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 Urquhart Vespasia WIP

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PostSubject: Urquhart Vespasia WIP   Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:19 am


Name: Urquhart Vespasia
Actual Age: Around 300
Physical Age: Mid-twenties
Gender: Male
Rank: Sexta Espada


Height: 175cm
Weight: 75kg
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color/Style: White, short, spiky
Complexion: Pale

Rank Tattoo: Right forearm
Remains of Mask: Collar around his neck
Hollow Hole: Abdomen, just below his sternum
Costume: Urquhart wears a long, sleeveless white coat bound in place by a blue belt, over typical Arrancar hakama and sandals. He usually wears the coat closed, hiding his Hollow hole.


Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single


Name: Espanto (Terror)
Seal Description: Espanto's sealed form is a straight black shikomizue (cane sword) with silver banding.
Aspect of Death: Fear
Release Phrase: Choke
Element/Class type: Darkness

Resurreccion Appearance: Urquhart's resurrection form is humanoid, with a large, high crown of bone that covers his eyes and has a split running part-way down the middle. Running down his cheeks from under the crown are two black lines, making him look as if he is crying. His teeth sharpen and his skin turns a pale blue. His collar extends to form armor plating around his neck and chest, as well as his shoulders. His coat vanishes and reveals his Hollow hole just below his chestplate. He now wears two bone gauntlets, into which are folded two long claws like switchblades, which he can extend or retract at will. These claws flick out from beneath his arm, and he holds them in his palms when using them.
His feet elongate and he stands on tiptoe, making him appear more bestial, as well as taller. With his crown and elongated legs he now stands nearly seven feet in height.

~Standard Techniques~

These techniques can be used in both forms.

Name: Cero
Description: Purple blast, fired from his sword (or claw in his released form) in a swiping motion (in a similar manner to Tia Harribel's).
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 3 posts

Name: Bala
Description: As Cero, but faster and with less power.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 1 post

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Description: A high Cero, which only the Espada are allowed to use. It is much stronger than a regular Cero. Urquhart fires his using both hands, Hadouken-style. After taking his stance, dark energy spirals into Urquhart's cupped hands and coalesces into a smoking ball of dark purple energy. He thrusts both arms forward to release it. The GR Cero resembles a black column filled and edged with swirls of purple, that smashes aside anything it touches.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 5 posts

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Oleada Cortante (Cutting Wave)
Usage: Both forms
Description: Channeling his spiritual energy into his sword / claw, Urquhart sends a thin shockwave of energy towards his enemy. It has the power of a regular swordswipe and can be blocked as such, but means Urquhart can engage the enemy at a distance.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 1 post

Name: Garra Agudo (Piercing Claw)
Usage: Both forms
Description: Urquhart channels his spirit energy into his sword / claws, making them glow with purple energy. This increases their cutting power and allows him to do more damage to armored opponents. His Oleada Cortante technique will also increase in power.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 3 posts

Name: Night Vision
Usage: Released form only
Description: In his resurrection form, Urquhart does not use his eyes to see. Rather, he senses and attacks using his other senses as well as his opponent's spiritual pressure as a guide, rather like the blind-from-birth Kaname Tousen did. He therefore has no trouble navigating in pitch darkness, and he is not fooled by visual illusions or invisibility whilst in his released form. Neither can he be blinded by Light attacks.
Duration: Permanent
Cool Down: n/a

Name: Enveloping Darkness
Usage: Released form only
Description: When Urquhart releases his sword, he uses his spiritual pressure to create a cloud of total darkness around him, smothering all natural light. This completely blinds his opponents, meaning they have to rely on their other senses to fight him. Naturally this evokes a terrible sense of dread in his opponents which, given that he has no problems fighting under these conditions, gives him the edge in battle. As the darkness is created using his spiritual pressure, his opponent cannot use it to detect him as they are swamped by it. They effectively cannot see the wood for the trees. A spirit-based light source such as a Kido spell or Cero (including Urquhart's own) will show up in the darkness, but the illumination they give will be severely reduced.
[NB this ability is similar to Kaname Tousen's Bankai, only it cancels out sight rather than both sight and sound]
Duration: Until Urquhart is wounded and his spiritual pressure destabilizes. The more severe the injury, the more the darkness lessens. Opponents of higher rank can use their own spiritual pressure to push the darkness away, but at the cost of some of the power normally used in their own abilities.
Cool Down: 6 turns

