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 Lin Amakei

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Lin Amakei


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PostSubject: Lin Amakei   Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:57 pm

Shinigami Application


Name: Lin Ikara Amakei
Alias/Nickname: Ika-chan, Lady Lin, Red.
Actual Age: 120 years old
Blood Type: B
Physical Age: Around 20
Gender: Female
Division Umm, if 2nd division Lt. is available, then i'll take it. But if it isn't, then i'll go ahead and reqest 3rd seat at the 9th Division ^^
Rank: Well, 2nd Div. lt. if available, 9th Div. 3rd seat if not.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110 lb.
Eye Color: Stunning emerald green. It's often the first thing that people notice about Lin.
Hair Color/Style: Lin's hair is a soft, yet bright crimson color. Most of the time she keeps it loose and wild with a lovely red flower tucked behind her ear. When she's on serious missions or anything of the like, she'll tie it up in a yellow ribbon and remove the flower. When loose, her hair sits at about shoulder length. her bangs end just above her eyes.
Complexion: A very peachy pale. She spends a bit of time in the sun, but doesn't manage to get tan.
Any distinguishing features: Her only distinguishing feature is hidden by her outfits. It's a large dark red scar that she recieved while in the living in the far Rukongai districts.


Personality: Lin is a very complex girl, whose personality has gradually changed in her lifetime. When she was young, she was amazingly creative and expressive. She had a unusually sunny, optimistic outlook on her life, because life was good. She had her parents and such, who constantly cared for her. She had loyal friends, who wouldn't be caught betraying one another. And she had a good home, not some run-down miserable shack that was frequent in the lower Rukongai areas. Lin enjoyed collecting small insects and keeping them in tiny little jars, as she wanted to see them grow up and live. Most of them died, but she would keep going on to collect them. It showed her dedication to things she deemed important. A few more years went by, and Lin had changed somewhat. The loss of her parents had also taken her optimism too. As they were Lin's only family, she had no where to stay. She began to steal from vendors, teaching herself silence, grace, and most of all, stealth. Another few more years went by, and Lin was now 78, though she only looked around 13. She was happier then ever, learning how to depend on herself. Albeit, some of her ability to connect emotionally to others wasn't as great as when she was young, but it was only because she had been alone for so long. The feeling of coldness would often pervade her mind. When she saw a pair of young orphans out on the street, she adopted them and cared for them. This greatly improved her personality, making her much more caring and nurturing. She developed a almost mother-like bond with the children, who somewhat restored her happy outlook. Tradegy struck years later, throwing Lin into a reckless, insensitive, distant sadness. With absolutely no desire left to stay in the Rukon, she went to the Academy to become a shinigami. For several years, she trained vigorously at the Academy on pretty much every aspect of her life. She gradually re-developed a personality. When she left for the Gotei 13, she became a steady and eclectic mix of her past mindsets. She had the optimistic outlook that she had in childhood, yet it was tinged with the sadness that had caused her to enroll in the Academy. This granted her a newfound sense of gratefulness, and to never take anything for granted. Her fun-loving, dedication, and snarky wit had increased though. Along with this came the vices. She was a bit judgemental sometimes, and very critical of those who had the good life. Partially because she was envious of how they had rarely suffered the troubles she did, but how it was likely that they could never understand what she had been through. All in all, Lin retained a very diverse, fun, yet solemn spirit. Lin's favorite color is a combo of orange and lime green. Her favorite food is chicken soup. She absolutely loves the rain, snow, and heavy storms. She prefers to walk during normal situations, rather than Shunpo to her job. Lin takes immense pleasure in playfully teasing the rest of her Division members. She'll take secret trips to the Human World rarely. Lin enjoys gathering and collecting herbs and spices and storing them in her office. For this reason, her office is very fragent and calming. She's a bit competitive whem challanged on certain things.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: Sometimes, Lin will engage in very childish rivalries with others. She tends to spend her obscure free time people watching from the division rooftops.

