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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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 Pokemon Oasis Journey

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PostSubject: Pokemon Oasis Journey   Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:07 pm


General Site Rules

1.Please no 'Isms'. On this site, Sexism, Racism, and Ageism are not allowed. The reasons why are because discrimination is and awful thing to do. Rudeness is not Tolerated at all, and being a jackass/jerk is crude. Any reporting of this to me or anyother admin you will first be warned, but after that you will be banned.

2.Pornography. If we see any porn being posted on the cb or on the site in general, you will instantly be banned for 3 days. No if, ands, or buts. This final. Please be mature about this.

3.Chatbox Rules. When on the chatbox, do not impersonate a cb moderator, do not threaten members on the cb, and also do not harass anyone of any sort. Things like this will not be tolerated at all.

4.Be Original. If we find out that you have took our idea's with out my permission, you will be quickly disposed of, both site and Ip wise.

5.Advertising. This rule is bound to change but for right now no advertising at all, only with my permission and my permission alone. Until we get over 30 active members advertising on the site is prohibited, and again no If, Ands or Buts.

Posting Rules

1. Godmodding. You are not god so don't act like it. Your pokemon team is not immune to anything. You can't always auto-hit, you can auto-hit once per post but not consistantly. Also you cannot say if you won the battle or not a mod/admin will be supervising your battle against another member, but they will also be modding your battle against a Gymleader NPC and a Wild Encounter.

2.Quality over Quanity. When you post in a rp thread I expect your post to be atleast 10 sentences long. This will show me that you know how to type, and that you know what you are doing when it comes to Roleplaying. If you object against this rule please talk to me.

3. Two Places at once. We will not allow you to be in two places at the same time, however you can post anywhere you want AFTER you finish your already started rp topic. We will not allow any unfinished rp topics of any sort, whatsoever.

Follow the rules. NO exceptions.

Listen to admin at all times. If you think they are doing something unfair pm me about it.

No constant swearing in posts anywhere on the forum. No one wants to hear it.

While creating your character follow the templates. Also read the information in the role-play forum before creating to avoid any confusion and mistakes.

No insulting another member because of anything. If you have something personal against someone keep it off the forum. I meant it.

Do not advertize anywhere but the advertizing forum. This includes pm, chatbox, and other forums.

No spamming. Ever.

If you want to keep your characters you must RP with each of them AT LEAST once a month. For canon characters once in two weeks. If you don't they will be deleted.

When creating a character, you can only have one gennin level. The rest must be academy students.

In Role-play:

Always RP in third person or first person. Use quotation marks when your character is speaking at all times. Do NOT use * for actions. I understand some people may RP different ways on other forum but you must rp this way on this forum.

Your character must be 16 or older to have sex or be involved in any sexual actions. We want to make role-playing as realistic as possible and in real life people younger than 16 shouldn't be having sex. When you have sex only do it in the homes and make sure you put an X in the title.

No one liners.

You MUST use correct spelling and grammar while role-playing. I don’t care if you’re on an I-pod or something, it’s no excuse. If you can’t use correct spelling and grammar then don’t role-play. End of story.


Use OOC if you’re going to be out of character.

*New rules will be posted in the rules forum as well as in announcements. Please be sure to read them.

**If you have any suggestions for the rules pm me or any admin

Here is a broad explanation of the Experience System:

Every time you battle a Pokemon and win the battle your Pokemon will gain 1 experience point, and depending on how many battles you have to win for your Pokemon to level up is how many you will need to fulfill:

Here is what it will look like:

Pokemon in between the Levels of 1~16 your overall exp is 0/1
Pokemon in between the levels of 17~32 your overall exp is 0/2
Pokemon in between the Levels of 33~50 your overall exp is 0/3
Pokemon in between the levels of 51~100 your overall exp is 0/4

Now say you are battling a Pokemon and your Pokemon is level 21,your overall exp is 0/2 and your up against a level 18 Pokemon. You win the battle and your overall exp is now 1/2, if you were to battle another Pokemon and won the match your exp will be 2/2 which means you level up from 21 to 22, and then your exp resets to 0/2. Thats how it works.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Oasis Journey   Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:08 pm

I'm guessing the Picture is the link....wait it is
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Oasis Journey   Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:45 pm


i went to place our ad on your site however it will not allow me to (is not guest friendly).



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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Oasis Journey   

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Pokemon Oasis Journey
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