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 Laws of the Quincy

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PostSubject: Laws of the Quincy   Laws of the Quincy Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 4:41 pm

  • The first Law - Never associate with the Shinigami. Any Quincy who associates with a Shinigami will face losing their rank. First offence is a warning. If I discover that you have broken this law a second time, you will be stripped of your rank.
  • The Second Law - Always save the living before the dead.
  • Third Law - Never unleash your final form, unless you are the verge of dying. When you lose your powers through the final form, don't expect help to regain them if you have associated with a Shinigami. The only way for a Quincy to regain their powers after using the final form is to first exhaust themselves both mentally and physically, then be hit exactly 19 mm to the right of their heart with a spirit arrow. After this, a pentacle-shaped scar will form on the point of impact, and their powers will be restored. However, it is forbidden to perform this as it may kill the host looking for their powers to be restored. Only Nathalie and Moka are capable and allowed to do this.
  • Fourth Law - Never EVER reveal your bow or what you are to any human, or any enemy race. Doing so, and being caught, will result in losing your rank. If you are questioned about what you are, you will deny anything having to do with the Quincies. Only reveal your powers if you are facing combat. Our existance if facing extinction and we must preserve our race. Letting everyone in the world know that we're alive will only end in tragedy for the race.
  • Fifth Law - Eliminate all hollows on sight. Don't wait for it to kill any living soul or devour the souls of the dead. We are the Monks of Destruction. It is our job and our heritage. We are the rightful hollow exterminators of this world.

Any breeching of these rules will result in punishment and loss of rank.
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Laws of the Quincy
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