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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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PostSubject: Best Outcome.    Best Outcome.  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 5:21 am

Rono stepped up past a sever line and began to stretch his arms and smirked as he took in a gasp of air. He cocked his head to the side and allowed a small dosage of energy to seep to seep from his body. Awaiting his opponent anxiously and laid his tense muscular structure to rest as he simply breathed and and closed his eyes. His hands that were once in a fist changed it's clinched position to a laid back and laxed notion. Being to anxious would violently mess over the flow of his wind currents. He opened his eyes, the orbs that had seemed to be pure black after all the precaution, became a light gray color, that almost seemed to be silver. He was fully prepared for the clash. He cracked a slight smile and looked forward and saw the vigorous currents whipping against the grass making them rattle, howling as if they were speaking of the clash of abilities that were about to take place in their domain.

Rono stood their viewing the direction in which in which all currents where going, sweeping the ground, making dust blow through the crispy and cool air. This was Rono's element. He knew things would certainly work out in his favor, but some how Rono wished that his opponent wold find a way through it and make it a challenge. He was very careful not to look down on his adversary and his abilities. It made him all the more ready to see what this person had to offer. He wasn't going to show any disposition that would displace his ability to the guy, so he could have the sneak approach to his fight. He ran numerous scenarios in his head to help comply with his tactic in the match. His eyes shot through the dusk setting, almost consumed with curiosity he couldn't contain his waiting for much longer. He was ready for the match.

He cracked a smirk amongst those words. Until that opponent showed up Rono sealed his powers away and sat on sat on the bare ground, soon laying back to look that the sky and closed his eyes and they faded back to their cold black color. He didn't take into consideration all aspects and potential abilities the opponent had. Never in his life had Rono ever went over tactic scenarios for a fight, but this way maybe he could manage to use a fluent fighting style to make it more organized and have a larger success rating. He leaned forward with his hand on his waist and twirled his torso from his core. His eyes obtained the passionate fierceness that had cut in through him from the beginning. He was confident that he had mentally prepared himself for a large range of attacks.

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PostSubject: Beginning   Best Outcome.  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 5:31 am

Renzenku Hitimori was yawning when he walked onto the field. His white cloak billowed behind him, his white armour neatly matching the curvature of his body, and his black faceplate covered his face completely. The only visible part of the male was spiked white hair from the back of his mask. Six golden dots pointed at his opponent, all glowing steadily and framing the males faceplate with a soft golden sheen. "Are you sure you're ready?"

The Vizard smiled, the sun was high in the sky and he was perfectly ready to fight. His Zanpakuto was strapped horizontally on his back, hovering on the small of his back without being restrictive. "This won't be easy for you." Ren shifted his gaze through the area, taking in all the little things that would prove to later become useful if was the genius he knew he was.

Even as he stood there he let his mind process the smaller things and let his eyes work out what his first move might be. "You may begin."
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Best Outcome.
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