Name: Corte de Lagrima (Blade of Tears)
Usage: Released form only
Description: Urquhart condenses his spiritual energy into the shape of a huge broadsword. It appears to be made of black glass and its core glows with purple energy. Its destructive power is immense, each swing able to cut swathes of devastation for hundreds of metres. It is also large enough and resilient enough to use as an effective shield. However, to create it Urquhart has to sacrifice the cloud of darkness he creates during Resurrection, and it leaves him exhausted. In addition, whilst wielding it he cannot use any other special abilities.
Duration: 3 turns
Cool Down: 6 turns, can no longer summon Enveloping Darkness after use.

Other Information:

Prima Sonido: As an Espada, Urquhart's Sonido is incredibly fast, almost faster than the human eye can follow, and even experts in Shunpo find it difficult to avoid.

Hierro: Urquhart's hide is incredibly strong, making it extremely difficult for low-level opponents to wound him.

Enhanced Attributes: Like all Arrancar, Urquhart is immensely strong, fast and resilient.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: As one of the Espada, Urquhart has spiritual pressure strong enough to rival a Captain-class Soul Reaper.

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name: Maku Kazashimo
Race: Shinigami
Rank: 2nd Seat, Squad 7

Name: Lulu Kuiiji
Race: Bount
Rank: Purgatory Seven: Gluttony

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PostSubject: Re: Urquhart Vespasia WIP   Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:15 pm

OK finished! What does everyone think?
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PostSubject: Re: Urquhart Vespasia WIP   Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:43 pm

first off, just so you know leaving hueco mundo and travelling to the human world would require permission.

Quote :
Name: Bala Próximo
Usage: Sealed form only
Description: Slightly slower than a regular Bala, but follows its target.
Duration: 2 posts, then explodes
Cool Down: 2 posts
If it follows for 2 posts i think a cooldown of 3 would be better ^^

Quote :
Name: Bala Rapido
Usage: Sealed form only
Description: Urquhart fires a barrage of Bala blasts from his fingertips. They have less power than a regular Bala, but the spread is harder to avoid and it can be used to take down multiple projectiles
How many is a barrage? also cooldown?

Quote :
Name: Cero Concentrado
Usage: Sealed form only
Description: Urquhart focuses his Cero into a laser-like cutting beam, which he scythes toward the enemy using a backhand slash. It has less area of effect than a normal Cero, but it is much faster and has immense cutting power. It can easily remove limbs and slice buildings in half.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 5 posts
to balance the power of it i imagine it is dodgeable by most people?

Quote :
Name: Corte de Lagrima (Blade of Tears)
Usage: Released form only
Description: Urquhart fashions his Cero into the shape of a huge broadsword. When he swings it, it releases a massive arc of Cero energy as powerful as a 90's level Hado spell. It can smash aside buildings and cut a swathe of destruction across a vast area. However, he can only use it once per battle.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 1 use only per battle
i imagine it would take a toll on him to use it?

Quote :
Prima Sonido: Urquhart's Sonido is incredibly fast, and with the deaths of Aizen's Espada it is reckoned to be one of the fastest of any Arrancar. It is faster than the human eye can follow, and even experts in Shunpo find it difficult to avoid.
I find it hard to believe that the 6th espada could be faster in sonido than all those espada above him. I would say he is an expert at it and leave it at that.



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PostSubject: Re: Urquhart Vespasia WIP   

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Urquhart Vespasia WIP
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