History: Well, Lin Amakei was born in the 28th Rukongai district to her parents, Fei Amakei and Hiro Amakei. The night she was born, the Rukon district was unusually calm. It may have to do with the fact that Fei, Lin's mother, was one of the most kindest and sweetest women in the Rukon. Even during tough times she managed to cheer up others and her own family. And despite the typical rowdy nature of the Rukon, some of the inhabitants had taken into notice that Fei was nearly due. The tried the best they could to return her kindness that night, and barely succeeded. Hiro sent for a midwife, as the thought of something going wrong troubled Hiro. And as the sun rose at the 7th hour, a tiny Lin was born. She lived out her younger years in peace, taking enjoyment in the quiet solace of her home. She'd help her mother around the house in the early morning, keeping it tidy and clean, although Lin always desired to go outside and play with the other children. During afternoons, she would rapidly scarf down her lunch just so she could get a tiny bit more freetime outside. She usually returned an hour alter, greatly going over her alotted time outside and always expecting a loud scolding by either her mother or her father when he was off of work. She never once got angry at them though. And when night arrived, she would aid her mother in preparing dinner, usually soup. If it was a good night, they would have steamed vegatbles and a small roast. She would head upstairs to her room, and either her mother or father would tell her a story. When Lin looked back and though about those stories, she always wondered if any were true. Stories of massive creatures, slain by brave heroes. And long terrible journeys that resulted in the recovery of a legendary treasure. She hoped to one day pass them on to her kids, if she ever had any.

Life was good, peaceful, until Lin turned about 30, though she only looked around 8 or 9. A loud clattering of glass woke her, as Lin was a light sleeper. She wanted to go downstairs to see what happened, though the rush of footsteps up the wooden stairs and scared her. She crawled under the bed, snatching her small 5 tailed yellow and black fox plushie. She held it tight, squeezed her eyes shut, and held her breath. In those moments, she wantde to run and get her parents. But she couldn't, as she knew better. The clunky footsteps entered her room first, but quickly left after seeing the room was empty. They ran over to the other room. Lin's parents room. Lin listened quietly as a brief clash between the unknown man and her father ensued, then all went silent. the man quickly ran out of the house and Lin crawled out from under the bed. She slowly walked to her parents room, tears slipping as she saw the blood tracks of the man's feet. She peered into the room and broke into a rapid, heavy sob. Her father was lying dead on the floor, his eyes glossy and transfixed into a petrified stare. Lin collapsed to her knees, sobbing next her father's dead body. Her knees and legs were lightly covered in blood and she stood up. She spotted her mother, still asleep in the bed. Lin ran over near her, shaking her mothers arm to wake her up. Lin let out a scream as she spotted a deep slice on heer mother's neck. Broken, Lin cried recklessly. She had no choice but to get help from someone. She walked around the Rukongai district, eventually finding someone who would help her. With some help from a few others, Lin gave both her parents a proper burial next to their house in the garden where she used to collect her tiny insect plants.

She carved a butterfly on her parents grave, along with there full names. Before she left the house, she planted a few flowers near the grave that later expanded into a beautiful patch of wildflowers. Lin cleaned herself up, collecting a few of her oown belongings and some of her parents keepsakes, including her mothers yellow ribbon. She left the house where she'd grown up, and decided to travel with a small band of friends up to the Rukon districts. Along the way, she'd steal and thief to get by. When Lin was about 78, looks of a 13 year old, her friends had abandoned her for other gangs that eventually died out. She settled in the 10th District. Crime was rare, and things were a bit better then in her previous years. She took in a pair of twins, brother and sister named Akiho and Namina. There parents had died earlier when a fight broke out amongst two shinigami. Lin was always fascinated by them, and despite her great control over her own spirit energy, she had never considered becoming one. Until the 3rd week before Lin's birthday. She was out, buying some small treats for her tiny household. She was almost home when she spotted a rather buff looking woman dragging her kids away from the house. Lin dropped everything, sprinting towards the lady. She was no match though. The woman swiftly removed a large katana from her hip sheath and grabbed Lin by the hair. The children tried to help but she simply knocked them aside. The lady threw Lin to the ground.

