced
Shunpo: Advanced
Hand to hand: intermediate
Kido:Cannot use any kido over level 40
Others(is their any other abilities that you feel need mentioning?)

~Other Information~

~Rp Sample~

A sample of when Syuora was younger.


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Tia Harribel

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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:11 pm

Quote :
Bankai:Syuora can not only reach up to 35 meters, but he can now merge with his zanpakuto as well, being able to use the properties stated above with his own body. But if he does this, he can only reach up to 20 meters. Syuora can also now make his blood into a vapor, albeit it is hard to control. Syuora can also drain an opponents reiatsu much faster now, and if enough blood is present, he can steal their reiatsu from a distance (about 2 meters away).

Currently, Visored can't have Bankai. Please remove this.

Everything else looks fine to me.


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Syuora Sattoutaki


Posts : 18
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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:15 pm

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Tia Harribel

Posts : 335
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Location : In the Sea of Blood covered in ashes.

PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:19 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain   

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Syuora Sattoutaki, former Sixth Division Captain
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