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 Vincenzo - The Hitman

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PostSubject: Vincenzo - The Hitman   Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:15 pm

Human Application


Name: Vincenzo Pantagoli
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 21
Gender: Male


Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color/Style: Black
Complexion: Tan
Distinguishing features: He has a scar down his right eye, and a scar that goes down diagonally on his chest from his attack endured from the Yakuza. A black seal in the area where the stub of his once severed arm was.


Enzo stands at 6 foot 2 inches. He is not overtly muscular but he does have excellent muscle definition. His hair is black and is in an upwards style (feeling lazy right now). He has a scar down his right eye, and a scar that goes down diagonally on his chest from his attack endured from the Yakuza. His regrown arm also features a black seal in the area where the stub was once located, his natural spiritual powers locking the cells of the hollow into his arm and keeping it there, that way it wouldn’t spread throughout his body and take over. His other DNA, Bounto and Quincy have also given him other attributes. Bounto DNA giving him red iris’s and his Quincy DNA giving him defined body structure, allowing him to move with quick agility and speed. He also has a niche for wearing suits, wearing them as often as possible, but switching up his wardrobe every now and again.



Enzo is a very violent and arrogant person, or rather that's the only way of portraying himself to others that he has ever been shown. Living in such a way would obviously make him an outcast to others. But should he ever be granted the opportunity to open up to others, they will see he is quite the opposite, or rather, “could” come close to it. He values money and profit above all else. If there’s a way he can make a buck, he’s all for it, putting profit above allies if need. Enzo is also very quick-witted. He's able to read his opponents very well, although in the middle of battle it's not really his intention. During many battles he has been in he has picked up this trait and uses it to his advantage, and this has kept him alive thus far. He is also very athletic, thus giving him great agility and reaction time.

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Quirks: He loves money and all things that illustrate a luxurious life. He's very materialistic and would fight on a dime if any of his things were ever threatened.

History: Twenty-one years ago Vincenzo Pantagoli was born to two hard working parents within Calabria, Italy. The nickname given to him by friends and family was Enzo. His upbringing was a humble one, never being blessed with immense amounts of wealth; his parents did what they could to accommodate the wants of a growing child. They weren’t too well off, but they managed, and tried to raise their son to learn the values of hard work as they had in their youth. This was something that Vincenzo detested. He wanted for more. Why couldn’t he have what everyone else had? Materials meant much to him, they were a symbol of status to him, and having none gave him a picture of himself. He began to detest those who had more and found the outlet of crime to be a way to change all of this. His older brother, Giovanni seemed to have this same sentiment, and would soon become a strong mentor for Vincenzo, introducing him to the shadier aspects of life. Vincenzo soon began working around the run-down parts of Calabria, engaging in petty crimes with the youth of the local mafia’s, stealing goods, pick pocketing, hustling, whatever put funds into his pocket, Vincenzo was a part of. He could have focused himself in the classroom, in which he excelled, getting high marks in whatever he was “forced”, as he put it, to complete. His attention was elsewhere though. Making money and acquiring the things he longed for was all that mattered, and this was the route he felt would gain him these things. His parent’s could see how the environment around their family was influencing their boy, and longed to leave, in order to provide a better start for their child. This wish soon came as the fathers company began to relocate, moving to a city located in Japan known as Karakura.

At the ripe age of seventeen, Vincenzo now resided in Karakura with his father and mother. His brother Giovanni was twenty at this time and decided to stay back in Calabria, making enough money to support himself from the shady business he was associated with. Their parents were thoroughly disappointed with how Giovanni turned out, and set out to make sure that Vincenzo didn’t end up the same way, these actions only proved to slow the inevitable though. The underworld of Karakura was just as prevalent as in Calabria, and as such it didn’t take long for Vincenzo to fall into it. This work he engaged in now involved more than petty crime however. As times change and people grow older, so does the work. Vincenzo was playing in the Big Leagues now. He had proven himself to many within the underworld, showing to be a bright and intuitive mind, clever beyond his years and having the fists to back up the arrogance that was growing within him. Cutting deals, selling whatever product he would come across, or rather, stole from the competition. If he could make a buck off of it, he was already in it. These actions soon began to escalate, first only being involved within the trade of selling illegal materials, he began to see the lifestyle of organized crime had more to offer. He had made a name for himself on the street, so it didn’t take long for someone to learn of his interest in all of this. The first family to come to him with an offer was the Inagawa-kai. A representative from one of the clan spoke to him about joining this notorious Yakuza family’s. His work would consist of the usual, but this time it would also require a spot of killing every now and again. Vincenzo wasn’t too familiar with this, but he was sure he’d catch on. After all, nothing was worth more money than the life of another, and he’d gladly take those to get what he wanted. Living this life, he couldn’t be bothered with the irritation of his parents, and more or less, he had to leave. Not only to do what he wanted, but to protect them as well. Living a life within the Yakuza, it was better they never knew anything about his family. Using the funds he acquired working for the Yakuza, he was able to leave pretty quickly, acquiring an apartment which wasn’t enough for his ego, but he knew soon enough he’d have the mansions and cars he dreamed of

