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 Soren Kiyomeru (Vice captain of the 13th division)

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Soren Kiyomeru


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PostSubject: Soren Kiyomeru (Vice captain of the 13th division)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:11 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Soren Kiyomeru
Alias/Nickname: Hasn’t got one yet?
Actual Age: 472 years old
Physical Age: 20 years old
Gender: male
Division: 13th
Rank: Lieutenant


Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 172 lbs.
Eye Color:Sky blue
Hair Color/Style:White/ Kinda messy usually somewhat in his face but not enough to hinder him.
Complexion: Soren is a pale skinned man not due to hiding out in a room stay away from sunlight but a skin disease so I suppose instead of going to the beach Soren was the unlucky kid who always got sun-burned.
Any distinguishing features: Not yet.


Personality: Soren is the type of person from his past is known to be quite passionate about life and to his duty though he allows mercy to overcome him to where he can not fully complete his mission which leads him getting into trouble with those above him. Soren having a strong will, will not back down from any fight no matter how much pain he is in or how much the opponent overpowers him. Soren is also very protective of his friends and would do almost anything for them often leading him into fights or plots for revenge if one of them is killed.
Anyways at first Soren is a quiet person although he tries to be kind to anyone he meets still not trusting of them until he is aware of their intention however with some people he tends to make a instant bond with and can also be a bit pervy at times. Soren is very loyal to his squad and whatever his captain orders he will follow unless it is something that is against his moral code. Otherwise he tends to get a deep pit in his stomach and often finds himself doing something stupid like disobeying his captain or a direct order to save a innocent person’s life.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single and if it happens it happens
Quirks: Well Soren often find himself muttering or thinking the word “Yoake.” Every time he does something wrong or is guilty about something.

Often finds himself training no matter in what condition unless he held down or restricted unless he has busy work the is often incited by losing a battle and letting someone get hurt because of his weakness.

History: Soren Kiyomeru was a human. He attended Karakura High school like most other students, working his way in and out of the system, but unlike other students he didn't have a family to go home to. His long walk to and from school each morning was a long silent journey; Soren was also unlike many other students because he was alone all the time, or at least that is what he wished. Unfortunately he was surrounded by spirits all the time. They were always there, watching him or communicating to him about the afterlife, him always refering to the people in black he would see on a occasion. They always stood there watching out for something; a tool was always kept by their wrist a katana from the looks of it the strangest part was he hadn't been able to see spirits before two years ago then he had attained this strange power. At first they started off fuzzy like then they began to gain shapes often forming into humans but there was one that looked like a beast he liked to note things it was a rather large animal like but a almost flat surface as if he was wearing a mask that had simply pasted him on the street. The spirits presences however began to become foggy eventually they was just there like normal people ever since then he became quiet and speerated himself to figure out what's been happening why can he see spirits while others can't? Soren woke up one day and he sighed to himself getting dressed for school hearing a sound in his ears a high pitch roar that was simply cut off from it's sourcehe shrugged off as he turned around seeing someone that was bloody and holding a pure black katana went to the spirit that was in this room hiding from the thing something inside him wanted to prevent the man from attacking the spirit but it wasn't his affairs until he heard something the other one dressed in black speak to him Don't worry the Hollow his gone now...I am a shinigami and I'l show you the way into the Siereitei so stay calm okay? Soren stopped at his door to pick up the white messenger bag at the entrance of his door placing it around himself he turned and looked back at the shinigami walking out. Good-bye shinigami. he muttered walking out that was the day he had first heard of the Shinigami and the Hollows.

