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 A Mission for Two (Closed)

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PostSubject: A Mission for Two (Closed)   Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:11 am

Several weeks after the Captain's meeting it was decided that an espionage mission was needed in order to find out what had occured in Hueco Mundo after the war. Many shinigami had went missing and no one knew why or how and it was decided that action needed to be taken in order to figure out what was going on and were the hollow or arrancar were involved in anyway. It was decided that this mission be assigned to as small a group as possible to avoid detection and make sure it was done swifted. Captain Tenrai Raiden volunteered to be part of this two man cell for the mission and since he was captain of the 2nd Division it made sense that he go. He could get the job done quickly, silently and leave no trails behind. He was also a good choice because of his eiditic memory so anything he noticed in Hueco Mundo he would be able to remember perfectly and report on it thoroughly.

How only two things needed to be planned out. Tenrai had to pick another person to travel the lands with him and he would need to find a way there. Travel didnt seem to hard, Tenrai figured he could enter Hueco Mundo the same way other captains of the Gotei 13 did to add Ichigo in his quest to save Orihime...he figured it would be easy to ask them to use the device Mayuri created to open a portal between the worlds for travel. Now just who was going to come with him was a problem. Tenrai figured it should be someone who was familar with the land in some sense...Several shinigami had been to Hueco Mundo before...however some if not most of them went missing and never returned. Tenrai suddenly thought of someone, Rukia Kuchiki. He decided he should go ask the vice captain of the 5th division to come with him on his mission. Before he did he made sure that the 12th division could do what he needed and they did, a senkaimon leading to Hueco Mundo would be opened upon his request, so now all he needed was to see if Rukia could go.

Tenrai quickly appeared at the 5th division barracks looking for Rukia. He tried not to make a scene and tried to be as polite as he possibly could.
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A Mission for Two (Closed)
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