Two years passed, and Vincenzo was now 19 years old. His rank within the Yakuza quickly grew, becoming someone who was both feared and respected. Being a foreigner as well to accomplish this within an organization such as this one made his feats even more impressive. Many began to admire him, while at the same time, many began to hate him. Vincenzo wasn’t one to be intimidated by anyone, so the words he heard against him meant little to him, a trait that caused the hatred that many felt for him to grow until it would soon boil over.

One night, Vincenzo was summoned by the Kumicho of the Inagawa-Kai, Susumu Ishii. He was to deliver a package, making an alliance with the Sumiyoshi-Kai, another Yakuza family. They were to ally and go against the Yamaguchi-gumi, a larger Yakuza family. Vincenzo was both honored and nervous about this job, but there was a large amount of money to be gained through this, so he couldn’t admit to being too nervous, but more excited. The rest of the night went off without a hitch. He acquired the package and now made his way to the headquarters of the Sumiyoshi. As he made his way there, it seemed there seemed to be something going on. Soon enough, many familiar faces began to show up, all members of his family, the Inagawa-Kai. He had been set up.

It seemed that those around him had begun to grow envious of his rise within the ranks of the Yakuza, even the higher ups began to fear he’d soon be taking their jobs, and since jobs weren’t handed over without the owner of it being killed, it only made sense to take him out first. Twenty men surrounded Vincenzo and the outcome wasn’t all too surprising. He fought valiantly, but at the end of the day he was overcome. He continued to be kicked and beaten as he laid there helplessly with not an ounce of strength left. Even in spite of this, he was rebellious, promising the deaths of each and everyone who betrayed him that night, but the Yakuza would make sure he wouldn’t get a chance to fulfill those promises. He’d die there tonight.

As many Yakuza practiced, it was customary to take a momento from a prized kill, and Susumu Ishii, who was the mastermind behind this wanted the right arm of Vincenzo. Vincenzo was known as a fighter, and what better way to humiliate him than to take something that helped give him his identity. With a sickening slash and a bloodcurdling scream, the deed was accomplished, a bloody blade laying next to his battered body as the Yakuza made their way off, leaving him for dead. His arm severed from just above his elbow, he bleeding profuse, he could feel the warmth leaving his body, the cold embrace of the after-life embracing him. From the deeds of his life, he knew exactly where he would be going and he regretted it. Not because he feared his punishment, but rather, there was so much more he wanted so much more to accomplish only to let others take it from him. His eyes closed, his fate finally taking him.

What only felt like moments later, drowsily, Vincenzo opened his eyes to be greeted by a room completely devoid of color. White walls, floors, and furniture. His thoughts rushed back to the night he was attacked. Could he be dead? This white place wasn’t exactly the place he envisioned he’d go in the after-life. It seemed the complete opposite of the dark and gloomy description that went along with Hell. The thoughts of his demise were soon cast aside as he heard the voice of an older gentleman. A man wearing a white lab coat, a black, graying beard, and wrinkled face appeared to Vincenzo. Vincenzo, after witnessing this mans entrance attempted to move forward, only to realize that he was strapped to a standing slab. The older man began to chuckle before explaining what exactly was going on.