A few months pasted from that day Soren didn't know why but his spiritual powers have gotten a bit stonger instead of the limits he had reached able to actually touch spirits physically this had peeked his interest sitting in class his thoughts passed around all of this. The powers of mine...what are...they doing when will this stop? Hearing the bell ringing for clas to end made him sigh getting up from his desk he went out the school building into the courtyard making his way to the exit. he turned left instead of right to go his normal route home. Two months back he had started a kendo class as a way to train himself against these co called hollow creatures just in case he ever ran into one which he had hoped to god he didn't but he couldn't have been too careful. Eventually after the kendo class had end he was on his way to walk home it was a rather normal walk a bright starry night filled with the floating spirits searching for a safe haven to rest. Reaching the end of the street Soren turned and stopped hearing the faint sound of something roaring well it was like a roar and a scream fused like it was angry and filled with despair yet uponthis note he found it rather hard to walk as if something was beginning to crush him as it approached the weight increased but not a whole lot trying to avoid the monsterous to know end but when he got to the of the street he looked at the road he was supposed to go on there was a rather large beast like creature there. Soren thought to himself Well isn't this what I have been training for...It's quite obvious that it can see me too and this weight it's crushing me but I have to do something so come on MOVE! Soren trying to push his body near a pole on the ground as the hollow approached him chuckling it had spoken out loud? As it's dark high pitched voice sang through the area with a slight glee too his voice. Hahaha stupid humans you all somehow have massive amount of spirit energy I love this killing them and eating your souls and the best part is that no matter how hard you try you can't ever fight back simply because I am the most powerful hollow of them all! Soren hated this this weight holding him down was he really that powerful Soren managed to move closer to the pole that was on the ground that was when he felt something or someone else wonder into this area his eyes cutting back it was a small ghostly girl. Soren didn't have time to tell the girl much before the hollow had seized his opportunity to earn himself a little snack. The Hollow licked his lips delightfully Oooh now that was just a snack compared to you....your not much more then that little girl had inside of her. Soren listened to what he had just heard and witnessed it was all on him that that girl didn't survive he had the chance but no he didn't he sat there scared fearing for his life like a coward. He hated cowards with a burning intent they always spoke of justice and peace like a shield for them not to get hurt but when it wasn't them they stood idle by and their justice and peace morals were nothing but pathetic excuses making a mockery of them standing up Soren began to twirl the pole in his hand the weight was still heavy but he wasn't going to make that the excuse any longer this time he was going to do what he had been training for the protection of those that couldn't protect themselves. His eyes glared into the hollows demonic like eyes the hollow laughing at him. You seem upset boy...why do you humans always have to make a fuss whenever someone dies stop acting like a hero what can you do with that piece of scrap metal? Soren smiled a bit and returned the Hollows answer You want to know why we care about other people even though their dead...well it's because I have seen a shinigmai and they will take care of them not to suffer like that little girl did just now because I was too weak to stop you...even though your still more powerful then me I will not let you get away with your murderous acts! Soren dashed for the hollow as fast as he could swing the pole against his skin the vibrations running up his arm. The Hollow didn't like this oh not at all his hand launched for Soren grabbing and picking up tightening his grip as he heard the popping and cracking of the bones in his body Soren screaming out in pain as the hollow tossed him into a building Soren whom was near death and near passing out saw his end at hand and he sighed couching up blood and thinking to himself. I...I never thought my life would end like.....this..... his vision was fading but he thought he saw a shadow coming over him. That Shadow was actually a shinigami well the shinigami that had been in his room he spoke his voice eing soft and slightly irritated. Hollow, yeah you even though this kid here was pretty stupid trying to fight you I have to give him credit...I would have figured he wouldn't been able to stand up let alone have hit your leg with that pole...anyways my name is Sieryu Kuroyami and I will kill you! not even giving the hollow a chance to react he launched for the mask of the hollow and plunged his zanpaktou deep into it's skull killing it instantly. Soren whom had just died had been separated from his body looked at the shinigami and was rather confused seeing his battered body up on the ground connected by a chain coming from his chest. W-what happened...what is this chain anyways?! Soren looked at the chain as broke away from the body the shingami answering his question. Well your soul chain broke so fortunately for you I get to send you to the Siereitei and you seem to have quite the spiritual power to stand up to that hollow with the limited abilities you had who knows you might even become a Shinigami... With that statement he had tapped the hilt of his zanpaktou on his forehead Soren glowed and transported to the Seiretei leaving behind the scene.

