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 Izuru Kira,Gin ichimaru jr, Hitsugaya Toshiro,Naokai Kin

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Izuru Kira


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PostSubject: Izuru Kira,Gin ichimaru jr, Hitsugaya Toshiro,Naokai Kin   Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:17 am

Name: Izuru Kira
Age: 230 looks 19 early twenties
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi sexual

Race: shinigami
Rank: third sqaud captain

Izuru is a gloomy and introspective person, not easily given to socializing with others. He generally appears weak and indifferent, leading many to believe he lacks ability as a leader. As an officer, he does not tend to inspire confidence or boost morale the way other lieutenants do. It should be noted that Kira's current personality greatly differs from his days in the academy where he was shown to be much happier and slightly mischievous after noting that Shūhei Hisagi had failed his entrance exam twice, whereas Kira passed at the top of his class, giving him the idea that, in a sense, his talent was greater.

His personality flaws are also assets: his introspection coupled with his tendency to worry makes him indecisive, but it also makes him sensitive to unusual behavior. His loyalty to his comrades inspires him to great efforts in their defense, as seen when Momo Hinamori attacks Gin Ichimaru and again in the anime when Makoto Kibune's attacks endanger other members of the 3rd Division.
Izuru is loyal to both his friends and his duties, perhaps to a fault. Despite the close friendship he shares with Momo Hinamori, Izuru shows that his loyalty knows no boundaries when he defends his captain while she is in a grief-induced rage from her own captain's apparent death. Despite this, he calls himself a "monster" afterwards for raising his sword against her.

During his fight with Avirama Redder, it is revealed that Izuru considers the essence of war to be despair, as exemplified by the symbol of his division, the marigold. He also hates to fight unless prompted or given orders. However, in combat he shows ruthless determination. Izuru has shown himself remorseless with this, beheading an opponent that was pleading for mercy.It is known that he likes to write haiku, and he was also awarded for one of his pieces by Seireitei Communication, which is as follows: "The persimmon tree bears fruit. Aaah, the persimmon tree bears fruit again this year." His dislike for dried persimmon (a huge difference between him and his former captain) sheds some light on the background of the poem. He likes agar-agar instead. He also writes a serial novel titled "I Want to Apologize to You." It runs in Seireitei Communication and every new chapter begins with a haiku piece. He is on good terms with fellow author Shūhei Hisagi, and in their free time, they participate on gatherings of haiku lovers. Izuru also gives a special lecture of poetry on the Shinigami Academy. It is also known that he is skilled in playing cat's cradle

Link to Character's Profile: click me

Themesong: Behind blue eyes-limp bizket
Journal: n/a
Relationship Chart: click me

Name: Gin Ichimaru Jr
Age: 498 looks 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi sexual

Race: shinigami
Rank: 12th squad vice captain

Like his father Gin likes to go around screwing with people’s minds. He finds it fun to see the person reaction to his games. It always an every day thing for him to go aroung and annoy people and come up with pranks. But ,don’t get him wrong he is not a jerk even though he might come off that way sometimes. He is really sweet and caring and protective of the people he feels like caring about. For example his twin sister Hanako who he would protect with his life.

Gin sometimes can be kind of a dumb blond if you want call it that. Most likely sugar and sake wouldn’t be a good match for him because it makes he really hyper and bouncy. In battle he seems to fight without holding back. In a heated battle he seems almost evil. Also his main focus is usually the were about of his zanpaktou and the enemy.

Gin’s not one to get mad , but if its bad enough he will, like for example Aizen. Do not mention that name around him.

Link to Character's Profile: click me

Themesong: Sekai wa Sude ni Azamuki no Ue ni/The World Already Exists Upon Deceit
Artist: Koji Yusa [ichimaru gin japanese voice actor]
Journal: n/a
Relationship Chart: click me

Name: Hitsugaya Toshiro
Age: 150 looks 14
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight

Race: shinigami
Rank: squad 10 vice captain

Hitsugaya is generally mature and serious, in contrast to his free-spirited lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto. Despite their personality differences, he and Rangiku seem very close. Tōshirō is shown to be easily annoyed by others goofing off or drawing unneeded attention to themselves, as shown when he leads a team of Shinigami into Ichigo Kurosaki's school.

