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 Drake - Finished

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PostSubject: Drake - Finished   Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:05 am


Name: Known simply as Drake
Alias/Nickname: Drake
Actual Age: 240
Physical Age: Hard to tell but in his 20’s
Gender: Male
Rank: Former Cuatra (4th) currently, around same power level as 5/6 (depending on wat admins/mods think)


Height: 6’3”
Eye Color: Black with grey irises
Hair Color/Style: He has long, shaggy black hair that covers most of his eyes and face
Complexion: Dark tan
Remains of Mask: The bottom part of his jaw is covered by a row of teeth, much like Starrk’s. Then, from each end, just in front of the ear, the mask fragment carries on up his face and on top of his head form into 2 long, twisting horns that curve behind his head.
Hollow Hole: Located to up from the left of his hip
Espada Tattoo: Located on the right side of his neck (still states his former rank of 4)
Picture: He is relatively tall, and has a muscular body that shows his strength and speed. He has a dark tan, which can only really be seen on his face as he keeps the rest of his body covered in an arrancar outfit. This outfit looks more like a suit, but the trousers are more flayed and baggy, and also the top continues down to about knee level. It looks slightly similar to Ulquiorra’s outfit. The most discerning feature however is the colours are inverted. The most distinguishing feature about him however, is the pair of black wings that sprout from his back. When spread, they are over 6.5m in wingspan. These are generally folded up however and although are still noticeable, they are greatly reduced in size, meaning it takes a few seconds to fully spread them. Also, they allow him to move much quicker than equally powerful entities while in the air.


Personality: Generally, Drake is a very calm and collected individual, preferring to wait and see how things play out rather than to jump straight into things. He is also very quiet, and rarely speaks. And when he does speak, it is generally not much, and devoid of emotion. He appears to care very little about his fellow arrancars and Espada. However he in fact cares more about them than most do, and feels very protective about other arrancars, hollows, and Espada. Because of this, he bears an undeniable grudge against all shinigami and quincys.

And although he may seem very cold, calculating, and intimidating outside of combat, he actually becomes very ferocious in combat, especially when fighting shinigami of quincys. However this hides his tactical planning and sharp mind, which makes him a dangerous individual. But should he ever fight another hollow, be it an arrancar, Espada, or normal hollow, he will refrain from ever killing, and even minimal damage against them. But when in his released form, he disregards everything and becomes more bestial, with just an instinctual need to fight, destroy and kill. However he can refrain himself from killing other hollows most the time, and can still be reasoned with to a degree.

When he isn't fighting, he used to generally wander the halls of Las Noches and even the areas around the great fortress. He is hardly ever found within the close vicinity of another arrancar, even during the Espada meetings he would try and leave early to get away from the others. The only other Espada he ever really talked to or interacted with was Ulquiorra, due to their similar nature. But that ended when Drake left the Espada and Aizen’s army.
Quirks: He rarely speaks, and is very quiet. He is also the only arrancar to have wings outside their resurreccion. Also, his mouth can only be seen should Drake ever grin, due to his mask fragment covering his entire bottom jaw, and as he doesn’t smile often, it is unlikely you’ll ever see it. It has also been noted that when he breathes, smoke and sometimes flames appear from behind his mask fragment.
Sexuality: Straight, we think.
History:The first thoughts drake truly remembers are those as a Gillian, and even those are sketchy at best. But that time involved non-stop hunting and eating other Gillian’s. In this time he was completely alone, and acted in solitude, and the only way to survive was to hunt, kill and devour. This was where his persona really grew from, his cold, calculating nature, and his emotionless ways, his ferocious fighting. He was alone, and that’s all that mattered, so he looked out for himself, and no one else. Eventually, the eating and devouring other Gillian’s ended, and the evolution began. He left the Gillians behind, and became an Adjuchas class menos.

As an Adjuchas, he remained much the same way, cold, ruthless and bestial. Due to his abilities and wings, he easily preyed on the weaker hollows. He wandered alone, never gave mercy, kill without thought, and devoured any hollow he came across. He did this for many years, wandering the expansive and empty landscape, going round and round in circles. He didn’t mind though, he enjoyed being alone. The peace and quiet was nice for him, and eventually he grew less ruthless, less bestial, but stayed just as deadly. He gained a sharp and calculating mind, figuring out his opponent, and then going in for their weakness. For years he devoured, until he just gave up, and although he still went out for hollows when he needed to sustain himself, he would just watch and wait to see how things transpired. He had watched Barragan and his armies, he had watched Gillians evolve into Adjuchas, he watched Grimmjow and his allies travel together, he even knew of Halibel and her Adjuchas group as well. And he also knew of the arrival of Aizen.

But Aizen was of no concern for him. Not for a while anyway. For even before he learnt of Halibel and her allies, he had felt a power growing inside him, that needed more hollows, more devouring, more sustenance. So he had gone hunting once more, searching out powerful hollows, even one or two Vasto Lordes. And eventually it happened. One day, he had devoured a group of 3 hollows, and as he was devouring them, his body bulged, it glowed, it contracted. The pain was terrible, but it was also a euphoric feeling, and so he continued eating their corpses. He continued and continued, not being able to stop, until eventually it reached it's pinnacle, and the pain was just too much. At this point he let out an almighty roar and scream into the nights sky. When he came to, he had changed, into a Vasto Lordes.

