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 Shinko Hantaisha

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PostSubject: Shinko Hantaisha   Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:08 pm

Shinigami Application


Name: Shinko Hantaisha
Alias/Nickname: The Traitor, The Silent Wind of the Seireitei, The Assassin, God of the Flash Step
Actual Age: 1823
Physical Age: Mid Twenties
Gender: Male
Division: Former Member of the 2nd Division
Rank: Former Captain of the 2nd Division


Height: 6'1
Weight: 195lbs
Eye Color: Changes according to his mood, usually blue, gray or golden
Hair Color/Style: Dark Blue, Spiked
Complexion: Fair
Any distinguishing features: N/A



Personality: Shinko is a very intellegent, manipluating, clever and careful indivisual. He is capable of showing compassion and feelings when he wants to deceive others from what he truely wants. Being a very sadistic inidivisual he has no problem resorting to torture when someone tries to stand in his way. He is truely the epitome of evil, a being with no moral restrictions, purely acting out on self interest and doing whatever he sees nessacry to get what he wants. However despite this he sometimes seems like a very respectful and polite person. Shinko hardly loses himself, always seeming calm and collected no matter the situation. Shinko can be very charming as well as convincing. He is very good at using his words and he likes to bring out peoples inner emotions. By doing so he feels like he has broken them and then manipluate them for his own goals. Shinko also shows an extreme sophisticated air around him. He doesnt always leave everything to fighting or destruction although it may seem that way.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: N/A


~A Beginning~

Shinko was born into the infamous Hantaisha Clan, which was a notorious and ancient underground noble family in the Soul Society. Shinko was born as the first son of the clan leader, thus he was destined to be the next one in charge of the clan. Known for being excellent assassins as well as thieves, Shinko was taught much at a young age. How to pickpocket, steal, cover his tracks, anything a future thief and assassin would need to know. Shinko's clan had him enter something similar to The School of Seven Bells when he was around the age of 10 and he mastered the art just one year later. However a young Shinko was a curious child. He wanted to know what else was out their besides the underground world, which was all he knew at the time. He developed a strong sense of justice and morals which was strange for him. Along with his training he did a lot of studying at a young age.The Young Shinko had a very high intellect and became very clever and crafty. However he felt like he didn't belong with his family, he felt destined for something greater. This thoughts continued to haunt him during his childhood.

~Honor Among Thieves~

Shinko's family was wanted for number theives, assaults and other crimes and when Shinko discovered this he decided to use this to his advantage. He fled from his family's hidden home and went to the Soul Society where he reported and gave the location for the Hantaisha Household. There was a huge battle between the Clan and the Gotei 13 and in the end, the entire family was massacred, leaving Shinko the sole member of the entire clan. Shinko had no regrets and decided he would decide his fate from this point on, and he would change the Hantaisha name into something much greater. Before the house and hideout were destroyed Shinko took all of his familys belongings and treasures and hid them, the only thing he kept on his person was a long scarlet red scarf that leaders of the Hantaisha clan wore. Now in control of his own destiny, Shinko decided he would join the Gotei 13 and at the age of 15 headed off to the Academy for training.

~Different from the Others~

From his first day in the Shinigami Academy, it was obvious Shinko was different. From training with his family for all of his years, he had developed an unusual, powerful and dark reaitsu. Due to his previous training he was brighter than the others and much more talented, especially in the fields of HoHo and Zanjutsu. With no home, Shinko often lived on the academy grounds. This led him to train almost nonstop, training hours after many of the students had departed. Shinko stayed in the Academy for quite some time...although in almost every skill he was near perfect for someone his age, there was one thing he couldnt perfect that troubled him. In his sleep however he had dreams and he couldnt control his reaitsu. The area around him would constantly light on a dark fire. Controlling his reaitsu was probably Shinko's hardest challenge and the sole reason why he decided to remain in the Academy. However as the time passed he soon gained a great control over his reaitsu. Also, Shinko quickly gained his zanpaktou and once he decided he was ready he graduated the academy with flying colours and being on the top of his class. He was admitted into the 2nd Division immediately due to his skills and was seated immediately as 8th Seat.

~Into the Ranks~

Now within the 2nd Division, Shinko was surrounded by people who were just like him. They were fast, stealthy and dangerous, and Shinko seemed to fit in just fine. However Shinko knew that he had to be greater..and he still wished to excel, he didnt want to be average, he wanted to be the best. He knew he had to..although he couldnt admit it, it was his birthright from his family. He worked on what he was already talented in, and developed his Shikai. As Shinko's powers became more under control and he developed he was admitted into the Omitsukidou. He was also promoted to 5th Seat of the 2nd Division reletively quickly.

