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     Yes, It's Genocide.

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    PostSubject: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:59 am

    Danny sat against the wall in a abandoned lot on the second floor, a floor above Several small hollows. These Hollows were drawn to this building. Danny had no idea why but he knew that so long as they ran about, the friendly neighbors of Karakura town were bound to be terrorized by the monsters. It didn't pain Danny anymore to kill the Hollows after he figured out they were humans, he did what had to be done. "If I don't who will?" He continued to say to himself as he allowed the green Goblin to transform into a long sharp ended wire that not only skewered the masks of the hollows, but once it penetrated, it would cross over itself a hundred different times to slice the mask into hundreds of pieces. This would ensure the Hollows death. After killing 5 of them, there were three left. These were smarter and roamed the hallways looking for the screaming child emitting a extremely small but powerful reiatsu. Danny only realized this when for but a moment it was silent, just before the bloodlust roar of one of the hollows filled the hallways. Danny's eyes widened when he realized that he wouldn't catch up to the child before the Hollows did. So quickly he asked The Green Goblin to scan out the child and extended at an extremely fast pace to the child's location right before it was devoured by the Hollow. The child was still a baby, in diapers and unable to defend itself. Danny's heart filled with rage towards the Hollows, and so he ran out into the open and chased down the last three hollows. The Child was in his right arm, cuddled up and he used his left to summon the Green energy that was his Green Goblin. One of the Dog type Hollows ran towards Danny to Devour him, Getting rid of it was no challenge to Danny. But his right side was too vulnerable. The Hollow fired several dozen spikes towards Danny and since he used his left arm to just attack, he couldn't use it to block and his right arm was occupied with the Child. So Danny turned his back and took 24 spikes to his back. They were thin like Thread needles but as long as pencils. Danny fell to one knee as the other Two Hollows started closing in on him from the other end of the Hallway. The situation looked bleak for Danny.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:35 am

    Two fiery, bird-like arrows ripped through the air as they targeted their marks. One pierced the eye of one hollow, the surface yielding for a moment before popping like a yellow grape. The beast howled like the devil as the black, gooey mess seeped from the ruptured socket. The second arrow pierced the back of its skull, eliminating the beast permanently. One more arrow followed the other two, quickly penetrating the chest of the second hollow. The creature howled and turned in the direction from which the arrow came, only to see a fourth arrow aiming strait between its eyes. The arrow struck true and eliminated the threat. From the shadows, a young woman emerged. The young female was of average height, standing at a normal height of five feet and three inches. She was dressed in a white button down blouse and a navy blue, school girl style skirt that barely extended past her mid thighs. On her feet were navy loafers and knee high white socks. Her long, magenta hair was left down, it swaying in the breeze as she approached. She ran up to what appeared to be an injured man and a small boy. She knelt at the man's side, a gentle hand lightly touching his back to show that she meant no harm to him. Her kind, aquamarine occuli looked over the man's body, quickly spotting the thread like needles in his back. Do not worry...this will only hurt for a second.. Her voice was calm and soothing. She didn't want to alarm the male. In a series of swift movements, she plucked the needles from the male's back, one by one. She proceeded with caution, making sure not to anger the male. She decided to talk to him while she aided him, hoping to ease any tension. My name is Moka...May I ask yours? She smiled softly at the boy who was now watching her aide the man who seemed to be protecting the child. After a few moments, the needles were removed and only specks of blood were visible. There. Looks like nothing serious. Are you feeling alright? Moka sounded genuinely concerned. She had a habit of showing care to those she didn't even know. Thus is the burden of her gentle nature.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:48 am

    Gwen yawned as she briskly walked through the Karakura streets. She had gotten lost on her way home from work, and now she was stuck in some rundown area of Karakura. Some old warehouses and a few empty lots here and there. From what she could see, the places had been left to decay. She swept a few strands of hair from her face. Every now and then she would look up at the warehouses, thinking she might have heard something or someone in them. As she passed one of the more desolate looking lots she stopped in her tracks.

    That was an unmistakable Hollow roar she heard. Her mind concentrated as she walked closer to it. With each step their Hollow signatures would get more and more noticeable. She had made a slight error earlier, as it wasn't just one Hollow roar. It had to be around.....4? it was 3. A look of anger appeared on her face, determined to run off and kill the menacing Hollows. She shoved her hand into her purse and looked around for her necessary tools. She removed two Seele Schneiders and two Ginto, just in case things got out of hand. Gwen ran into the lot, dropping her purse at the corner. She was quick and silent, but she didn't use Hirenkyaku just yet.

