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 Kyoshiro Mebu

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PostSubject: Kyoshiro Mebu   Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:22 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Kyoshiro Mebu
Alias/Nickname: Kyo, Shiro
Actual Age: 184
Physical Age: 12
Gender: Male
Division: 11
Rank: 3rd Seat


Height: 5'1"
Weight: 112
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style: Kyoshiro has chin length, straight black hair. His hair seems a bit spiked because he doesn't really care about its tidiness.
Complexion: Lightly tanned skin. Looks mostly like a slightly dark white.
Any distinguishing features: Short, thin scars covering his left and right forearm. The scars are usually covered by bandage wrappings.


Personality: Kyoshiro is a very smart guy, however, like his size, he loves to act like a kid. Things are always fun to him when he acts like a child. People always thing lowly of him at first whenever he acts all childish, and so, he loves the surprised look on their face when he shows them his skills. He doesn't like using kido that much, so he never bothered to pay much attention to it. His love has always been in close combat. This also reflects on that of his Zanpakuto, for his Zanpakuto is that of a close range type. However, like his personality, it has hidden capabilities. Kyoshiro likes to cover the three basics of combat: Melee, Ranged, and Defense.

Kyoshiro likes to watch the setting sun. It always brightens up the sky in a multi-colored flurry. Kyoshiro isn't much for confined spaces, he would much rather prefer wide open plains to fight. If he ever gets in a fight in close spaces then he will lead his opponent to a more open area. Kyoshiro also dislikes alcohol. He would prefer a clear mind and clean body. He also has an extreme fascination for flying, though he wishes he could fly whenever he wanted, rather than just using shunpo or reishi to stand in the sky.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: Kyoshiro's main quirk is of him acting like a child. This may seem strange for a seated officer, however, this isn't completely him. He acts in order to have fun. Another quirk of his is when he gets angry, he will become a little insane. He will laugh almost all the time in battle, making jokes, and other things.

History: Kyoshiro grew up as an orphan. He would always get in fights with kids on the streets, so he would always be bruised up. This caused people to not want to adopt him. Kyoshiro had only one friend in the orphanage. A kid by the name of Kazuki. Kyoshiro would always remember Kazuki, they were the best of friends. Kyoshiro had always protected Kazuki from bullies and so they became known as Yin and Yang.

One day when Kazuki went out to play, a group of kids jumped him to get back at Kyoshiro. Kyoshiro came upon this group when he went out looking for Kazuki. Sadly, Kyoshiro was too late. Kazuki's head was bashed into the wall, his body fell limp to the ground. The shock Kyoshiro went in from his friends death sent him into a fury. Kyoshiro ran at the kids and began to fight.

It was four against one. Kyoshiro didn't care about the odds, all he cared about was revenge. Kyoshiro took down the first kid with a quick leg sweep and then came around with a sideways flip, smashing his heel into the kids face. The kid was still alive, Kyoshiro wasn't going to revert to their way of killing.

As the second and third kid charged forward, Kyoshiro got up and ducked under their punches, raising his own and knocking the breath right out of them with a punch to both of their solar plexus. He then stood up behind the kids and elbowed them both in the back of the head, sending them sprawling to the ground.

Kyoshiro turned toward the fourth kid with a dark glare. He seemed scared, but wouldn't show it. The kid charged at Kyoshiro and got a punch in on his shoulder. Kyoshiro turned, going with the spin in order to lower its damage. He then hooked onto the kids outstretched arm and yanked him toward him, giving the kid a nasty headbutt. The kid stumbled back, holding his bloody nose. He cursed Kyoshiro and charged once more, going for a punch once again. Kyoshiro ducked under his fist and hit his chest with a quick palm thrust. He then followed up by jumping onto the kid's bent leg, pushing off and grabbed the kids head, slamming his head into Kyoshiro's knee. The kid fell backwards as Kyoshiro let go and landed.

Kyoshiro walked over to the bleeding kid. He was the one who killed Kazuki. As Kyoshiro went for the final blow to knock the kid unconscious, the kid pulled out a gun and fired. Kyoshiro's brains splattered back as the kid got a direct hit between the eyes. Kyoshiro's body flew backwards from the force and his eyes went dim immediately.

Some time after Kyoshiro's death, he arrived in Rukongai thanks to a shinigami. He knew not of what happened to Kazuki, but hoped to one day find him. Kyoshiro's luck in Rukongai was just as bad as in the real world. Kyoshiro had appeared in one of the worst parts of Rukongai, having to fight for survival. Each day Kyoshiro managed to end up in some fight. Over time, he honed his combat skills far greater than he ever had in the human world.

After almost one hundred and fifty years in Rukongai, Kyoshiro had changed very little. The only thing that changed about him was his outlook on life. He decided to have fun with the new life. He wanted to experience knew things. He began acting like the child he never had time to be in the human world. This made things very interesting for Kyoshiro in battle, and so he stuck with it.

One day Kyoshiro got bored of fighting the people in Rukongai. He rarely had anyone to fight anymore, and almost all the fights were too quick for his tastes. So he decided to become a shinigami of the eleventh division. Kyoshiro enrolled in the Shinigami Academy where he learned to manifest his spirit into a Zanpakuto.

