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 Kameyo Chiharu. 3rd seat in 4th Squad

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Kameyo Chiharu


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PostSubject: Kameyo Chiharu. 3rd seat in 4th Squad   Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:17 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Kameyo Chiharu
Alias/Nickname: Kameyo-san
Actual Age: 256
Physical Age: 19
Gender: Female
Division: 4
Rank: 3rd seat


Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Weight: 89 lbs (40.4 kg)
Eye Color: Luminous ruby red
Hair Color/Style: Raven black hair that's cut short, allowing just a few bangs to fall into Chiharu's face.
Complexion: Pale
Any distinguishing features: A small snake tattoo between her shoulder blades.
Despite being rather short and light-weighted, Chiharu has proven to be far stronger than most would have been able to guess. She's very athletic and can outrun most others if she wanted to, along with being excellent at any sports she'd focus on. Even if she has delicate features and beautiful soft skinned face, which captures people's attention with the slight full lips and her big sparkling ruby red eyes, Chiharu doesn't seem to care about showing any type of feminine side of herself. On the contrary she even wraps bandages tightly around her chest as if to minimize any curving which would indicate that she was a woman. If one would see her from slight distance he would most probably guess at first that she was a male, a young boy.

The slightly bulky Shinigami outfit hides her delicate and feminine build, however hidden it is, while the short cut hair can be deceiving. However up close, it's quite clear that one can see they are facing a young beautiful looking woman. Her voice always remains a bit low and slightly husky, the tone rarely rising up, and yet she can manage to make anyone flinch when she's angry without using any force to her words.

"I am who I am, nothing more and nothing less."

Chiharu's tomboy-ish looks and attitude makes most of the men treat her as one of them, while she has little in common with the females. She's always ready to hear anyone out as she is a patient and good listener. A very trustworthy person that has earned the respect of most that know her, or at least those that haven't managed to strike the wrong nerve with her. She's competitive when it comes to any type of sports, training and fighting and is often seen racing with someone from her division... and she usually wins. However ruggish and boy-ish she may come to appear to all those around her, then Chiharu is very sensitive deep down inside along with being very gentle. That gentle side only coming out when she's treating those injured. Her captain has up until now been the only one to see that side to Chiharu.

It's a proven fact that Chiharu always gets invited out to drink with the males, just like she's one of them, while she very skillfully avoids any teadrinking invitation she might receive from other women. From her point of view, she finds it far simpler to hang out with the men and not have to talk about anything else but competitions or training. She's very respectful when it comes to her superiors, and never slacks off in her work. If there is a shortage of hands in any type of mission or activities, then Chiharu often reaches out a helping hand. Usually she appears quite calm and collected, but if anyone mistreats another person around her then Chiharu completely changes. She has the vocabulary to make even the worst thugs blush, and her temper would match anyone's in a heartbeat. However strong the opponent against her is, she never backs down not even if it means her death.

When it comes to the romantic affairs in Chiharu's life.. then it would be very near the truth to say that there simply weren't any. She doesn't treat any male nor female differently from the other (except then being more respectful to those which outrank her), and if anyone tries flirting with her then she simply ignores his/hers weak attempts. However, if there is a person nearby which Chiharu finds attractive, then a very surprisingly feminine side comes out. She starts blushing around that person, even stuttering, while fiddling with her hair and avoiding eye contact with said person.

Her fighting style consists of quick and accurate attacks. She doesn't draw out her fights, and also doesn't idle around with meaningless chit chat. Chiharu doesn't take part in a group fight, as she despises the thought of ganging up on the opponent, while she also would rarely even think about fighting against a person that was already injured. Despite being a part of the 4th Division, Chiharu has proven to be a formidable opponent when it comes to swordmanship. Striking with accuracy and using to the fullest her small and light build, she manages to make sharp strikes like a snake. She prefers not to kill her opponents but rather disarm them or make sure they wont be able to cause any problems until help arrives. That mercy is not to be expected though when it comes to the Hollows, as she shares the similar distain towards them as her fellow Shinigamis.

