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PostSubject: Cypher-done   Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:32 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Issac
Alias/Nickname: Cypher
Actual Age: 800
Physical Age: 40
Gender: Male
Division: 1st
Rank: Captain Commander


Height: 6'5
Weight: 245
Eye Color: Dark Red
Hair Color/Style:Bright red in color that is slightly slanted, though this is due to hair-gel. If no hair-gel is present his hair reach just below his neck.
Complexion: Sun-Kissed
Any distinguishing features: Various scars amongst his body


Anti-hero, Honorable, Cunning, Caring are just a few words that can describe the man who is the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13.

At times Cypher can be seen as a cruel, and heartless individual. Who doesn’t care about anything except his own life. But this is not the case. He only get this way when the foundation of Gotei13 is threaten by evil. He hates Hollows with a passion and will never show any sign of emotion when he about to strike one down. They are pest that have lived passed their time and needs to become extinct just like the dinosaurs Though some say he is overacting about how he feel. They just don’t understand the burden that was placed on him by the hollows. He will never back down when challenged by the scum

Overall he is a very honorable person when it comes to those who are not hollows. He respects the progress one’s gain through training and often time knowledge it. He tends to follow the rules of Soul Society and expects those under him to do the same. Though he tends to allow others to personalize their captain uniform and other minor stuff. This is only because he believes that everyone should be comfortable in their attire and plus he himself is....well was a rebel at heart. Another reason why he allows those underneath to “bend” the rules a little is because, rules are meant to be broken. And as long as they follow the other major rules. Then they won’t have to worry bout seeing him angry.

Amazingly he is a very caring person. Though it doesn’t seem like it because of his cold like demeanor. Most of the time it seems like he doesn’t care for those underneath him, but again that is not the case. His words might be cold as ice but once melted one can easily find the hidden meaning within them. He is a very blunt person who isn’t afraid to tell anyone how he feels and is quickly to point out someone’s flaws. This is because he believes if one doesn’t notice their flaws then they can’t fix them. People often go around not having no idea of the flaws they have, and Cypher is there to point them out. When someone in the division gets hurt, he tends to regularly visit them in the 4th division, and tries to cheer them up when they are down. This is more so shown when he is in his child form.
Sexuality: Straight, Single and Looking
Quirks:A rebel

History:(tell us about your character's past)
Baby Arc
Born to into a rather rich family, Issac was the oldest out of four children. Growing up he rarely every saw his father for he was a busy man, and was often time in another country making deals and such. So for the most part he was a mother’s child. His mother raised him and did everything for him. Though at times his father did pop in and out of the house to visit and to check up on his family. Most people thought how a beautiful woman like his mother could put up with a man like his father and it was rather simple. Issac’s mother knew that her husband loved his family dearly and was only trying to provide for them.

At the age of ten Issac’s father was the first to notice a very massive spiritual presence going from their child. Though not that spiritual aware, it was still large enough for both of his parents to feel it. They knew only a small amount of those who were spiritually aware, and most of the cases they read about was overseas and not in America. One night they had a talk about what they was going to do with Issac for if others in America found out by him being Spiritual Aware they might try to experiment on him or something. Since Americas have the nature curiosity, if they can’t explain it they will poke and cut it. Ideas of what they can do for Issac to ensure that he will get a decent life, while also getting the training he needed pursed. It came down to his father contacting some family in China that he who was spiritual aware and asked them if they would take Issac in as their own son.

So it was set they was going to send Issac to his uncle that lived in China. It was actually his father’s brother, so yea it was Issac’s uncle. The following day they sat Issac and the rest of his siblings down and told them what was going to happen. Issac was going to stay with his uncle and get a better education. So thus things where set in motion. Issac was placed on a plane and was headed to China.

School of Hard Kicks Arc
Six months after arriving in China and be introduce to his extended family, he was then told he was going to school But this school was in the likes of no other for not only will one get an education but they will also learn various forms of martial arts. The rules of the school was simple, survive. China had been in the process of making a school that focus on education but also martial arts. It had a principle who was a grandmaster in some form of martial arts. Each teacher was a master in some form of martial arts. The school was govern by a group of students that was called the “Enforcers”. The enforcers was suppose to break up fights when they get to out of hand and lay down the law for the rest of the school.

Fights where allowed in the school, with the winner getting reputation points and rewards at the end of each school year. One of the biggest thing was that everyone in the building were spiritually aware and had some form of spiritual energy or rather Ki as it was called. Issac’s first week at the school was hell, for he was the new kid who didn’t know anything about the system. And thus was easy pickings for those who in need of some form of rep. After the first week, Issac had gotten beaten over forty-two times, roughly eight times a day on a five day schedule. Each day he came over with new bruises and bruises on bruises.