When Soren awoke he was in a hut and had a major headache he looked down at his robes and saw that he was wearing a white kinimo he wasn't accustom to it but he was glad he wasn't nude But one thing had pasted his mind where was his normal clothes? Looking around he saw no one inside the hut and went outside the sun was bright and it had blinded him a bit or at least until his eyes got used to the light then he had heard a voice. It seems you have awaken from your sleep my dear boy. Soren looked at the man across from him dressed in black his raven hair was long and flowing and he held a katana at his side his face looked rather contorted and angry and he had a scar located in the shape of a "X" on his right eye which was permanently shut off by a eye patch. Soren looked at the man with a slight tinge of curiosity leading him to actually speak to the man. Who would you be, and if you saved me what are you doing with the katana? The man chuckled to himself a bit and the idiocy of Soren. [colro=orange]Well I see you don't have a thing about manners well that's fine...anyways yes I did and I could be what you call a retired Shinigami.[/color] Soren raised his eyebrow as if to get a feel of the man he was still a bit leery about this man. A retired shinigami huh...why do I have the feeling your not exactly retired? The shinigami smiled knowing full well Soren had caught his lie and he gave up. Your pretty sharp for a new coming spirit and you got quite a lot of spiritual power stored in that body of yours...You know I have been looking for a new trainee to get ready for there future well to become a shinigami haven't you ever wanted something so much you would be willing to pay a price for it? Soren thought back to when that hollow ate that spirit girl the only thing he was to save that girl she didn't deserve that fate looking at the man he sighed and nodded his head. Yes...yes I did... The man understood his mood and that look he received from Soren. My name is Ramnyaku your name would be...? Soren looked at Ramnyaku and stated his name. My name is Soren Kiyomeru my dream is to become a shinigami!
Ramnyaku smiled and tossed him a kendo stick You have a long ways to go my friend So lets get started. That's the day that Ramnyaku began to train Soren underneath him as his pupil knowing there was only so much he could each him they would train for hours on postures and zanjutsu the area's where Ramnyaku had excelled in when he was a bit younger of course they went over the basic's of kidou and controlling his spiritual powers which in fact had grew over the years making slightly noticeable under the shinigami's eyes within 15 years he had grew strong and the best one with a sword but still couldn't beat Ramnyaku of course he didn't expect too but he didn't give up either. One day out of the blue Soren awoke and found himself alone with a letter sitting on the makeshift dresser near his bed. Hmph hey kid if your reading this that means that it was time for me too head out and search for my own dream and it also means that I could see that you could have surpassed me in skill even though you haven't beaten me fully I could always sense you getting tougher and tougher. So anyways the way I see it is that your best move from here is to go to the shinigami academy and well become a shinigami not for your sake but for other people's sake as well yeah it wasn't hard for me too see that you were fighting for someone else this entire time. Anyways this is going to be the last words your skill has increased dramatically over the course of time well in such a short period but don't let that go to your head there are still things to be learned well Good-bye and don't die.

Soren smiled at the note and shook his head very it seem he was heading to the shinigami academy. While Soren was at the academy he had met quite a few tough looking people there and he was always the outcast for the except of two people and one of them very strange indeed. One was a girl about his age long red hair and a petite body with Amber looking eyes the other was strangely nice to Soren and her name was Yoake Kousen. Well everything went smoothly through out their school lives having the occasional visit from Sieryu to see how the two were progressing and if they need to train against a true zanpaktou's power even though they both declined they managed to wiggle their way past the exams and tests. Them both being in the advanced classes meant they were going to be seen as top ranked shinigami officers and perhaps one day Vice captains. When they graduated Soren and Yoake were assigned to their squads Soren being in the 13th division and Yoake being in the 3rd division meant they were going to be working together on a occasion more then likely but that was when things had begun to change but not for the better.