Before Lin could move, the lady stuck the katana into Lin's upper hip, and swept across her back up to her shoulder. Lin let out an agonizing scream. Her last memory before she blacked out was the children reaching out towards Lin as they were dragged away. Lin woke up days later, laying in another person's house. A man walked in, looking a bit older then her. He had long black hair, loosely gathered around his shoulders. He asked if she was feeling and better, and what happened. Lin could only cry, attempting to explain what had happen. After receiving a few clothes and directions to keep the large wound clean, she departed from the man's household. She had entered the reckless period, with no ambition. It wasn't until she spotted a lone shinigami that she remembered her spiritual energy, and the shinigami academy. She set off and enrolled there, passing the entrance exam swiftly. She studied religiously, receiving a zanpaktou also. It wasn't until later on, just before she graduated, that she finally learned the name of her zanpaktou: Blitzkrieg. She befriended her zanpaktou spirit easily, and he became one of her best friends. After graduating with flying in colors, she quickly entered the 3rd Division as a lower member of the division, her life finally went back on track. Even though Lin's life was patching up, a strange tragedy had hit the Seireitei: multiple shinigamis had gone missing. It perplexed, and somewhat saddened her. so many had disappeared, it scared her into thinking that she might get abducted or stolen too. She continued to work though, and tried to find hints to why some many had gone. But nothing had appeared. The promotion to 9th Division in order to replace the missing 3rd seat snapped Lin out of the slump set on by the mystery disappearences. She worked hard in her position, still perplexed by the cause of the disappearences. She celebrated at her promotion ceremony regardless, and continues to carry on her job diligently.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Blitzkrieg (German for 'Lightning War")
Sealed Blade appearance: The sealed weapon that Lin wields is a katana. The blade is straight and silver. The hilt has a flat blue criss cross lace pattern that wraps around a inky black base. A small leather, sapphire colored cord is strapped from under the tsuba to the end of the hilt. It's main purpose is that it can serve as a slighty easier and casual way to carry her sealed weapon, though she commonly keeps it in her sheath, strapped to her back. The sheath is jet black and also has the same pattern as the hilt, with the exception of the blue ribbon. The tsuba of the katana depicts three lightning bolts spread around the circular tsuba, one placed north, and the other placed southwest and southeast, almost like a peace sign. This symbolizes her number of abilities, and changes with the amount of abilities/techs she gets.
Zanpaktou spirit: Blitzkrieg, called Blitz by Lin, tends to be a sharp contrast to Lin in nearly every way. He's often a bit smug and selfish, but he still treats Lin respectively, well most of the time. In the other portion of the time, he often cracks jokes at her clumsiness. In battle, he serves as more of a serious mentor and a guide for Lin. Lin first met Blitz when she fell and hit her head on a desk. It didn't cause any serious damage, just knocked her out for a bit. He was much different too. Conniving, rude, shady. Lin was initially curious as why she would get paired with such a jerk, while Blitz wondered greedily if Lin would bring him to his rightful power. They both had goals in mind, and both needed the cooperation of the respective other. Over time, they altered each other's personalities. Lin made Blitz more humble and caring, while Blitz taught Lin to stand her ground and pursue the things she longed for. Blitz and Lin slowly developed a very strong bond, eventually coming to the point where Lin would treat Blitz like a complete equal, even thogh he was only a Zanpaktou spirit.
Inner world

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Deliver a daze, Blitzkrieg
Released blade appearance:

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~ (seated officers can have 1-2 shikai abilities depending on the strength of those abilities, Lieutenants can have 2 of considerable strength, and Captains can have 3 powerful ones. )

Name of ability: Atrox Aura (Latin for Fierce Current)
Description: This is one of Lin's abilities, and her main one. Though this is Lin's most powerful ability, the others being weaker. It involves a current of lightning that surges up and down the each axe blade. The axe blade must make contact with the skin or some physical contact in order to shock the victim. The lightning current cannot be transfered through other blades and or weapons. If Lin focuses reatsu into the tip of her axe, it allows her to fire spherical balls of lightning. Although, these spheres area bit small, and it also temporarily robs her blade of energy, depending on how many balls she fires. If she fires more than 15, then her blade will be absent of the lightning current for two posts. This ability is offensive.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 1 post.
Preparation: None.

