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 The Meta (Rouge Arrancar)

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PostSubject: The Meta (Rouge Arrancar)   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:32 pm

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name:True Name unknown
Alias/Nickname:The Meta
Actual Age:360 years
Physical Age:Unknown, due to him never revealing his body.
Rank: (Espada only)
Modified: Yes. (Is your character a modified arrancar or not? Modified arrancars are not allowed to start of as an Espada, but can be as powerful enough to challenge a Privaron Espada)


Height: 190 cm
Weight: ???
Eye Color: ???
Hair Color/Style: ???
Complexion: ???

Remains of Mask: Covers shoulders like white shoulder-guards.
Hollow Hole: Shoulder
Espada Tattoo: (Espada only)
Picture: *Don't have a picture* The Meta is a very tall Arrancar. His body is covered in a biological-like white armour, that seems to protect himself much like a powerful Hierro. His head is covered by a gold and white helmet, which slants over the face as a gold colour, but is white like the rest of his body on the back of the helmet.


Personality:Not much is known about The Meta's personality. Due to his inner traits, The Meta is a mesh of diffrent personality. What is known about the true personality is that it is extremely psycotic, but is also strangely calculating. It also rarely speaks.
Quirks: Rarely speaks, only communicating in growls and roars. (anything odd about your character)
Sexuality: Unkown, possibley asexual
Relationship Status: ???
History: Everything about the Meta before he died is completly unknown. He was an Adjuchas Hollow after he died and was consumed by a hollow. He wandered the desert for sixty years, consuming four hundred Hollows in that amount of time. And then he was found by the Espada, and was used as a test subject.

For years, he was used as a test subject. He was then turned into a modified Arrancar, with an odd ability. He grew a thick white armor-like skin. He also could gain the abilities of his dead opponants after he killed them. So they continued to test, but they made sure he wouldn't steal abilities. This changed when he came into contact with an Arrancar named Avon Drakeson. Avon was the head Arrancar scientest, and had developed experimental Artifical Intelligence known as the Alpha.

The Alpha had then been split into six parts. Diffrent people had diffrent AI fragments inserted into them, for an example, Avon had the Omega Fragment placed inside him, the anger of the Alpha. As a test, The Meta had Sigma inserted within him, the creativity of the Alpha. And that is when things went horribley wrong.

Sigma taught the Meta how to become stronger. And with that, The Meta escaped from it's prison. It managed to battle its way out of Los Noches, and escape into the desert. The Meta escaped into the Forest of Menos, and then came upon a battle. Avon Drakeson was battling his younger brother Tomix. As the Meta watched, Tomix cut down his brother, and retreated into the forest.

The Meta apporached the dead body of Avon Drakeson, and remembered the Omega AI inside him. The Meta reached over Avon, and began to assimilate Omega into him. Soon, Omega was inside his mind as well, along with Sigma.

And since that day, The Meta has searched for the rest of the AI. Completly insane.
(The higher the rank the more you should write)


Seal Description:???
Aspect of Death:None
Release Phrase: Uknown, a strange growling sound
Element/Class type: Apparently Earth. (Lightning, fire, water/ice, wind, earth, shadows, dark matter, ect)
Resurreccion Appearance: No real change comes over the Meta. One thing that changes is that his muscles under the biological armour seems to increase in size. His sword seems to contort, become a cross between a sword and a gun. It is a gun with a large blade on the end, and it fires powerful grenade-like projectiles.

~Standard Techniques~

Description:The Meta creates a blinding white cero. The cero is larger and stronger then an average Cero, and is able to be on par with a Privion Espada Cero.
Duration: 1 Post
Cool Down: Two posts.

Description:The Meta has an average sonido, slightly faster then an average Espada.
Duration: 1 Post
Cool Down: Two posts.

Name:Extreme Endurance
Description:The Meta has an amazing endurance, able to take hit after hit with no change in damage. He could be thrown of of Los Noches and suvuive, but only if he hadn't taken any damge.
Duration: N/A
[b]Cool Down N/A

~Innate Techniques~(Techniques almost exclusive to your character, No more than 6 in the total, this includes resurrecion and sealed form. It is recommended that you have some innate techniques for your sealed form too)

Name: Assimilation
Usage: Either(what form can it be used in?)
Description: The Meta walks over the corpse of his dead opponant. For three posts, The Meta somehow searches through the body, and after three posts have occured, he will gain one of his opponants abilities. This is The Meta's Modified ability.
Duration: Three Posts
Cool Down: An entire battle

Name: Artifical Intelligence Omega
Usage: Either(what form can it be used in?)
Description: Concentrating, The Meta actiavtes one of the two AI within him. Once Omega fully activates, The Meta's strength increases for eight posts. It can be shut down by electrical-based attacks.
Duration: Eight Posts
Cool Down: Seven Posts

Name: Artifical Intelligence Omega
Usage: Either(what form can it be used in?)
Description: Concentrating, The Meta actiavtes one of the two AI within him. Once Omega fully activates, The Meta's strength increases for eight posts. It can be shut down by electrical-based attacks.
Duration: Eight Posts
Cool Down: Seven Posts

~Rp Sample~[right] The Meta stopped in it's tracks. It sensed them. A quiet growling filled the air, as The Meta searched for the source of the noise. And then, two Arrancar jumped out at him. They were attempting to confuse him, but it's hard to confuse someone with three minds.

The Meta punched the first one, making a resounding crack as it's rbs were wrecked. Secondly, he slashed the other one along the chest, blood splurting out. They both crumpled to the ground, but one managed to look up.
"It's you...The Meta!" The Meta stamped down.
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The Meta (Rouge Arrancar)
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