~Life of an Assassin~

Now within the Omitskidou, Shinko began doing what he was born to do, be an assassin. He seemed more comfortable with his new posistion and he did well with it. He often fought without releasing his shikai, using sheer speed and cunning to dispatch his enemies. This led to his promotion to the 3rd seat of the 2nd Division and Co-Leader in the Omitsukidou. During this time he recieved the reaitsu surpressing cloak to help him more at his job. During this time Shinko started developing much of his own techniques and his Bankai. He began mediation and eventually was able to meet with his Zanpaktou Spirit inside his inner realm and begin to unlock the secrets of his Bankai. Once Shinko was able to enter his Bankai, he began a rigorous training regiment, aiming to become stronger than ever before.

~Ascending the Ranks~

With Shinko Co-Leading the Omitsukidou as well as being the 3rd Seat of the 2nd Division, the Division itself seemed to be at its pinnacle. With many members that fulfilled its purpose and a strong leading party by The Captain, Vice Captain and Shinko himself, it seemed they were growing much stronger. Shinko eventually challenged the Vice Captain into a position battle, thinking he would be able to defeat the opponent and surely enough he did. Shinko became the Vice Captain of the 2nd Division and it wasnt long before he challenged the Captain and took over the entire Division.

~Beginning a Legacy~

By this time Shinko had developed a reputation as a powerful Shinigami, perhaps one of the more powerful Captains. Centuries had past since Shinko had left the Academy and he was much more powerful and skills than any other member of the Hantaisha clan. Shinko's prowess even impressed the likes of the current Captain Commander and Shinko began training with the man and one other. The three trained together becoming the strongest captains in the Seireitei. As a side project Shinko also taught at the Shinigami Academy and spent much time helping those in the Rugonkai District. He also served as a scout to finding potencial Shinigami within the districts. Shinko discovered many students and then served as a private teacher for them as well as their academy teacher.


Through his constantly training of the basics while teaching at the Academy and the higher level training with the Sotaicho, Shinko was becoming a force to be reckoned with. One day there was a mission that Shinko was assigned with the other Captain that he was training with. The two were sent to the World of the Living to deal with an exceptionally strong Hollow that seemed to have arised. Shinko accepted the task and went with his partner to take care of the hollow. What he didnt know was this was a test by his sensei to see if he was capable of being more than just a captain..And sadly Shinko was never given the chance to prove himself. As the battle began between the shinigami and hollow began, it was soon discovered that this was more than just a simple extermination. Several other powerful Hollow found their way to the battle and ambushed Shinko and his partner. Shinko was attacked and frozen by one of the hollows and left for dead. Shinko's partner fought off the remaining hollow and then went back to the Soul Society as the remaining hollow retreated. Shinko who was frozen didnt die however he couldnt move and remained at the battle site for several centuries. He seemed to be in a mediative stance and for centuries he was with his zanpaktou spirit, honing his skills with his zanpaktou. Finally one day Shinko awoke and using a new power destroyed his prison and returned to the Soul Society. However he was a changed man...He had managed to have a millenia's worth of knowlegde and power, however his body was still the same way it was before he was trapped. He didnt age a bit while imprisoned but his power skyrocketed from before, being fully intune with his zanpaktou and surpassed the normal shinigamis potencial. However thats not the only way he changed. He seemed like a darker indivisual now and upon his return to the Soul Society he noticed much had changed. A new Captain Commander and many new captains. Shinko had been replaced and upon his return he tried to blend back into normal society, however things has changed..he had changed...into sometime different, something evil.

~Deception & Betrayal~

Shinko remained in the Soul Society for another century, teaching at the academy and acting as if nothing was wrong. However secretly Shinko was planning a Coup within the Seireitei. Shinko began training private students that were in the Academy and met many new people some even that had idolized him or knew of him before. While doing this Shinko was also gathering up a small elite army, made of friends of his old clan and others who wanted to take charge within the Seireitei. One night, Shinko led his invasion against the Soul Society and a mini battle occured. Shinko didnt have enough forces to reach his goal, and ultimately his crew was easily subdued and he was captured and sent to prison, awaiting trial. During the Coup, Shinko's main opponent and the person who arrested him was a Shinigami named Lightning. Shinko believed if given enough time he would have defeated her, but due to him being the only soilder left standing, it seemed rather pointless.