The man was the head scientist of a company called Abstergo. He also happened to come across Vincenzo after his bloody betrayal, deciding to spare his life, bringing Vincenzo back to the labs of Abstergo in order to heal his wounds. Vincenzo was grateful for all of this, but he would have been a fool to think that all of this could have just been out of the goodness of this mans heart. Almost no one did something without expecting something in return, and Enzo couldn’t have been closer to the truth. The old man began to explain the terms of Enzo’s continued life from now on. He figured, that since he saved this man from the grips of death, his life now belonged to him and his company, and as such he gave Enzo an ultimatum. He wanted Enzo to work for their company, as a “collector”. Abstergo is a multi-billion dollar company, specializing in pharmaceuticals, genetics, robotics and cybernetics. This old man was the head of the genetic department. As many companies are suspected, Abstergo researched far beyond the means of what would be considered “legal”. This research going into the realm of the supernatural.

It was more that obvious that Karakura had “events” that proved to a point, there was something more than normal going on. Random explosions, bloody and grisly murders, as if people were eaten. To the normal person, it couldn’t have helped to incite fear within them, and to the normal researcher, there had to be more going on. These people were normal in no sense of the way, and their answer for it was to delve even deeper, finding out the true cause of these events, and using them to their advantage. This research resulted in the discovery of different races, all supernatural. The Hollow, the Shinigami, the Bounto, and the Quincy. These were all races that were discovered and what this old man wanted was more information. Discovering what they were was just the first stepping-stone, and they needed more, bodies being the preferred choice. This is where Vincenzo came in. Having such a near death experience had given him a small amount of spiritual power, but Abstergo planned to help him to develop that power by exponential leaps and bounds.

If Vincenzo agreed to this position within the company, he would be given a rather handsome paycheck, working directly under this old man and running any errands that were demanded by him. If he were to decline, his life would be terminated right then and there. If there had been no money involved, Enzo probably would have chosen termination. Working for someone with no perks wasn’t something he was suited for. He’d let himself wither away before that. Enzo agreed to the terms, and thus his work started.

A few days passed and rigorous tests were run on Vincenzo, inspecting his physical and mental stability, as if to make sure he was prepared for something, this turning out to be true. He was to be given an arm, this arm not being the one he lost previously, but one that would be created for him, but not in the usual sense of a prosthetic. This was the genetics department after all, and if Enzo was to hunt these supernatural beings, he’d need something to even the odds. It just so happened, Abstergo was able to acquire the DNA of a Hollow. Hollows were revered for their ability to regenerate lost limbs, and this would be what would help Enzo reacquire his.

The procedure was quick but far from painless, the cells that were injected quickly attacking his human cells. From here on it would be a battle of wills, his will against the will of the hollows. Enzo would end the victor, a new arm now replacing the stub. Two years would pass after this and Enzo would now be infused with Bounto and Quincy cells, the only upgrade remaining being the cells of a Shinigami.

~Special Ability~(For special humans only no more than 3 to begin with more can be learnt later on via the new techinique board)

Name: Release 1 - Hollow
Descriptions: Hollow = His arm is his hollow power, having regrown it after losing his own, it has powers of its own. It has the power to change and shift forms, turning into anything physical that Enzo wills. The arm having super-human strength when used in any form This is his first “release”.
Duration: This is a passive ability, so it can be used at any time.
Preparation: The change will occur instantaneously
Cooldown: It takes a full post to change from one transformation of his arm to the next.

Name: Release 2 - Quincy
Descriptions: his is his second “release”. Using his Quincy DNA, he is able to employ the technique Hirenhyaku, the genes also allowing him to control his reishi more efficiently. This release of DNA giving him enhanced speed.
Duration: This is a passive ability
Preparation: Release 1 must be active in order for this one to be activated next.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Release 3 - Bounto
Descriptions: With this “Third” release, he is able to drain the reiatsu of his opponent. This effect is slow moving, and would really only make a difference in long winded battles. On the other hand, If he employs this Bounto Gene with that of his Hollow gene he can begin to physically drain the opponent of reiatsu with each hit he is able to land with his arm. This takes a lot of concentration to put into practice though.
Duration: Passive, but drains a lot of stamina if he employs its use with his arm.
Preparation: N/A
Cooldown: Two posts between each rei draining attack he can do with his arm, since they would boost him considerably, if he lands a hit.

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like us to know)

~Rp Sample~
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Vincenzo - The Hitman
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