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 Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]

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PostSubject: Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]   Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:49 am

Val paced back and forth across the cold stone floors of her den. She had received rather disappointing news. She had caught wind that one of the Espada was not too fond of her position. Val stopped and sighed for a moment. She had just sent a numero to fetch this woman, La Quarta Espada, Kita Akiyama. She wanted to set things straight and quell the petty hatred that this woman seemed to possess. Val held respect for those with power, and any member of the espada was no exception. She had no qualms with Kita and wanted to fix it to where they were allies instead of enemies. Val has changed a greay deal since her arrival in Las Noches. Over time, she had gone from an unruly rogue with no respect for authority to a powerful soldier for Hueco Mundo's Overseer. Val held Incognita in high regards and was now willing to die for her leader or her comrades. She let out another heavy sigh and continued to pace back anf forth, awaiting the arrival of the fourth Espada. The sooner she fixed this petty childish behavior, the sooner she could put her mind at ease.
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PostSubject: Re: Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]   Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:12 pm

If Kita had known that Valentina thought that she was childish, Kita wouldn't have gone. As a matter of fact, Kita was tempted to show the woman her disrespect by not even showing up. Or taking her sweet time to get there. Did this woman think that Kita was here to just be her servant because she was lower in rank then her? Kita could take this woman on in her sleep. And Kita intended to prove it if it was the last thing she did. As Kita's feet carried her to the Terecea's rooms her mind turned to the wonderful session she had just had with Grimmjow. That had been pleasing for both of them, she was sure of it. Because it wasn't every day that Kita found out things about her favorite Former Espada....Like he liked men and women, and was wanting to screw the brains out of his Espada. "Oh Grimmjow you shouldn't have told me that!!" Kita said softly with a laugh as she knocked on Valentina's door.

"You wanted to meet with me Terecea?" Kita asked as the door opened, and she leaned against the door frame. Kita wanted to get this over with.
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PostSubject: Re: Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]   Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:46 pm

Val froze in place when she heard footsteps coming towards her door, her ears standing erect atop her head the moment a couple knocks echoed on the stone door, they soon followed by Kita's voice. Val lightly smiled, relieved that the woman decided to actually join her. Val turned towards the door, her friendly smile remaining. Ah, Ms. Akiyama. I'm glad you decided to join me. Please come in. Oh and just call me Val. Referring to one another by rank seems too formal and whatnot. She waited for Kita to enter before she began to speak again, her tone softening a bit, sounding almost distraught. I have come to understand that you hold some sort of rage against me... I don't see the reason why you should. I know of your...status...and if it's fear of me claiming your conquests, then you have no worries there. Only one male in all of Hueco Mundo has my eternal devotion, and that is my brother and fraccion, Valentino. I hope you understand that. I'm sure you also feel cross about my recent promotion to Tercera... I was given this rank, yes, but that does not mean I think highly of myself or look down on those who are ranked lower. Quite honestly, the only person among the espada whom I look down upon is that loathesome bat...He only got Segunda because I took that child's place...feh...if anything, it should be you in the Segunda position.. She paused there, letting out an annoyed sigh. The emo bat boy irritated her. Thinking he was so high and mighty. She let out a low growl and plopped down on her bed, her golden yellow eyes glowing brightly while she glanced at Kita. She began to wonder how the woman would react to her words.
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PostSubject: Re: Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]   Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:09 pm

Kita was pissed. Had Lucy told Volpe about what Kita had said in their conversation? Would the new Sexta Espada have been that stupid as to cross the Quarto Espada? Kita liked to think that she could read people as well as she could fight against them and anticipate them. So she rather doubted that the girl had been stupid enough to go up against the former Primera's fraccion. Kita was arrogant, and knew that she was strong. It wasn't something that she could have done other wise. Being an Espada had always been her dream, but she had wanted to get rid of Nnoitra instead of just climbing up from the bottom. Nnoitra had always been an eye sore to her. But instead she turned her attention back to the new 3rd Espada, who from the sounds of it, was having a very incestuous relationship with her brother. “If we're to be...informal, I suggest calling me Kita, not Ms. Akiyama. That was my sister. Of course I infinitely glad to know that you have no designs on my conquests Val. Though how you found out that I had a problem with your....unknown qualities on the men's side of things, I would love to know. After all, I haven't told many people about my...possessive streak.” Kita said, as she moved into the room and shut the door behind her.

If Kita had anything to say about it, there was going to be a woman's movement against Ulquoirra, who they all seemed to mutually dislike. “So you have a problem with emo child as well do you? Can't say that it surprises me. After all, he's got a stick so far up his ass that it'll take surgery to remove it.” Kita's voice sounded like a snarl, because she really didn't like Ulquoirra, if only for the reason that she had never been able to get into his pants, even when she had been just a Fraccion. After all, what man in this god forsaken place didn't want her? She was gorgeous woman, and one of the loosest around. She never slept with the same Man twice in a row. There was always someone in between them. Kita knew she was lucky that Fuu Numa wasn't there. He'd have hit her so hard by now for her thoughts, and her words to Valentina. Fuu was the only one who could control the Quarto Espada with just a look.
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PostSubject: Re: Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]   Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:39 pm

Val's nose twitched as a new scent weighed heavily upon her den. Kita's scent changed due to her sudden mood change. Val shared many canine qualities with that of dogs, wolves, and foxes. She could smell fear, rage, and lust because of the hormonal changes envolved in those moods. Val then quirked a brouw as she spoke, then chuckled lightly as she asked to know how Val knew of her rather possessive nature with the males of Las Noches. Well...aside from being able to hear every sound coming from your room... She brought a hand up and tugged on her right vulpine ear. These aren't just aesthetic, Kita.. She chuckled once more before continuing on. I can smell your jealousy when you witness me speaking to other males. As I've said before. The only male in this castle that is mine is Valentino. The others I see as comrades, not potential mates. Her ears fell flat against her head, another chuckle escaping as she, too, spoke ill of Ulquiorra. Val crossrd her arms over her chest, her tail twitching in annoyance. Thestupid bat.... I'll rip that bloody stick out with his own goddamn sword, then choke him with it. Hmph...He's lucky to still be here.... Val spat in disgust, her claws pressing against her arms while she clenched her fists. Faint sparks of electricity could now be seen surging across her body and popping on her tail in small arcs. If anyone were to lay a finger on her right now, they'd be electrocuted, if not paralyzed by a strong electric current. She huffed and calmed herself, though the electricity still remained. She turned towards Kita, her eyes glowing brightly in the dim light. We could be quite a powerful duo, you and I.... I can sense your strength, and if there is one thing in this world that I hold respect for, it's those with real power... If I was told correctly, your skill is in hand in hand... My power is better with range or distance between an enemy. Close combat is to easy of a win for me...One touch from an enemy and....Zap! Instant paralysis....The joys of a lightning element... Val smirked. She adored her element more than she adored the thrill of a good fight. She kept her eyes on Kita, wondering what she'd think of her subtle proposal.
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PostSubject: Re: Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]   

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Petty Enemies or Powerful Allies [Private - Kita]
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