~Execution & Escape~

After deeming Shinko a threat to the Soul Society as well as the world of the living, the man was ordered to be executed for high crimes of treason. Shinko was in his jail cell, seperated from his zanpaktou, waiting patiently during this occured and he had already planned for this. On the outside a sole member of his troops remained at the hidden Hantaisha family shrine where a Senkaimon was to be opened on the day that Shinko was to be executed. For the several weeks he was locked up, Shinko noticed Lightning revisting his jail cell every now and then. This led Shinko to believe that Lightning was probably Captain of the 6th division. He tried started a conversation with her one day she visited, trying to understand more about the person who captured him. In Shinko's mind, Lightning was one of his main enemies...he could sense that she was definately different..and probably one of the stronger captains. Some days he would be nice and even charming to her..seeming like a completely different person from the one she had captured. However towards his Judgement Day this persona faded slowly. He started becoming more isolated and the day before Shinko was to be executed he merely said one thing to Lightning. "Do you think that you've won?? Or that this is me darling...the fun's just beginning". On his execution day Shinko was taken out of his cell and taken to the Hill where the deed was to be done. However Shinko's training and isolation granted him abilities that they didnt know the man possessed. Black Flames circled around the rogue shinigami and engulf his escorts, quickly killing them. Shinko easily freed himself and disappeared to his family's shrine. He called apon his zanpaktou and it quickly made its way to him. However the zanpaktou was being guarded and when it moved the guards followed it to the Hantaisha clan. Shinko recieved his sword, took several of his families belongings and some of his old shinigami things and then departed to the world of the living before the guards made it and he was never seen again. Where he first escaped, black flames remained burning, leaving a message behind saying.."See you on the other side".

~In Hiding~

Shinko now remains in the world of the living wandering. Using his knowlegde he eventually created a company and quickly became a millionaire in the world of the living and uses this as cover as he waits to strike the Seireitei again.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Makura "Complete Darkness"
Sealed Blade appearance:
Zanpaktou spirit:

Shinko's Zanpakuto Spirit has all of Shinko's abilities except instead of Dark Flames they are Golden Flames. Unlike Shinko, his spirit does not have incredible speed but strength. He seems to be the opposite of Shinko in many ways but the two get along and because of this. Shinko when looking to get stronger he can challege his Spirit in a Mental Battle or to train to learn more about his Zanpakuto.
Inner world Shinko's inner world is a very unique one because it constantly changes, not seeming to have a true appearance. However One world that Shinko's inner realm seems to create most of the time is a world with a crimson red sky and black outlined red moon. The ground is black and seems to be water as when walked on, ripples are made. In this world every person appearsin black and white except for Shinko and his zanpaktou spirit.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: "Darken the sky, completely cover the light, and let the demons of darkness run and play...Makura"
Released blade appearance: Same as the Katana except the blade is black (Explained more below)

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Shinko's shikai and bankai ability both revolve around a unique and rare dual element manipluation, the elements being darkness and fire. When in shikai and bankai Shinko has the ability to create and to some point manipluate a dark flame. These flames have many unique properties however cannot harm Shinko himself. He had multiple techniques that have been divided into dances. Upon entering his Shikai the field will become slightly darker as if the sun were setting. In his shikai he is able to preform the 1st three dances and in his bankai he is able to use the last 3 and 1st three. Shinko's 1st dance is his natural ability. which is the natural ability of the blades. Shinko's sword has the ability to create blasts of dark reaitsu forming to look like dark flames, roughly matching a Cero in strength. These flames are a manifested version of Shinko's dark reaitsu and possess both fire and darkness qualities.

Name of abilty/technique: Second Dance : Initial Darkness (Niban Dansu : Inisharu Ankoku)
Description: To use this Shinko will seemingly throw his sword straight up into the air and it seeming to fade into it. When the sword is gone there will be a flash of darkness. Two long reaitsu blade of darkness float behind Shinko. Shinko has control over all of these blades mentally and each has an abnormal cutting power. Each blade has the same abilities has the other stage except now the strenght of the dark flames slightly increase. Shinko could use any of these blades like a normal katana and each blade could fight against another zanpakuto. However since these blades are made by Shinko's reaitsu they only respond to him and he can only use them, harming others that even try to touch it. Whenever Shinko wishes however, he can fuse the blades into one black katana which he could use for the remainder of the fight.
Duration: N/A since it just changes the form of his zanpaktou
Cool Down: 5 posts
Preparation: 1 post