Within a couple months of him becoming a shinigami he had begun to see the good and the bad points of this spiritual world still being able to see that the good outweighed the bad he was a little bit upset by this but it didn't really matter to him the good had outwieghed the bad things he had accomplished he felt proud to be a shingiami and help in any way he could. Walking down the alley way heading towards the 3rd division to deliver a message to the 3rd division captain he sighed the hot sun beating down on him at least he didn't wear much black unlike the other shinigami Soren perferred wearing the colors inverted on his uniform making him look similar to a pale hollow that wore shinigami clothing reaching a corner he time bumping someone with a small petite frame and fiery red hair the girl catching herself looked at Soren and sighed irritatedly Hey watch where your goin-Soren is that you? Soren looked at the girl and saw that it was Yoake and he smiled a bit and also wanted to apologize Oh Yoake...yeah it's me...sorry for bumping into you...So what are you doing? Yoake sighed and glanced up at Soren having a twinge of pink on her cheeks knowing that she was really that active around Soren she should really remember her manners she thought to herself anyway she heard his question and replied back in a bored voice. Uh well I just got sent on guard duty you know...hehehe...but what are you doing going to my squad? Soren smiled a bit and rubbed his head he had momentarily forgetten the reason he had come here anyway realizing what it was that he had came for. Oh right...haha...I came to deliver a message from my captain to yours although I don't know why she didn't send a hell butterfly. Soren looked at Yoake wondering if she's heard the rummors about the mysterious fire attack on the Rukongai districts his heart beating faster he tried to ask her about the
incidents. Yoake...have you heard about the attacks on the Rukongai...? Yoake face turned from a rather happy face to a more serious look indicating she had indeed heard about that she didn't know why she wouldn't have. Oh yes I have heard our squad has been sending out trying to help squad 10 find this attacker on the Rukongai. Soren nodded the noting the strange things that had been happening with this fire attacks were they would keep burning it was a black flame eveloping houses and Sieryu's squad, division 10, was always able to put them out but the strange thing was that they had gone out rather quickly the last time as if it wasn't actually normal fire. But instead possibly a zanpaktou or hollow power but then again hollows wouldn't know how to come here and if they did it was a rare case or perhaps a ascended human- SOREN are you listening to me?! Yoake demanded as she hit him on the head hard to make sure she had gotten the full attention Soren scowling and rubbing his head looked at Yoake with a rather irritable glare and seething he answered her Yes....Yoake...? His voice had a bit of venom in it indicating he was still rather angry about this his anger quickly abating he looked at her raising a eyebrow hearing what she had to say.'s about Sieryu his zanpaktou's release I've...seen it...and those flames there wasn't much to doubt to me that it's been him attacking the Rukongai.

Soren eyes widen thinking about the possiblities and believing her but he still has some doubts about whether or not he should actually pursue this Sieryu was his first friend maybe she was wrong perhaps that hollow even though it wasn't confirmed could've done this. Yoake come on he's our friend how could you such things he's our friend and he is a good person I know he wouldn't do that! A voice rang out from the air the voice was familiar and slightly irritated and demanding sounding Soren turned back around and saw the man in black coming toward them it was Sieryu. Hey guys whats going on?! Sieryu waved at them knowing exactly what was going on having been hearing in on the details he slightly thought to himself. Hmm they didn't seem to notice my spiritual presence was consealed that's good they have no idea I heard finding out about my little secret. Soren waved at Sieryu and welcomed him over here Sieryu had to think of something fast to get them off his trail when he remember something important the other day something that could clear his supicsion and ease the Seireitei. Sieryu it's good to see you but what are you doing here? Sieryu smiled calmly not showing a hint of his plan as he spoke Yoake sensed something was off and Soren was a bit too arrogant to see it. So what if I told you guys I had found the mysterious attacker and that he used to be a shinigami but left for his crimes? Yoake looked at Sieryu her eyes coming to a glare she was opening her mouth to speak and Soren cut her off. Sieryu that's amazing how did you do it?! Yoake muttering underneath her breath with curiousity did happen to find the attackers when squads of people can't... Sieryu looked at them and he sighed looking at Soren and Yoake making this short and sweet Well...I battled against him a little bit so when the next attack comes around we'll just head directly over them I've heard strange rumors about a attack being launched in the West District but don't tell anyone else we'll finish this and drag him back alive...Also Soren you need to learn your zanpaktou's name and release it's shikai I don't know why you haven't yet... Soren looked down at his zanpaktou and back at Sieryu. ...Yeah....Do you think I've been to stubborn about this though is that the reason? Yoake shook her head and sighed knowing Soren was still not mature enough sure he had good zanjutsu and shunpo but there was more then that his other abilities were lacking to make him a well balanced fighter and spilling the out the truth he didn't want him to be misguided not by Sieryu she still didn't trust him especially since he had aquired this information and not told any of the captains about this. Soren this isn't going to magically come to you ya know you actually need to work hard and find motivation for using your zanpaktou and treating it like a tool because it your power and your partner together you can do almost anything together if you both listen to one another. Soren nodded knowing she was right Sieryu knowing that this could be bad if she gave Soren anymore tips decided to remind them of their tasks Whoa it's been too long look t the time I suppose we need to finish our duties instead of getting caught up on this talking Soren you defiantely shouldn't ave been gone this long. Soren noded and began to walk on slightly worried that he never got the duty completed on time yelled at his friends. Hey guys Good-bye!! They waved back Sieryu loking at Yoake and her glaring at him placing her hand on her zanpaktou moved swiftly past him her reiastu becoming menacing like and Sieryu began to laugh to himself jumping to the top of the wall turning around had a sneer on his face. What's wrong Yoake what are you so mad about? Yoake looking back at Sieryu drawing out her zanpakto releasing it making a icy blue colored spear she knew it was a offensive to release her zanpaktou but she didn't care she only growled at him. You hurt him I swear to god I'l- Sieryu jumped down appearing close to yoake and acting like giving her a friendly hug but instead drawing out his black zanpaktou. I wouldn't want to get in trouble here seal and sheathe your blade Yoake...I am yours and his friend I wouldn't hurt you...or him. Yoake sighed and did what he asked her to and he looked away I can trust you right...Sieryu...? He smiled as he began to walk away the days time was ending and he had things to be doing it was pretty much evening by now the skies colors shown brilliantly as he answered her question Oh so you doubt me Yoake...well just let me prove it to you whenever we see this monster. Before she could speak another word he had activated his shunpo leaving her to her thoughts as she went to her post.