But he still wanted more power. He wasn’t power hungry, he just wanted to advance to the next level. And the only one who really knew how to do that was Aizen. He stalked him for many days and many nights. Watching him whenever he entered Hueco Mundo, as he talked to hollows, giving them strange powers and abilities, turning them into ‘Arrancars’. In the end, he had tried and failed to become an Arrancar wholly by himself, and so he had given up the prospect of the idea, and he had no intention of searching out Aizen for this need. However it turned out the other way around. Aizen had learned of his presence and offered to help his transformation by his own free will. Drake however was not overly keen due to his nature of solitude, but in the end he agreed, and joined with Aizen and his arrancar army early in it's stages. His strength at the time secured him the place of the Cuatra Espada.

During his time as an Espada, he generally stayed away from the others, preferring to be alone as per usual. However he felt as if that as they were a group, they should all look out for each other, and developed feelings of protection towards his peers, especially those of lower rank. This feeling for his comrades grew to other arrancars, and eventually even other hollows. Of course he had always hated shinigami, as a hollow he couldn’t really have felt any differently. But this new protective feeling over his fellow hollows just helped to nurture those feelings against shinigami, to ridiculous heights. He was also old enough to know of Quincy’s and their ways of killing hollows, and his feelings towards them was no less than that towards shinigami.

But that fleeting peace was not to last. The Cuatra Espada left not long after joining. Why? The details were sketchy and it was never really sure as to why he left. But he would never forget that night. He had become friends in a way with another Espada known as Ulquiorra Schiffer, much similar to Drake himself, but much more loyal to Aizen than Drake would ever be. But he had also made enemies with the Quinta of the time, known as Cirucci Sanderwicci. So one night, some hollows had been found, slaughtered, along with Ulquiorra who was meant to be watching over the hollows. They were meant to have been ready and waiting to become arrancars and possibly Espada. Drake, feeling as if he should have been able to protect his only friend, went straight to the scene. He had however, learned this from Cirucci, and when Ulquiorra found him with the slaughtered hollows, he assumed that he had betrayed Lord Aizen. But before he could have reported him, Drake had already disappeared from Las Noches, abandoning his former comrades. However he had made 2 vows that day. That he would live a life of solitude, and that Cirucci would pay for this.

He lived once again in solitude. Aimlessly he wandered the expansive desert of Hueco Mundo, the forest of Menos, the deserted, dried and dead landscape of Hueco Mundo. Occasionally he would glance at Las Noches, bit would quickly turn and walk the opposite direction. Until one day, when he felt the faint reiatsu of Ulquiorra, finally disappear. He had been able to feel him wherever he had gone, no matter what, but now it had finally disappeared completely. He turned and rushed back to Las Noches, but he had wandered so far away that even his immense flying speeds did not get them there for days on end in which time it would be completely useless. So he abandoned the idea, and instead mourned. Silently, for the lost friend, the one friend and the only friend.

A while after the death of Ulquiorra though, something strange happened in the sky of Hueco Mundo, and although it was hard to tell if he passed out or not, or if the whole thing was just a illusion he could not tell. But after the strange phenomenon many reiatsu traces around him had suddenly disappeared. Something strange had happened, and so he rushed back to Las Noches. He may have not been an Espada anymore, but if any of the Espada he had once known were still there, he still felt as if he should be helping to protect them. He would watch over Las Noches, Hueco Mundo, and all the hollows as long as he lived. And if this was the doing of the shinigami, they were about to pay.


Name: Neltharion
Seal Description:
In it's sealed state he wields a two handed sword with a wide blade and a long handle. However he has shown proficient use of only using one hand to wield it, albeit with slower and lighter strikes. He generally carries it on his back, in between his wings, in a black sheath. Also, the blade has a burnt and singed looked to it and smokes slightly, and if looked closely at, it seems it glitter and flash with lightning.
Aspect of Death: Destruction
Release Phrase: Slice and Sear
Element/Class type: Lightning and Fire, in his Resurreccion, he represents a dragon.
Resurreccion Appearance: His mask fragment remains as it is for the most part, but the 2 horns grow somewhat wider and larger. Also, his clothes completely disappear, and his entire body is covered in an exoskeleton of hollow bone. Also, his 2 wings become skeletal with a thin black layer in between them. Although he now has an exoskeleton however, there are gaps here and there making it look in appearance similar to Shawlong Kufang’s released form, just all over the body. Also, his hands gain short, sharp, and wide talons for each finger and his feet gain similar claws. The final part of his Resurreccion is that he gains a tail with a spike on the end. The tail is about 1.5 times his height in length. The most distinguishing thing however about his Resurreccion is that rather than being white, everything bar his mask, claws/talons and tail spike, is black. And even then, these are grey rather than white.

