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 Gain and Lose || Modern Warfare 2

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PostSubject: Gain and Lose || Modern Warfare 2   Gain and Lose || Modern Warfare 2 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 2:57 am

Name : : Mason, Alex
Rank : : Lieutenant Major
Equipped skills : : Commando Pro, Lightweight Pro, Marathon Pro.
Primary Weapon : : M16A4 with M203 40mm Grenade Launcher, Thermal sight
Secondary Weapon : : .44 Magnum Pistol with Tactical Knife.
Extra Equipment : : Breach Explosives, Flash Bangs, Frag Grenades, Extended Magazines

His feet were hitting the ground like it was no ones business. The gun that he carried, the M16 with the equipped M203 40mm grenade Launcher, was held down at his hip, because he couldn't run very well with it braced against his shoulder. In his pack he carried more then the required amount of flash bangs he needed, as well more then a few frag grenades. He was equipped to kill.

To his left was a man with the code name Tank. To his right and situated in a position that would give Mason cover, was Alpha shooter. Up there with him would be Alpha watch. In another building with team Gold, would be the beta shooter and watch team, covering the Gold team. Ground units for Red team, Mason's team, included Tank, who carried a few of the heavier weapons, as well as Medic, who had all the first aid knowledge. Mason's code name was SL, which for them all stood for Squad leader.

His ear piece sat in his ear and he watched those around him as he checked his corners. They were to take the building in front of them. Gold team was heading around back, and taking the basement, as well as the left half of the first floor. Red team was headed up the stairs and the right side of the first floor. Knifeset, one of the other men on his ground team, had three braces of throwing knives ready to go. His face turned left and right from where they were hunkered down against another building. Looking at the men assembled before him, he touches the com at his neck. "Alphas you set?"

"You know it SL. Ready when you are."

Mason's eyes again turned to the other men and gave a small nod. His index and middle finger came up and moved them forward, shouldering his gun as he ran towards the front door of the building. So far so good. If he could manage to get into the house, the tangos would be in trouble. Moving his hands again in the forward signal, he brings Tank up beside him and nods at the door.

"Move in Gold. We're almost ready to Breach the front." Mason's voice was soft as he spoke into his com unit again. Jerking his thumb into his tactical back pack that was on his back, he feels Knifeset pull out the Breach charge. They would have less then thirty seconds after that blew to get rid of all the tangos in the room. "We breach on my go. Gold lead do you copy?"

"Copied Red lead. Breach charge is set and ready."

"Good. On my mark." Mason nodded at Knifeset. "Three. Two. One. BREACH." He said as the charge blew, with Tank, Knifeset, and Zed heading into the room before him, their guys sending out shots. The men inside the house were like sitting ducks for them. Mason's gun went up to guard the landing, his right hand index finger pulling the trigger on his three round burst weapon, killing three men at the top of the stairs. Once his team was inside, he listens to his com unit. "SL we've got about two platoons worth of tangos moving in on Gold's shooter position..."

"Gold lead do you copy?"

"Gold Lead copies. What's going on Red Lead?"

"You've got about two platoons worth of tangos headed for your shooters position. Switch them to their secondary, and get them out of there. We all need to get into this building A S A P." Mason's voice spoke softly as he directed Tank, Knifeset, Zed, and Portman up the stairs.

"Thanks for the heads up Red lead. See you at the end of this. Gold out."

"Thanks for the heads up Alpha Shooter. Switch to Secondary and get your asses down here. We need to get you where you guys can pick those two platoons off."

"On our way SL. See you in a few." Mason gave a small nod that the boys saw, 5 of them staying on the ground floor while the other went up. Time to clear this building out to make it safe for the sharp shooters. "Do not forget to check your corners boys. This place it going to become a haven for fire fights soon." He said softly into the com link.

Tank was the first one up the stairs and tossed a smoke grenade up into the hallway. Mason went up next and started to check through his thermal site. Four tangos all waiting to see who came through the smoke. Too bad no one was coming through while they still lived. Squeezing the trigger again, he lets go the shots needed to kill them before they had a chance to return fire. Portman was up next, and stood against Mason's back, facing down the other hallway. It was go time. Mason reached back and patted Portman's hip and sent three of the others that followed him after Portman. They were to clear that section out and get it secured. The rest were on Mason.

They cleared the rooms as they went. There was supposed to be almost three platoons worth of men here and hopefully they weren't all in the basement for team gold to deal with because they would be screwed going down. Mason kept going, his eyes roving around, watching for signs of the tangos. He heard the Gernade ping against the wall, and located it instantly, judging his chances in seconds. He had enough time, theoretically, to throw it back and get who ever had thrown it. So that's what he did. Diving down for it, he throws it back and covers his face as it went off, killing the man who had originally thrown it.

It took Mason's team almost three hours to clear out the rooms. And it was on the last one that they had their first and only casualty. These guys that Mason ran with, they knew everyone else inside and out for the missions that they ran together. They were one of the best well oiled teams around. But when you're up against that many men, well it didn't bode well for anyone. They were lucky that they had been able to not have a casualty but luck could only take them so far. As they entered the last room, with Tank leading, Mason watched him turn back towards him, a surprised look on his face as the knife stuck in his throat came out attacked to a hand.

Mason pulled a flash bang out of the pouch on his leg, pulled the pin, throwing it into the room, hearing it go off, and stormed the room while Medic did what he could for Tank. Mason, Knifeset, and a couple of the other guys stormed the room, killing all the men in there. Mason went back to where Tank was and knelt down next to him, his M16A4 back on his back. "Tank..."

"SL. Man I probably look like shit."

"Nah man you look great." Mason looked up at Medic who only barely shook his head. It didn't matter what they did, there was no chance for Tank to survive. The procedure was to give the man as much morphine as possible to make it an easy transition into death.

Tank just smirked softly at Mason. "Don't lie to me man I'm gonna die, I already know that. Our guys only get morphine if we're going to die. So I guess this is good bye man. Tell my girl...tell her that I loved her, and will always love her." His eyes dimmed out, and his breath left his body with a final whoosh.

Mason just nodded and closed Tank's eyes, before linking up with Gold team. "Gold lead we've got one casualty. What's going on with yours?"
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Gain and Lose || Modern Warfare 2
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