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 Dominick Nero

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Dominick Nero


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PostSubject: Dominick Nero   Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:13 am

Human Application

Dominick Nero


Name: Dominick Nero Enzeru
Alias/Nickname: Damik / Demix / Dom
Age: 24 unknown
Gender: male male


Height: 5'7" 6'4"
Weight: 130 lbs unknown
Eye Color: light grey pale blue
Hair Color/Style: dark brown (note picture for style) white (note picture for style)
Complexion: fair
Distinguishing features: n/a pale blue


Personality: When looking at Dominick people are usually scared of him at first. Thats usually because he'll have a vacant stare, and he's usually smoking a cigarette. But thats only if he doesn't notice you. When he does turn and see you, you'll find out that he is just a stumbling idiot. He trips over himself constantly, and usually seems like an idiot, though he is completely and utterly smart, as well as a strong and serious sports player.

Enzeru has always been the calmer of the two. He's never been seen smiling and if he has it was only for a breif second. He doesn't really seem to have a certain personality type. Most of the people that he has allowed to see him could call him as cold as a rock. But he'll only really show emotion towards Dominick who he feels the need to protect.
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Relationship status: single
Quirks: Dominick has a fear of heights, he has never gone anywhere that involves a plane in any way shape or form.
He has been told that he is always to nice for his own good, which usually causes him to get hurt in the end.
History: Dominick was born and raised in Berri Australia, seemingly the perfect child. He was healthy, strong, never spoke back as he grew. His parents loved him to pieces. Nothing seemed to be going wrong for them.

But when his parents mysteriously died in an accident, though he was never told the cause he was moved and shifted off to Karakura town to live with his aunt and uncle at the age of 14, quickly learning Japanese so he could speak to everyone. Again, everything seemed to be perfect, he grew older; started his highschool years, even began to play sports again. Which was a pleasent surprise to his Aunt and Uncle.

Though one day after a long practice, something happen. He was attacked by an older man that he had though was sick. He was going to give the man a hand getting onto the bus, but then the man went to hit him, being sent flying back; Dominick not even touching him. He didn't understand what was going on, the older man had dissapeared so he let it be, getting onto the bus and going home. When it happened again he really began to get scared. He had attacked something, the thoughts of "Kill it!" Always running through his head. When he bagan to see the things he just started to lay back, trying not to get into the world to much. Of course he moved out and had to get a job to be able to pay his rent. So he quickly became a photographer and the team captain for the rugby team he had started up. So here is now. Not knowing what the fuck, is going on.

~Special Ability~

Name: A-chi Enzeru Arch Angel
Descriptions: Part One :: The first form that Dominick can control only allows him to use eitherKamigami Hidarigawa Te or Enma Iikagen Te at seperate times, since he cannot control them together yet.
Part Two :: After he has completed the training to control A-chi Enzeru fully, he will be able to use both Kamigami Hidarigawa Te and Enma Iikagen Te at the same time, a Full suit of armor mixing both sides equally.
Duration: Part One :: 4 posts Part Two :: 8 Posts
Preparation: Part One :: n/a Part Two ::1 Post
Cooldown: Part One :: 5 posts Part Two ::5 Posts

Name: Kamigami Hidarigawa Te Gods Left Hand
Descriptions: A move that only works when A-chi Enzeru is activated. He can only use Kamigami Hidarigawa Te when Enma Iikagen Te is not being used, he cannot used both at the same time. Kamigami Hidarigawa Te is a move that can only bring protection, since it is technically called Gods left hand. His will allow him to be used as a sheild against almost anything, with this activated he only takes 10% of damage from all attacks aimed at him. Along with this change, you can usually tell when he has it activated because he has a slight glow to him, as well, when he is in this mode he has a big personality change. He'll be more happy than he usually is, and he is always trying to be the mediator in any situation.
Duration: 4 posts
Preparation: 1 post
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Enma Iikagen Te Devils Right Hand
Descriptions: A move that only works when A-chi Enzeru is activated. He can only use Enma Iikagen Te when Kamigami Hidarigawa Te is not being used, he cannot used both at the same time. Enma Iikagen Te is a move that can only bring destruction. His big personality change usually makes him angrey and very stubborn, not really listening to anyone thats around him. He only cares to fight and destroy somthing. His defences go quite low when he is in this state.
Duration: 4 posts
Preparation: 1 post
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Enma Mokushi Devils Sight
Descriptions: This allows him to see Hallows quite esily as well as people who are posessed. Though he can only see them when he is in danger. So unless the hallow / person posessed wishes to hurt him, he can't see them. As well, he has found that he can see other spirits around certain people. Like Ichigo with Zangetsu, or Orihime with her little sprites. He doesn't know what they are though.
Duration: constant
Preparation: n/a
Cooldown: n/a

~Other Information~ Dominick is the team captain for the small rugby team that he has thrown together.
Dominick has this tattoo going down and around, his right arm. Not a lot of people really notice it until he is out of the feild playing the sport he loves.
Because Dominick was born in Australia and not in Kagamino City or Karakura town he sometimes forgets that he has to speak Japanese and starts to speak english. Though he knows Japanese quite well.
Dominick can often be seen talking to himself when he is actually talking to the spirit of his powers Enzeru. Enzeru is some what like a guardian angel that is always around Dominick unless Dominick has just used his powers which forces Enzeru to rest to gain back his powers.

~Rp Sample~ [[ Note = Fuu and Grimmjow have allowed me to mention them as part of my RP sample. ]]

Dominick... Dominick get up. Its over.

Pale grey eyes looked up to pale teal blue ones. What had happened? Looking around a bit he noted the white of the room, and of the sheets. The oddly colored blue curtain that was more than likely splitting him from another person. His shoulder ached, and there were needles with tubes in his right arm. "I lost.... Didn't i Enzeru?" His eyes caught the pale teal blue ones of the spirit beside him.

Dominick didn't remember much, Enzeru knew that. After going into the state that he didn't it wasn't all that shocking. It took a lot out of the boy. You did. There was no need for him to lie to the boy. Enzeru may have been around a lot longer than Dominick but he knew that Dominick would have to grow strong to be able to get over his demons. But you're alive. After something like that, not a lot of people can say that.

Dominick leaned up a bit, moving so that he was leaning back in a sitting position against his pillow. He felt weak, pitiful... He had never expected the odd non-speaking and teal haired man to be so strong. Then again, a lot of things in Dominick's life have been going for the worst "Enzeru... I can't keep doing this. If i can't even protect myself how can i protect..." Enough Dominick. Time will be the only one to tell how much stronger you can still get.

Dominick looked up to Enzeru, the spirit man always seemed to look so huge even when Dominick was standing beside him. Just thinking for a bit made Dominick realize how badly he really wanted a cigarette. Get some rest Dominick. There will be visitors later. "Who? Wait Enzeru!" Giving off a sigh he watched Enzeru dissapear from his sight. Where he always went, Dominick never knew, but he really didn't want to know that right now. Moving back into his laying position he gave off a yawn. He knew that dreams of the fight and of the non-speaking man would haunt him until he could fight the man again... What was his name?

"Fuu Numa?"
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PostSubject: Re: Dominick Nero   Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:51 am

Approved, unless the other Admin have something to say about this.

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Dominick Nero
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