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero
Description: Drake charges a concentrated blast of spiritual energy in the shape of a beam a dark grey in colour. However, when in Resurreccion, the beam takes on more explosive properties and moves more jaggedly making it's path unpredictable. It also becomes much darker in his Resurreccion. He can fire it from either of his hands, but more commonly fires it from between his horns, which can then be fired in both directions, but the power and speed is halved.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: 2 posts

Name: Sonido
Description: This allows Drake to travel at high speeds to dodge or avoid attacks and is the arrancar version of the Flashstep.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: Passive ability

Name: Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Description: Due to his Resurreccion, he is well trained in fighting in hand-to-hand combat, but generally favours his Zanpakuto when in his sealed state, even though he is likely more capable in hand-to-hand combat.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: Passive

Name: Master Swordsmanship
Description: Although he is better at hand-to-hand combat, Drake is also very proficient in swordsmanship and can keep up with most swordsmen.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: Passive

Name: Hierro
Description: This is the natural armour of the arrancars and allows their skin to harden enough so that it can resist strikes from Zanpakutos, spiritual attacks and other offensive techniques, to a certain degree.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: Passive

Name: Bala
Description: This is much like the cero, but is much smaller, but moves much quicker. It is again, dark grey in colour but acts much like any other bala, but can be fired from either tips of his horns.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: They can generally be fired quite quickly in rapid succession so im not sure about this.

~Resurreccion Techniques~

Name: Lightning Claws
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: This makes his claws and talons electrifying meaning that when he strikes his enemies he causes shock damage, damaging their nervous systems for short periods of time. Stronger/Equally powerful enemies can easily get over this effect however.
Duration: Passive
Cool Down: Passive

Name: Fireball
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Drake begins charging a huge black fireball in front of his face which he can then release at his target. The resulting explosion is quite large and also sounds out a shockwave from the blast. Although it moves quite slowly, if not dodge quickly the blast or shockwave is still likely to hit, and hard! To fully charge takes around a post
Duration: The explosion and shockwave can last up to 1 post when fully charged.
Cool Down: 4 posts

Name: Lightning Blast
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Drake charges purple lightning between his talons then sends it out in a large blast in front of him. If fully charged (1 post) it can cause a small lightning storm where lightning lingers in the area of the blast for 2 posts. Otherwise it is instant.
Duration: Instant/2 posts if fully charged.
Cool Down: 4 posts

Name: Shockwave
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: This can be caused by his wings or his screams. Either way, the shockwave can generally send any enemies close by flying backwards. This has less effect against equally/stronger opponents than himself.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: 2 posts

Name: Flame Strike
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Drake summons black fire around his talons, claws and tail to explosively (mind the pun) increase his next strikes strength (by about 3 times the normal). In addition, on striking the opponent, the talons cause a small explosion. Against equal or stronger opponents, this only really damages them if it hits them directly, e.g. their skin/Hierro. Each hand, foot and tail can only strike once with this but each attack is equally strong
Duration: Lasts 5 posts, or until all strikes have been used up
Cool Down: 5 posts (begins once all strikes have been used up)

~Rp Sample~
The air was still and cold in the night sky of Hueco Mundo. Everything was still, now din to move the sand, no breeze to blow the trees of the great white dessert. The only that could be seen, was a small black dot, slowly moving across the moon in the sky. Of course in reality it was not on the moon, but high in the skies of Hueco Mundo, an arrancar slowly glided here and there, occasionally flapping it's great, expansive wings. But this wasn’t just any arrancar, it was an Espada, the Cuatra Espada to be more specific. Eventually Drake, the arrancar, decided he had had enough of flying around and so decided to land, his dark eyes scanning the landscape around him, searching for signs of any other hollows nearby. As he touched the ground, his pesquisa warned him of a hollow hidden behind a rock, just to the left. As he fully landed, his cold eyes looked in the rocks direction and said in a very monotone voice ‘Whoever or whatever you are, I’m not going to eat you, so you may as well just leave while you can.’

He immediately turned and left, not waiting to see the response of the cowering hollow. He may have developed a sense of protection over other hollows, this didn’t mean he wished to spend any of his time dealing with them, or his patience for that matter. He carried on walking, back towards Las Noches. An Espada meeting was about to take place, and he should really attend this one. ‘If only the other Espada where smart enough to know about things themselves I wouldn’t be forced to go to these laborious meetings.’ He thought silently to himself. He wandered in silence for a while, sometimes stopping and staring up at the moon, before continuing on again. Eventually he paused. He had misjudged the distance he was from Las Noches, and he would need to get there quickly if he was to make the meeting on time.

He sighed, letting out a small puff of smoke from behind his mask fragment. ‘So it's like that then I see.’ He spoke, mainly to himself, while unravelling his large wings. They rose up behind him, huge and dark, measuring over 6m in wingspan. He flexed them a bit before swinging them down with a mighty shockwave that sent the sand from around his feet flying. He did it a couple more times before he began to hover in the air, where he then pushed down and behind himself to send him hurtling forwards at great speeds. Although he may have enjoyed his flying, he disliked having to fly at such speeds. It always made his sword poke into his back when flying at such an angle and speed, and he couldn’t go around with it out, he was intimidating enough as it was. ‘These meetings are so troublesome.’ He thought once more to himself.
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Drake - Finished
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