After taking his punishment and not complaining. His uncle thought it was time to train Issac in some form of martial arts. He was trained in mixed martial arts for a very simple reason. Issac even at a young age was very muscular and built and his uncle saw a diamond that only needed some polish to shine brightly. Starting the following day he was placed on a strict diet and a very harsh training schedule.

After each day of school, he was to do his homework and then run eight miles and do other exercises to prepare his body for the hell to come. Finally his uncle began to train him in mix martial arts. As the days pass his training was going extremely well and he was showing amazing progress. Even those at school took note of his progress, for he was no longer getting beaten up. Instead of getting beaten up, he was beaten them who threaten him. As the years progress, he made some friends that unknowingly would be life long friends. At the age of 14, he was now apart of the Enforcers. And held the position, till he graduated two years later. He left his legacy at the school for being one of the youngest enforcers ever and being the only one to beat the grandmaster. Yes he was very special.

Everything Comes to an End
Years passed and he had learnt how to control his spiritual pressure to enchant his own physical condition. Creating various abilities and such. He awesome learnt about hollows, shinigamis and quincies. He got married to one of his long time friends and they had one child. As time passed by Issac got a disease and died peacefully in the following years.

Pulse Life
Caught between the realm of life and death, Issac had read about this and learnt about it more through others. So there he was sitting on his tombstone looking at his own grave. For some reason he wasn’t able to cross over and he didn’t know why. But luckily a shinigami helped him cross over.

Issac woke up in the 11 district in West Rukongai one of the better districts. He wondered around the district for some time hungry, craving for food. He often wondered why others around him didn’t feel hunger. To survive Issac did everything he needed to, he stole food and water to maintain his hunger. Eventually he got caught stealing stealing by shinigami. Who at first wanted to turn him in but didn’t after she witness him pass out. The female shinigami notice that Issac had a very large spiritual presence about him....

Decades passed he was entered the soul academy and was placed in the advance class. It was during that time that he changed is name to Cypher to reasons unknown. As days passed he made some friends within the academy that wasn’t afraid of his rather large spiritual presence. One of his friends was a girl, who he eventually fail in love with. Though this didn’t happen till after he had graduated the Academy in three years. He was assigned an unseated position in the 1st division upon graduation.

Time progress at always and Cypher trained constantly, pushing his body to it’s limits and beyond. He was known to never back down from a challenge, often fighting those who were higher rank them him though not standing a chance due to his lack of battle experience. It was this that caught the eye of the Captain Commander. He specially began to train Cypher taking the boy under his wing. The training that the CC gave him paid off for he quickly rose through the ranks of the squad, making it to liet. in three years. A lot of people thought this was unfair for someone like Cypher should be liet. Because there was others who had trained longer then he has and wasn’t even 4th seat yet. But this didn’t bother him that much for he knew that he had trained hard and earned his rank.

It was also during this time that he achieve Shikai and the following year Bankai. This was the first ever that someone had achieved both stages rather quickly. But yet Cypher did it with the help of the CC. Day and Night Cypher continued to train and home his skills. He knew there was others who would love to take his spot as the 1st division liet. So he had to remain as sharp as possible.

Denying the Royal Guard
Cypher was approached by the royal guard and was asked to join their ranks. For they have been keeping an close eye on him and noticed that his spiritual pressure was above captain level. Not only that but the skill he showed to lead a group of men into battle and his battle awareness were down right amazing. However Cypher decline the offer, because he wanted to stay in his ranks and serve under the man who taught him everything. The respected his division and never mention anything else about it.

Disappearance Arc
Upon finding out his captain and numerous others had disappeared. Soul Society was in dismay and needed a leader, more importantly a Captain Commander. Though there was a lot of people who could take the seat as Captain Commander. Chamber 46 appointed no other then Cypher. Others were mad at this decision until they was told in a letter that was written by the CC a few hundred years ago. That if anything happens to him Cypher would be the Captain Commander. So this is where Cypher sit, rebuilding the Gotei13 slowly but surely.