Kyoshiro advanced quickly in the Hakuda classes, for hand to hand combat was his specialty. He also became skilled in Shunpo, but not as much as he grew in his skill with a Zanpakuto. Kyoshiro's weakest skill however was Kido, though he never liked relying on it. He only bothered to learn enough in order to pass the class, turning his focus mainly on Close Combat and Zanjutsu.

When Kyoshiro graduated he was inducted into Division Eleven, just as he had wanted. Kyoshiro began as an unseated officer like everyone else. However, he was one of the quickest to rise in ranks. Kyoshiro learned the name of his Zanpakuto twenty years after graduating the academy. Over the next four years he trained with his Zanpakuto, learning Ten Tsubasa's tech: Ten Piasu and Ten Ribaundo. Kyoshiro soon became the third seat of squad eleven. His goal was to become the Captain, and show everyone he had what it takes to protect both worlds. However, he would never give up on his main goal. Locating Kazuki.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Ten Tsubasa
Sealed Blade appearance:
Zanpakuto spirit:
Ten Tsubasa is a calm fighter, he does not like joking around in a fight. However, he does like to have fun, even if him and Kyoshiro don't seem to have the same definition as fun. Ten Tsubasa is more of a noble fighter, believing himself to be a true warrior. He fights for good, however, he does not believe that good is really all that people say it is.
Inner world Kyoshiro's inner world is basic. It consists of a medieval battlefield, field with skeletons, armor, weapons, and many other battle scars from wars. The sky is filled with shining golden clouds that cast the entire inner world in a twilight.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Shred, Ten Tsubasa!
Released blade appearance: When Shikai is activated Ten Tsubasa produces exactly 2000 tiny, razor-like blades. The blades are then connected to the shinigami's body in spike form. The blades cover over both of his arms, while also gathering together and coating over his nails, producing six inch long dagger blades for nails. The blades also coat down his back in an armor-like fashion. On his arms are 500 blades per arm, while on his back is 1000 blades.

The blades can then be altered using techniques, such as Ten Ribaundo where they flatten and fuse together to create a reflective surface. While the thin energy wires that connect the blades to the body are usually hidden underneath the blades, they appear during tech, like Ten Piasu, when the blades are separated from the body. The spiritual wires cannot be cut through my normal means and so can only be cut through with some sort of spiritual attack. However, if cut through, the blade of it will fly right back to the body, traveling along the users spiritual energy so it may stay with the user. The blades can only be manipulated with the techniques if the blades are connected to the body by the spirit wire. If they are not connected, they will automatically return to the shinigami's body to reconnect with the shinigami.

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Name of ability/technique: Ten Piasu (Heaven's Pierce)
Description: The dagger's that formed on Kyoshiro's nails when shikai is activated, detach and are connected to his fingers only by the thin spiritual wire. With simple finger movements he can easily manipulate the path of the dagger blades.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 3 posts
Preparation: 2 posts

Name of abilty/technique: Ten Ribaundo (Heaven's Rebound)
Description: The spikes along Kyoshiro's arms flatten and spread across his entire arm, forming a flexible, yet sturdy metal-like mirror that is able to catch spiritual attacks and rebound them at their same speed and power. This can also be done for his back, but the back can only be done separately from the arms. When Ten RIbaundo is activated it can also be used as a blunt type weapon instead of a spiked weapon, however, it won't cause as much damage as it would when it is the normal spikes. Ten RIbaundo also can only rebound attacks from people weaker than him. People with the same level and higher can only do half the damage to him when it is activated and he blocks it. Those that are 2 or more ranks above him do 3/4th damage to him stead of whole or half damage.
Duration: 2 post
Cool Down: 5 posts
Preparation: 1 post

~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)

Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Cool Down:

Name of abilty/technique:
Cool Down:

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advanced
Shunpo: Intermediate
Hand to hand: Advanced
Kido: Basic
Others Kyoshiro is skilled in acrobatics at an intermediate level. He learned acrobatics in his time in the human world when he was with the shinigami academy. Acrobatics had seemed like an incredible style that he would be able to administer into fighting, making things even more fun.

~Rp Sample~

Kyoshiro watched the hollow rampaging through the small village as he stood upon a tree thirty feet from the village. "Poor little guy must be bored," said Kyoshiro as he watched the Elephant-like hollow. It stomped on a cart and let out one massive roar. The people were running in a frantic, unsure of what was going on. The hollow had recently arrived to this place to feed on the people. Kyoshiro didn't like the fact of it, so he decided to entertain the hollow.

Kyoshiro jumped off of the tree and charged into the village, drawing one of his twin Zanpakuto. He jumped up onto the hind quarters of the hollow and run up to its head. He then leaned over its head and looked at it while upside down. He tapped on its forehead with the flat of his blade and smiled. "Hello Mr. Elephant, care to play?" Kyoshiro smiled innocently. When the Hollow reared up Kyoshiro merely jumped on its mask and stood on it, looking into its large eyes. He then drew his other Zanpakuto. When it began to fall down, he stabbed his zan into its head and slid down its truck, cutting through its head and body.

"Aww... I'm sorry... That game was too quick," said Kyoshiro, pouting at the fact the fight was over. "I guess the little guy wasn't very smart... What a disappointment. Oh well," said Kyoshiro as he began smiling again. He watched the last of the hollow to disappear before skipping off out of the village, humming to himself.
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Kyoshiro Mebu
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