Name of ability: Ignis Unda (Latin for Lightning Wave)
Description: This is the second ability. This ability enables Lin to fire off multiple wavy weapons of lightning with a swing of her axe. The color is a golden yellow, with small streaks of light yellow in the wave. It's about 3 feet wide, and 2 feet long. This ability is not as powerful as Atrox Aura, but it is the second most powerful in her list of techs/ abilities. The wave can go in a straight direction at about the speed of a advanced Lieutenant Shunpo. The only way that the wave can go different directions is if Lin channels both her focus and reiatsu into the wave. She doesn't use this method often, as this keeps her from firing more along with defending herself. Also, the more power that she focuses into the wave, the more unstable the wave will become. if she focuses too much, it could backfire and injure Lin insted of the target.This ability is a offensive one. The maximum amount of waves that Lin can generate in 1 post is 10. After that, she has to rely on the blades of her axe alone until the next post.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 4 posts
Preparation: None, though she can't use this ability if her blade is absent of lightning because of the above ability.

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Intermediate
Shunpo: Advanced
Hand to hand: Advanced
Kido: Basic
Others Lin has a relatively impressive amount of spirit energy. Nothing abnormally special, but pretty good.

~Other Information[/b)~ Lin does employ the use of small knives, a small set of which is strapped around her lower left and right leg. She uses these when the use of a zanpaktou is unessecary.

~[b]Rp Sample
~ Lin whistled quietly as she navigated her way back home. She knew the path to her tiny little house like the back of her hand. She peered down, into her woven basket to survey the goods she collected. Lin had went out to the vendors in the busy hustle and bustle of the Rukon district she currently lived on in order to retrieve a special treat for the two orphan children she had taken into her care. They had washed dishes while Lin was out selling the baskets she wove, as they promised to her. In return, Lin would buy them a tiny bit of candy, as money was tight, and Lin wasn't the most well off in the Rukon. "Hmm.....that guy was a total cheapskate. If my caculations are correct, I should of gotten 10 pieces of candy, instead of 7. Basterd stole my hard earned money......ugh. It's bad enough that people don't want to pay a decent amount of money for strong, good baskets. 'Sides, at least i've earning money a honest way. They.....they probably just run around and steal what they can. Idio-" Lin thought, anger rising in her internal voice. However, her rant was cut short when she heard the twins screaming. She was only a few minutes away from the house, and she could pick their voices out of a crowd of wild bargainers. The basket of candy dropped from her arms, along with the left over pay. The circular multicolored spheres of candy rolled around on the ground, causing careless passerbys to trip.

But Lin didn't care at all. In fact, she was already sprinting towards her house once the first person tripped on the candy. She swiftly rounded corners of buildings, dodged any of the loose materials lying around, and pushed the lazy people out of her way. Each second she ran, Lin's panic grew. "What's happening?! What's happening?!?" is all she could think about. Lin, breathless, stopped a few meters away from her house, and everything seemed to slow down considerably. Almost as if her mind had reverted to slow motion. A huge, husky lady had Akiho and Namina by the collar of their handstitched shirts that Lin made for them. The twins screamed for help once again, and Lin bolted forward. her eyes were a flurry of anger and fiery rage. Her heart was racing wildly, it filled her ears and blocked out the screams. Lin sprang upwards reaching for the woman's dirty brown hair. She attempted to pull wildly at it, but only served as a slight challange for the big lady. The woman grabbed Lin by the hem of her dress and slammed her face down into the cobblestone bricks below. Lin moaned from the pain, as one loose brick had jabbed into her collarbone. The next thing Lin felt made the belly slam to the bricks seem like a simple massage. A blade swept from her hip to her shoulder. She could feel how deep it was, and the immense pain that came with it. The salty, almost rusty, sent of blood filled her nostrils and the cracks in between the bricks. "Help....Help them!!!" Lin screamed, directing one hand towards the children being dragged away. No one did. They all just walked by like nothing was happening. "C'" She said weakly. The last thing she saw was the thrashing of the two kids as she blacked out, falling into darkness. She tried to fight it........but it was no use. She was out like a light.

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PostSubject: Re: Lin Amakei   Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:17 pm

Seated Officers is allowed to have max. 2 techniques, so may you please remove one of the abilities?

Everything else looks great though. Very Happy


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Lin Amakei
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