Having sake with friends.

Useless violence.
Strong perfume.

Sexuality: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: Claustraphobic, seems to have a slight allergy for too strong perfumes.

"The haze beyond your eyes clouds my sight, are there feelings lying at the bottom of your heart?"
~Zanpakuto Information~
"Sora no furatta, Chouchou!"

Blade Name: Chouchou (Butterfly)
Sealed Blade appearance: A pretty normal looking katana which reaches the length of 2 feet (around 61 cm) and weighs around 2 pounds (around 1 kg). It's hilt is black along with it's sheath.
Zanpaktou spirit: Chouchou appears to be a young girl, around the age of 18. Her hair is of a dark color, and reaches down to her butt. Her large and almond shaped eyes have a dark brown color to them. Her skin is pale and smooth, her lips temptingly full and cherry colored. Her whole build is delicate and everything about her seems overly feminine. She's pretty cheerful and would even be described as coming off in a bit of a naive manner. She's honest about everything, and likes to be surrounded by pretty things. She's also very stubborn, and becomes quite scary if ticked off by the wrong comment or action.
Inner world The Inner World is a place filled with beauty. Cherry blossoms flow around the air, cherry blossom trees are gathered as far as the eyes can see. The only sounds are the gentle breeze which whisks up the pink flowers from the ground.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: "Sora no furatta." ("Flutter in the sky.")
Released blade appearance: It will probably surprise most those that don't know Chiharu well when they see her Shikai release. Instead of becoming any type of weapon, her Zanpakuto dissolves into the most beautiful butterflies that start fluttering around Chiharu. Their wings have all the colors of the rainbow, making the scenery magnificent. This Shikai is considered one of the most beautiful ones, at least from those that have seen it. Not that there are many that actually get to do that. Each butterfly has the size of 1/3 of the palm of a grown person.

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Name of ability/technique: Hatsu hishou, chiyu. (First flight, healing.)
Description: The butterflies from the released Shikai turn to a beautiful purple color, and upon command surround and attach themselves to the injured person/s in question. As this is a pretty basic technique still then Chiharu can only summon forth 20 butterflies, having them able to heal 2 individuals at the same time. This technique gets nullified if Chiharu cancels her Shikai or gets defeated (knocked out or killed). As she's only a seated officer then naturally her healing has it's limits, the limits ranging from small cuts to open wounds with broken bones.
Duration: 4 posts
Cool Down:
All minor cuts and wounds heal immediately.
(1) post for bigger cuts or stabbing wounds
(2) posts for broken bones.
(4) posts for more severe wounds.
Takes 2 posts before she can use this technique again.
Preparation: Instant

Name of ability/technique: Niban hishou, nagasu. (Second flight, draining.)
Description: The color of the butterflies changes into a blood red one, and their numbers also seem to decrease, leaving only 10 rather big butterflies instead of the 20 which come first out of the released Shikai. Now the purpose of these butterflies is that they latch themselves on the opponent (only one person at a time) of Chiharu and start sucking out his/her Reiatsu. It's very efficient when she's going against opponents her own level or lower, but doesn't really work well with anyone higher ranked as this technique is still pretty basic. This technique gets nullified if Chiharu cancels her Shikai or gets defeated (knocked out or killed). The butterflies can't be killed nor taken off without being countered with a technique of equal rank.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down:
1st post: The opponent wont even notice the butterflies on him/her as they prepare.
2nd post: A slight discomfort following with the feeling of loosing Reiatsu starts to appear. About 5% of the Reiatsu gets sucked out.
3rd post: Additional 10% of the Reiatsu gets sucked out, and gets transferred into Chiharu before the butterflies fall off and disappear.
Takes 3 posts to be able to use this technique again.
Preparation: 1 post

~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)

Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advanced
Shunpo: Basic
Hand to hand: Intermediate
Kido: Intermediate
Others ---

~Other Information ----

~Rp Sample~

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Kameyo Chiharu. 3rd seat in 4th Squad
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