Later that evening Soren was back at his squad's barracks and was sitting down outside in a small opening with something green in it the moon's reflection in the small coy pond he was thinking about what Yoake and Sieryu said he had to become partners with his zanpaktou he thought they were already partners but whatever that had to be done well Soren looked in shock as Sieryu did that after hearing the man voice back at it's normal self realized just who it was and what his zanpaktou could do there was no way that was him attacking the Rukongai districts his zanpaktou was a ice-based type zanpaktou and those flames Sieryu used they were the same colors as the ones noted in the report and Sieryu almost never released his blade in the Siereitei and they were quiet about this treason overhearing Sieryu spoke out loud in a mocking voice What is this meaning of this Sieryu?! he smiled calmly walking over Soren rushing at him screaming out in rage and Sieryu merely blocked his attack with no effort holding out his finger muttered a kidou spell directed at Soren's heart Soren Watch out fool! Soren being pushed out of the way as Sieryu unleashes his kidou Hadou number 4. Byakurai. The pale lightning bolt narrowly missing Yoake's heart Soren seeing this using shunpo reached her with seconds kneeling down she look at him and smiled lightly Soren looking down seeing a hole it was a decent enough size to put her in critical condition and with no one here yet to help her shouldn't last much longer. Soren knew this and so did Yoake and he looked at her his eyes becoming a bit distance having a glazed over look. What are you...doing? Soren looked at Yoake and shook his head bluntly answering her question It doesn't matter what I am doing...but why did you push me out of the way Yoake? She smiled knowing that was going to be given and she trying to stay strong for as long as possible look at Soren each breathe she took a another world of pain. Because..I couldn't let someone die right in front of my eyes now...can I? Yoake closed her eyes her heartbeat was faint and Soren knew her time was nigh he looked down noticing the red stains on his clothing and hands he only muttered his final sentence to her as multiple thoughts entered his mind. Good-bye Yoake... After that her body were limp and the heartbeat which was keeping her alive had sounded it's final beat and in his arms she had died murdered by the hands of her friend.
Soren closed his eyes and Sieryu merely laughed and looked at Soren [colr=red]What's the matter did the pathetic excuse of a shinigami die well now it's your turn![/color] Staring at Soren nothing was on his mind but to destroy Soren then onward he would killing bathing the whole Seireitei in flames. Soren however knew watch he was doing out of instinct grabbed his dropped zanpaktou beside him and parried Sieryu back standing up he felt a unsettling feeling inside him bent up feeling like a blazing inferno of hate and despair destroying the feelings he once had Sieryu stood back feeling his reiastu increasing with each second as Soren glazed over eyes let the tears falling to the ground then releasing a whole out of his throat like a ravaged dog he swore this to Sieryu. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! Sieryu merely smiled but it didn't last for long as he felt the massive release of soren's reiastu surpassing his own and hitting a vice captains level. Rise, Fennikusu. Still holding Yoake in his arms he released his zanpaktou as her spiritual body faded away leaving nothing but her uniform in his arms. The aura of light gathered around Soren's backside in the shape of a wing on his right shoulder a strand of the aura swirling up and on to his arm then heading down to the tip of his blade and combusted making a revovling whirl of white flames. Sieryu was a bit stunned by this and heard approaching shinigami forces distract Soren had taken his mark out on Sieryu shunpoing and performing a uppercut with his zanpaktou grazing Sieryu's right eye and if Sieryu hadn't of moved in time that could've killed him deciding to retreat for know Sieryu shunpoed away Soren not even borthering chasing after him ....I swear it...I swear...I will kill you...Sieryu... Having notified the 3rd division of their loss and the 10th division Sieryu was listed and a traitor to the Seireitei and with the years passing still he has not been found and Soren achieving his release and proving to be valiant and worthy of leadership was ranked up to Vice-captain of the 13th division still training in order to fulfill his promise.[/font]