Hitsugaya hates anything that he deems childish as well as being described as something close to a child, such as an elementary school child, a further contrast to his appearance. This is shown more in the omake chapters of Bleach, such as the short comics in VJump and the sand castle contest chapter released along with Chapter 238. He is also mistaken for a kid in several of the omake chapters, much to his annoyance. During the ending credits of the Sealed Sword Frenzy, he is in the human world and dressed in a young boy's school uniform, and Hinamori has to pull him out of hiding. He is overly protective of Momo Hinamori, due to the fact that they were old childhood friends. Hitsugaya dislikes summer and warm weather in general.

It is also known that Tōshirō's favorite foods are watermelon and amanattō. He does not like dried persimmons, a difference between him and his lieutenant. Back in his childhood in West Rukongai, he was so skilled with spinning tops that he became the local undefeated champion. He works very hard, but his motive seems to be that if he finishes quickly, he can return to his afternoon nap. He believes in the saying "children who sleep well, grow well," and hopes to grow quickly, a wish shared by his subordinates. Naturally, they do not voice this fact in front of him, for even regularly practicing this adage for so long, he didn't really grow in height.

Hitsugaya is usually joked about by many of the other Shinigami in Soul Society as well as by his enemies. Despite these jokes, or perhaps because of them, Hitsugaya has developed a cold attitude toward most people; he tolerates these jokes and goes on with his duties. Although he has shown anger towards jokes, he doesn't take action against whomever insulted him unless they are his enemies, but has never overreacted because of them. The only thing he can't tolerate is not being addressed as "Captain Hitsugaya," or an inappropriate use of his name, as he worked very hard for the title so he gets angry when not addressed as such. Coincidentally, though, he does not address any other officer with their title, only their last names. The only people that actually call him by his given name are Ichigo, who is constantly reminded to address him properly, and Hinamori, who is the only person allowed to get away with it. Hinamori tends to call him "Hitsugaya-kun" and both she and Ukitake occasionally use "Shirō-chan" a nickname meaning "Whitey" in reference to his hair — in both cases without any repercussion. In addition, Karin and her friends call him by his first name and they are never given any rebukes for it. In the Shinigami Golden Cup sketches Jūshirō Ukitake comically gives Hitsugaya candy and other food because "Jūshirō" and "Tōshirō" sound similar and because they both have white hair, making them both "Shirō-chan."

During his duel with Gin Ichimaru, Ichimaru remarks that Hitsugaya is the embodiment of a heavenly guardian that would be reincarnated every few centuries.

Link to Character's Profile: clickme

Themesong: [no clue but , im up for suggetions]
Journal: n/a
Relationship Chart: clickme

Name: Naokai Kin
Age: 666 looks 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi

Race: espada
Rank: 9th

Kai almost never smiles unless he finds something entertaining like killing. For the most part hes pretty laid back and lazy. He is one of those dark guys who writes deep poetry in his room. When you meet him it seems like he doesnt give a damn to what you have to say. Infact his favorite phares is " And your point?". If he finds something too boring he will fall asleep or just get up and leave. Even when he talks he sounds like he doesnt care about anything he's saying either. When he fights he doesnt seem to look like he gives a damn either. The only time he smiles is when the enemy is in extreme pain.

He might have some emotion inside , but something has yet to push them out. He is also quick to angry and will let you know when hes pissed off at you. It doesnt really seem like he has feelings. He often calls his closest friend Kio names even though he truely cares about her. If she was threaten he would probably protect her , but nobody knows that. Kai hates to lose and always trains to get stronger and it seems he's never good enough for himself.

Naokai also has some sarcsim in his veins and he will revoke compliants if the enemy looks revolted, for example. " Hey beautiful look up" he would say to a pretty enemy. If the pretty enemy gives him a dirty look he would say: " Fine how bout hey ugly.. you like that better". Kai also has a thing for blood , will often drink it from enemies or other sources. He does this by his tongue and sharp fangs. He also likes to show off and will do back flips often when he sees a spot for it. He also climbs walls which is because of his spider likes hairs on his feet. He can wears shoes while doing this but , the hairs are barely noticiable. He loves this feature and likes to sneak up on people with it.

Link to Character's Profile: click me

Themesong: i hate everything about you-three days grace
Journal: n/a
Relationship Chart: not yet
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Izuru Kira,Gin ichimaru jr, Hitsugaya Toshiro,Naokai Kin
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