Name of abilty/technique: Third Dance : Peaceful Night (Sanban Dansu : Tairaka Naito)
Description: The third dance for Shinko's Shikai this dance causes the area to become dark making it looks like its night time for an area of 50 meters, even if the sun is out. Shinko then points upwards firing a dark blast from his fingers that works like a trigger. Suddenly it would seem above that the air is spinning which is the only forewarning of the attack. After that Shadow Swords will begin to rain down made from Shinko's reaitsu and will rip and tear through everything within a 30 meter radius, with Shinko in the center. Shinko is immune to this technique because of his reiatsu cant hurt him. Anything within the vincinity of the attack would be greatly damaged as well as burned. However this attack can be dodged by escaping the 30 meter radius before the attack starts.
Duration: 2 posts
Cool Down: 6 posts
Preparation: 1 post

~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)

Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation: Shinko's sword forms into a blade of pure reaitsu. This blade now serves as his only weapon and can use any of the previous techniques. Shinko's dark flames are more powerful than its Shikai state and he has the ability to create and control it remotely. He can now summon his flame like a wildfire that could possibily consume anything in its way. He can also give up his sword to have it form into a mass of

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Name: Fourth Dance : Twilight Sky (Yonban Dansu : Hakumei Sora)
Description: Unlike Shinko's other techniques this one focuses on his speed. By intense training Shinko was able to master Flash Step. A dark fog will consume Shinko and anyone he chooses. This fog can be used as an absolute defense or offense. Once Shinko and his target are inside, the fog will ignite on the outside and becomes a wall of dark flames. This wall serves a purpose similar to a Negacion, which is isolating whatever's inside from the outside world. Once someone is inside it is near impossible for them to be effected by events happening outside unless Shinko is defeated or the attack is disrupted. However thats the attacks only ability, isolation. Once inside Shinko will try and use the darkness and his speed to defeat his opponent. This fog could also be used as a method for Shinko and his allies to escape. When Shinko figures it's time he tries to escape the dark flames on the outside of the fog will compress itself and then explode, releasing the fog which will block visibility in the area for a brief period of time. The explosion itself isnt strong enough to do serious damage to a strong opponent, it definately is a distraction as well as the fog. This technique had one major weakness however. Due to the fact that it is made of spiritual particles it can be dissolved by disrupting the particles that made the attack. Either with an extremely high level kidou or a bankai attack can destroy the attack from the inside. From the outside attacking it in the same way will have the same effects.
Duration: 5 posts
Cool Down: 15 posts
Preparation: 2 post

Name of abilty/technique: Fifth Dance : Daybreak Masscre (Goban Dansu : Sougyou Zansatsu)
Description: To start this dance Shinko will merely drop his sword and it will convert into mass of dark flames that will circle around him and his opponent. The flames will then rise making a dark flame wall around Shinko and his opponent. Shinko then can manipluate the flames to attack his opponent. He may seem defensless as he gives up his sword but this technique creates both an offensive and a defense for him as he can manipluate the flames to both attack and defend. When the technique ends, the flames will convert back into his sword.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 5 posts
Preparation: One posts

Name of abilty/technique: Final Dance : End Game (Saishuu Dansu : Shimekiri Kyougi)
Description: Shinko's ultimate dance as well as the most risky technique he possess. Shinko gains two fallen angel wings made from a massive release of reaitsu also causing a drastic increase in speed and strength. Shinko only uses this form as a last resort due to its constant draining effects. Shinko's swords cutting power reaches its highest point and its original abilities are magnified several times. However because of this, he has abandoned all his other attacks but has the ability to release power blasts of darkness from the tip of his blade. During the time while this technique is active, Shinko's spiritual pressure makes the area around him dense and the closer he is, the denser it becomes, causing weaker beings to almost be crushed as he approached them, but more importantly limits their movement slightly, causing escape to be less likely. Once 3 posts past from when this technique started, Shinko will be exhausted, near passing out and thus reverted to Shikai, unable to use Bankai for the remainder of the fight.
Duration: 3 posts after activation
Cool Down: N/A
Preparation: 1 post

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Mastery due to the point where he's developed several of his own fighting styles
Shunpo: Mastery, Has created numerous skills based off of Shunpo etc.
Hand to hand: Highly Advanced
Kido: Mastery, Capable of creating his own type of Kidou and using Kidou up to level 70 without incantation


Spiritual Pressure and Spiritual Awareness - Shinko has shown that he posses vast amounts of reaitsu slightly stronger than the ordinary captain. Shinko is also master at sensing spiritual pressure, even sometimes when its concealed. This allows him to pinpoint peoples locations with ease even if hes far away. Also he uses this to determine a persons strength before fighting them to see if he would have problems within the fight or not.