My Hatred
Its rather unknown what all happen. But it is rumored that Cypher’s hatred for hollows stemmed from them killing his later love.
~Zanpakuto Information~

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Tentai
Sealed Blade appearance:
Tentai is probably the only one of it’s kind to be a sakabato(reverse-blade sword), a katana that has the cutting edge on the inwardly curved side of the sword, thus being nearly incapable of killing. Though many wonder why this is the case and it’s very simple. The zanpakuto’s spirit wants Cypher to learn how to kill and opponent without using the sharp edge of the blade. Not only that the zanpakuto’s spirit is actually very peaceful and just wants to see the world in peace once again. But it’s knows peace is only capable by war. As for the appears of Tentai, the hilt of it is black with black diamond out line in red going down each side of it. The hand guard is circular in appear and is a bronze color. Removing the blade from it’s sheath, one will noticing that the blade is 36 inches and is black in color. As mention before the blade is reversed, but not mention is...on the reverse side the kanji for “Life” is etched in red and on the other side the kanji for “Death” is etched. This referring to the fact that while reverse “Death will not follow”. While flipping it, “life will not follow”

The sheath of Tentai is blade in color with the words “Life isn’t promise to anybody, but death is.”.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: You tried reaching the heavens to only be slam back to earth.
Released blade appearance:
Once the release phrase, as a powerful shockwave is released not only that the blade it self shatters resulting into a spray of very sharp metal shards, almost like a nail bomb. Tentai has changed dramasticly from it’s seal state. The once black blade is now golden in color, the kanji that once were etched on the sealed form also is etched on the shikai. One of the most notable thing about the shikai is the blade is no longer reversed and has a slight curve at the end. A very intense holy spiritual pressure could be felt pulses from the blade itself. It is tense enough to cause minor burns to those who are not adv. Liet. Level.

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~(seated officers can have 1-2 shikai abilities depending on the strength of those abilities, Lieutenants can have 2 of considerable strength, and Captains can have 3 powerful ones. )

Name of abilty: Light Manipulation
Description: Light Manipulation: Tentai has demonstrated the ability to manipulate the photon in the air for various purposes. It has also been shown that it can solidify the photons in the air to make various weapons, shields and armor which equals that of an Adv. Liet. Bankai. Please don't get this confused with matter creation...for photons(in it's basic form) is nothing but energy and not matte, it's only in solid form that it takes the appearance of matter but is in fact nothing but compacted energy, Tentai also took it a step further that if no photons are present it will use Cypher’s own energy or it’s Spirit energy to create photons.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: Passive
Preparation: Passive

Name of abilty: Extend
Description: Similar to Gin’s Shinso, Cypher’s Tentai can extend and contract at will. It has been shown to stretch a max of fourmiles. The unique thing about this version is, it travels through the light particles that are scatter in the air, to get to the victim, instead of turning into dust like Gin’s Kamishini no Yari. The speed at which it does this is fast enough that a sonic bomb goes off at the start of the intension.
Duration: 1
Cool Down: 2 posts

~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3)

Name: Tentai Angel
Release Phrase: You made it close to heaven, but now you got to face the Guardian of these golden gates, Bankai
Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation: Once the command phrase is said, an immense spiritual pressure explodes from Tentai, as it engulfs everything in a mile radius. Once subdue there would be a golden gate in the place where Cypher was once standing. The gates would open as the shadow of a figure is seen emerging from it. And that figure is no other then Cypher. His look had dramasticly changed, his once short red hair and now long and is in a war braid like fashion. He no longer is wearing his captain outfit and is instead wearing a pair of white baggy pants. The most notable thing about him, is the pair of white angel wings upon his back. In his right hand Tensai is rested comfortably with not much of a change to it. The only change to is the there are now tentacles that extends from the hilt of the blade and pierce through his biceps. Though there is no sign that this actually hurt Cypher. The tentacles can be used to throw the sword which is connected to the tentacles. Adding in his 32 inch arm reach you have a person who can strike you with a sword from 22ft. In this form, Cypher has absolute control of light and if none is present he can make it with the use of his own energy. But Tentai loses the ability to extend to instead increase Cypher’s own physical abilities(Speed, Strength, Agility, etc. not reiastu) by threeNow only that he has three unique abilities.

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Name: Light Manipulation
Description: Same as shikai just stronger
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: Passive

Name: Angelic Blast
Description: By spreading his wings, he will release a barrage of small light sword at the opponent, which will explode on contact.
Duration: 1
Cool Down: 3 post

Name: Judgement Call
Description: Unknown
Cool Down:

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Advance
Shunpo: Advance
Hand to hand:Advance
Kido: Moderate-

Limiter: Cypher’s constantly wears the limiter that all Captains are require to wear.

Spirit Form: Cypher can take the form of a ghostly spirit ball the size of an orange. In this form he becomes undetectable, and can move through solid objects. The blue-ish white ball has the same color eyes as Cypher does and he is able to talk in this form.

Enchanted Strength Cypher has shown the ability to throw a person like Zaraki with one hand rather easily. It also been shown that he can shatter one’s bones with a single punch and at full power he can punch through one’s skull.

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like use to know)

~Rp Sample~

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