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 That's not the sun! (Solo training for new kido)

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PostSubject: That's not the sun! (Solo training for new kido)   Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:11 am

“Yet another great day” Sebastian said to himself, as he stepped out of his dark office. The days never really seemed to change much around soul society, as usual the sun was out, the sky was clear, and there was a soft breeze floating around. The captain of the fifth division saw this as the perfect day to perfect the new kido he had created, he had put the task in the hands of a few of the lower seats but this ended in failure. The officers had yet to master the kido in the 3 week deadline that Sebastian had given them, now it seemed the captain was going to have to show them why he was a captain in the first place.

Sebastian made his way to an open field within the barracks, his zanpakutou Gabriel was strapped to his side like most days, though Sebastian wouldn’t need it for this exercise today. Taking a few deep breaths, Sebastian recalled the chant that he had written down for the officers to use. It seemed odd that a kido would be so hard to learn. Starting with the obvious, the captain held out his right hand, with his palm pointed at the sky “The blackened hearts of my foes, seek to put an end to me. Show them the light that I live by and blind their tainted eyes.” he shouted out to his dismay, nothing happened, making him seem like a fool, just standing there all alone in an open field.

Sebastian wasn’t about to let this slow start, keep him from continuing his mission for the day. He was bound and determined to achieve his goal by nightfall, nothing later. It was this same mentality of Sebastian’s, that mad him his father’s favorite son, and possible heir to the throne, which Sebastian kindly declined. Again, Sebastian placed his hand out, and recited the chant for the kido, and once again nothing happened. The brown eyes of the captain shifted and surveyed his surroundings, he didn’t want anyone to see him failing in such a manner.

As time went on, Sebastian failed attempt, after attempt, it was beginning to frustrate the prideful captain, who was starting to believe that he had made an error somewhere when creating this kido. Instead of pressing on, Sebastian was going to take a less conventional approach. The captain lowered him self to the ground, and sat cross legged with his zanpakutou resting across his lap. The captain was going to seek the wisdom, and help from Gabriel, the one person he could rely on in such circumstances.

Before Sebastian knew it, he was standing on a high cliff, and before his was a wide and long stone bridge, lined with stone arch ways, and elegant markings. Standing only a few feet from Sebastian was Gabriel, clad in his beautifully decorated armor. His golden blonde hair, danced in the high winds of this beautiful place, known as Sebastian’s inner world.

Sebastian was greeted by Gabriel, not in the way he would have expected. “I know why you’re here.” Gabriel said giving Sebastian an annoyed look. “it’s not my fault that I happened to pick an off day to learn a kido.” replied the captain. The two sat in silence for a few moments, and just stared at each other. This was not going to be the normal training that many would have expected from Sebastian. Almost instantaneously, the two had clashed blades and were face to face, this was what Sebastian had in mind, he thought more clearly when he was engaged in combat. Reluctantly Gabriel knew that Sebastian had his mind set on learning this new kido and not learning any new abilities from Gabriel, but this was fine with the zanpakutou spirit.

After a few more thunderous clashes from the two blades, Sebastian knew he was getting no where. There was only one way that Sebastian was going to master this kido of his. “Gabriel, come at me with everything and don’t hold back.” he said as he put his sword away. Gabriel shot Sebastian a confused look but, realized what the captain was going to do, with a smirk, Gabriel kicked of the ground with tremendous force and launched himself at Sebastian. As Gabriel flew at Sebastian, he began to look for possible dodge routes and just moments before Gabriel was about to hit him, Sebastian flashed stepped to safety, and held his hand out, and a small red orb formed before being launched at the zanpakutou spirit.

Gabriel quickly turned almost as if he knew where Sebastian would end up, and cut the red orb in half, with no effort at all. “is that really what you had in mind?” Gabriel asked sarcastically, it was as if Sebastian wasn’t trying. *perhaps I should step this up.* Gabriel launched himself once more at Sebastian, only this time he vanished half way towards the captain, and then reappeared a few inches in front of him, and unleashed an barrage of stabs. Sebastian was always amazed by the skill that Gabriel had, when it came to combat, there was always something new that the zanpakutou spirit had in the waiting.

Sebastian was literally forced into going on the defensive, this was actually a good thing, this was the type of situation that the kido was made for. As Sebastian dodged stab attempt after stab attempt, he looked for an opening to get his hands up, but it was no use, Gabriel was persistent. With just the slightest pause in Gabriel’s barrage was all Sebastian needed, he flashed stepped away and as Gabriel closed the distance, the captain threw his hands up in front of his face and spoke the kido’s chant. “The blackened hearts of my foes, seek to put an end to me. Show them the light that I live by and blind their tainted eyes.” instantly a bright and blinding light filled the small inner world and nearly drowned it in a sea of white light. The light faded as quick as it was used and Gabriel was left covering his eyes and reaching around, the kido had worked, Gabriel was blinded by the instantaneous flash.

A few moments passed and Gabriel’s vision had returned, the fist sight he was greeted with was the large smile on Sebastian’s face. “that was fun wasn’t it?” the captain asked jokingly. Gabriel shook his head and let out a sigh “the next time you try something like that, give me some fair warning.”

Sebastian’s plan of using his zanpakutou as a sparing partner had paid off, and now all he had to do was test it out, outside of his inner world. Sebastian thanked Gabriel and then left his inner world. The captain opened his eyes and to his surprise there was still some sunlight. The eager captain rose up and went straight to work, he used the kido a total of four times and once he had it down to a science, he presented the method to his seated officers. The captain then assigned them the task of learning the new kido, before it would be submitted to the archives.
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PostSubject: Re: That's not the sun! (Solo training for new kido)   Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:14 pm

good job on the training. This will be locked now and moved to archieves to save clutter ^^




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That's not the sun! (Solo training for new kido)
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