    As she rounded the corner, she spotted two Hollows. Though a look of slight shock appeared on her face as they were pierced with Spirit arrows. She looked around the room, spotting one man, a young child, and.....the Quincy Leader? Gwen shoved the Seele Schneiders and Ginto in her pocket as she sauntered forward and waved to Moka. "Everything alright around here? Looks like ya got 'em good..." Gwen murmured as she stood near Moka. Her eyes drifted to the male as Moka plucked needles from his back, wincing slightly as a small amount of blood dripped from the wounds. She would offer help, but she doubted that the tiny amount of medical tools she had in her purse would help the situation.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:05 am

    The beasts were eliminated before Danny's eyes almost as quickly as they became a threat to Danny. Danny lifted to his feet but was forced back to his knee. A side affect no doubt to the needles seeped into his back. He Coughed up some blood, got a little on the babies face and then frowned as he looked up to see his savior emerge from the shadows themselves. He noticed it was a female by both the attire and by the sound of her voice. She tried to soothe him by assuring him in advance that her actions wouldn't harm him. It wasn't necessary, If she wanted to kill him it was as easy as Shooting another one of her Quincy arrows. Danny waited patiently why the woman removed the needles. She brought up conversation, Danny had no problem with engaging; "I'm. . . Danny" He said looking down on the Baby. "Moka, huh? You seem alot more formal than a Quincy. Alot less dismissive as well." Danny chuckled, after Moka removed the needles in his back the pain stopped abruptly as well as the side effects. The baby was calm, and Danny brought himself back up to his feet. "I'm pretty fine. Just glad that I stopped those fiends before they could harm this kid." Danny said sounding a bit tired. He slumped towards the wall on his right and leaned against it then lowered his body so that he was sitting against it. The baby fell asleep and Danny was curious. "So Moka, Since you're here I want you to do something for me. This child needs a home, and I cannot provide. Do you know any one that can take him?" Danny asked while cradling the baby back and forth.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:23 am

    Moka smiled lightly and helped Danny stand. She took a tissue from her skirt pocket and lightly dabbed the blood from his lips and chin. She smiled softly as she listened to him introduce himself, her eyes now widening in surprise as he mentioned something about her being a Quincy. She then realized that it was obvious he knew of her race since she just saved him with her arrows. Her eyes continued to travel between him and the baby in his arms. She smiled and listened as he spoke of wanting to find a proper place for the baby. She blinked and looked back up at him when he asked if she knew of such a place. U_Uh....I'm not really sure, to be honest....What has become of the child's parents? Don't tell me the hollows....killed them.... Moka's heart sank at such a wretched thought. She didn't want to think of such a tragic fate for the child. Moka then brought the male's free arm around her shoulder, her own left arm wrapping around his back while her right hand reached un to grip his own hand. I'll walk you to the hospital. We need to get you and the child checked out. I want to make sure you two aren't hurt more than you appear. Are you alright with that, Danny? She gave him a soft, gentle smile while keeping him propped up against her body while she awaited his answer.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:36 pm

    Danny started taking a liking to the Quincy. She wasn't as stuck up as most others Danny encountered. She was too human though Danny thought, She seemed as if she would cry when she assumed the Parents of the child was dead. The care of a simple child was something Danny hasn't seen in a while, a feat forgotten by most of todays world. He shrugged his shoulders at the question. "I found him here alone, and I detected no one else in this lot, sorry." He said a bit disappointed with himself for lying. He didn't want to let to woman know about the many victims of the hollows and the possibility that the parents were among them. Danny empathized with the child for a moment, even though he wasn't alone at this very moment; The child was truly alone in this world for now. Moka tried to help Danny stand on his own, she was too concerned for this stranger. Her kind heart was something that would get her killed in the not so distant future. Danny Looked at her and then handed the Child over to her hopnig she would take him/her. "I'm a Bad guy in alot of ways. You don't want to help me, Quincy. Please take the child some help." If Moka decided to take the Child then Danny would run off.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:45 pm

    Moka lightly sighed as Danny told her about not being present. Somehow, she didn't believe that, but she wasn't one to just come out and call the man a liar. Moka soon felt the man pull from her grip and nearly shove the child into her arms. Her arms encircled the child, holding the delicate bundle against her chest while her aquamarine hues locked onto Danny's as he spoke. She lightly sighed before speaking. I know what you are, Danny. I could feel it the moment I touched you. I don't believe in good guys and bad guys...we're all a way, and I refuse to let someone who is woulded just walk off out of my care. I will help this child, but I will also aide you. You can hate me. Attack me if you will, but it will not stop my need to assist those who need it. Moka spoke calmly and sweetly. She was a loving and caring person and just wasn't one to judge by race or ones deemed to be an "enemy." She walked back up to Danny, curious of how he'd react.
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    PostSubject: Re: Yes, It's Genocide.    

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    Yes, It's Genocide.
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