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Fennikusu
Sealed Blade appearance: Fennikusu has pure white color to it which runs through out all the blade there is no hint of any other color on the blade. Length wise it is the equivalent to a Nodachi (A japanese long sword) the blade being about 4 feet while the hilt being up to 1 foot. The knuckle guard being shaped like a cross.
Zanpaktou spirit: Soren’s zanpaktou spirit is a phoenix that is colored white with vibrant red tips on it’s feathers it’s legs are colored a goldish yellow with red claws. The bird has a wingspan of 20 feet making it a rather large bird. It’s attitude towards Soren is a mystery to even Soren himself it just doesn’t seem to care and likes to speak in riddles but it is there with and for Soren without knowing the bird actually has respect and is only loyal to Soren.
Inner world The in world of his zanpaktou his burning Japanese tower in the what seemed to be a battlefield. With rusted weapons and armor with skeletal remains in them making it a rather brutal scene. Most of the tower in fact is intact though despite the white flames that bathe the tower at the top however there is a small opening which is where the spirit of his zanpaktou resides along with visual burdens of his past. For instances like yoakes zanpaktou would be replicated and be placed a in a visual area so he will never forget his promise.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Rise, Fennikusu.
Released blade appearance: With his release of his zanpaktou, Soren gains one wing made up of his reiastu and is set on fire. Also with it parting from the wing a swirling stream of fire goes spiraling down Soren arm and around his zanpaktou acting sorta of like a guard for that arm. Soren’s zanpaktou allows him the manipulations of fire it acts similar to it’s black fire counterpart about burning until the user wishes it to stop but weaker in the essence that a overwhelming reiastu can weaken and put out the flames. (just thought I would clarify the basic power of the zan.)

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~ (seated officers can have 1-2 shikai abilities depending on the strength of those abilities, Lieutenants can have 2 of considerable strength, and Captains can have 3 powerful ones. )

Name of abilty/technique: Shūkyoku hanketsu
Description: This attack with a wave of his blade he stores fire energy and reiastu in a condensed form when he releases the power of the blast in less then or equivalent to a cero but all around much more deadly with the fire element most objects are set on a blaze and due to the unstable way he holds and releases this attack it is usually very hard to predict it’s location or it’s course.
Duration: 1 post for main attack 3 for the fire afterwards. (I guess.)
Cool Down: 3 post
Preparation: Pretty much just a simple charge of his reiastu and condensing it all in his zanpaktou and releasing

Name of abilty/technique: Tenhaku Shīrudo
Description: A shield that has a diamond shape and a white transparent coloring the defensive power is not quite so defensive as it seems. When the foe cracks the shield a rather large fiery shockwave erupts from the shield making it unusable for two post however the the opponent demolishes it completely in one swift attack it is gone for 3 post.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 2-3 post
Preparation: Just has to place his zanpaktou in front of him and push his reiastu outward.

~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)

Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Cool Down:

Name of abilty/technique:
Cool Down:

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advanced
Shunpo: Advanced
Hand to hand: Basic
Kido: ) Intermediate
Others Not really.

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like use to know)

~Rp Sample~

Other characters you currently have on the site:



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Soren Kiyomeru (Vice captain of the 13th division)
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