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 Noelle Fontaine, The Greedy Black Cat

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Noelle Fontaine


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PostSubject: Noelle Fontaine, The Greedy Black Cat   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:06 am

Bount Application:

Name: Noelle Fontaine
Alias/Nicknames: Elle, Lady Fontaine, Lady Luck
Age: 200 years old
Visual Age: 21 years old

Sexuality: straight
Relationship status: single
Appearance: Noelle has a rather curvy build. She stands at about five feet, three inches and weighs around one hundred and twenty pounds. She has long, jet black hair that reaches about the back of her knees, her bangs forming a triangular shape with the "point" lined up at the bridge of her nose. Her eyes are an alluring violet hue, her skin a soft pale ivory color. She wears rather tight, provocative attire that further accents her voluptuous body. She has impressive D cup breasts, a slender, toned core and hips with just the right amount of curve. Her legs are long and well toned thanks to centuries of stealthy acrobatics in espionage. Her usual outfit consists of a tight fitting, black leather body suit that hugs her every beautiful curve. The front is usually open, keeping her breasts covered, but exposing her tight, toned torso. Along with the outfit, she wears thigh high black leather stiletto boots, Arm length, black leather gloves that taper at the end to form claws, and a black leather choker with a silver cat pendant.
Height: 5' 3"
Rank: Avarice

Personality: Noelle's personality could be described as calm and conniving. After her years as a spy, it's hard to trust what she says unless she first trusts you. She's bold, blunt, and not afraid to speak what's on her mind. She's sharp witted and incredibly intelligent, even when working in stressful conditions. This also comes from years in espionage. She tends to be shy around the opposite sex, but only until she gets to know them. Around other females, she's irritable since women are catty and tend to start fights with each other for no reason whatsoever. Overall, she's likeable, cool headed, and friendly. When in a bad mood, however, the tables turn. She's ruthless when pissed off and won't stop her rampage until blood is shed.
Birthday: October 31st
Family/Relatives: None known
Likes: Classical music and calm surroundings
Dislikes: Chaotic situations that are out of control
Hobbies: Painting and sampling fine wines
Other information: Noelle has a soft spot for cats.

History: Noelle has very little memory of her birth and childhood. All she remembers is being born in a small village in 19th Century France. She has no memory of parents, nor family, but remembers being taken when she was seventeen years old by Russian soldiers. For tears, she was trained in the ways of espionage. The Russians were fascinated by her slow aging and decided to keep her instead of kill her. At fifty human years, she only looked about twelve. She was the perfect mole for covert operations.

By the time WWI hit full force, Noelle was one of the best spies and assassins that Russia had in its arsenal. She lead countless missions, all being complete successes. Then came WWII. During this time, Noelle looked only about sixteen years old. She went undercover as an SS Officer for Hitler's army. Her objective was to steal classified documents and attack plans. She was part of a faction that was against Hitler's supremist rule and sought his immediate death. Before she could make her move, the Americans interfered and before she knew it, the war was over.

Then came the cold war. It was then that she was captured while stealing information while undercover in an American camp near Moscow. She managed to escape after years of being held as a prisoner. The cause of her escape was the manifestation of her doll, Shwarze Katze. After escaping, she came across some French residents within Moscow who claimed to know what she was. Curious, she listened to what they had to say. They explained that she was what was known as a Bount. A soul eating creation of science. Much like a vampire, but with souls instead of blood. The people then told her that if she wanted to know more, then she needed to go to a place in Japan called Karakura town. She could get answers there. Noelle was incredibly confused, but curiosity got the best of the Black Cat. She hopped the first flight to Japan, leaving the Russian army thinking she was killed by the Americans. She now resides in Karakura town, still seeking answers on who and what she truly is. She seeks others like her in hopes that they can help her with her identity crisis.

After a long time of being alone, she met a male by the name of Zanmato. He claimed to be the bount leader and recognized her spiritual pressure to be that of a Bount. Noelle was intrigued and accepted the male's offer to join his ranks as one of his followers. She soon found herself devouring the souls of the dead. She didn't have the heart to eat living souls. After time, she gained enough strength to be able to control her doll with more skill. She moved up the ranks and was given the name Avarice, or Greed. A rank that fit Shwarze Katze's personality.

Doll Information

Name: Shwarze Katze
Manifestation: Shwarze Katze takes on the form of a black cat, about the size of your run of the mill house cat. It's eyes are a florescent yellow hue and seem to glow in the dark. He speaks the human tongue when sealed, but when released, he only meows. His sealed form is of a silver pendant worn on Noelle's leather choker.
Element: Wind
Description: Shwarze Katze manifested itself when Noelle was in a dire time of need. He's a feline embodiment of greed and takes his work with Noelle very seriously. He craves power and begs Noelle to attain more, no matter what it takes. He acts as though the power she already has isn't enough. He always wants more. He makes up for everything that Noelle lacks. He's temperamental, prideful, erratic, and often not all that level headed. He, unlike Noelle, wants to dive into battle rather than make out a precise plan. His element is wind. When he's released, Noelle's speed is boosted tenfold. Her agility, flexibility and overall hand to hand skill is also amplified by 60%.


Name: Desolation Claw
Description: Gathering wind at her fingertips, Noelle uses the concentrated wind in the form of blades. This long distance slashing attack is triggered when she builds up enough power at her fingertips before making a slashing motion towards the target. This then launches four to five blades of wind towards the target. Given the strength of the target, the blades can either cause mild lacerations, or even sever a limb. Targets weaker that Vice Captain Level Shinigami, or simple numero, suffer the latter.
Preparation time: one post
Duration: one post
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Tailwind
Description: This ability is a mild speed booster that, when activated by releasing her doll, increases Noelle's speed up to 80% more than her normal speed. It's a simple supplementary ability with no physical attacking towards an enemy
Preparation time: none needed
Duration: Equal to the duration of her doll's release
Cooldown: 4 posts, after doll is sealed

Noelle slipped silently into the enemy's camp. The guards were too busy oggling pornographic magazines and drooling over the pages to notice her. Her target was said to be hidden within a highly guarded tent within the encampment. She was dressed in the enemy uniform to conceal her identity and blend in. Her mission, to assassinate a high ranking General of the German military. Sergeant Vitali know that only Noelle was skilled enough to pull off a mission like this during the day. She strolled passed soldiers who stared at her with lustful eyes. She return their looks with sharp glares that made them cringe. She had no time for foolishness. After searching for a few moments, she found her target's tent. She quickly ducked behind the tent before she was seen. She knelt down and pulled a small knife from her boot. She swiftly struck like a cobra after a rat, seizing one guard by the throat. Her hand flew over his mouth, silencing him while she buried her knife into his back. The guard died instantly as the cold steel severed the spinal cord. Noelle knew exactly where to strike due to her knowledge in anatomy, a subject well advised for aspiring assassins. She hid the guard's body among oil barrels and piles of vehicle tires. She then moved to the other side of the tent. She struck just as quickly, eliminating the second guard and hiding the corpse with the first. Once the coast was clear. She slipped into the tent to find the general sleeping in his cot. Perfect. She crawled over and stirred the man awake. She wanted him to see the one who'd take his life. Her hand slipped over his mouth, a cold smile appearing on her crimson lips. "Goodnight, Mein Freund." And in that moment, she dragged her blade across his throat, cutting both jugular veins. She kept her hand over his mouth while he bled out. She sliced a hole in the back of the tent and made her escape. Like the wind, she was gone, never to be seen again.
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PostSubject: Re: Noelle Fontaine, The Greedy Black Cat   Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:41 am


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Noelle Fontaine, The Greedy Black Cat
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