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 Rooftop Lunch-Hour (open for students)

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Chase Sato

Chase Sato

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PostSubject: Rooftop Lunch-Hour (open for students)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:28 am

"Finally some peace and quiet..."

As far as first days, this one wasn't going so bad. Since arriving at the school and being introduced to his new class, Chase had yet to talk to anyone, which was perfectly fine in his books. He had come here to find his birth parents, and going to school was more or less a formality to keep his adoptive parents off his back. As long as he stayed in school and got good grades, they would pay for his living expenses out here. Ever since arriving here, Chase could feel how different it was then the United states. Not only in the culture, but the people. There were many who he could sense having spiritual pressure, if only a little. But more rare then that, he could occasionally feel the presence of a hollow. Back home, this was a very rare occurrence, but here in this town, it seemed to happen more then once a day.

When the lunch bell rang, Chase dodged around his classmates, making his way straight for the staircase which he had noticed earlier lead to the roof of the school. After climbing a few sets of stairs, he pushed open the door, stepping out onto the roof, letting it slam shut behind him. Taking a look around, Chase took his backpack off his shoulder, taking a seat. After rummaging around in his bag, he pulled out a pathetic looking package that contained a few home made rice balls. It was all he could really make, and didn't want to buy a lunch at school. Un-wrapping the rice balls, he picked one up and began eating it, enjoying the peace and quiet.


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PostSubject: Re: Rooftop Lunch-Hour (open for students)   Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:52 am

Sora sat on the roof leaning on the wall listing to her iPod, so far her day has gone to plan. One get rid of her guards. Two, well that didn't go to plan nor did anything else, so i guess her day hasn't gone to plan, the first words people said when they saw her was 'look, it's the prinecess.' or 'Wow I'm in the same class as the princess.' Was that all people thought about her, a prinecess, she never got to choose this life. She started to hum to the music she was lising to, At lest no one would try to find me up here, I hope. She looked at the sky thinking about her other life and how muh she missed it.
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Rooftop Lunch-Hour (open for students)
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