Immese Stamina - Due to mastering the Shukuchi technique as well as other techniques revolving around speed, Shinko had developed a godly almost undefined amount of stamina. He never seemed to get tired of just regular motions, only reaching states of exhaustion when utilizing and maintaining the higher levels of the Shukuchi technique.

Precognition - After centuries of fighting, Shinko had developed a metion of being able to analze a persons slightly motions before they actually strike and use that to predict what their next move is actually going to be.

Reiatsu Weight - Aside from his regular reaitsu, Shinko has also developed like an extra amount of reaitsu which his body developed as he developed his Shukuchi techniuque. This works as like a seal which Shinko can release at any time. When release, Shinkos actual reaitsu isnt effected at all, however his speed, agility, reflexes and strengh all increase drastically. There are 6 of these weights or seals. The first is just a general one used to conceal Shinko's true capabilities until needed and the remaining five are for his Shukuchi techniuque. If Shinko is unable to use his reaitsu or it is somehow sealed, this weights are immediately removed.

Recovery Process- Although Shinko doesnt possess any really unique healing properties he has the ability to heal very quickly from fights. He also has been seen to grow stronger from each fight he is in and when almost defeated, killed or near exhaustion, his overall strength increases accordingly. The closer he is to death or exhaustion before he recovers the stronger he becomes afterwards.

Shukuchi - One of Shinko's signature techniques that he developed himself. Shukuchi is not an attack but rather display of speed thats been divided into 5 levels that are called the 5 Steps of Shukuchi. The slowest step of Shukuchi is called the 5th Step under Shukuchi, which is also Shinko's starting speed when he becomes serious in a fight. The speed of this technique is the equilvalent of a Shunpo allowing Shinko to travel short distances normally at the speed of an average Shunpo with relative ease and making an average captain level Shunpo, his normal running speed. The next level is the 4th Step under Shukuchi which moves slightly faster than the 5th step, allowing Shinko to move faster but focuses more on allowing Shinko to travel longer distances in nearly no time at all. The next phase is the 3rd Step under Shukuchi inwhich Shinko moves conserably faster than the 4th step. Between the 3rd and the 2nd Step under Shukuchi there is a drastic increase in speed and this is as far as Shinko can go without putting a strain on his body. His speed seems drastically faster equalling if not surpassing the Black Ops techniques as well as be able to travel long distances in near an instant. The 1st Step of Shukuchi or just Shukuchi is Shinko's fastest speed. This speed is incredible however Shinko can only utilize it for 5 post before fainting from nearing complete exhaustion. The reason this technique is called Shukuchi is because every time its used because the user moves so fast he tears through the ground creating something that seems like small fissures. As the level of Shukuchi increases the fissure will grow in size. This technique is done by releasing his Reaitsu weights which releases a sealed amount of reaitsu. Upon the reaitsu release he is able to use this technique. However this attack isnt effected by reiatsu so if Shinko is not able to use his reaitsu at all, this technique is effected at all since it doesnt rely on reiatsu to work.

Mayakashi Ken - Mayakashi Ken or the Deception Blade style is one of the Shinko developed swordsmen styles. This style requires and focuses around fast and silent motions. By moving at such speeds that surpass Shunpo due to Shinkos mastery of it or Shukuchi, it would create the illusion that the user is holding two blades when they are holding one. When this style is masters it allows the user to utilize their full speed without making a single sound as well as masking their reaitsu to the point where they wouldnt be able to sense Shinko until it was too late and they would be forced to use shunpo to dodge if they could keep up.

Shainingu Getsuei Kosui Han'ei (Shining Moon : Lake Reflection) - Another fighting style mastered and developed by Shinko himself. This style is based off of deception and tricks by using speed to overwhelm opponents. The initial stance for this style could be just standing still. By mastering this skill shows the users mastery over speed, reflexes and flexibility. Although the user can stay still in this stance if lauching the attack the user moves fluidly as well as launch strikes that wont cause them to lose control of their blade or balance in their stance. The major drawback to this style is that although the user doesnt seem to be moving their is always a warning when the attack is going to come, either the user's muscle or body will twitch or the user would seem to pulse around their body.

~Other Information~
Reiatsu Supression Cloak, Hantaisha Family Scarlet Scarf, Gigai

~Rp Sample~

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Shinko Hantaisha
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